Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Donald Trump's support among African Americans is virtually non-existent.

Not exactly surprising that the black community was never drawn to a candidate who has run the most racist campaign in the last twenty years.

And I am sure demanding to see the birth certificate of the first black President did not exactly improve his poll numbers among black Americans either.

Now these folks get to sit back and wait for everybody else to finally realize what they understood the minute they saw that orange cracker riding down the escalator with his mail order bride and then start calling Mexicans "rapists."

And that is that he will NEVER be President of the United States.


  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Steven K. Bannon of 'Undefeated' fame and Breitbart empire leader, is named to the Donald Trump strategy management campaign.

    *just wow*


    1. Anonymous4:08 AM

      I find this really scary. Just remember what the lies about Acorn did in 2008. This smacks of Roger Ailes' involvement. Things will just get nastier and nastier. Well, Hitler didn't gain power by being honest either.

    2. Anonymous5:29 AM

      "The aides told the Post that Trump has felt “controlled” and “boxed in” by staffers urging him to tone down his rhetoric and pivot towards a general election audience. As a seasoned campaign operative, Manafort played a key role in trying to turn Trump’s understaffed, shoestring operation into a more traditional national presidential campaign."

      "With the new hires, Trump has signaled that he plans to fully embrace the no-holds-barred style he relied on in the primary."

      And that will work SOOO well in the general! With any luck, this may just turn out to be a landslide of historic proportions.

    3. Anonymous6:33 AM

      But he truly insinuated himself into the circles of conservative power by making a 2011 documentary about Sarah Palin, The Undefeated. His connection with Palin upped his brand in the movement significantly.

    4. Anonymous6:37 AM

      Known as a devil-may-care conservative, Bannon’s populist and nationalist sympathies reflect his longstanding disgust with both major political parties. And like Trump, Bannon enjoys needling the political establishment. The businessman boasted in his statement Wednesday that Bannon had once been called the “most dangerous political operative in America,”

      Yet for longtime aides and supporters loyal to Trump, Bannon’s hiring is cause for concern. “Bannon will play to Trump’s worst sensibilities,” said a source close to the Trump campaign, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

      Trump’s decision to hire Bannon followed months of conversations between the pair. Bannon urged the impulsive, angry presidential nominee to ignore people who wanted him to tone it down, according to The Washington Post.

    5. Anonymous7:20 AM

      “I mean, some of these men are masters of the dark arts, of political dark arts,” Stelter replied. “And that’s what people should understand, for example, about Steve Bannon.”

    6. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Trump infuriated over reports that he’s being ‘tamed’ — so he took it out on his staff: report

      “Mr. Bannon,” it continued, “once recognized by Bloomberg Politics as the ‘most dangerous political operative in America,’ will oversee the campaign staff and operations in addition to strategic oversight of major campaign initiatives in addition to working with Mr. Manafort."

  2. Anonymous3:14 AM


    Bannon joins Trump campaign and Palin gets her first erection in years.

    1. Anonymous4:28 AM

      I dont think she can anymore.

    2. Anonymous4:28 AM

      Wench! Lol.

    3. Anonymous4:53 AM

      Now I need a tanker of mindbleach to get that image of Palin out of my mind.
      Full disclaimer, when I first read that, I read "Putin" instead of "Palin". Double "Ewww"

    4. Anonymous7:12 AM

      It ALWAYS comes back to Palin for you obsessed freaks.

  3. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Donald Trump is a racist ass!

    Watched his speech last night and the guy is not to be trusted. He called for more cop control. He is not who we need in the White House and I hope the minorities in the USA do not vote for the jerk.

    He, with is Russian cohorts, is not to be trusted! He'd bring out the cops in the black and brown neighborhoods - dressed in their military garb - with very little provocation were he elected POTUS!

    I just found out that President Obama can control the information that Trump, Christie and the General will receive - as to the briefings. Thank God!

    With Trump as POTUS we'd have riots throughout the country - civil war and the National Guard in our streets.

    The bastard would do nothing but harm our country!

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 3h3 hours ago

      TRUMP: Terrific. Ready.
      TRUMP: Dear God
      315 retweets 706 likes
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      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 3h3 hours ago

      TRUMP: How many? A hundred?
      TRUMP: Crazy. Gotta be a record
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      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 3h3 hours ago

      CHRISTIE: That's it?
      ERMEY: YES!
      CHRISTIE: I thought these'd be fleshed out.
      ERMEY: NOT FOR $200!
      TRUMP: Spain. OK
      86 retweets 254 likes
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      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 3h3 hours ago

      TRUMP: How's Prussia?
      ERMEY: IT'S-- sorry, Prussia?
      ERMEY: A MESS!
      TRUMP: oh NO
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      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 2h2 hours ago

      TRUMP: Last Q: did Bane die?
      TRUMP: Seemed like it, but...
      CHRISTIE: (sotto) dead
      ERMEY: DEAD.
      TRUMP: Damn. Good night, sweet prince
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      Owen Ellickson ‏@onlxn 2h2 hours ago

      TRUMP: OK, great. You gonna wipe our memories now?
      ERMEY: EH?
      CHRISTIE: (sotto) Use a pen.
      ERMEY: ...ZAP?
      TRUMP: Worked. I remember nothing!
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  4. Anonymous4:19 AM

    “You know, I am who I am,”
    -Donald Trump

    Dejan vu?

    "Don't you know who I am?"
    -Screamed Sarah Palin

    Donald Trump shakes up campaign

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign again, 82 days before the election.

    Breitbart News’ executive chairman Stephen Bannon was appointed the campaign CEO and pollster Kellyanne Conway was promoted to campaign manager, Trump's campaign announced in a statement Wednesday.

    (What happened to Manafort who has ties with Russian and who supposedly took Russian money?)

    Bannon, a former naval officer and investment banker, is temporarily stepping down from Breitbart News to take on the new position "designed to bolster the business-like approach of Mr. Trump's campaign," the statement said.

    Strike 1
    He also wrote and directed the 2011 documentary The Undefeated, about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    (Sarah Palin Curse!)

    Strike 2
    He has no previoius presidential campaign experience,

    (WTF is he doing running a presidential campaign?)

    Strike 3
    but has long championed Trump's straight-talk campaign style...

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Breitbart Staffers Believe Trump Has Given Money To Site For Favorable Coverage

    2. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Wow. Get ready everybody. It’s gonna bet a hell of a lot worse. If you want to see a preview of what we’re in for, go check out the comments at any post at the racist alt-right sewer that Breitbart News has become. And Bannon actually convinced Trump that this will win America! Amazing…

    3. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Trump’s New Campaign Manager Maxed Out Personal Donations to Ted Cruz, Produced Anti-Trump Ads

    4. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Donald admits to the crowd that he lies to them.

  5. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Whatever happen to his bride? Most repubs force their wives to stand by them. Gee the news cycle today is on African American vote. Crazy he had a week on women then on Latinos, then Mexicans, .... and where are all his congressional speakers, ryan. Repubs just need to get rid of him as candidate. Where is their so called power?

  6. SallyinMI4:27 AM

    Big surprise. The GOP chooses a racist idiot, who intern chooses another lily white racist pig as his running mate, blames blacks for being shot by cops, and then they are all in shock that blacks don't 'love' Donny like he says they do? I guess Ben will just have to vote '15 times' to counter this, huh? And the team of ugly, hateful, mean white men he's assembling? My God, Hitler would be proud.

  7. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Hmmmm so this is why Trump is distancing himself from Manafort who has ties with the Russians.

    How come Trump doesn't fire Manafort? Could be Manafort knows too much about the Trump family's ties to Russia and will spill the beans if he is disgraced?

    GOP lawmakers seek information on Team Trump’s Russia ties
    08/16/16 10:45 AM

    Trump campaign chair's Russia ties raise important new questions

    The latest revelations surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team and ties to pro-Putin forces abroad have sparked plenty of interest. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, yesterday urged the Republican nominee to “immediately disclose any payments by pro-Putin groups to his campaign chairman or other key staff, and assure the American public that these payments have not influenced his campaign proposals or any action he might take in the White House.”

    “[W]e do know that there was a push for some reason at the RNC to take offensive weapons out of our platform. That wasn’t anything anybody was talking about it. It just happened. That has been this affection in the campaign for Russia and Vladimir Putin.

    “In my thought, I have concerns for the chief adviser of Donald Trump, you know, having done work for a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, and, then, all of a sudden, there is this real affection for Russia in the campaign.” ....


  8. Anonymous4:36 AM

    You should have hired the 2008 Republican Party VP Nominee Sarah Palin to take over your sorry ass campaign.
    -Lou Sarah

  9. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Looks like the secret cisco hacks brought on the big dogs. Pivot.. One with lipstick and other with dipstick to test the daily manofarts temp. Oh the worry, The transparency, what to do? How to con Americans. Gee This should help the Russian trump campaign. So the new handlers must keep the idiot uneducated voters under control and try hard to peacefully extort, bribe, hack, lie, cheat, steal, scam, and RIG enough votes to win. A nasty new reality show and it is actually real material. Wow.

  10. Anonymous5:23 AM

    1. “You know, I am who I am,”

    2. "I yam what I yam"

    3. "Don't you know who I am?"

    A. Sarah Palin
    B. Donald Trump
    C. Popeye the Sailor Man

  11. Pat in MA5:38 AM

    Oh but wait, Newt says if Donald builds on his appeal to blacks it could be big. Yeah, yuuuge, he'll double his support from 1% to 2%. The delusion is staggering.

  12. Anonymous5:42 AM

    The media flies are swarming the rump. The entire chit circle of friends. Whew, Of course our alaska would not be involved, or those "other" little dumbchit operatives. What a bunch of idiots. The entire cisco rushin chithouse is under usa media microscope.

  13. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Greenblatt — who took his NBC role in 2011 when “The Celebrity Apprentice” was already running, but continued airing the show for four more seasons with Trump as host — wrote on Facebook, “The sad state of affairs thanks to a pompous businessman turned reality TV star (whose show consistently ran LAST in its time period, by the way) who thinks speaking his mind is refreshing. It’s actually corrosive and toxic because his ‘mind’ is so demented; and his effect will unfortunately linger long after he’s been told to get off the stage.”

  14. Anonymous6:41 AM

    REPORT: Paul Manafort Laid the Groundwork for Russia’s Invasion of Crimea (Which Trump Will Probably Recognize)

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Manafort VENALITY>"The ledger was used to record $2 billion allegedly handed out “under the table” to political consultants, election commissioners, ministers, parliamentarians, judges and journalists from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukrainian investigators."

  15. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Trump Once Again Mistakes Flattery for Competence, Hires Breitbart News’ Stephen Bannon as Campaign Chief Exec

    As has been remarked before, Trump judges' people's character and competence solely by how nice they are to him. If a person flatters him, they are great at their job. If a person criticizes or challenges him, they are terrible at their job and probably are soon to get fired. This is especially true of people in the media.

    That's why it's not really surprising at all that Trump completed the circle he began yesterday with the hiring of Roger Ailes. Trump apparently decided he wasn't surrounded by enough people who told him how great he was, so he added the co founder of the other news entity that has repeated his every fantasy as fact, Breitbart News.

  16. Anonymous7:22 AM

    #1 BLM! BLM! BLM! What if it was H-R-C on that bullet?

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      I saw that, I wanted to leap thru the screen and beat his ass down. I dare him to go to a black neighborhood with that shirt on, he would not make it out. That is the thing about a lot of racists, talk a lot of bravado but are really lil bitches. Why doesen't he allow comments on his page, since he talks all this tough guy shit. Why has the fbi not paid this man a visit, he is outright advocating murder of African Americans. And a lot of trump supporters believe the same. I fear their reactions when he does loose.

  17. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Former future Vice President and current former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin kept studiously quiet when it came to Donald Trump‘s extended feud with the family of the late Captain Humayun Khan, but she’s dipping a toe into the water of one of Trump’s current controversies. The week has been dominated by Trump’s joke about the possibility that “Second Amendment people” might assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but on Facebook, Palin dismissed the controversy by posting a link to the “Top 5 most violent Barack Obama quotes ever.”

  18. Anonymous8:31 AM

    QUISLING from Queens! PERFECT!
    "brushing off the candidate’s apparent call to violence against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton as “a joke gone bad.” Ryan has long been championed by Americans for Prosperity, and even received its Wisconsin chapter’s “Defending the American Dream” award as far back as 2008. (The award was presented to him by a young county executive named Scott Walker.)

  19. Anonymous11:17 AM

    It was however amusing to hear him go on and on, and on and on and on, about the need for more LAW AND ORDER to BETTER SERVE THE INTERESTS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS, without offering a single specific, to a lily white audience in lily white West Bend, WI.

  20. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Is anyone surprised that rather than pivot he has replaced those advising him with yes men?

    Trump thinks he knows everything. There was no way he was going to listen to the advice of anyone else, even experts in their field. So rather than continue being nagged and threatened he hired people he knew wouldn't cross him. Big surprise.

    What Reince Priebus and the GOP leadership should do is immediately cut off funding and reallocate their staff to the down ticket races. Trump is a lost cause. No amount of fund raising is worth being tied to a rock of this YUUUGE mass.

    Trump is going down as the biggest, most spectacular, YUUGEST loser in recent political history. He will lose the best of anyone who has ever lost.


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