Thursday, August 25, 2016

For those who may be wondering, yes the Palin family grifting operation continues uninterrupted.

Courtesy of Bristol Palin's Facebook page:  

Having my Daily cup of @teamiblends It helps me feel energized so I can work and keep up with my kids! Use my code BRISTOL for 10% off your next order #thankyouteami #teamimommi #teamiblends

I know what you're thinking. "Wait, doesn't she have a husband to take care of her financial needs now?"

Well as it turns out he joined the family business as well.

Courtesy of the new baby daddy's Facebook page:

Just got the new "soft scorpions" in from G-Code Holsters. These are great universal "anything" pouches (M4 mags, AR10 mags, AK mags, iPhone's, pistol mags, knives, flashlights, etc.). Precision molded materials with metal inserts allow for a number of attachment options. I have these set up with paddles in the back so I can toss them on/off with ease. Made in the USA. Off to the range! 

And then yes there is a link to the company so that you can also buy whatever the hell these things are.

As for the Grizzled Mama herself virtually all of her Facebook posts now link to articles on this Right Wing Independent Journal website so clearly she has some financial agreement with them.

Because let's face it this woman does not do ANYTHING from free.

So to sum up. Bristol is now hawking weight loss products, Dakota is pushing tactical holsters, and Palin herself is using the last vestiges of her fame to promote a third rate Breitbart ripoff.

This is where we insert the maniacal laughter.


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM


  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Is that Sailor? At 9 months old, have they been giving her a haircut? Why would they give a 9 month old a haircut? What are they hiding?

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      She's bald, why would she need a haircut? What she needs is one of those ridiculous headbands people put on bald girl-babies, you know, so we can tell that they are girls.

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      old photo?

    3. Anonymous9:51 AM

      Yes, it's an old photo...interchanging older photos is what the Palin clan do to try to keep up the charade. Trig's hair is shaved on the sides for the back to school photo. If those truly were black to school photos. Who knows. Actually, come to think of it, who really cares. I know I shouldn't, but following their stupidity has become one of my hobbies, especially when I need a break from yard work.

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    What would a day be like without a liberal hating on thousands of good people. Including some who read his bully blog who more than likely support a similar company. Nothing wrong or Grift about it. We can't all be millionaires like gryphen.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      If you don't like Gryphen's blog you should start your own or select another to read.

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      This tea is over-priced, scientifically unproven crap being peddled to gullible rubes by someone who probably has never even tasted it.

      I'd call that a more than little shady.

    3. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Must suck not to your mitts on Gryphen's money via Levi... right, hon?
      And now that legal maneuvering ain't gonna fly.
      So have a hissy 'cause having to grift is just pissy, Brissy.

    4. Anonymous9:22 AM

      The irony is Gryphen and all his hateful followers accuse the Palin's of all kinds of conspiracies, when if fact they are the one's making up the conspiracies. I don't think Gryphen is a millionaire either. He's just an ex Kindergarten teacher's aides and self professed expert on everything else. I'm calling him out on his resume, just like you all do Palin.

    5. God, you're stupid. What good people? And when will you start writing like an adult? You sound like you have a fifth grade education.

    6. 9:22am, I'm sure he's quaking.

    7. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Questions and investigations are not conspiracies.

    8. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Investigations lol? What investigations? By the IM Palin Investigative Hate Palin Conspiracy Squad? Headed by meghan and laurens? lololol.

    9. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Just saying, not conspiracies.

      Investigations are private. Questions can be in public. You will find more facts at IM if you check some links.

      Not many facts on anything Meyer or Palin since they are in propaganda business.

    10. Anonymous11:36 AM

      @9:22 AM You write just like Charles Heath Jr. You couldn't be proud of that. The Heaths and Palins are an embarrassment for Alaska. The people of Alaska are much better than that.

    11. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Troll, just go back to Breitbart and Faux News where everything is based on facts that suit you.

    12. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Well word is Chucky Heath Sr did a dirty deed dirt day wasn't till 1989!
      Isn't that right Sarah? Sarah?

    13. Anonymous12:17 PM

      10:51 is having another 'lol' orgasm.

    14. Anonymous2:01 PM

      get a fucking education then try a *job* - until then fuck off ..

    15. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Nah she can do what she wants 2:01. Much to your chagrin, it is a free country. Maybe you should get a life?

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I typed in promo code "Fuck Bristol" and got 40% off

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Be careful, there's probably not a tea to cure that rash that gonna pop up ;-)

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Good one!
      I am surprised they did not type back something about "Who hasn't?"

    3. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I typed it and my computer got a virus...

    4. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Rotflmao. Whi hasn't,

    5. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Teami is just another combination of laxatives and stimulants. Which is what wrestlers back in my high school days used to use to drop weight fast for a meet. Vivarin (do they even make that anymore? and ex lax. Same results,you live in the bathroom and don't sleep.

      Kids with few responsibilities can do it fine. Functioning adults? not so much

  5. abbafan8:39 AM

    Look at the fuckin' right hand claw hand digging into that poor boy; it looks as if he is grimacing in pain! Meanwhile, her left claw is holding that toddler more gingerly. She must loathe that poor boy, now that he has outworn his usefulness to her benefit (grift). May you roast in hell for neglecting his early needs, you fuckin' bitch!!

  6. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Why is it "Palin family?" Bristols been her own person since 2009. Everything she does is for her kids bright futures.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Bright like hers? Alrighty then.
      Eye roll.

    2. Anonymous9:05 AM

      So Tripp, how'd your mom pay for your college?

      She danced on TV, appeared a failed reality show, milked my father for absurd amounts of child support, and sold crap on the internet. How about you?

    3. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Bristol's spawn has a bright future that probably will include dumpsters.

    4. Bristol is completely dependant on her mothers' PAC. Are you still continuing with the lie about the college fund? These people do not value higher education.

    5. Anonymous9:33 AM

      No no no no no. It is a combination deal. Dakota had wanted to make a political alliance with Sarah ever since he went up to Alaska to film that Sportsman Channel appearance. He and Sarah held up the FU Michael Moore sign last year. Last year, Dakota posted a facebook Happy Birthday wish to Sarah. He warned people that if they did not approve of his liking Sarah Palin, they should not post their negative comments on his facebook. Dakota introduced Sarah at CPAC. Bristol is the glue that keeps him as part of the family.

      Earlier this year, Bristol did everything she could to keep Dakota from seeing Sailor. Suddenly, Dakota was welcomed to her house (and probably her bed). They eloped but forgot to take a photo of getting married, cutting a wedding cake or any of the usual "we got married" pictures. I'm waiting to find out how soon Bristol will be announcing another addition to their family. And, I don't mean another dog.

    6. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Did the Fakebook Olympic Journalist hear what I heard about Ryan Lochte? Of course she would write a post about Lochte and dancing with the stars.

      They were discussing his possible future. It was said he could survive and possibly make a come back by doing Dancing With the Stars. It was an insult and laughable and they went on to say how it was what losers did to try and come back from their mistakes. That is Bristol. That is why her mother set her up as a loser to repeatedly humilate herself.

      If they hadn't cheated and set up a fake win she would have just been the biggest loser on the show for losers.

      Sad to see all the millions and great contract go for a once Olympic boy. What a long way down dancing with the stars is for him. Bristol was already failed at what she did, she did not have so far to fall.

    7. Anonymous12:15 PM

      it's called a racket! have a retard baby and you get paid $150,000 a year from the State to care for the child - IF you have a LLC that can intake that yearly payout! How many of those LLC's does ol Sarah have?

    8. Anonymous12:25 PM

      I still believe, after seeing that last interview with Lochte, that the Special Olympics should be his next move.


  7. Anonymous8:45 AM

    That Trig sure loves his grandma and his 1/2 sister.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      He is medicated and bribed with goodies. That is the love you see.

    2. Anonymous1:50 PM

      Then why the $carah death claw grip?

  8. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Since Bristol is modeling (a product) on her Instagram you'd think she could iron her shirt. So trashy.

    There is a current photo of Joey Junker on someone's Instagram that looks so much like the photo Bristol recently posted of Sailor that it's uncanny. G, do we know for sure Sailor is not his?

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      And not have had her legs spread out.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      h oh, Sara's boobs disappeared again! She should be studied and written about in a medical journal.

    3. Anonymous9:03 AM

      She's like "hey, look at me I can afford a $1200 computer but I has holes in my pants, please buy my tea so I can get some pants, 'kay?"

    4. Anonymous9:11 AM

      I think Sailor looks just like her Mr. Potato Head daddy. Junker has that sharp nose and deep set eyes, Sailor does not have those traits.

    5. Anonymous9:28 AM

      That is Bristol's nightshirt and Sarah's boobies popped and went bye-bye when she last body slammed Toad next to the fridge.
      Life in the triple wide.

    6. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Junker's nose is sharp? What photos have you been looking at? He has a large bulbous nose that tilts to the right just like Sailor's.

    7. Anonymous9:44 AM

      "Mr Potato Head" hahahaha

      I agree, she looks just like him, poor thing.

    8. Anonymous9:46 AM

      9:11am, dakota is not the father of that baby.

    9. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Dakota is under $$$agreement to play baby daddy. Porky Pig hasn't been doing his bada bada bada routine in public lately. Mentally challenged is a Plain family trait.It must be contagious. Junker nose and eyebrows on that baby.

    10. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Dakota, you ARRRRRRE the father!

    11. Anonymous12:18 PM

      It doesn't matter who the daddies are! The State pays out 150k a year to care for them!
      When the Palin's saw $$$ signs they created an LLC just for that purpose! How many kids does Bristol have five or six?

    12. Anonymous1:24 PM

      I believe Duh is the daddy. Truth be told, Sailor has absolutely no upper lip, and when she grows up she will hate this and dream of having a lip. All the Palins have very thin upper lips, and Duh's is even thinner--hard to believe that there are thinner upper lips than the Palins', but there are.

    13. Anonymous1:42 PM


      SSI for retarded children is based on the parental income so it is doubtful that any of the Palin/Meyer kids get it even though they have issues both families make too much money.

    14. Anonymous1:49 PM

      1:24 PM

      Yes, he is the daddy like Mike Meyers is his daddy.

    15. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Any Dakota kid gets a LOT of freebies as a veterans and MOH kid.

    16. Anonymous2:11 PM

      1:42 not if they are also diagnosed with a mental illness and incapacitated to make decisions for themselves! legal loophole!

    17. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Anonymous 11:50 AM Mike, you ARRRRRRE the Dakota's father!

    18. Anonymous2:36 PM


      It matters if this is a religious scam. If Bristol is a charlatan. If they are selling themselves as something they are not. It matters in the advertising and sales business that the claims sellers make are not fraudulent or lies to get something out of others. Especially when the unfortunate are targeted.

    19. Anonymous2:57 PM


      Mike Meyers? I freakin' love those Austin Powers movies!

  9. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I know, I know. We can't say anything nice about the Palins because she started this "hate" thing that Donald is carrying forward. But I like the kitchen cabinets in the background. And yes, Sarah's hands look old.

  10. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Don't they need to disclose that they are advertising these products for compensation? I wonder what the FTC would have to say.

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      The public needs to let the social media places know. The public needs to tell if they have an experience or any complaints. People can get by with all kinds of fraud if no one pays attention or cares to do something.

    2. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Bristol pretty much says it. Mention her name (Bristol) and get 10% off your purchase. The seller will see the Bristol-sale and send Bristol her check for lots and lots of money.

      I went to Bristol's instagram and clicked on her links, which only lead to other instagrams. Here is the website for tea i blends

      Let's assume that you order the energy tea that Bristol is drinking this week. You could also get the detox, the colon cleanse, and of course the diet blend which Bristol used to get rid of her "baby fat."

      So get the energy tea collection for $29.95, minus 10%, which makes the purchase $26.95 (approximately). How much are they going to give Bristol as her reward for posting a posed photo on her instagram? $3.???? On the website, all you have to do is sign up for their news letter and you get 5% off. Bristol will be luck to see a dollar or $1.50 as her reward for sending them the sale. Cheap. What a way to make a living. Maybe they pay her in tea blends instead. Maybe Bristol gets to take 10% off her next purchase.

    3. Anonymous10:50 AM

      9:29 AM

      Isn't she to say what the ingredients are? Also the side effects the public needs to be warned about if they are to be safe. Linking to the product is not enough but I would never buy from any celebrity scam deal. Bristol is not the only one. She is just one of the lesser and less attractive ones.

      ...pretty much says it... is a cheap trick and makes her worse. She need to be upfront and at least try to look transparent. She can never be what she is not, she will never be authentic or look authentic.

    4. Anonymous1:54 PM

      it's just the 21st century vesrion of Avon and Amway - with more dangerous products.

  11. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Palins Beware...

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      I was going to ask about that. I will look at BP, DM Facebook/Insta later.
      Are they honest with the public or just pretending they aren't trying another scam?

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      If they fail to comply and the organisation makes a formal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission, the US government agency could launch a formal investigation to see if rules have been flouted.
      It has regulations in place requiring people to disclose their relationship if they are paid for a review or endorsement.
      The agency even offered simple guidlelines for platforms where space is scarce, such as Twitter or Instagram, saying starting a post with 'AD:' or '#ad” would suffice.

      Read more:

  12. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Finally, some PayMe stuff! No disrespect, Gryph, but all of the other political stuff you've been posting of late can be found at many other news sites/blogs -- you're at your best with PayMe meat.

    Ok, IMers -- it's time to contact the beverage company and tell them we will NOT be buying their product because it's being shilled by BrisDull - the holster company also too! Negative sales feedback is the only way to stop the 'sales' opportunities for these grifters.

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Psycho. Obsessed.

      No doubt those companies will pull their products when 4 nutcase Palin haters contact them with nonsensical Palin hate babble lol. Palin's winning.

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM


    3. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Palins never win. They lie, habitually. It fools a few.

    4. Anonymous11:19 AM

      9:45 AM You must be a Paid Palin attorney, because you are here constantly defending all of them. Do you really believe the drivel that you spew about the weak assed Palins? If Sarah Palin has won, what is it that she has won? The RNC ignores her, Donald Trump told her to stay at home, and Fox News fired her. If that is winning, good luck with your future as a Palin representative. Maybe you should try to resurrect Chucktard Jr's sorry marriage.

    5. Anonymous11:22 AM

      @9:45 AM Your jealousy of Gryphen is 'psycho obsessed' and you are as stupid as the uneducated Palins that you love so much.

    6. Anonymous11:22 AM

      How is being an unemployed bum living off others,winning?

    7. Anonymous11:48 AM

      9:45 AM

      Are you thinking of what happened to Kim Kardashian when one person notice what was going on?

    8. Anonymous12:36 PM

      popping out those $150k babies is their racket! until the State stops paying that much for care of them! low budget? hahaha

    9. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Nope/ Time to ask the FCC to investigate,

    10. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Anon @ 11:19. She has won rent free space in your head and from your comments there is a lot of free space.

  13. Anonymous9:01 AM

    The FTC is cracking down on all this sponsored content marketing that celebrities and quasi celebrities such as Bristol are engaging in.

    Many of these products, such as these teas, do not have all ingredients listed and often contain stimulants and other "herbal" ingredients not tested or approved by the FDA. They are also full of pseudoscientific hokum promoting "cleanses" and "detoxes" and other process that have not been tested as to their efficacy. Most of the crap is also very expensive.

    The concern is if someone falls ill or dies due to one of these sponsored products who is liable? The celebrity promoter as well as the company?

    FTC was all sponsored content to be hash tagged as such and also for disclaimers to appear within the content.

    There is also the concern of pushing products onto younger children who may not realize that their idol isn't really consuming this product in her own life but is simply posing with it for ad revenue.

    The Kardashians are being specifically targeted by the FTC at the moment as they are on the front line of all this sponsored content crap marketing and one of the most visible examples but soon they will regulate this sham applicable to all who engage in it.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      I know a guy that thinks he could get energy from some of this crap. He almost died when he had a stroke. It was brought on when he was using some 'herbal, heath' deal like this product Bristol Palin is hawking.

    2. 10:54 hahahaha your Freudian slip is showing!

  14. Anonymous9:03 AM

    If I were Joey, I would count my lucky stars to not be connected to the Barstool.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Something sad about Joey in this deal. What happened that would cause him to allow his child be exposed to such a destructive family? And the idiot they picked to play daddy. Raised by a mother that he has to know is one of the worst. And she made sure a lot was filmed so it can not be forgotten.

      Poor Tripp when she shot off Levi face.

      Now the little girl has 2 'parents' that are giving her a life of lies. She has no legitimacy and has to live that life of lies.

      She will have a lifelong undercurrent of knowing something is wrong with her, kids live the blame and take it in as them.

      Joey seems to have a heart. I did believe he loved Lucy and cared as a good dog daddy.

      Joey looks most like Sailor Grace but he may know she was made by one of Bristol's fucks in Vegas toilet or the Mugshot.

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      I don't know the date but last I recall Joey's social media contacted Bristol she was with the porn friend doing nails and on her way to Las Vegas. He was concerned she would drink wine as posed. It was like he cared about their baby. No one else knew she was pregnant. Her thing with Dakota Meyer appeared to take Joey by surprise.

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Sailor doesn't even remotely resemble Doughboy.

    4. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Joey isn't the sperm donor. Dakota absolutely believes he is the father. DNA does not lie.

      PS - Bristol doesn't have 5 or 6 kids either. Your tin foil hats are on way too tight and I'm a long time fan here.

    5. Anonymous12:23 PM


      With the FAS it's hard to tell who she looks like, kind of like with Trig's DS; all those kids look alike.

    6. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Ignore the FAS troll. It has a dark, emptiness it is trying to fill.

    7. Anonymous1:38 PM


      What? Baby is FAS that was confirmed, as well as the Herpes outbreak on its lip. Why ignore that?

    8. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Was it 1:38? Please provide the location where we can all view this totally irrefutable evidence.

    9. Anonymous3:21 PM

      @11:55 AM


      Tell us why neither Bristol nor Sarah Palin have ever acknowledged Bristol Palin’s 2010 DWTS pregnancy and why there are no photos of that baby. Why did Bristol wear a huge winter scarf over a t-shirt in Haiti in December, 2010? Explain why there is a Palin family photo from 2006 with Bristol pregnant. Do you Palin trolls and the Palins think that everyone is blind and stupid?

    10. Anonymous3:37 PM

      3:21 Then that makes 5 or 6 kids?? How many do you say she's given birth to?

  15. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It is so nice that Sarah can at last pose with the sailor's bastard. No one can ever change when a child is born a bastard. Remember how ashamed of that child Sarah was? She was frozen and could not speak.

    The stolen valor guy, alleged to be married to abstinent and religious golden child (documented by a couple of coffee cups) has sure saved Sarah's family value butt. Too bad he is a liar as a public person on the world stage.

    I wonder if the only known documented legit Mrs. Meyer is now seeking a divorce. May be she can't let go of whatever she benefits for staying in a marriage to a liar.

  16. Anonymous9:12 AM

    The Palin's are grifters! That's old news. Where are the earth shattering stories you've been promising for 8 years. What about the Levi and Sunny secrets you've been promising? Cut, paste, and reword blogger, that's all you are. You haven't had an original idea in 8 years. And before the haters start screaming I have to be a Palin, I'm not. I have never met them, don't know them and don't want to. Unlike Gryphen's ass kissers, I can think for myself.

    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Leave if you don't like the content.

    2. Relax, Palin et al. Nobody is going to tell you when.
      It is nice you are all squirming though.
      And so predictable when you are not hatching really crazy shit and bastards..

    3. Anonymous10:06 AM

      That there is some chapped-assedness. Not accusing you of being a Palin, but you do seem to have some contradictory thoughts going on.

    4. Anonymous11:11 AM

      BWAHAHAHA 9:12 AM has to tell all of us that IT thinks for itself. You are butthurt that Gryphen will release his info at his leisure. Fuck off, troll. You bring nothing, so you get nothing. Most Palinbots, like Alicia Mangelsdorf, have never met the Palins. That does not stop them from trying to deflect all of their failures, like Domestic Violence, Drunken Brawls, Fake Pregnancies, Secret birth dates, phantom snow machine accidents, DWTS pregnancy denial, and all around dysfunctional family values.

    5. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Yes, you are correct. It is old news ! And it continues . That is what grifters do. They grift all the time non stop.
      Everything they do is a grift.You may not be a Palin? Just someone that wants them put down? Hopefully, like I do. It is happening, slowly but surely ,nonetheless ,they are going down.Not as abrupt, as I wanted.But still going downward! Also, I may be an ass kisser, I do appreciate Gryphen's style.

    6. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I agree with 9:12. We were told on a thread weeks ago that he had more dirt to share, but couldn't spare the time with work and so much political news to blog, yet he has had the time to throw empty Palin stories on here two or three times in the past few weeks. Where are the ones he teased us with?

    7. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Apparently the Palins win again!

    8. Anonymous2:55 PM


      There really is nothing left for them to win. None of them has achieved the success that they desired; the Stool, she wanted to be a starlet, instead she's married to a fat-fuck drunkard ex-marine.

      Sarah, she wanted to be VP, that didn't work out and her PAC is all but dried up.

      Track, well, in all honesty Track just wanted to spend his life drunk and hopped up on pills and have everyone leave him the fuck alone, instead he became an unwilling poster child for troubled children getting shoved off into the military only to come home to an even more fucked up life.

      Willow seems to keep to herself, and Piper is just an overweight, underachieving teen looking for her place in life, as so many her age without parental guidance.

      Todd is probably the happy one because he gets the hell out of there and meets all his gal pals and parties and has a good time away from all the drama in the house. Todd Wins!

  17. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Let’s all start listening to our mothers and put the ripped jeans in the rubbish. They’re pointless and making everyone look like they’ve just tripped and scraped their knees.

    This quote is from 2015. Ripped jeans are so yesterday.

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      I'm sure Bristol is just being economical. Mommy's PAC can't afford to buy her $200 teams every season now.

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      12:23: you must have forgotten her picture with the closet full of ripped jeans that she posted recently. She has as many jeans as a clothing store has - won't need any new ones anytime soon!

  18. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I love the grip that Sarah has on Trig. He always seems to run away from her and she always grabs him. My favorite is the Thanksgiving video from the now-defunct Sarah Palin channel where Sarah could not control two boys and a dog. She tries to create a photo op when part of the op can't stand still for a hug from Sarah. Death grip.

    1. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Her grip on Trig looks like the death-grip Bristol had on Dakota's arm in one of their getting-back-together pics a few months ago.

  19. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Glen Beck revealed why he soured on Palin. She is Breitbart, Stephan Bannon and a Leninite. Beck might be on to Dakota Meyer and Bristol as well. If Sarah is Lenin, so goes Dakota and Bristol Palin.

    Explains the violence.

    Track Palin is Lenin and one of the most violent in the Palin militia with the yuuge arsenal to save their unified and shared paranoia.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Now it has morphed to Lenin?

    2. Anonymous3:12 PM

      You're using Glenn Beck as a source on Palin's behavior. Damn you're nuttier than Palin and Beck combined.

  20. Lindsay9:25 AM

    Her house looks so sterile an in lived in. Where are the kitchen appliances (does she ever cook?)? Where is anything homey? And Gryphen please update us soon on what the Johnstons have been up to. Not custody battles or fights with Bristol. I want to hear happy stories about bad ass hunting trips and adorable children!

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      I noted the same thing . . . sterile kitchen counters. Dark cabinets . . . kitchen resembles a cave. Did you also note the fridge is next to the ovens?? Unworkable design.

      Of course, if you don't cook, it doesn't matter.

    2. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Bristol may only use that place for week end sexcapades with a lover or two. She needs to get away from all the baby and children.

      During the week it is for the fake family values posing they do.

      Who do you know that is going to decorate in white if they have an active boy and are expecting a baby?

      The house looks like a set she had designed by someplace like Walmart. That is not a criticism of the style. It is what is most apparent to me.

      I am going with set design for the props to pose.

    3. Anonymous12:37 PM

      gotta pass those State inspections when they dole out $150k a kid under those LLC's now!

    4. Anonymous1:28 PM

      It's so outdated and she doesn't realize it. The fat-striped wall is especially embarrassing.

    5. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Bristol's last staged set design place was fuglier. This is, sad to say, this house where she is to raise 2 kids in all the white decor is an improvement.

      If you remember she was pretending to live in that house that was part of another deal. It was the trial daddy Gino time frame.

      The famous Anchorage Brawl immediately followed by one of the many stalkers she and Willow would lure.

      Suddenly that lie about her on her own, not living with Mommy Dearest was exposed.

      How different is this arrangement?

      Now she doesn't say Duk is a trial daddy. She claims he is a husband and a father.

      The trial daddy era was a little more honest. At least that was not a total fabrication.

    6. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Gryphen should be embarrassed to allow the petty hateful comments on here. What the hell does the color of her cabinet's or the lay out of her kitchen have to do with anything. That he allows comments like this proves his blog is nothing but crap. This blog is about the equivalent of Bridget, lots of hate and no substance.

  21. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Duh is "off to the range" Will he do anything to stay away from this family, or is he practicing for when Trick/Track gets out of rehab?? Bristles looks as though her fake chin gets in the way of her cup, doesn't it?

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      She is not that old. Her mess with the cosmetic and surgeries makes her look like an older botched job.

      She could let her fans know where she went to get ruined like that so they can find a better doctor.

  22. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Why is Granny Palin's left arm apparently through the back of the baby's onesie instead of around the back of the child on the outside of the onesie?

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Looks like the onesie isn't snapped on the bottom; it's probably too small. That grip she has on Trig is very telling - don't get your little hands anywhere near my dusty crotch you little pervert.

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      I wondered this too-- it sure is weird! Knowing how they like to photoshop I was immediately suspicious, but I think, on further review, the onesie is just unsnapped at the bottom. Makes for a poor photo-op, but ....

    3. Anonymous11:14 AM

      It looks like Sailor is half nude. Can anyone see a diaper or panties? I know people that do that to potty train when they don't want to deal with diapers. Or they do it to let the kid have a fresh air ass. Kids can run around outside (sometimes inside) and piss and shit wherever when nature calls. They clean it up like after a dog. It is good when adults keep and eye on all that. Little girls are known to stuff odd things where it can harm them.

    4. Anonymous11:36 AM

      That picture with Sarah is just how she holds babies.

    5. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Jesus 11:14, you are one sick, fucked up piece of trash.

    6. Anonymous12:20 PM


      I once knew a couple with a baby and they told me they took off its diaper and it ran and shit in a corner.

      Tales like that are the best fucking birth control in the world because if there could be anything worse than having to change a diaper it would be picking up after a free-shitting baby!

      In my 50 years I've changed exactly one diaper and I can't imagine how many latex gloves people must use to get through even one of those experiences, much less however many times a day one must have to deal with changes.

      Bless my parent's hearts for raising two of us, but in no way shape or form did either my brother and I want children.


    7. Anonymous2:57 PM

      11:49 AM It is what Sarah is doing. She is not alone, what is wrong with that? Just because you don't like Sarah don't dish on that life style.

    8. Anonymous3:22 PM

      This blog hit a new low with these comments. I don't think Gryphen even this crap.

  23. Anonymous9:39 AM

    'helps me feel energized'

    Doesn't she know people want to know what kind of speed they would be digesting and the harm it can do?

    Doesn't she know people want to know why they get splody butt after she sells them some mysterious garbage? Linking to other sites is not enough. Stop being a snake oil salesman and list what it is you are selling to the vulnerable, unwed mother Palin. Palin reputation is already in the dump why is she continuing to take it down even lower?

    She knows how the public feels about undocumented workers. It is the same for undocumented marriages. That game needs to also come to an end.

    Put up or shut up. Bristol has no family, not a legit family and not a family that has any value with humanity.

    Everyone that is anybody already knows the whole family are frauds. Masses of complaints are due to go to Facebook and Instagram to clean up this scammer's act and make certain all their fraud ends.

    This is her business model and masses of complaints should go to consumer advocates that work to clean up posers and fakes.

    there is nothing wrong with having a single mother family. Don't sell yourself or your business claiming you are a family you can't document. That is fraud. Bristol needs to prove she is not a fraud and has a shady business model in operation.

    Bristol is doing what? Concealing that she is selling crap on social media? Why the con, Bristol?

  24. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Maniacal laughter?

    ADN has an article about HAARP facility tours on Saturday. This brought the tinfoilers out in the comments.

    Not enough tinfoil for Thursday?

    What about that time Sarah was running with McCain and the tinfoilers thought they'd get the real answers from Sarah about HAARP!

  25. Anonymous9:44 AM

    How hard can one be working when they don't even have their laptop plugged into a power source? Things that make you go duh!

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      That model has 10-12 hours battery life.

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM

      I have a new model Mac and the battery does not last nearly that long when you actually use it.

    3. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Unlike the lazy GriftBrisPro which has a working life of >1.5 hours a month. Give or take 1.5 hours.

    4. Anonymous12:14 PM

      My 11" MacBook Air has a battery life of about 8 hours if I'm using it constantly. I've flow direct ANC to DCA more than a few times on one charge.

    5. Anonymous1:01 PM

      To the laptop battery trolls: look at that picture and tell me she's really working.

    6. Anonymous1:15 PM

      1:01, no one was claiming she is working. It is obvious that it is a staged photo. But, pointing out that laptops can run off batteries is just being credible.

    7. Anonymous1:36 PM


      You just know she's working. In fact, I'm sure she has a Numbers spreadsheet open and is doing some complicated calculations regarding cost to benefit analysis of her advertising this "tea" and is also running some tax software that will help her to properly invest the $100 that she will make from idiots purchasing this "detox and cleansing" tea from her link so that she doesn't have to pay tax on it.

      Then she gets back to her manuscript which currently has the working title of "Life's A Sailor (or a Marine or something like that because they both are water things) The next phase of my Journey after the first phase of my life with Tripp"

      Nancy French on retainer to edit that mess.

    8. Anonymous3:05 PM

      It is a pose. We all know she is a sloucher. She sat up for the pose. It is all about the way she is taking her product as she faux works.

    9. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Holy shit, take your Ritalin! These comments make you shake your head and wonder where the hell did that come from.

  26. Anonymous10:08 AM

    "Well as it turns out he joined the family business as well."

    The sap is an undocumented husband. Meaning he is not a husband with any decency or honor. He uses the moniker to grift. Who wants to buy from someone that can't show they are legitimate? He has done more to document he is a child abuser using a prop than to document he is a daddy or a husband.

    There is nothing more loathsome on the internet than a pretender that is out to bilk with an internet scam. If he is now included in this 'celebrity' cult because he makes an unsubstantiated claim he is a husband to a below D-list 'celebrity', he is ruining the cult for all 'celebrity'. People like Dakota Meyer, lied to Bing West, books about him are lies. He is making 'celebrity' a filthy dirty word. He makes the U.S. military weak. He makes the U.S. Marines look like a sorry bunch for not dealing with and taking care of the stolen valor problem.

    I detest what he and the Marines are doing to the honorable soldiers. They are not all a bunch of ISIS taunting BS producing uneducated fakes out to take the public and living off ill-gotten goods. Most soldiers are the opposite of this lowlife.

    They aren't all this type of criminal and do not deserve to be lumped in with a phony like him. Same goes for 'celebrity' cult.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Racketing and money laundering - family tradition!

  27. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Sick fucking famdamnily!

    So, is bristles still working for dr jack-me- off?

  28. Anonymous11:10 AM

    OHSWEETJESUSSAVEME!!! Just when it was looking as though the Palin Freak Show was folding its tents and tending to their own business, they pop up with the same tired old shit.

    That kitchen is an excellent example of piss-poor planning:
    -- Dark cabinets. You must have a bright kitchen. Dark kitchens are difficult to clean, not to mention impossible to cook in . . . can't read recipes, can't see the measurement markings on the measuring cups, and the like
    -- Fridge is next to the double ovens???
    -- She is seated at an island that is out in the midst of nowhere. The island should be positioned about 36 - 40 inches away from the main cooking surface so you prep on the island, turn around, take 1/2 step, and are at the cooktop.

    Of course, if you don't cook anything except microwave meals, Italian take-out, and weight loss shakes, layout doesn't matter.

    And don't we ALL sit at the kitchen island with our laptops open, sipping our energy drinks?

    Not only are these people grifters, but they are FAKE.

    As for Dumbkota and his holsters . . . right, Dumbkota, I carry ammo magazines, flashlights, iPhones, knives, and all sorts of other shit strapped to my belt. I even have a special belt that I can sleep in and always have everything at my fingertips.

    1. Anonymous11:58 AM

      OK, Redneck, simmer down. Lots of people like dark cabinets, even if you don't. Bristol is at a pub height table, not an island and it doesn't seem unreasonably close to anything in the kitchen. I have had stoves next to refrigerators in a couple of houses and it didn't keep me from churning out meals. I would love to see your gourmet kitchen, because mine would never pass your standards!
      I think you are straining too hard to rag on Brissy.

    2. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Calm down. I have lovely cherry cabinets in my kitchen, a dark granite, three windows, a large overhead light, and a maple floor. It works fine for us.
      Yes, Bristol is pretty dumb, but I'm sure someone planned that kitchen FOR her, or that's the house she bought and the stuff was already installed.

    3. Anonymous12:35 PM

      I don't think it's a terrible kitchen other than it seems very small. The cabinets look a little dark due to the shadows from only having the under-cabinet lights on. That being said, how much space does she need to make hamburger helper and chicken nuggets, cause you know that's what they eat.

    4. Anonymous1:52 PM

      You are a strange 'man' with odd obsessions.

    5. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Old Redneck - you might want to try a little harder to trash the Palins. Or show us some pictures of your gourmet kitchen. Many homes have ovens adjacent to the refrigerator. Jeez!

    6. Anonymous3:12 PM

      I like the kid friendly white house that any single mother would want because they love to clean so much.

      I am not into dark kitchens but my last one would probably get trashed since I did it one summer during Fiesta. It is bright and colorful and I am not even tire of it yet. I sometimes party with friends like we are in a cantina in old Mexico. Bristol's place would depress me. It doesn't look enjoyable. You would have to get real drunk like Track to get off about cooking in there.

      Good thing Bristol does not cook or have any domestic aspirations. It suits staging her commercial product.

  29. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Check out State of Alaska employee website! You find ol Sarah Heath listed under Office of the Governor?
    What's up with that? Oh right no one is suppose to notice! I get it! wink wink!

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Totally different Sarah Heath. If you take the time to look her up and see her credentials you'll soon realize that this Sarah Heath is light years beyond Sarah Heath Palin in the educational department. She's a lawyer with a long list of credentials, unlike another Sarah Heath that we know. I'm sure she's wanted to change her name more than a few time!

    2. Anonymous12:40 PM

      oh poor damn thing! no I am not THAT Sarah!

  30. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Bristol should be embarrassed to keep advertising different weight loss drinks. She’s young and should have a decent metabolism and active life, but she so obviously needs this kind of diet in order to stay thin. She probably first heard about the 310 on DWTS and other weight loss tips, and ever since then she's not been not eating actual meals, and of course not cooking, but just downing drinks. Or maybe she does eat her old favorite fattening things but uses a fat binder too. No amount of fiber in diet drinks is going to make one's system normal and many people on a shake diet suffer from irregularity and diarrhea—that must be pleasant to be around, eh Dakota? She surely is not calculating her true needs and is getting too little of some things and too much of others. Someday, her gastrointestinal system and liver, and perhaps kidneys, are going to have had enough.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      I doubt they have sex. He is not even her type. She may need to find excuses and what is better than marrying the shitter in your nice bathroom?

  31. Love how Sarah Palins hair always seems to look like a scene out of an 80's porn.
    Bristol honey, shouldn't you be at Jackmeoff's pimple popping Botox clinic?
    It's a full time job being a grifter.

  32. Anonymous11:28 AM

    You know WHY Sarah and Barstool can stay home right?
    Pay Day for them is those KIDS at $150,000 a year per kid! The State pays for them to care for them! What a racket - hey just drink while pregnant and you don't have to do shit - the State pays for it!

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM


      I want some. Explain how this works.

  33. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Well....I'm pretty sure I just lost IQ points reading that.
    Bristol is hawking diet drinks and Dakota is hawking...whatever those are.
    The big question is:
    Why the fuck would anyone give a shit?
    I mean, really, who fucking cares?
    Don't worry, I'm sure you can manufacture some bogus Bernie outrage to really get those clicks firing!!!
    You have no substance.
    Your blog is fading.
    No one gives a shit about the dumb-ass Palins, they're over.
    There's no there there.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Why are you here reading it then?

    2. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Just an innocent observation here, but given your sentence structure and
      awkward grammar/punctuation your IQ is somewhere in the mid double digits, so I would very much encourage you to save what little intelligence you have left by not losing anymore IQ points by reading here.

      You can thank me later.

    3. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Why the fuck would anyone give a shit?

      People give a shit since it is a long time on going life of crime. The mother of all pregnant governor vice presidential campaigners has set an example. She has been teaching various crime techniques. It is thanks to her that Donald Trump is a success with the GOP and they keep him in our political system as if he could be elected president. However slim the possibility, he could be elected by some freak happening.

      No one really gives a shit about the losers. It is the system losers corrupt and how the corruption is ongoing. If you don't learn from the past it can destroy you. Even when you are sick of it and hate looking, sometimes you need to.

    4. Anonymous2:11 PM

      " It is thanks to her that Donald Trump is a success with the GOP "

      Uh, no 1:42. You can stop your stupid idiotic fantasies right there.

    5. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Alright, being facetious. There are those that say Sarah Palin was the gateway drug that opened to door for the Trump character to enter and go center stage.

      Where would the Republican party be without Sarah? She played a pivotal roll. Many appreciate her and credit her for giving the nation Donald Trump.

  34. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Until there is proof I doubt if Bristol & Dakota are married. They just say they are so "christians" won't know they are fornicating sinners.

    Where's the marriage certificate? Selfies of a celebration? Nope. Nothing.

    A marriage certificate is a legal contract in the eyes of the government. They may have a parenting "contract" but not a marriage contract.

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Given their propensity for posting the photographic details of even their most mundane activities I'd have to assume that they wedding photos were offered to some trash tabloid for cash and rejected.

      There is no way those two would share those for free, and now they feel stupid, so this time, they won't be oversharing.

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      12:30 PM Put up or shut up.

      There are no wedding photographic details. Stupid to act like something like that exists.

      Those type of things are said to create a myth. Part of the false advertising scheme. They sell to Christians and RW family values types. Hence, they need to sell themselves as legally married. In their case no back up that anything is legal.

      I saw one picture, could have been Hawaii or not. They just appeared like funky tourists and nothing special. Chronic liars said something about wedding or honeymoon. It was not that believable. it was forgettable. It may be online somewhere if you want photographic.

      They don't care what anyone wants. They just want peple to believe them although both are infamous liars.

      I believe the Palins would leak something marriage like if they have it. They could have a ceremony that was a wedding scene. That is not a legal marriage but it could be a wedding of some type. Or they could stage it today and leak it like it is an old one.

      I think they didn't bother with staging a fake wedding. Too lazy and inept.

      The only thing so far that I have seen of an attempt to have some kind of 'documentation' and photographic are those cups that Dakota has on one of his salesrooms on the internet. How sad is that? They sure are losers in the games they play.

      If the money they make from this internet bull makes them happy, that is all that matters to them.

    3. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Why does it matter to you so much if they are fake married or real married? Does it change anything? The Palin obsessed like yourself are the only ones that even pay attention to these clowns- and you already don't believe it. So why does it even matter?

  35. Anonymous12:04 PM

    11:44 AM Why the fuck do you come here so much? Do you enjoy being punished? Go fuck yourself, as Bristol Palin says so often. What happened to her search for a lumbersexual? Dakota is far from one.Bristol is so well spoken, bwahahahahahahaha.

    1. Anonymous12:28 PM

      He's a Dumbersexual.

    2. Anonymous12:40 PM

      @12:04, when will you learn to respond directly under a comment? Is it really that complicated for you? Are you a Palin, or just have a low IQ?

    3. Anonymous1:53 PM

      12:04 you should smoke some more crack, you aren't nearly tweaked off enough lol.

    4. Anonymous2:34 PM

      @12:40 PM Your stupid ass responded, it wasn't too complicated was it?

    5. Anonymous2:37 PM

      @1:53 PM Those 'lol's' you smoke have clogged your thought process. Have you had your daily Palin ass kissing?

    6. Anonymous3:15 PM

      @2:34, I responded to you @12:04, but did not bother to search the thread for the comment you were responding to, because if you are too ignorant to respond in the correct post, you are hardly worth reading.

  36. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Cute baby, sadly she's got the Chuck PayMe no chin. I'm sure BrisDull will fix that with an implant like hers - lol

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      She is a very pretty baby.

    2. Anonymous1:29 PM

      She's a baby. Tripp was a very cute baby, this one, not so much.

    3. Anonymous3:16 PM

      1:29, to each his own. She is a pretty baby, in my opinion.

  37. Anonymous12:43 PM

    UK lurking around! Whatcha looking for?

  38. Anonymous1:07 PM

    O/T: So the old bat is going to be on BOR tonight? Who dug her up from the graveyard?

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      What's BOR?

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Bill O'Reilly

    3. Anonymous3:27 PM

      No self respecting woman child would go near Fox or O'Reilly. They have to take what they can get.

      O'Reilly doesn't like her. I bet he will be sweet as saccharin now.

  39. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Have you read your Dakota Meyer MOH quote of the day? It's free.

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      According to Duhkota's Facebook page, he has "joined" with a group of vigilantes to combat human trafficking. They even intend to "run operations."

      Goddam but the stupid shit these people come up with.

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Dakota can start with Todd Palin and his network of sex trafficking.

    3. Anonymous2:59 PM


      Todd does get a lot of pussy but I don't think he's paying for it.

    4. Anonymous3:08 PM

      2:59 PM Pimps don't pay their prostitutes. If Todd gets a lot of pussy, why does he peek into bath houses at women?

  40. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Cute 10 or 11 month old there in Scarah's arms....

  41. Anonymous2:53 PM

    That's a gorgeous shot of Bristol's very odd fake chin. After all these years it still doesn't look natural, she will always be that awkward girl.

  42. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Is Bristol going to keep selling weight loss drinks until she finds one that works?

    Really, Bristol, you're not a good advertisement for anything. You keep trying to claim that that idiot tea gives you energy but everybody knows you never do a fucking thing but primp and text because those are the only skills you have.

  43. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I thought Bristol told Dumbkota he couldn't see Sailor because she was breast feeding and intended to breast feed for at least a year. So Sailor is getting the benefits of the tea or did she stop breast feeding because they are "married"?

    Sarah wrote that they put Dumbkota right to work fishing, seems like he isn't fishing very often since he is always at the "range".

    I am curious what the next installment of "adventures with dumb and dumber" will be, another kid, another custody battle?

    Since they only can get the tabloids to buy photos when some drama is taking place I am convinced the whole engagement, wedding off, daily pregnancy "milestones", wedding on again was purposeful planned deceit to sell stories to the tabloids.

  44. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Doesn't Bristle look pregnant again in that picture, or is it a food baby Her belly is almost bigger than her boobs.
    What better ruse than to say she is drinking a diet drink.
    Doesn't look like she is swallowing in this photo

  45. Anonymous3:22 PM

    9:22AM....says....."I am calling him,
    (meaning Gryphen) out on his resume just
    like you (meaning Gryphen)do Palin's.
    What Palin resume. It is a blank page,
    so how can Gryphen call it out?

  46. Anonymous3:25 PM

    If those drinks work, why hasn't the pillsbury doughboy used them? Dakota needs a do over.

  47. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Is that the actual first picture of $arah holding her Bastard granddaughter? Took her long enough to do that, din't it! Almost 10 whole months!

  48. Anonymous3:41 PM

    That chin is HAWT. lolz


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