Wednesday, August 03, 2016

So apparently Donald Trump needs reminders as to where he is, and which way to go when he finishes speaking.

The yellow arrow says "exit for ropeline" and the white piece of paper says "Mechanicsburg, PA."

Which as it turns out is where Trump was speaking just yesterday.

Gee I wonder who took this picture and then leaked it to Reddit?

Maybe it's the same person who pushed the stop button on the elevator in Colorado Springs?


  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Besides being a sociopath and narcissist, Trump is also senile.

  2. Yesterday six out of seven IM postings were about Trump, of wonkette's dozen one was about Miss Teen USA, the remaining 11 about Trump, and the same story pretty much at daily kos.

    It's enough to make me long for an update on Kim Davis.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Yes. Sick and tired of going on ANY news site, and three out of four stories are about Don The Re Con tRump.
      I wish there were some more positive stories about our country and the world in general. I don't like our 'Belly-Button-show' our news constantly is doing.

  3. Anonymous2:38 AM

    According to trump he employees thousands of people around the world. How many are terrorist? How many are illegal living in usa today? Any connection to recent attacks?

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      Wouldn't put it past him to encourage a terrorist attack just before the election...

    2. Anonymous8:53 PM

      The question is...does he *pay* them?

      He regularly stiffs those that do work for him.

  4. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Trumps short fingers are not the nuke problem, it is the communist associates and relatives that he owes money to. Espionage

  5. Anonymous2:55 AM

    OK, Donald. It's time for your first 3 am call. Tired of blasting its garbage into international seas, Best Korea decides Japanese coastal waters could use some missile parts, too.

  6. Anonymous3:07 AM

    It's Trump's loss that he doesn't have Sarah Palin to google for him, then he'd know something about Mechanicsburg PA.... or he'd get something way wrong about Mechanicsburg PA.
    Remember when Ronald Reagan went to college in California? He never remembered that.

  7. Anonymous3:14 AM

    With some reports coming out that his staff is suicidal and wondering if they are wasting their time, I am not surprised photos like this are popping up or that staff are sabotaging his campaign.

  8. Anonymous4:20 AM

    It must be driving Donald Trump crazy that he has to visit places, perfectly decent places but ordinary, like Mechanicsburg, Pa. Does he get to stay in gilt-ridden hotel rooms when he's on the road like that?

    1. Anonymous8:57 PM

      I'll bet he's not traveling by bus.

      I'll bet it's a limo or helicopter.

      And then he's whisked away to the nearest 4 star. He wouldn't be caught dead in a Holiday Inn.

      That's probably why all the photo ops of him eating the food of the little people, complete with utensils, on his plane. He's always on his plane.

      Nope. Not even a luxury bus for Trump. Because, you know, "bus".

  9. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Mother of CAD (Culturally Assigned Deity), you can't make this shit up! Hollywood shouldn't bother trying to spoof this bullshit in the future, as the real thing is so ridic, so absurd, so dangerously stupid, it couldn’t come close to doing it justice. Trump's buffoonery and cluelessness is near monumental.

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Did you see What Do I Know today? Brilliant. Better than Onion.

  10. Anonymous4:42 AM

    According to a report from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump asked a foreign policy advisor three times during a briefing why he couldn’t just use nuclear weapons to solve the nation’s problems.

    Scarborough shared the anecdote on Morning Joe Wednesday, speaking deliberately to avoid naming his source. “I’ll be very careful here. Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on international level went to advise Donald Trump.”

    “Three times he asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked, at one point, ‘If we have them, why can’t we use them?'”

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Three times in a 1 HOUR briefing!!!!!

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Hayden: "The system (the nuclear strike delivery after the nuclear strike decision is made by the president) is designed for speed ad decisiveness. It's not designed to debate the decision."

      This is why Sarah Palin's nomination to be the VP is still highly relevant.

  11. Randall4:43 AM

    Not only will Donald Trump lose this election by a LANDSLIDE to Hillary...
    but he will become (is rapidly becoming) one of the most loathed and reviled human beings on the planet.

    1. The media is now realizing they will get great ratings by covering his downfall, just like when they sold out to his "agreements" to build him up with free coverage.

      But I don't think it will be a landslide: too much gerrymandering and if/when he loses, his hardcore Trumpzies will demand recounts of every single ballot, claiming Hillary's win illegitimate.

      T will not stop until he has destroyed the gop & democracy to satisfy (not possible) his personality pathologies and need for attention.
      Bully or Victim, he has it covered.

      But these court decisions against voter suppression gladden my heart. About ffnn time.

  12. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Trump changed views on Ukraine after hiring Manafort

    Where once he demanded tougher U.S. response to Russian aggression, the GOP nominee now says he can live with a Russian Crimea.

  13. Anonymous4:44 AM

    George W. Bush Delivers Critique of Donald Trump’s Policies

    Former president stops short of putting his remarks in the context of the 2016 residential campaign

    1. Anonymous1:23 AM

      Did any of us ever think we'd see the day when, compared to Donald Trump, G.W. Bush seems like a pretty good president?

  14. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Documents Show Trump Officials Agreed to Limit Rally Size, Contradicting the Candidate

    Oh, and that Colorado fire marshal Trump accused of being a Democrat? He’s a Republican.

  15. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Anti-Trump Republicans caught in quandary

    Even as a few move to Hillary's camp, many remain reluctant to help a Democrat, but lack a clear idea of what to do instead.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      #NeverDonaldTrump. #NeverRepublicans

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      but lack a clear idea of what to do instead.
      Well the morons could keep their mouths shut and just vote for her.

      Or do they really hate America that much?

  16. Anonymous4:56 AM

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      I think they already have their pick: RMoney...

  17. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Trump getting ‘nuttier and nuttier,’ campaign insiders say

    By Daniel Halper August 3, 2016 | 8:18am

    New York Post
    Trump getting ‘nuttier and nuttier,’ campaign insiders say
    By Daniel Halper August 3, 2016 | 8:18am

    Trump getting ‘nuttier and nuttier,’ campaign insiders say
    Donald Trump Photo: AP
    Donald Trump is getting “nuttier and nuttier” according to those within the tycoon’s presidential campaign, who say they are increasingly frustrated by his outrageous comments and behavior.

    The Republican candidate has been engaged in a prolonged war of words with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son was killed in Iraq in 2004, which many inside the presidential campaign see as, at the very least, as a total distraction.

    “I did not think he’d be great in a general election, and thought there’d be episodes of paranoia/irrationality, but this is surprising for me,” one Trump operative said.

    “Trump is getting nuttier and nuttier,” the person added.

    Campaign chairman Paul Manafort and other staffers “feel like they are wasting their time,” CNN reported Wednesday.

  18. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Trump’s Right-hand Man Threatens ‘BLOODBATH’ If Election Is Hijacked From Trump (VIDEO)

    Stone was more than happy to declare voter fraud. Stone said:

    “I think we have widespread voter fraud, but the first thing that Trump needs to do is begin talking about it constantly. If there’s voter fraud, this election will be illegitimate, the election of the winner will be illegitimate, we will have a constitutional crisis, widespread civil disobedience, and the government will no longer be the government.”

    1. Anonymous7:14 AM

      His campaign staff is a group of domestic terrorists.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Anyone who wants to understand what is wrong with American politics and the RepubliKKKan Party must understand the Nixon administration and the GE plot to make Ronald Reagan president.

    3. Anonymous10:44 AM

      He should be brought up on charges of inciting riots. BEFORE they happen!

  19. Anonymous5:05 AM

    10-Year Old Child Yells 'Take That Bitch Down' At Trump Rally

  20. Anonymous5:06 AM

    He is mental. He is too old. Maybe he has syphyllis? In 2 years he will be worse or we may all perish.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      I was thinking the same thing. Syphilis is nothing to mess around with.

    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Age has nothing to do with it.

      Syphilis maybe, it does attack the brain.

    3. Anonymous9:20 PM

      That would be Karmic, since, Donald was so terrified of getting an STD in Vietnam he got five deferments. The last most likely faked and the result of a bribe or personal favor.

  21. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Meg Whitman Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says Trump Would 'Endanger National Security'

    Meg Whitman, the Hewlett-Packard CEO who ran as the GOP candidate for California’s gubernatorial election in 2010, has publicly endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, denouncing Republican nominee Donald Trump as a provocateur who has “exploited anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division” for his own political gain.

    “As a proud Republican, casting my vote for president has usually been a simple matter. This year is different,” wrote Whitman, who posted her endorsement via Facebook late Tuesday night. “Donald Trump’s demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character”...

    Calling Clinton a politician with “bedrock national values” and a “far better choice in 2016 for President of the United States,” the CEO decried Trump, a man whose medium-sized fingers are actually ossified jumbo cocktail shrimp, as a potentially lethal alternative.

    “Trump’s reckless and uninformed positions on critical issues – from immigration to our economy to foreign policy – have made it abundantly clear that he lacks both the policy depth and sound judgment required as President,” Whitman stated. “Trump’s unsteady hand would endanger our prosperity and national security. His authoritarian character could threaten much more.”...

    Whitman, who for years has served as a major donor and fundraiser for the GOP—and who, in strange symmetry with her now-nemesis Trump, broke the record for the largest self-funded political campaign in U.S. history by contributing millions to her own gubernatorial bid—also promised to use her talents to drum up money for the Clinton campaign.

    “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her,” she confirmed in an interview with The New York Times.

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      CEO decried Trump, a man whose medium-sized fingers are actually ossified jumbo cocktail shrimp,
      Why, why, why did she have to go there, I will never be able to enjoy shrimp cocktail again !!!!

    2. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Wow. Just.


      I'm in California.

      I remember when Meg Whitman tried to become our governor. Scared the shit out of a lot of us.

      She is RABID right.

      This is a sign. The change has happened. It's the turning.

      Sane Republicans are turning against Trump. Traditional conservatives are not going to allow party unity or team spirit to counter their basic sense of decency, honor and common sense.

      They can't bring themselves to vote for Orange Hitler.

      What gratifies me is that they are coming out and speaking about their decisions. They are trying to influence their fellow Republicans. They are making a very intelligent and rational case.

      No, we're not changing parties. We are still Republicans. But some things are above partisanship.

      This is one of them.

      Now I want to see Paul Ryan take back his endorsement and burn the orange motherfucker.

  22. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Republicans Jumping Ship!
    Ivanka what should I do?

    Well first get off of me.

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      So naughty, but funny. :D

  23. Anonymous5:27 AM

    “There has to come a point at which you say, ‘Somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world’,”

    -President Obama

  24. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Keep in mind this is a conservative site:

    Medal of Honor Recipient Blasts Trump With a Truth Bomb

    So this is going to make for a really uncomfortable Thanksgiving.

    Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient and new son-in-law of Sarah Palin, may have departed from the mindless group think that seems to have overtaken the Palin clan.

    Meyer, who is baby daddy #2 to Palin’s daughter, Bristol, married into the family several months ago. By that time, Palin had long since taken leave of her senses, as admission to the Trump train.

  25. Anonymous5:38 AM

    How Donald Trump Is Already Doing A World Of Damage Abroad

    Donald Trump's vision of a realigned U.S. foreign policy is already threatening to destabilize the current international system and force the world to reappraise America's role in it even before Trump sets foot in the Oval Office, some top U.S. foreign policy experts are arguing.

    Trump's often disjointed and ill-informed remarks on international affairs are themselves troubling, but the deeper concern among experts is his disregard for security arrangements built on predictability and longstanding American commitments.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      And it has taken Pres. Obama 8 years of fixing the mess that George W. made.

  26. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Republicans not voting for Mr Trump

    Barbara Bush, former first lady

    Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, 2016 presidential candidate

    William Cohen, former secretary of defence

    Jeff Flake, Arizona senator

    Lindsey Graham, South Carolina senator, 2016 presidential candidate

    Larry Hogan, Maryland governor

    John Kasich, Ohio governor, 2016 presidential candidate

    Mark Kirk, Illinois senator

    Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, 2012 Republican presidential nominee

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida congresswoman

    Ben Sasse, Nebraska senator
    Republicans voting for Mrs Clinton

    Richard Armitage, former deputy secretary of state

    Hank Paulson, former treasury secretary

    Brent Scowcroft, former national security adviser

    Richard Hanna, New York congressman

    Meg Whitman, party donor and fundraiser

    1. Anonymous9:39 PM

      I don't think the little orange boy can hold the ocean back with his stubby little fingers any more.

      The dam is compromised beyond repair. The cracks are spreading and widening.

      These Republicans are leading the sane, responsible, common sense members that remain of what was once a respected conservative party. I think they see this as a way to take back their party from the crazies.

  27. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Anime, porn and JFK conspiracies: Reddit users confess the bizarre reasons they’re voting Trump

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      I think only a small minority of Reddit users are actually of legal voting age.

    2. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Hopefully, Drumpf will get the votes usually reserved for Bill the Cat (who always gets a lot of write-in votes).

  28. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Donald Trump fans don’t know or don’t care

  29. Anonymous5:48 AM






    GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out

    Republican officials are exploring how to handle a scenario that would be unthinkable in a normal election year: What would happen if the party's presidential nominee dropped out?

    ABC News has learned that senior party officials are so frustrated -- and confused by Donald Trump's erratic behavior -- that they are exploring how to replace him on the ballot if he were to drop out.

    So, how would it work?

    First, Trump would have to voluntarily exit the race. Officials say there is no mechanism for forcing him to withdraw his nomination. (Trump has not given any indications that he no longer wants to be his party's nominee).

    Then, it would be up to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee to choose a successor, though the process is complicated.

    One Republican legal expert has advised party officials that, for practical reasons, Trump would have to drop out by early September to give the party enough time to choose his replacement and get the next nominee's name on the ballot in enough states to win.

    Here is what the RNC's bylaws say about filling a vacancy on a presidential ticket:

    RULE NO. 9 Filling Vacancies in Nominations

    (a) The Republican National Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise of the Republican candidate for President of the United States or the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, as nominated by the national convention, or the Republican National Committee may reconvene the national convention for the purpose of filling any such vacancies.

    (b) In voting under this rule, the Republican National Committee members representing any state shall be entitled to cast the same number of votes as said state was entitled to cast at the national convention.

    (c) In the event that the members of the Republican National Committee from any state shall not be in agreement in the casting of votes hereunder, the votes of such state shall be divided equally, including fractional votes, among the members of the Republican National Committee present or voting by proxy.

    (d) No candidate shall be chosen to fill any such vacancy except upon receiving a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the election.

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Reeces Pieces is making a call to Putin: so Vladimir, which poison did you use?

    2. Anonymous9:44 PM

      I imagine quite a few of them are including Trump in their nightly prayers, asking God to please call him home before September.

      (I believe Putin would use Ricin. He's done it before. Or should I say, he's had it done that way before.)

  30. Anonymous5:56 AM

    It's the polls.

    When Trump clinched the nomination, his polls surged. It turned out to be a fleeting surge. But it provided critical grease on the skids of numerous Republicans coming around to at least nominal support for his candidacy. The dip in his numbers, fleeting or enduring, are having a similar effect. But whatever. Bad polls numbers, the refusal to endorse the House Speaker in his primary race, these appear to be the drivers. Is there really anything we've seen about Donald Trump in the last week that wasn't entirely obvious two weeks ago? Of course not. This is craven and ridiculous any way you slice it. Sometimes the train is rumbling down the tracks at 120 miles an hour. You have no brakes. You have no conductor. You have no way to change physics. Sometimes that's just how it is.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Maybe we should be careful what we wish for, they could choose Cruz or some other "saner" candidate that could be just as dangerous, if not more.

      Also Hillary campaign would have to scramble to go against a different candidate.

      I say let's keep the nut and defeat him in November.

    2. Anonymous10:52 AM

      7:26am: I totally agree with you. Let the orange one keep on going until it is too late. Let him try out for the actual election. (And let's hope, Diebolt is not in cahoots with the orange anointed one!)

  31. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Gingrich blasts Trump's 'very self-destructive' behavior

    ..."Trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. He has not made the transition to being the potential president of the United States, which is a much tougher league," Gingrich said in an interview with Fox Business' "Mornings with Maria." "People are going to watch you every single day. They’re going to take everything they can out of context, and he is not yet performing at the level that you need to."

    ..."So there’s always going to be a residual possibility that Trump can win. The question is, can he in August slow down, take a deep breath and reorganize how he’s operating so that he gets to the standard of a potential president of the United States? He has not done that up to now," Gingrich said. "It’s been significantly to his disadvantage."

    1. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Bet Newt gets on his knees and thanks his god every night that he didn't get that VP nomination. Even he doesn't want the White House as much as that. Not if it means dealing with Trump daily.

      Now, waiting for Newt to join the others and say he isn't voting for Trump but will vote for Hillary.

  32. Anonymous6:07 AM

    August 3, 2016 9:12 a.m.

    Donald Trump’s Campaign Might Actually Implode

    By Jonathan Chait

    New York:
    Over the last 24 hours, Donald Trump has insulted his

    party’s former presidential nominee (former prisoner of war John McCain, for allegedly turning his back on veterans!),

    its current Republican speaker of the House,

    the parents of a slain war hero,

    the capital city of the state that is the linchpin of his electoral strategy,

    and a baby.

    None of these statements would make a list of Donald Trump’s 50 worst campaign gaffes. And yet their cumulative impact may be reaching a tipping point that causes his party to abandon him.

  33. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Major GOP Donor: Clinton Reached Out Personally To Secure My Endorsement

    ...Meg Whitman, the president and CEO of HP, told the Times that she believed Trump was a "threat" and that she planned to make a "substantial” donation to the Clinton campaign.

    “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her,” Whitman told The Times.

  34. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Donald Trump is testing just how far he can push his unconventional campaign without wrecking it.

  35. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I have always said that even when I watch my P’s and Q’s, I can still spell bullshit. Eight years ago, Sarah Palin walked onto the world stage and American politics hit a new low. I saw a bitch and I called her a bitch. Trust me. She spewed hatred, fear and ignorance better than any hillbilly I had ever known. I have no regrets for calling her a bitch. Palin was a joke. Trump, however, is no joke. He is the real deal when it comes to divisive politics. Trump has an ego the size of my ass (and trust me when I tell you that is one yuuuuuuuuge ass). Everything he does is for selfish reasons, fueled by greed and motivated by power.

    Salty language and a strong opinion don’t bother me. Saying what’s on your mind is usually a good thing. Usually. But what’s on Trump’s mind isn’t fit for human consumption. It’s just hatred, fear and plain old racism.

  36. Anonymous6:47 AM

    .... Trump’s wild unfitness for elected office, let alone the highest one in the land, has been manifest for years.

    Evidence continues to pour forth at an astonishing pace.

    Last night, his still-loyal aide Corey Lewandowski revived the conspiracy theory that President Obama has hidden a secret foreign birth that would disqualify him as president.


    Joe Scarborough reports that, in foreign-policy briefings, Trump has repeatedly asked why it is that the United States can’t use nuclear weapons.

    We already knew Trump was an ignorant, manically aggressive conspiracy theorist, which has caused a handful of them to withhold endorsements. What has especially pained Republicans is his lack of political acuity. His mishandling of Khizr Khan’s speech to the Democratic National Convention has reportedly caused grave misgivings among his staff...

    From the standpoint of the staffers working to make Trump president, this behavior was worse than immoral. It was downright unprofessional...

    John Harwood reports that Paul Manafort, the supposed adult in charge of the campaign who can curtail the candidate’s self-destructive impulses, is “not challenging Trump anymore. Mailing it in,” and the other staff is (metaphorically, one assumes) “suicidal.”

    Ali Vitali confirms Harwood’s report, and adds that the situation is “way worse than people realize.”

    According to Dana Bash, these staffers “feel like they are wasting their time.”

    This is sad for the Trump staffers, who have worked so hard to give an unstable demagogue control of the executive branch.
    -NY Magazine

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      This is what they bring up when asked about Trump's tax returns?
      CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski: Was Obama a citizen when he went to Harvard?

      Read more:

  37. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Is that a high school gym? Not much of a crowd. What happened to the big crowds Trump?

  38. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I know that Republicans have very short memories and are strangers to the truth, however I am still amazed that these gun ho supporters of the military are finding excuses to defend Trump.

    These same people crucified Bill Clinton for being a “draft dodger”, using a student deferment for Vietnam, who wasn’t fit to be commander in chief because he didn’t have any war experience.

    They swift boated John Kerry for speaking out against the war.

    Then along comes Traitor Trump. He dodged the draft for bone spurs, calls the military a disaster, insults a few 5 star generals, disrespects the Gold Star parents and makes flippant remarks about always wanting a Purple Heart, like it is a souvenir from a vacation in a foreign country.

    I refuse to believe that the citizens of this country that elected someone as intelligent and level headed as President Obama twice have all gone crazy.

    I have to continue to believe Trump supporters are in the minority in this country, if not heaven help us. WWWIII on his first day in office.

  39. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Melania's Hooker Moments

    Her vatder Vicder installed in her something about passion and business.

    Vat do der naked pictures haf to do mit business? Vats this about der Muther Ruskie music?

  40. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Let's hope that his staff is so disgusted that they will continue to leak such photos and supposedly secret dealings.

  41. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I could see Trump at sometime before the election standing behind the podium, and saying "Russia, if you're listening, now would be a good time to stir up more unrest to back my fearmongering". Wink, wink. His followers are so dumb that when he sends his obvious messages to Putin it goes over their heads. "I like him because he says what he thinks.". is their main reply. He also doesn't like babies folks. That doesn't mean he is saying what he thinks, that means that he should be in a home where he won't hurt anyone. Geez!


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