Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Obama administration has quietly cut the number of homeless veterans in half.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Veteran homelessness has dropped nearly in half since 2010, thanks to partnerships and programming, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced on Monday. 

On a given night in January, there were fewer than 40,000 homeless veterans, according to the country’s annual Point-in-Time count. That marked a 47 percent decrease since the same count was conducted six years prior. 

The success was due to the White House’s first-ever strategic plan to end veteran homelessness and a unique partnership between HUD and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Through the collaboration, HUD provides rental assistance to homeless veterans and the VA complements it with case management and clinical services. 

Since 2010, more than 360,000 veterans and their families have been permanently housed, rapidly rehoused or were spared from becoming homeless through HUD and VA programs. 

“The dramatic decline in veteran homelessness reflects the power of partnerships in solving complex national problems on behalf of those who have served our nation,” Robert A. McDonald, VA secretary, said in a statement. “The men and women who have fought for this nation should not have to fight to keep a roof over their head.”

Okay this is the kind of thing that both irritates me and impresses me about President Obama.

If Donald Trump did anything even a tenth this impressive he would be bragging about it on every network news show in the country, and having t-shirts printed that advertised his success.

On the other hand Obama mentions it in passing during a speech at the Disabled American Veterans convention, and a handful of news sites bother to share the news with the public.

You mark my words, after President Obama leaves office we are going to be amazed to learn all of the amazing things he did while in office that he did not bother to brag about in public.

In other news I think that Donald Trump managed to go pee pee in the big boy toilet all by himself.


  1. Voting for a third candidate could elect Volderump who has promised to reverse all the executive decisions Obama has made and anything progressive he has managed to accomplish. I know, I know, Hillary isn't perfect, but consider the alternative.

    1. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Even if you have to hold your nose, please vote for Hillary everyone.

    2. Anonymous5:58 AM

      You know, Hillary Clinton has accomplished a lot of good in her lifetime. Even as a student, she made her contributions to helping young children, sick children and poor families. I'm so tired of people who've literally been "brainwashed" by the GOP's 25 year-old fear of Hillary Clinton. She must have been doing good if the GOP in Arkansas didn't like her! Hillary Clinton is not an ogre; she has been an excellent public servant and will, if elected, do an excellent job as president. So don't "hold your nose," vote proudly for Hillary Clinton!

    3. Anonymous8:16 AM

      5:58 you are so right! Some on "our side" are as easily duped by right wing lies as the T people. And yeah, if she were a man they'd let a lot of this slide.

    4. Anonymous9:55 PM

      No one takes Jill Stein seriously.

      Johnson and the Libertarians are more likely to draw disgruntled Republicans away from Drumpf.

  2. Anonymous5:05 AM

    I can speak to this directly. I've been on the board of a local food bank, and we moved into newly constructed building that was built to get veterans off the street. In addition to the studio apartments, they received wrap-around services, such as being assigned to an onsite mental health provider and onsite medical services. Huge success.

  3. Another "liberal lie" -- there is no getting through to the hard-core base of T's, but 71% of independents now say they won't vote for him, altho how many will not vote or will throw their vote away on a non-dem candidate remains to be seen. Hillary, you have 96 days to convince them. And every bit of progressive non-status-quo policies will help.

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Trump said yesterday that he will blame all problems of his presidency on Obama. I have no doubt he will.

    1. Nothing, ever, is his fault. No accountability, no sacrifice: The American Way, if he has his.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      He won't have to worry about it, since he will be too busy blaming Hillary for his loss.

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Love this story! The IS the True Alaskan Style and way>

  6. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Geez Lousie! You guys shouldn't even be on this site if you're gonna bomblast Hillary. Take it over to the right. We don't need it that's why we come here to sooth our souls from the bombardment of the Toupeed messiah that shits on our country's image every day on news no less. Hillary has worked her whole life for the good. The fact that the Viagra boy's club have been steadily trying to take her down is evidence that they are threatened by women in general. It's okay to have the likes of Lisa Murkowski acting all manlike in Washington but they know daddy warbucks put her there. They are okay with that. But Hillary did them no favors, and those men want a woman to be at least a little subservient before they cut her some slack. Not Hillary. Call her lesbian, call her bitch but she is trying to do some good in this world before she leaves. Donald wants to square his bills with Putin's pals and one up himself in the money world so Malania won't leave his old ass. A black man has served as our President, now is the time for a woman to run things. Move out of the way you old windbags, and fart bags. It's 2016. We are not bringing back 1950's.

  7. Anita Winecooler5:32 PM

    POTUS rarely, if ever, brags nor toots his horn, it's the things you do when no one notices that matter most. I'm going to miss this first family, but I'm sure we'll see them doing philanthropic works and volunteering in the years ahead.

    1. Anonymous9:58 PM

      I hope his post-president life is more like Jimmy Carter than Bill Clinton.

      I'd rather see Obama building houses or going back to community organizing than giving speeches for some charity foundation. I'd really rather see him on the Supreme Court, but he's ruled that out. Hope he changes his mind before Hillary leaves office. He could take Ginsburg's place.


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