Thursday, August 18, 2016

Watching this Donald Trump surrogate confronted with the facts is kind of the best thing of the day.

Courtesy of Vox:

There was a moment of amazing and incredibly awkward television on CNN Wednesday afternoon, when Brianna Keilar interviewed famously pugnacious Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen. Just watch the beginning of this segment: 

KEILAR: You say it’s not a shake-up, but you guys are down— 

COHEN: Says who? Says who? 

KEILAR: Polls. Most of them. [confused] All of them? 

COHEN: Says who? 

KEILAR: [as if speaking to a small child] Polls. I just told you. I answered your question! 

COHEN: Okay. Which polls? 

KEILAR: All of them. COHEN: Okay. And your question is?

I have literally watched this exchange about half a dozen times for more and it never stops being entertaining.

The arrogant look on his face as he responds with "Says who?" followed by the crestfallen look as he hears "All of them" is priceless.

I swear there must be no worse job to have in America right now than the job as a Trump spokesperson.

The only comparison I can think of is being a member of the orchestra that continued playing "Nearer My God to Thee" as the Titanic sank into the freezing North Atlantic Ocean.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I’ve always voted Republican. Until now.

    The compelling rationale behind this decision: leadership. A good leader must demonstrate such qualities as competence, integrity, empathy, character and temperament. Hillary Clinton has these essential qualities. Donald Trump does not.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      What were you thinking before now? McCain/Palin? Romney? Good grief. Welcome to the light.

    2. Anonymous9:10 AM

      7:56 - I suspect that the comment above is a quote from the article, not from Anon@6:23.

    3. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I think this is the essence of what is going on with Republicans right now.

      Now that they see the extremes of the Republican party reflected in their current nominee, I have to hope a few are reflecting on past candidates, past votes and realizing 'what was I thinking?'

      I am hoping that this may result in some changes in attitudes and votes in future elections.

      Who knows. A few have already quit the Republican party. They may be unaffiliated or register as libertarians or something else, but it does show a change severe enough to change thought, behavior and action.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    This guy has the most punchable face since the Pharma Bro and Ted Cruz.

  3. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Enjoyable clip, to be sure. But don't disrespect the poor Titanic orchestra. My understanding is those guys made the decision to keep playing, since they knew the ship was going down and there were not enough boats.... they decided to go down as one, providing comfort in what had to be terrible conditions. To stick with the Titanic analogy, THIS guy asked to come aboard a sinking ship for no good reason........

  4. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I bring all this up because, for all of its opinions and enthu­siasms, WIRED has never made a practice of endorsing candidates for president of the United States. Through five election cycles we’ve written about politics and politicians and held them up against our ideals. But we’ve avoided telling you, our readers, who WIRED viewed as the best choice.

    Today we will. WIRED sees only one person running for president who can do the job: Hillary Clinton.

  5. Anonymous6:34 AM


  6. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Sabato's Crystal Ball updates to Clinton 348 Trump 190

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      It's gonna be a blowout. The question is, how long will Trump captain a sinking ship.

  7. Anonymous6:50 AM

    But polls are for strippers and skiers, so says Sarah Palin, who even gets poles wrong also too.

    The Undefeated isn't even a pulse on Stephen K. Bannon's radar anymore.

  8. I want to punch the guy out as well. Since I am female, maybe an old primitive knee jerk reaction would be super effective.
    Just listened to a Montel Williams interview on MSNBC who spoke eloquently and reasonablby this am. He is a former military Navy communications veteran who speaks Russian and offered well placed criticism of HRC's handling of classified info and VA issues because of his background. Conversely, he just dissected Trump's rabid temperament and reality star ego to a "T."
    Trump's court jester campaign people are merely kept busy rearranging deck chairs.

  9. Anonymous6:52 AM

    If Trump wants to win he should put Sarah on TV as his spokesperson.

    She will be the best.

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      But, 6:52, he's running for President, not "The Biggest Loser". Although I must say that I feel pretty comfortable with the odds of him winning that title.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      "Oh, better than the best. The bestest! I'm telling you people tell me that she is just fabulous and I so appreciate her support just the best support and she flew all the way from Alaska that great state with her lovely family really lovely almost as lovely as mine so please give her a warm Trump welcome" (45 people clap..once.)

    3. Anonymous1:26 PM

      If Trump hires Sarah in any capacity, we'll know for sure he is intentionally trying to lose.

  10. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Trump’s campaign changes represent the triumph of the right-wing echo chamber.

    It’s worth connecting the recent changes that have gone on in Trumpworld, to get a full picture of how the Republican Party’s reliance on dedicated conservative media, which has worked hard to construct and maintain its own separate reality, has finally resulted in what looks like a complete unraveling.

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM

    "being a member of the orchestra that continued playing "Nearer My God to Thee" as the Titanic sank into the freezing North Atlantic Ocean. "

    That's a myth.

    Gracie, Archibald (2009). Titanic: A Survivor's Story. The History Press. ISBN 978-0-7509-4702-2

    Gracie wrote that the songs they played were "cheerful". And if they had played "Nearer My God To Thee", "I assuredly should have noticed it and regarded it as a tactless warning of immediate death to us all and one likely to create panic."

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      The "Nearer my God to Thee" myth came from the film adaptions of the event. Now it seems every Titanic movie has them playing it. Although I seem to recall one film that did have them playing up beat tunes, but then at the very last, they played it and saluted each other goodbye.

  12. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I’m A Doctor. Here’s What I Find Most Concerning About Trump’s Medical Letter

  13. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Trump Lawyer Schooled By CNN Host Hilariously Claims: 'I Unraveled Her'

  14. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Ivanka Trump Made A Big Order From A Top Jeweler. Their Response Is PRICELESS

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      EarCuff! It should have been Handcuffs.

  15. Anonymous7:18 AM

  16. Anonymous7:35 AM

    More like Mr. Fuckit or Mr. Suckit...

  17. Anonymous7:43 AM

    OT? Watch This:

  18. Anonymous7:45 AM

    And Tony Perkins' mansion was flooded yesterday. He had to leave by canoe. But God is good, says Tony. (See, this flood was not to punish gays-that was the other flood.)

  19. Anonymous7:56 AM

    As much fun as it is watching Trump's people stick their feet in their mouth every time they appear on TV my all-time favorite video ever will be the one where Sarah Palin is on stage belching sulphur and lighting her rancid farts on fire.

    Been waiting eight years for that one.

    1. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Sorry, but it's Sarah's pardoning the turkeys while one is beheaded behind her. Nothing can top that.

  20. Anonymous8:09 AM


  21. Randall8:13 AM

    The whole Trump campaign at this point sounds like M*A*S*H's Frank Burns: "nuh UH. No sirrrr. SNOT! SNOT! SNOT!"

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      And why shouldn't their campaign be as juvenile as their candidate?

  22. Anonymous9:13 AM

    The Titanic reference is astute as they seem to be "rearranging the deckchairs" on a sinking ship.

  23. Anonymous9:47 AM

    "I deny this reality!!" ~Dr Who~

  24. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Where's Sarah Palin? She used to give speeches for Trump. Is Alaska too far away form the Trump Campaign?

  25. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Poor choice of comparisons.

    The musicians on the Titanic chose to play for a noble cause.

    There is nothing noble about Trump. This asshat is working for the money. Perhaps he thinks or at least thought it would be prestigious, so add ego. He may have been promised some sort of position too. Ambition makes three.

    While the Trump campaign may be sinking almost as fast as the Titanic, those that lost their lives did not do so for money, ego and ambition.


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