Friday, August 19, 2016

We are slowly moving towards cars that run on green energy but the Netherlands is tired of waiting.

Courtesy of Quartz: 

Gasoline-powered cars may soon be a thing of the past. But the Netherlands wants to get there quicker. 

The Dutch government is debating the possibility of banning new gas and diesel cars from 2025. The initial proposal, which was brought forward by the Labor Party, called for an outright ban of all petrol and diesel cars, but was eventually modified so the ban only affected the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. Traditional cars already in use will still run on the streets. 

The proposal has since passed in the lower house of the Netherlands’ parliament. It now needs to pass through the Dutch senate. 

The Netherlands already has one of the lowest levels of CO2 emissions from new cars in the European Union. The country has seen a recent surge in electric car sales, which reached an all-time high last December.

Just a reminder to Americans that in many cases we are falling far behind the times.

I love stories like this which talk about our future. It just gives me such hope.

Since this is a political blog it should be noted that our current President has done a great deal to push toward clean energy in this country.

And it should be noted that Hillary Clinton has promised to do even more.

Yes, the future is looking bright indeed.


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    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      "i'm donald trump. I approve this message"

    3. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Putin's face said it all in Sochi, "There couldn't be a more apt postscript to the Sochi Games than this: The whole thing was a fake."
      At some point the military action will stop, and at that point the accounting will undoubtedly begin."
      Orange Revolution = donny trumpf
      and his pal jonny boy?

    4. Anonymous8:04 AM

      @7:55 Happening now!>
      ""Despite the strongly worded statements by Putin, and the continued Russian military build-up on Ukraine's borders, IHS Markit continues to hold the view that Russia is not preparing for an IMMINENT overt invasion," said Alex Kokcharov, principal analyst at the London-based consultancy." THIS IS REAL TIME.

  2. Lindsay7:04 AM

    My husband and I both have a Prius. Someday I hope to market a bumper sticker that reads "What's so small that You need to compensate with oversized vehicles?". Don't steal my idea.

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Your husband is in the closet.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Oh god you must be the annoying 'we are better than you' faux, naive, and overtly socially and environmentally conscious couple in the neighborhood. Every neighborhood has at least one. The worst.

      Let me guess, you also kept your maiden name with a double name hyphen, because feminism. The worst.

  3. Saw a story on electric cars in Atlanta last night. Seems Atlanta has the highest percentage of electric vehicles in the US, due in large part to a $5,000 credit from the state and a $7,500 from the feds. Brought on a buying boom. The state has now dropped their credit and the number of electric cars has plummeted. However, there is now a decent infrastructure in place for charging stations, so Atlanta is still ahead of the rest of us. I believe that if there were super-fast charging stations everywhere, people would buy into these vehicles and pollution would decrease dramatically.

    1. 1smartcanerican™ 7:40 AM wrote: … and the number of electric cars has plummeted.

      Have people been taking them out of state? or scrapping them?

      Or did you actually mean, "the number of electric car purchases has plummeted"?

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Oh, thank god Ted showed up to ruin everyone's day.

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    The future will be..... extinction 2050.

  6. Anonymous1:54 PM

    What about this Gryph and IMers - ain't it cute?

  7. Anonymous4:13 PM

    It's easier in Europe. They have the infrastructure.

    They didn't tear up all of their rail lines when cheap gas was created. Their towns, cities, etc. were already established with the advent of the auto whereas much in the U.S. was still being developed and expanded and as such was created with cars in mind.

    You can get along very well in Europe with just public transportation. The buses they use can be converted to electric. The subways and trains already are.

    Putting in a network of electric charging stations will be easier. Everything is closer together so the support system for electic will be much easier.

    I'd love to go electric but I need at least a 300 mile range or I can even travel to L.A. I'd also need a full charge there to get back. Not much in the way of charging stations if I want to plan a trip.

    I looked into going to Yosemite and the only way I can do it is by car. And it couldn't be an electric car.

    Right now I have a hybrid. It's 8.5 years old. I'd like to replace it with an electric at 10 years old when the battery warranty expires but I don't see us being there yet and see no movement to get it done in a timely manner. If I buy another hybrid I'll probably have that one for a decade too.


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