Tuesday, September 06, 2016

And people wonder why Hillary Clinton does not like to talk to the press.

Courtesy of Mediaite:

“I am so happy to have you all with me!” said the enthusiastic Clinton, who is the standard-bearer for the Democratic party in 2016. “I was just waiting for this moment,” she continued, a wait that has gone on for what feels like decades. 

“I wanted to welcome you onto the plane,” she offered, while she got peppered with questions from the gathered reporters like, “How was your Labor Day?” “Are you ready?,” and “Do you have a Labor Day message?” 

“Oh, I do, you’ll hear it.”

Okay so Clinton talked to the press that follows her around from location to location.

And yes it has been awhile since she made herself available to them.

To better understand why that might be you only have to refer to the headline for this Mediaite piece:

BREAKING: Candidate Who Hates and Ignores the Press Will ‘More Formally’ Take Questions Today

Yeah, that's how it's written.

There are also a number of rather ugly shots taken at Hillary in the rest of the post.

Gee, why would Clinton not be in a hurry to make herself available to this group?

As the somewhat more balanced Politico reported this is a new plane on which both the candidate and the press will fly together to future campaign stops, which means that Hillary will share a closer proximity with the press from here on out.

So yes she will be answering more questions.

Personally I do not blame Hillary for avoiding press conference and reporter's questions lately as the majority of them would undoubtedly be attempts to make hay of the non-scandals created by the Right Wing media.

Everything she says will get taken out of context and she will forever be answering questions that she has already answered a thousand times before. Who in their right mind looks forward to that?


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Sure lets call the survey monkey what it is. A Liar. The worldwide republican media con job has failed. Small tiny little men dictators and their tiny finger hackers and media ho were surveyed It is amazing what greed and corruption will do to a human. So cut the crap and call them what they are, "Liars" "Corrupt" and "Over". Out of Business.

  2. SallyinMI4:54 AM

    I'm with HER. They would ask her about Dumpster, giving HIM more press coverage. I keep reading comments everywhere that Hillary is 'doing no events' when she is doing one or more every day. There is just not 24-7 press coverage of her every word, because they're ticked at her. Nice objective media, huh?

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      I agree. The only attention Hillary Clinton gets from the media is negative, usually based on lies from Donald Trump and company. Virtually no mention anywhere of the villainous nature of Trump's campaign against her or of Trump's dearth of experience, intellect, etc.

      I think the media would love to see a "President Trump" (just typing the words depresses me so) because he would just be a laugh a minute for the next four years. Remember how reporters just loved George W. Bush in 2000, how they pushed the there's-a-guy-you-could-have-a-beer-with myth throughout the campaign, ignoring the fact that his opponent was far more intelligent and qualified. They did it again in 2004 by making Bush into the "war hero" and ignoring or twisting the fact that his opponent was a war hero who was doubly courageous - fighting for his country and then publicly acknowledging that the war he had fought in was wrong.

      The US media is responsible for a lot of our woes. I'm always glad to read Immoral Minority each morning for some sanity in reporting.

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    The great white ape and his survey monkeys from the buddy bank declare Don John Trump the winner. The great white hope for the "silent majority". The great one to stand up to little men around the world and decide who lives and dies. He is the one according to global grove members and those wearing the flag on rump while waving the constitution.

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      Don John Micro Shlong

  4. I am going to retain what relative sanity I have by imagining that the election results will have these media reporters eating crap.
    Won't happen, but the very idea makes me grin.

  5. Anonymous5:21 AM

    It amazes me when I read about tRump being so close to Hillary in the polls. Are people REALLY that stupid, they can not see what a fraud tRump is? It is frightening to me, imagining this orange clown in power. Everyone in the rest of the world is speechless, wondering how Americans can be so stupid. Well, I never thought Dubya would make it either, so YES, there are many, many stupid people voting gop in this screwed up country. Why are men so afraid of SMART women, I wonder?

  6. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Hillary has never had a problem with the press. She has nothing to hide or con. Unfortunately this year we have corruption within several and takes delight in lies. The current and only dig is "the emails" so the F what. It is not her job to provide security for the world. Lets call it what it is. A defunk security infrastructure worldwide, corrupt security programs, pimple face hackers, and etc etc etc. 20 yrs of internet with NO rules, laws,or regulations and here ya are. CORRUPTION AND LIES.

  7. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Bottom line is Hillary has to make herself available if she wants to be president. Sorry to say, some of the journalists just want to make a name for themselves at Hillary's expense.

  8. Anonymous6:02 AM

    And when she does have a news conference, you can bet the hard questions aimed at her will be sexist and ridiculous. Donald Trump is NEVER given any hardball questions. Look at any "Politics" columns on the internet and it is 80-90% articles on Trump.

    Read this article by Paul Krugman from the NY Times, that discusses the press' treatment of Hillary. Here is the link if anyone is interested: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/05/opinion/hillary-clinton-gets-gored.html?_r=0

  9. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Gretchen got paid, Greta's gone BUT WHAT ABOUT MANN COULTER?

  10. Sorry, media, I just don't see the big deal about formal "press conferences" in this day and age.

    Thanks to modern communications and technology, we have access to every utterance, no matter how trivial or small the venue, from every candidate. A conscientious voter can easily keep track of what a particular candidate is claiming or promising and if they are reasonably consistent in front of different audiences.

    A "press conference" with lengthy questions either beating a dead horse into the ground or framed for damned if you do damned if you don't answers (so, Mrs. Clinton, Americans want to know if you feel remorse for purposely murdering four American heroes blah blah blah) is a waste of time.

    It is so obvious that reporters are uninterested in whatever answer they will get as they preen and posture and pack as much swill as possible into their "questions." They clearly are trying to become the story themselves.

    Press conferences during Cronkite's time when there were only three television networks and a single half hour of nightly news were useful and maybe even necessary. Now, not so much.

    Chris Wallace and Chuck Todd have both said they don't feel any obligation to seek out the truth. How many more "reporters" feel the same way? So why on earth should Clinton, or any candidate, be a patsy for whatever the media is trying to accomplish (their own fame and fortune at the public's expense)?

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Excellent comment, Nefer!

  11. Anonymous7:16 AM

    In the meantime the press is not even reporting on trump raking in cash from his campaign -
    Trump Living Large On Donors’ Dime
    The GOP nominee’s campaign is spending lavishly on Trump businesses instead of cheaper alternatives.

  12. Anonymous7:20 AM

    The last news show I would watch on tv is CBS but this morning I turned it off. They had Trump in a loud rant, and Hillary warding off a dry cough. Tell me that isn't propaganda at its' worst. Sorry bunch. So now I have only places like this to come where the people are able to talk the truth without corruption. America has sold its' soul.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      I saw a few seconds of footage on BBC (of all outlets!) showing Hillary coughing. She's got allergies, just like me and just like many other Americans this time of year. No fatal disease there - only the annoying cough or sneezing brought on by the great outdoors in spring and fall. And those stupid reporters know much better than to imply that her health is at risk. My God. Just look at Donald Trump who's the size of an inflated mostly-red-in-the-face (or sometimes orange) elephant and whose voice all but disappears at times - hence the megaphone. No one mentions his health.

  13. Anonymous8:22 AM

    A new 50-state poll shows exactly why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump


    Poll: Redrawing the electoral map


  14. I am much younger than her, but I know that I have NO patience for this and would have strangled them all by now anyway. MOST "journalists" run scared knowing they have to write clickable "stories" in 140 characters or less or some other newb will come in and take their place. I think it's one of the sleaziest jobs there is right now - providing spin and trash for soundbites that will help determine one of the most important jobs in our country. It sickens me and THIS TOO needs to change.

    1. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Hear, hear.

  15. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Can't stop coughing...


  16. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I'm finding I get a slight allergic response every time I sleep in a strange room or even if there's something new in my own bedroom. It must be so annoying and frustrating (not to mention debilitating) to have that all the time.

  17. Anonymous4:39 PM

    My feelings also Gryphen!
    I got clobbered a couple of days ago about
    Trump constantly with" Hillary is sick. tired , weak cannot walk up stairs by
    herself and on and on." Because of this,
    I said for her to wear beautiful , jewel
    colors around her face, highlights in her
    hair to pick up the camera lights and
    and more. Well guess what folks, there
    she was being interviewed while in her plane in a beautiful rose pink top,
    her hair looking great with glowing highlights and her makeup with blush
    on her cheeks that matched her rose pink top. She looked beautiful, healthy and
    ready to go!!!! And Trump, oh yes, his
    usual highlighted pompadour, held together with bobby pins peeking out, red satin
    tie and orange blush reeking with "look
    at how fit and healthy I am ." +He always
    looks like he has been embalmed

  18. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Hillary's a pro at politics, when your opponent's mouth is on fire everyday, you don't bother pissing to put it out. Trump's own pay for play is biting him in the butt and where are his pesky taxes?


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