Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Good question. Update!

And the thing is that right now the media is working over time in an attempt to slime Hillary with allegations that folks who contributed to the Clinton Foundation got special access, and here they have a factually based story of bribery and political corruption and virtually all you hear are crickets.

Update: Trump claims there is no connection between the donation and the Trump U case.

Here is a picture of Donald Trump walking with the Florida Attorney General that he totally did not pay to dismiss a lawsuit against him just last month.


  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    So many scandals with tRump, where to start? Maybe Gowdy or Issa should get a committee together to investigate? Wait, they are still trying to hang Hillary with something, anything. I wonder if tRump has been supplied with the questions that will be asked at the "debates" yet?

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      Wonder why the members of the gop who have bailed on trump and will not endorse him have not made loud noise about this? Because they are all guilty of the same.

    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      we are supposed to TAKE his word for it?
      ha ha ha.
      wapo doesn't think so!

    3. Anonymous11:23 AM

      If he wasn't guilty why did he pay the fine?
      Also,too why did the CREW -IRS find him guilty!?
      He is fucking full of bullshit and anyone who is a tweeter needs to tweet this out.
      This get a investigation of this motherfucker going!
      You know, the flippin media would be in a FEEDING FRENZY if this was Hillary!
      And that is a true FACToid and they are bascially ignoring this except Wapo article today.
      Fuck Trump!
      Let get the ball rolling!
      We can do this!

  2. Anonymous2:55 AM

    So sick of the media!

  3. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Yes indeed. The talking media bobble heads are clearly not doing their job nor have they informed the public of the extreme dangerous trump and friends. They should be warning the USA and world about him and associations. But instead they lie and twist for DONALD JOHN TRUMP. why? they are liars like him? They lie for a known criminal and they are acting just as unlawful, unprofessional, un-American AND are FAILED MEDIA JOURNALIST AND OWNERS of the scam. Canceling services relating to them and boycotting certain media station owners and their low worthless talking un journalist bobble heads is the only solution,

    1. Anonymous5:16 AM

      The reason why Trump gets away with all of his scandals is the fact that the media does not have a liberal bias. That is another gop talking point. Conservatives own and control the majority of the media in this country.

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Trumps $25K to AG Bondi merits probe~

  4. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Stankface and his survey monkey lies like the devil.

  5. Anonymous4:15 AM

    None of these Trump political scandals (or personal ones for that matter) matter to the press. All the media wants to do is destroy Hillary Clinton. Trump can throw reporters out of gatherings, make fun of disabled reporters, accuse the media of not being nice enough to him, threaten (and file) lawsuits against media outlets and he gets away with it. Good grief, Trump can ally himself with the likes of Vladimir Putin, have shady business deals with Russian banks and no one bats a journalistic eye. Or Trump can ally himself with white supremacists and channel his inner fascist personality and the media turns a blind eye, even helps him along the way. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is standoffish, with over thirty years of good reason to be, and she's accused of all sorts of evil doings, including imaginary "clouds" resulting from the schmucky behavior of the husband of her longtime assistant. It's how the press operates these days. And, we the people, will have to pay the price for it.

  6. Anonymous4:59 AM

    There is mention of Trump's dealings not being made more public in this Op Ed by Paul Krugman.

    1. Anonymous6:20 AM

      But, the right wing will not read this. they think the NYT is too liberal and skews everything to the left and so, like all other "non-Fox" media is not to be trusted. I know very intelligent people (well, I have always thought they were) who think like that. they believe all that they hear on Fox News, which is on in the background of their homes every waking hour of the day. But, nothing that is reported by any other media outlet is trustworthy to them. There is no reasoning with these people, or chance they will ever wake up to what are the actual facts.

      I speak from experience. My career was in marketing research where facts were everything. The smartest researcher I ever worked with is the person I describe above. She states as fact all sorts of things I find to be untrue when I research, but since my facts come from the NYTimes or Washington Post they are just ignored as being from "the liberal media" who is not to be trusted. Makes me cry, actually, to know this is what our country as become. And, to think they hate the media, the same one that is pandering to Donald Trump and is supposedly a "good" media -- all the others that are not Fox News, but still are making Donald Trump and going after Hillary.

  7. Meanwhile we are subjected to the bombardment of irrelevant Clinton minutiae, while the Cannonball protest over clean water on the Standing Rock reservation goes largely ignored. Big oil and corporations doncha' know. Lawrence O' Donnell was there on Friday, so maybe, just maybe, we might hear about destroying sacred burial grounds while unleashing dogs on protesters by the Dakota Pipeline people and their privately hired goons as actual news.

    The media has admitted that the Trump drama is good for clicks and revenue. But that still does not explain the media creation of crooked Hillary.

    Makes my butt tired. Every. Damn. Day.

  8. Nikogriego5:22 AM

    Check out this short article about this subject from the Washington Post:


  9. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Bill works hard for his money!


  10. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Trump on Bondi

    “I never spoke to her, first of all. She’s a fine person, beyond reproach. I never even spoke to her about it at all. She’s a fine person. Never spoken to her about it, never,” Trump said Monday while campaigning in Ohio. “Many of the attorney generals turned that case down because I’ll win that case in court. Many turned that down. I never spoke to her.”

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM

      What bizarre speech patterns Trump has. He constantly repeats his most blatant lies; does that convert them into the truth in his mind?

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      That's "protest too much" speech pattern.

      Repeating a lie enough so even he believes it.

  11. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Bondi, who has endorsed Trump, did not open a case against the tycoon, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.

    The AP's report said Bondi had solicited the donation from Trump's foundation.

    ...."I've just known Pam Bondi for years," he added. "I have a lot of respect for her."





    Sounds like Donnie wet Bondi's panties. Melania should smell his fingers.

    1. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Don't forget, the donation was from a CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.

  12. Anonymous6:13 AM


    Trump lies like a rug

    While Trump insisted yesterday that he never spoke to Bondi directly, there’s some evidence to the contrary: as the Post’s report noted, a consultant on Bondi’s re-election campaign “told the Associated Press in June that Bondi spoke with Trump and solicited the donation herself.”


  13. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Don't forget, he paid for play in Texas too, 35k to make the donald U fraud case go away. Gryphen should update this post to include TEXAS too. http://www.npr.org/2016/06/08/481284335/texas-governor-linked-to-trump-university-fraud-case

  14. Anonymous6:16 AM

    This Bondi thing is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Explains why Trump won't show his taxes.

    What other deceiving things is he trying to hide.

  15. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I never spoke to her. But I'm sure the press will not call him on that lie.

  16. Anonymous6:30 AM


    Sun Sentinal (Florida):
    Some serious questions for Pam Bondi -- again
    By Dan SweeneyContact Reporter

    Fillet of Bondi: Attorney General Pam Bondi talked with CNN's Anderson Cooper yesterday, and it was not a friendly piece. But, hey, at least it didn't concentrate on her having accepted $25,000 from the Donald J. Trump Foundation and then deciding not to investigate Trump University.

    No, Cooper instead focused on Bondi's protracted legal battle against gay marriage in Florida and how it contributes to anti-gay sentiment in light of the massacre in Orlando.

    The questions were pretty brutal:

    "Do you really believe you're a champion of the gay community?"

    "Do you worry about using language accusing gay people of trying to do harm to the people of Florida? Doesn't that send a message to some people who might have bad ideas in mind?"

    "You were arguing that if there was same-sex marriage, it would do harm to the people of Florida. Are you saying you do not believe it would do harm to Florida?"

    "I'm just wondering, is it hypocritical to portray yourself as a champion of the gay community?"

    It went on like that for five agonizing minutes.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I'll bet Trump is already trying to pull strings to get Cooper dropped as a debate moderator.

  17. Anonymous6:53 AM

    "I know a lot of gay and lesbian people in the state want to feel that the people that represent them, represent everybody in the state."
    -Anderson Cooper
    (To Pam Bondi)

  18. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Chris Cuomo exposes Trump surrogate’s pay-to-play hypocrisy: Let’s talk about Pam Bondi


  19. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Tamron Hall methodically destroys squirming Trump backer


  20. Anonymous8:43 AM

    REPORT: Get ready for TRUMP TV if Trump loses the election!


  21. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Trump/Bondi Timeline


  22. Ferry Fey11:03 AM

    What's the weird thing with Trump and the umbrella in the bottom pic? No one else is using an umbrella, and there's no sign that it's raining. Is he using it as a parasol so he won't get naturally tan?

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Is Donald J. Trump using the umbrella as a walking cane? Some elderly people substitute an umbrella for if-I-need-it walking stick, if it is a sturdy umbrella, it can be used for balance while walking.


  23. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Similar corrupt pay-off made to the TX AG. The difference is the contribution was made to the TX AG right after he dropped the Trump University investigation rather than before as did Bondi.

    And there's also documented corruption related to Chris Christie and Guiliani. Media could give a shit when there's innuendo to cast over the Clinton Foundation.


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