Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump blames his abysmal debate performance on a "defective" mic.

Gee if it was so defective how did it pick up every sniffle and snort that issued from his fat orange face?

It also was not so defective that it did not pick up on every lie that tumbled out of Trump's anus shaped maw either.

Courtesy of Forbes:  

During the first 2016 presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Huffington Post kept a tally of the lies that each candidate told in their responses to Lester Holt’s questions. The final HuffPo tally? Donald Trump: 16; Hillary Clinton: 0. 

Although the media have made much of Clinton’s “trust problem,” data even beyond this debate tally suggest that Trump has a solid pattern of lying pretty much all the time, about any situation, especially those that might cast him in what he perceives as a negative light. 

His reputation is such that this debate, like no debate before it, had every news media outlet promising intensive fact-checking of every assertion. Fact-checkers have probably never before been this employable and may be the true winners in this election.

Actually the Trump lies came so hard and fast during last night's debate that anybody participating in that take a drink for every Trump lie drinking game would most likely have woken up in the morgue this morning.

The mic also picked up every time Trump interrupted Hillary as she was talking:

At Monday night’s presidential debate, by our count, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 25 times in the first 26 minutes of the debate. 

By the time the debate was over, Trump had interrupted Clinton 51 times — whereas Clinton had interrupted Trump just 17 times.

Trump's performance by every non-Republican bubble measure was extremely poor, while Hillary essentially landed devastating blow after devastating blow.

If this had been a boxing match Donald Trump would have ended up on the canvas crawling around looking for one of his eyes.

However let me say this.

After the debate last night I was feeling pretty good so I let my curiosity get the better of me and took a trip over to the Sea O'Pee. And to be blunt it was a shit show of reverse logic and magical thinking.

They celebrated every bad answer that Trump gave as positive, and found every one of Hillary's responses as somehow weak and misleading. In short it was the Bizarro version of reality.

Of course that is to be expected because those people are crazy.

However they also had a link to Breitbart, and a visit over there showed exactly the same point of view.

So what that says is that partisan opinions are baked in now, and none of these debates will change a damn thing among the faithful.

Really the only reason to even have any more of these debates is in the hopes that there are still a few folks out there who, for whatever reason, remain undecided and who still recognize a fact when they see it.


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM


    Scroll down to Donald's face next to Mr. ED'S face

    tara dixon @taradopeydixon
    Anyone else think #DonaldTrump looks like a horse sniffing when he's talking? #justsaying
    10:05 AM - 20 Jan 2016

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      One down. Two to go.

      How are things at the Pee Pond? Happy campers? Sniveling blamers? What hat will Chuckie's pros wear now? Isn't it time for a revolt? After all this had to be a set up. Libruls and lamestream media did it. Who else could make the mic do that to Drumpf?

    2. Anonymous2:18 PM

      It is a sign of weakness to answer first off with a flimsy excuse like the mic did it.

    3. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Howard Dean thinks Donald has a coke habit. Not the fizzy soft drink. Dean is a M.D.

    4. Anonymous4:58 PM

      I'm with Dean.

    5. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Trumps relationship with a wife is going to be a killer for him. If he could do something about her he might look better for the women voters. So far he has only the nut cases. Not a yuuge voting block.

      I think he lost Sarah and Bristol and their masses of fans. LOL.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Poor wittle Connie. He is a winner and a defective mic turned his historic debate into his biggest failure of modern political history.

    “[T]he data indicates that Monday’s face-off may well have been the most-watched debate in American history,” writes CNN’s Brian Stelter.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      I'm 50 years old and last night was the first debate I've watched. By this time I always know who I am voting for so the debates are a moot point for me, but I had to watch last night just for the entertainment value.

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      "Republican nominee Donald Trump turned in the worst ― and I mean worst ― debate performance in modern times. It was so bad that in a normal year, it would disqualify him from getting anywhere near the White House."


      "But the most Trumpian moment of all may have come at the end, when Holt asked Trump what he meant when he said Clinton didn’t have “the look” of a president. Trump changed the subject to Clinton’s alleged lack of stamina, but she wouldn’t let him get away with it, using the occasion to remind everybody of Trump’s history of misogyny ― in particular, his descriptions of women as “women, slobs and dogs.”

      Trump denied some of the comments, but then acknowledged a few as attempts at entertainment ― and said about one person he’d insulted, actress and television host Rosie O’Donnell, that “ I said very tough things to her, and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her.”

      None of these questions or attacks were the least bit surprising. The fact that Trump didn’t have sharper, more coherent answers suggests he was as casual about his preparation as his campaign had suggested all along ― that he simply couldn’t be bothered to think through how he intended to perform.

      Clinton made this very point. “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate,” she said. “And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president.”"


      The contrast between a qualified public servant and a ranting bully.


    3. Anonymous2:07 PM

      I had a great time at our debate party. It was me and 3 repugs. Needless to say,they weren't at all interested in debating the debate afterwards. I bet my repug neighbor on the last two elections and won. It was like pulling teeth to get him to pay up. Welcher.

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    When Clinton recently fainted at a September 11 anniversary event, Trump accused her of not being healthy enough to serve in the White House. Now, people are wondering if Trump is the one who’s come down with an illness.

    His doctor, however, may just argue otherwise. In December ’15, the Republican candidate’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, released a statement describing Trump’s health as “astonishingly excellent.” Dr. Bornstein, who works at Lenox Hill Hospital, wrote, “[Donald Trump’s] physical strength and stamina are extraordinary”, adding on that he had lost at least 15 pounds in the previous year.

    Towards the end of his letter, Bornstein wrote, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” He also said that Trump has no history of ever using alcohol.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Yet there are many photos of him with a half filled wine glass in his hand...

    2. Anonymous10:49 AM

      9:10 Which one, tRump or the goofy "doctor"??

    3. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Gastrointestinal doctor feelgood? Trump's bro died of alcoholism, Trump never wanted to be seen like that.

    4. Right, that obese wheezing angry orange toad is healthier than Obama. {rolls eyes}

  4. Anonymous8:51 AM

    What happened to the "Babe Ruth" knock it
    out of the ball park , home run, big Trump win warning. Trump struck out!
    Also, Ivanka was made to walk the old
    "five steps behind " position and Malania
    was positioned shoulder to shoulder
    with Ivanka's daddykins while walking
    through the crowd. We all know the answer
    to that scene. Hillary knocked it out
    of the ball park, and won!

    1. Anonymous9:19 AM

      as one CNN pundit stated, more like baby huey.

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Washington Times. Sarah and Donald

      Even Sarah Palin Has Gone Quiet About Donald Trump
      When you've lost Sarah Palin, you know you are in trouble.

    3. Anonymous11:30 AM

      If trump and his team had any brains they would have realized that debate prep includes more than memorizing details. During a "dress rehearsal" they might have noticed how his breathing while speaking was so annoying because of the sniffs and snorts that reverberated through a microphone.

    4. Anonymous12:41 PM

      11:30 AM

      They could have told the truth about his chronic lung problem. He and his doc probalby snort the same crap.

    5. Go back and listen to his immigration speech in Arizona. That weird wheeze was pretty much constant there also, as well as his podium clutching.

    6. Anonymous2:17 PM

      I don't believe Trump's campaign manger - the peroxide blond - who said that Trump did practice for the debates.

      It certainly didn't appear that way. If he had, they would have caught his breathing issues and sound makings as major things that required correction!

      The entire Trump bunch are liars! Every damned one of them and it extends to the national Republican group of their supposed leaders. They picked him - built him up - and now don't have a clue what to do w/him.

      Trump is not manageable, doesn't listen to others and will never be "made" to 'appear' presidential! He's not FIT in any areas of consideration. He's made himself a ridiculous fool to the world and our allies.

    7. Anonymous5:16 PM

      The peroxide blonde is a total piece of work, and she did not look like a happy camper last night. But I read that he did prepare for the debate. He just did it Trump-style, refusing to practice behind a podium, refusing to practice for a full 90-minutes, refusing to practice actually answering questions, etc. Instead he watched some of Clinton's old debates, zeroing in on her best and worst moments. Or something like that. Because forget campaign strategists, he's the world's leading authority on everything.
      Also too he might have been caught unawares of the consequences of doing a few extra lines before the debate, just to make extra sure his world-renowned stamina wouldn't fail him. Or at least, that's what I've been hearing.

  5. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I find it amazing how the Republicans are spinning this debate and calling Trump the winner. Fucking ridiculous to say the least.

    Vote Hillary Clinton, folks. She's going to win the race and become our next POTUS in spite of the bullshit the Republicans are spreading!

    I was so proud of her in the debate!

    The press/media seems to still favoring Trump too. Cannot believe it! They are all idiots!

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Let the rePubs spin. That is their history. I doubt in the bigger picture, history is going with their version. They are the picture of the BIGGEST LOSERS now. Thanks Donald.

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      I think one of THE BEST questions asked by Clinton was whether dumpster would accept the results of the election. Spin away f*ckers.

    3. ibwilliamsi9:58 AM

      They're saying that because they know that a lot of low information voters did not watch the debates and will just take their word for it.

    4. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Asked by Holt, not Clinton.

    5. Anonymous11:35 AM

      Donald Trump gets low marks for debate even among Republicans, as Rudy Giuliani suggests he skips the next two

      Whiner complained variously about a faulty microphone and a faulty moderator


    6. Anonymous3:06 PM

      Yes, let little Donnie think he won, he will do even worse next time. SNORT SNORT

    7. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Brit Hume made a sexist comment about Hillary Clinton post debate. Sounds just like Donald Trump.


      "“She looked, I think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive." "

    8. Anonymous5:18 PM

      The press is not with him: every single reputable media outlet is saying she crushed it. Of course the GOP is going to spin baby spin. Knock yourselves out, guys. No, seriously: knock. yourselves. out.

  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Trump obviously and decisively lost and he knew it. His family knew it too. If you watch the video of Trump and his family leaving the debate Melania looks visibly traumatized, even Ivanka had trouble putting on a 'game' face.
    I think they knew they were in for a night of ranting and bullying by The Donald, especially Melania.
    If you've ever read what went down between Ivana and Trump where she claimed he raped her, it was all because she recommended the surgeon for his 'scalp' surgery (to cover his bald spot). Apparently it didn't go well and it was painful. He blamed Ivana and grabbed her, pulled her hair so she'd know -his-pain and then (according to her) raped her. The Donald is a bully who likes to blame his own short-comings on others. Very typical behavior for abusive men.
    I challenge everyone to go and look at Melania's expression and demeanor last night and I think you'll see a woman who foresees an ugly evening ahead.

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Looking forward to Trump's next televised victory! lol

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Here's the passage from the Daily Beast story:

      Ivana Trump’s assertion of “rape” came in a deposition—part of the early ’90s divorce case between the Trumps, and revealed in the 1993 book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.
      The book, by former Texas Monthly and Newsweek reporter Harry Hurt III, described a harrowing scene. After a painful scalp reduction surgery to remove a bald spot, Donald Trump confronted his then-wife, who had previously used the same plastic surgeon.
      “Your fucking doctor has ruined me!” Trump cried.
      What followed was a “violent assault,” according to Lost Tycoon. Donald held back Ivana’s arms and began to pull out fistfuls of hair from her scalp, as if to mirror the pain he felt from his own operation. He tore off her clothes and unzipped his pants.
      “Then he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months. Ivana is terrified… It is a violent assault,” Hurt writes. “According to versions she repeats to some of her closest confidantes, ‘he raped me.’”
      Following the incident, Ivana ran upstairs, hid behind a locked door, and remained there “crying for the rest of night.” When she returned to the master bedroom in the morning, he was there.
      “As she looks in horror at the ripped-out hair scattered all over the bed, he glares at her and asks with menacing casualness: ‘Does it hurt?’” Hurt writes.


    3. Anonymous9:54 AM

      THEY know who he is going to blame when they get home. Someone HAS to be blamed. It sure-as-sh*t wasn't the fault of don the con - someone anyone but himself.

    4. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Totally agree, 8:53. Trump and his camp can spin it all they want today, but the Trump clan looked glum last night and couldn't get off the stage fast enough. Trump himself, of course, wanted to be the first to get to the media in the spin room, but what really stood out was how uneasy the whole Trump group looked. They had no wish to sty in that room and smile and shake hands. They had nothing to smile about. The Clintons, on the other hand, were so relaxed and looked so happy to chat and thank people for coming.

    5. Anonymous5:22 PM

      Chris Matthews reported ("what you don't see on camera") a bleak scene among GOP/Trump supporters in the post-debate spin room last night. A funereal atmosphere, one might say.

  7. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Look at Melania. How could anyone with any sense of decorum think it is suitable to wear a shoulders baring dress to a Presidential debate???She did the same when he announced his run for the Presidency.If you notice in most of her photos in the past she has to expose her body .She is low rent just like the Cheeto.White trash with money.

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Be happy the naked bitch wasn't spooning some other naked illegal immigrant

    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      I agree, look at all the criticism Michelle Obama got for wearing perfectly appropriate, but sleeveless dresses by the right-wing.
      Melania dresses like a high priced call girl and ... crickets from the right-wing. Maybe they feel that the call-girl look is the ultimate look for a woman. Wouldn't surprise me, as they loooved Sarah's naughty school marm look.

    3. SallyinMI9:53 AM

      I'm sure the man with the credit card chooses her clothes, weighs her weekly, and checks to see if she needs any more surgeries. I hope she's happy that she slept with him while he was still married and sold her soul for some dresses and gold toilets.

    4. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I wonder if he has chosen her replacement yet? She will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or no $$$. That is why his secrets are kept secret. She is too old to go back to being an escort, so what will she do?

    5. Anonymous11:27 AM

      There were articles published after he entered the race that discussed how she had made a severe change to her way of dressing. Before the race, yeah, she always dressed as trash. Expensive trash, but trash.

      I thought the same thing you did,8:56, when I saw Melania walk out onto the stage. So what if it was evening in the east. That didn't make wearing evening wear to a debate appropriate. But hey, Trump needs to use all the eye candy he has at his disposal because he is pathetic as a candidate and so butt-fucking ugly.

  8. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I was trolling comments sections on other sites. I am always struck by the "uneducated's" entries. Misspelled words all over the place and when some other commenter corrects them they bristle. Misuse of words is rampant. It is scary that adults, "deplorables?" have that poor a handle on our English language that so many of them bitch about needing to be the only language used in the USA. Their examples leave a lot to be desired if they are touting "their" language.

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      That is why they support trump. They are ignorant. I know 5 yo children who concoct more believable lies.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      It is a fact that most of Trump supporters tend to be the least educated. Look at the Palins.

    3. Anonymous10:09 AM

      The deplorables like trump since he speaks like them - limited vocabulary, lots of mispelled words, and no thought process.

    4. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Every Trump supporter I know is unemployed. Drawing SSI or living with Momma. The Hillary supporters I know have graduated college and work. How are you, IM readers? Is this similar to your experience?

    5. Anonymous11:29 AM

      They like Trump because he allows them to feel good about their lack of intellectual curiosity and absence of any motivation to better themselves.

    6. Anonymous11:48 AM

      "I beg you, sweat Scara, I need all the lunatics you bring to the party.

      Never forsake me.

      I need a few Medal of Honors. Thanks for all you do for the greatest. I knew you would understand about the media and the mic" Don

      The best of times

      Smell it?

      Never quit

    7. Anonymous2:24 PM


      My husband is the best and the brightest.


    8. Anonymous4:35 PM

      Remember, he said he loves the uneducated. And they glory in and celebrate their ignorance.

  9. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Feces journalist has a hilarious take on the historic presidential debate starring her favorite reality show producer and entertainer.
    Palin UPDATE: 9/25

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      The whole happy wonderful family at Combat Central on the Dead Lake were all happy and into Trump and his 'Babe Ruth' debate. What happened?

      She knew exactly what he was capable of.

      The right to peaceably assemble does not include committing crimes, blocking roads, or inciting riots.

      Did they all quit the Donald as soon as they figured out what a yuuuge loser?

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      They are waiting for someone to explain just what was said!!Plus, Nancy French has to try speaking for Bristles.

    3. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Before I head off for a bleach shower...

      I took a dive at Sara's Facebook page.

      Didn't read what Mike D had to say as I don't care. Nor do I want to give any extra linkage to Sara's page.

      There are a few comments that haven't been scrubbed yet that state that if you are on your employer's time you can not speak out without employer's OK.

      To me that's pretty basic. But, I've worked REAL jobs, including military so I have a different perspective than the Palins and their followers.

      Here, though, is my favorite comment of the ones I read:

      Barry R Berlin I still do not understand the reasons for Trump not to use your brilliance during the campaign?
      Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:42pm

  10. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I was with a man who became enraged at Hillary when Trump was declaring he would stop businesses from going overseas and bring back jobs. The man declared Hillary knows nothing shouting at me she does not even know the wealthy people create jobs!
    It must be nice to convince your self of one absurd point then shut your eyes and ears to complex facts of why it is extraordinarily profitable to move headquarters and manufacturing to other countries beyond a single issue of corporate tax rates here.

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Hillary should have asked if he was planning on bringing all his "stuff" that is manufactured overseas, back to the US? Ties, suits, etc.

    2. Anonymous11:33 AM

      It's sad how the Trump supporters buy into that excuse that the rich create the jobs and so the non-rich should be happy to kiss their asses and let them get away with anything they wish. It's such a limited way of thinking. It's one-stop thinking--they never go beyond that point.

      The same thing happens when trying to discuss other issues and the Trump/Fox types say that the military is what allows us to even have a country in order to live and so all the issues we want to work through are moot to them.

  11. Anonymous9:11 AM

    It would have been better for him if the mic was defective...

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      What an immature, juvenile, half ass excuse - the mic was defective, the mice was sabotaged. Wah, wah, wah, I was framed, it was fixed!

      Just another name for LOSER.

      I hope Trump does take Giuliani's advice and quits the last two debates. Sure that will make him look so mature. Like the whiny little bitch LOSER that he is.

      You would have to be brain dead to sincerely believe this tangerine turd was fit for any office, let alone the oval one.

      Speaking of fit, he isn't. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if he had a heart attack before the next debate.

  12. Anonymous9:12 AM


    Hillary Clinton looked terrific tonight she looked strong, she looked capable.

    Donald looked like a runner out of gas as he hit the 45 - 50 minute mark in this debate.

    -Steve Schmidt

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Low energy Trump.

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Donald has never participated with the people who are voting for him. They are a few shady thousandaires, and millionaires, and a billionaire here and there (in Russia) who are rooting for him, but bottomline is that the people who say they identify with him are hardworking people who have drunk the kool aid, and are disillusioned with their base and their broken promises but they are blaming the Democrats. Our agenda has always been inclusive. Sorry people tend to want put their head up their asses, then nothing we can do about that. We need Hillary this election. We can't let crazy baby man win.

  14. Anonymous9:20 AM

    About a month ago Trump was complaining that the first presidential debate was on during the NFL Monday Night Football game and some people would not watch the debate.

    Trump consider yourself lucky some people watched the football game instead of you snorting, wheezing and about to pass out at the debate.

    1. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Wittle Wieners whine.

  15. Anonymous9:24 AM

    “He sounded like the coked-up best man in the bathroom at a wedding.”

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Correct. Add coke whore to his achievements.

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Howard Dean (M.D.) tweeted about his sniffing and suggested coke.

  16. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I made the mistake of asking a colleague if she watched the debate. As it turns out she is a Trump supporter. She thought Trump did fine but was so very angry that Hilary was such an evil bitch to him. She also said that Lester Holt was incredibly biased. It was kinda funny. She was clearly upset because Hillary wiped the floor with Trump. Go Hillary!

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Strong, bright women are always seen as bitches. After a while you get used to it. It goes with the territory.

  17. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Melania doesn't look happy, any bets for the date she files for divorce? She needs to cash in her chips now, before he loses any more wealth.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      I hope Donald didn't beat her last night after his performance.

    2. Anonymous4:41 PM

      She won't file. She has no means of support and there is a prenup.

      He'll divorce her and probably within a year of losing the election, just to make it seem like the two are not related.

  18. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Melania has already checked out in that picture. Probably chanting her special Slovenian mantra and wondering why she sold her goat when she was 17 to come to America.

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      "sold her goat"? So, THAT is what they call virginity in Slovania.

  19. Anonymous9:48 AM

    This is great to be able to watch history. This is YUUGE!!!!

  20. 66gardeners9:51 AM

    Steve Schmidt, former campaign manager for McCain, said SarahSaysPayme did far better in 2008 than Donald did last night.

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Sarah is an old timer when it came to handling the drugs needed to prep for a debate. In time she deteriorated.

      Donald's doctor clearly screwed up his cocktail or Donald didn't listen and cheated with his own concoctions.

    2. Lou Sarah10:42 AM

      My heart soars!

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Oh my! That's RICH! And, you KNOW, hearing Schmidt say that has tickled Palin to no end today. Trump shoulda never dumped her like he did. Ubictha.

    4. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Yes, Sarah, no one handled dope better than you back in the olden times of 2008. You must be pleased to have this favorable moment in history.

      Don should have never said you were too far away. Nor should he sent you packing to go home and fix your only son's legal mess. He could have ended up a felon and never able to carry concealed. Not legally,

    5. Anonymous4:42 PM

      You know you're really bad when those who would know say even Sarah Palin did better than you did.

    6. Anonymous5:25 PM

      She "did better" because Biden was bound and determined to not attack her for being the idiot that she is, knowing she and McCain would spin it into him "beating up on" a woman.

  21. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Just about every article I read last night had a plethora of troll posts. That tells you they KNOW they lost, trying to create some alternative reality.

  22. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Presidential contender David French

    Scarah give Nancy her old job as Bristol back. She can't be any worse than your dismal current failure.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      DF>"If this truly was a "Flight 93 election," last night Trump stayed in his seat." WTF?

      Barstool gave DF and Nancy her "Tristan DWTS baby". Remember his little sister

    2. Anonymous2:26 PM


  23. ibwilliamsi9:56 AM

    Remember when the Rethuglicans had a cow because Michelle Obama showed her upper arms?

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      First Ladies never show upper arms, not if you have Republican sensibilities.


      If a Republican were to expose that body part they would obviously be very buff from exercising. No self respecting fashionable public person would expose chicken limbs that have no tone.

  24. That Was Fun
    Clearly Trump lost the debate.
    He proved he knows nothing about most of the issues, especially on nuclear and NATO issues. He doesn't understand treaty laws, which leads him to believe we should tear up all our treaties we have throughout the world.
    His business mind tells him it's his goal and a good thing to pay no taxes. I guess he thinks communal taxation is for suckers. He doesn't understand how America built the greatest country in the world. He knows how to use other people's money, then files bankruptcy when the numbers don't work out, leaving the folks who actually did the work, not getting paid and he calls that smart business. He uses any dirty trick including discrimination and thinks that's just fine, because the fine (if he gets caught) would be cheaper than paying a fair wage. I can't think of a more un-American business attitude.
    His financial plan is trickle down on steroids. A financial strategy that has been proven wrong multiple times.
    He invokes General MacArthur, but I guess he forgot MacArthur got fired.
    He still believes Obama is not American. A racist statement if ever there was one.
    He says he knows all Americans agree with him that Rosie O'Donnell is a fat pig, so he was correct in publicly calling her that, and the vulgar name calling he uses for other women.
    He claimed his mic wasn't working, but we could hear every sniffle.
    He claims Lester Holt was biased towards him and some see truth in that, because Mr. Holt never asked Clinton about Benghazi, or emails, or Libya, etc.. Maybe Trump will get his way when Chris Wallace is moderator.
    I've met many guys with over the top egos, but Trump wins the prize. He is a spoiled brat.
    A Trump presidency would be scary. It's scary enough to think he will get over 50 million votes.
    This is the kind of dolt the Republicans have given us. They deserve to lose.

    1. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Clearly, Holt had more questions to ask; if Trump hadn't interrupted so often, they probably would have had time to get to more issues. It wouldn't have helped Trump. His attention span is so limited that he is incapable of preparing for the next debate - assuming that he even shows up.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      I think the debate finally showed tRump that he is dismally unqualified for the job. No wonder he was offering to make his VP the most powerful in history. Donald Jr. was sent to tell Kasich that if he took the VP post, he would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy. When asked what would Donald be doing, he smirked and said "Making America great again" Yes, selling us to the USSR.

    3. Anonymous12:18 PM

      I think the debate finally showed tRump that he is dismally unqualified for the job.

      Not if he sniffs any speed. Think Sarah Palin.

  25. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Please give pervert Ailes all the credit he deserves for his masterful touch in creating Donald Trump, the presidential debater. I hope you saw this performance. It may be Trump's last.

    Any day now Melaina will be doing her presser as promised, you will not want to miss her explanations of her immigration facts and her gratitude.

    Christian pov

    Onward to taxes and charity.
    I checked: Habitat said @realDonaldTrump gave $5K. But couldn't say whether the $ came from him or Trump Fdn. Maybe Trump can say?

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Thank you Roger. You are shitting home runs.

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      All the photos of Melaina and Trump after the debate were interesting of her. Nary a smile from her in any of them. She knew he came off as a jerk throughout the debate.

      I'll wager she questions herself daily in why she married him. His money would never be enough for me to bear his association and name.

  26. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I'm hoping debates change the minds of those millennials - like my nephew- sitting this out because of a big sulk for Bernie. He's in a bright blue state so it probably doesn't matter but how many more of him are there in purple or even red states?

    1. Anonymous10:48 PM

      I have a nephew in a sorta purple state (WA) who loves his drumpfy and hates HRC because he's bought into the years of propaganda. He posted so much crap on my FB that I finally unfriended him and despite our once close relationship, our phone contact has nearly ended.

      Until this past weekend. He called to borrow a few bucks (5K). I had loaned him some money years back so guess he thinks I'm a soft touch. It was such a pleasure to say NO and refer him to his idol who is so rich and so smart and so generous. Good luck nephew, trying to get that loan from the broke bank known as DJT. Also suggested he cut down on his spendy vacations so he could afford his mortgage payments in the future. These drumpf folks all seem to have sh*t for brains and no common sense.

  27. Anonymous10:26 AM

    drumpf is a "HEEL" like NO OTHER...
    "He is a bully, a liar, a narcissist and a professional victim, who never fails because of his own shortcomings (the system is rigged!). He mocks and condescends to the public and his enemies, and he enjoys defying norms and expectations of civility and proper comportment."

  28. There WAS something defective at his podium, but it wasn't the mic. Try again, Snuffles.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      There was this YUUUUGE orange dunce right behind it.

  29. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Clinton, Trump poised for historic battle. It has only just begun.

    Rush Limbaugh Says Hillary Actually Lost Debate: ‘Boring,’ Robotic,’ ‘Totally Programmed’

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Poor guy has to call us his denial squad. Lie like a loser because she was prepared but spontaneous, humorous and dead serious, and beautiful, and EVERYBODY COULD SEE THAT plain as the hand in front of their face.

    2. Anonymous2:14 PM


      That is why an idjits like Limpballs have jobs. They have to tell little idjits what they saw and how to talk the latest RW propaganda spew.

  30. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Wittle donnie boy does nothing BUT lie and make excuses. It's somebody elses fault, always. It's OPM, so he doesn't care as long as he benefits.

    Oh what a fuhrer ole' dRUMPfy would make.

  31. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Rosie O. Way to go, 10 years ago. HRC was next up on the View. Drumpf was discussed in HUGE detail. Watch >

  32. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Why didn't Sarah Palin use that excuse instead of blaming Katie for those gotcha questions?

  33. https://mobile.twitter.com/BlackPplVines/status/780587745643298816?s=04

    Thought you might enjoy this. Hilary winning the trash talking game.

  34. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Rudy Giuliani:

    'Trump Should Skip Next Debates'

    Good Trumpster has started the quitter convo for the biggest loser, historic loser. I can't wait for Trump to weasel out, it will be as classic as his yuuuugge public failure with Melania licking his wounds after the fall.

    He sure does know how to pick 'em. Midday open thread: A make-believe poll, bad news for Chris Christie


    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Good let the cry baby stay home, then Hillary can have the stage all to herself !!!

    2. Anonymous5:03 PM

      He has already been coked up again and back to he is a winner. The great of the grate.

  35. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Next he'll blame Hillary for planting secret spying devices in his combover, while he sleeps.

    I still laugh at his reaction to Hillary on the Russian hacking point. He blames a 400-pound hacker sitting on a bed.

    1. Anonymous5:05 PM

      I agree, I was like WTF? A 400 lb person? Wtf. He has alzheimers.

  36. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Wow, Hillary executed perfectly! Consider how tough that performance was. She had to be authoritative but smile. Inform, but not bore. Confront, but avoid the "bitch" tag. Threading the needle through the double standard, all the way. And yet she did it, and made Trump look like a complete buffoon in front of millions. I did not think it was possible.

    Can you imagine what would the media would say today if Hillary had behaved like Trump?? A lot worse than Trump is getting!

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      THIS ^^^^^^^^^^

  37. Anonymous11:37 AM

    It's killing me that people are talking on TV about him having the sniffles. No. That is how he breathes. He runs out of breath very quickly. He is always trying to take in enough oxygen. There is no way his lung capacity test came through okay, if one was administered during his physical. He is sooooo out of shape.

    He also has such a fucked-up nose. Just look at it. It looks smashed, and up high on both sides there are these giant butterfly wings that seem very much associated with his breathing problem. On top of that, his nose is probably clogged with old man nose hair. Ick.

    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      OMG my poor stomach has been through so much already.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Those weren't sniffles, he was snorting and sucking up oxygen.

      No wonder his brain isn't working properly, it is oxygen deprived.

    3. Anonymous4:49 PM

      We know this much. He will never release a legit thorough medical report and he will never release anything with taxes. He will spew about his charity giving.

  38. Anonymous11:42 AM


    The End

  39. slipstream12:17 PM

    Trump was saying smart words. So very smart. The smartest you ever heard.

    But what you head was stupid words. So very stupid. The stupidest ever.

    Sure, blame the microphone.

    Bad microphone! So very bad!

  40. Anonymous1:02 PM

    ‘Morning Joe’ panel slaps Kellyanne Conway’s spin

  41. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Dontcha know what birtherism really means? It is what matters.
    Kentucky journalism professor tries to revive conspiracy theory...

  42. Anonymous1:23 PM

    You Hillary loving libtards make me sick!

    Let me tell you something, "Gryphen", - if that's even your real name, which I am certain it is not! - you should be THANKING Lord Jeebus or bringing us Emperor Drumpf, not mocking him!

    That Mr. Drumpf was able to trundle his hulking mass to the debate studio AND stand there glowering for NINETY minutes without a break is a CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT for a 70 year old man with an admitted lack of interest or knowledge in politics, government, world economics or sociology! He should LITERALLY win a medal or two for his performance last night! Which ones? Hmmmm... let's see... How about a Purple Heart.... and.. ohh.... I dunno.. maybe an Iron Cross or The Order "For Merit to the Fatherland". Hard to choose when the man obviously deserves all of the medals.

    And you have the unmitigated gall (spelled 'gawl' on the internet) to mock his persevering over an OBVIOUSLY defective or sabotaged microphone!!!

    Did you know that an independent microphone inspection laboratory - The Barron Institute of Recording & Broadcasting Instrumentation Analysis headquartered in a luxury mail box at 725 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 - reported that the unit in question "produced the highest level of sinusoidal pre-inversion capacitance rotational simularion waves in the history of microphony. It was literally disgusting. Horrible. Believe me. Mr. Drumpf is the only living human to ever survive such microphonous exposure and go on to bench press 500 pounds with an immediate 35 point increase in his IQ. Tremendous, tremendous intelligence, strength and stamina. The best. Believe me. This microphone would have killed 10 men of ordinary physiognomy!"

    And remember, that's coming from an INDEPENDENT scientist.

    But, I dunno, could Stephen Colbert be right about the weird breathing noises? Some people are saying it could be coke sniffles. Hard to believe a man of Drumpf's stature - and girth, also too - would do that kind of thing, but some people are saying...

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      I concur re coke. No sneezing today or any other cold symptoms. Probably someone gave him some coke for courage. But, just gave him the courage of his convictions.

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Drug test him now.

    3. Anonymous5:27 PM

      A few extra lines, to make sure his world-renowned stamina didn't fail him at the worst time. That's what I've been hearing as well.

  43. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Juliana says to Trump you are a failure, go ahead and skip more failing at debates. Quit now while you are head.

  44. Anonymous1:36 PM

    So, today he says he's going to come out stronger on October 4th. I hope the moderators ride herd on him; Lester let him interrupt and go over his time allotment way too many times last night.

    You're right about the pee pond, Gryph! Every excuse in the book and can't see the forest for the trees!

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      I totally agree. So many pundits are saying today that Lester just let the two candidates talk and that was a good thing. It wasn't that simple. Trump constantly interrupted and took time away from Hillary, and Lester just let it happen. Seeing both candidates stand their ground is one thing, but to allow Trump's faucet of a mouth to just run and run and run really pissed me off. Yes, the running mouth made Trump look back, sure, but it also prevented Hillary from saying what she wanted to get across. The next moderator must keep that freak in check.

    2. Anonymous2:16 PM

      Yep. Like Babe Ruth..... outta da park...

    3. Chris Wallace will need to decide whether to keep his dignity or his job when he moderates the last debate.

    4. Anonymous4:46 PM

      We may have witnessed the last debate. If not there may be one more.

    5. Anonymous5:05 PM


      Does he realize that the next presidential debates on on October 9 and that October 4 is the VP debates?

  45. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Doesn't look like Ailes was much help to the sniveling idiot.

  46. Anonymous1:50 PM

    The first time I ever heard Trump talk at length was during a segment shown on one of those celebrity news mags, like Entertainment Tonight or Inside Edition, and there he was humiliating Miss Universe. I can remember the imagery on my TV screen so clearly and thinking what an asshole this guy Trump was. Miss U had gained some weight and the anchors at the time were saying it was about 15 pounds, which is what the former Miss U said then and says today that it was. Trump, though, back then acted like it was between 50 and 60, and today he has called it "massive." Anyone who watches the old exercise footage can clearly see that she never gained that much weight. He was a pig and a liar and thought it was just fine to make a PR stunt out of forcing her to exercise in front of a crowd of journalists and cameras. Check out the footage and you'll see that she looked great and it was a horrible thing he did to her. It's in Spanish but it won't matter if you don't speak it--the pics say it all:


    1. Anonymous5:12 PM

      I'm sure every time he told the story he increased the amount. So 15 became 30, then 50, then 70.

      He also didn't pay her the 10% for her promotional work. Of course, that is typical Trump.

      She also talked about starving herself prior to the competition and then returning to a healthy weight. I'm not sure how tall she is but I suspect 125-130 would be a healthy weight for her height and build.

  47. Anonymous2:34 PM

    That Time Donald Trump Wrote Glowing Letter Supporting a Convicted Cocaine Dealer
    by Chris White

    Riots solve nothing.

    See the beautiful tribute George W. Bush has in store for our nation’s finest – even though the Left mocks him for it. This is so great!! LOVE!

    What about Trump presidential at the debate?

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      What is with the tribute to a war criminal? Is that all they have?

  48. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Look at Melania's face in the "freeze frame." She's thinking "Please dear God, let him die, please." She has to go home with that ogre and you can bet she's the one who will pay for the thrashing Hillary gave him in front of 100,000,000 people. He hates women and only marries them to procreate and show off as arm candy. Ivana can tell you the price you pay to be hooked up with him. Ivanka Trump is the lowest of low, she threw her own mother under the bus to keep in his good graces to be another one born on third base claiming she hit a grand slam.

  49. Anonymous3:00 PM


    Trump stop crying about the mic!
    You win you win
    You lose you lose

    But if you lose man up, own it and move on

  50. Anonymous3:03 PM

    He is blaming low volume on the mic, gosh maybe he has a hearing problem because I heard him loud and clear.

    All of his complaints, his repetitive words, his bragging about how great he is and his advertisements for his properties, but maybe he is right I didn't hear HOW he is going to fix anything. I guess the mic must have gone dead in those 3 seconds.

  51. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I went over there late last night, expecting the crap that I saw. They'd had quite a few internet polls to spam so they were very tired and had gone to bed.

    My biggest laugh was when I saw Trump crowing over his big wins in the bogus internet polls.

    My second biggest laugh was when someone mentioned Sarah's name. That hardly ever happens any more.

    The life form of the pee pond is about to become extinct.

  52. Anonymous4:06 PM

    What a pussy excuse.

    Personally, I think after the first 20-30 min. they got smart and started to turn his mic down while Clinton was speaking to try to muzzle his CONSTANT INTERRUPTING.

    While Holt may have been better than Lauer, he was completely useless in controlling Trump. He interrupted and went over his allotted time constantly. (I'm still waiting for a minute:second count to see how much more time Donald stole than what Hillary got.)

    He was a fucking bully.

    They should have cut his mic off whenever it was her turn to talk.

    I'll say it again. The moderators need an air horn to CUT HIM OFF.

  53. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Yeah yeah donnie and your wives made you go after younger women....blah orange annus.

  54. Anita Winecooler5:52 PM

    The part of whiner in chief to be was played by Wylie Trump "My Mic did Work" Sniffles. The part of Road Runner commander in chief to be was played by Hillary Clinton who dropped Mic and joined the attendees. All smiles.


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