Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Politico tracks down the person responsible for the "Birther" movement, and no it was not Hillary Clinton.

Andy Martin, self proclaimed "King of the Birthers."
Courtesy of Politico: 

After years of denying the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, it was only in the midst of his own presidential campaign that Donald Trump began falsely claiming Hillary Clinton was the true progenitor of the “birther” conspiracy theory claiming Obama was not born in the United States. 

But that’s swapping one discredited claim for another. Numerous fact checks, reports and interviews — in 2008 and 2011, when Trump revived the controversy — revealed that although some Clinton supporters circulated rumors about Obama’s citizenship, the campaign and Clinton herself never trafficked in it. 

“There has never been evidence that Clinton or her campaign started the birther rumors,” said Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed, who as a POLITICO reporter in 2011 linked the origin of the “birther” movement to a fringe politician in Illinois. Some hardcore Clinton backers circulated the rumors in 2008, but the campaign itself steered clear. 

“As we reported, some of her supporters flirted with the idea in 2008 — but it has its origins in the fever swamps beginning in Illinois in 2004,” he said. 

In fact, birtherism, as it’s been called, reportedly began with innuendo by serial Illinois political candidate Andy Martin, who painted Obama as a closet Muslim in 2004. That spiraled into a concerted effort by conspiracy theorists to raise doubts about Obama’s birthplace and religion — and essentially paint him as un-American. 

In fact Martin was so proud of his attempts to question the legitimacy of the Obama presidency, that he referred to himself as "The King of the Birthers."

But ultimately it really doesn't matter.

Even IF the birther thing had been started with the Clinton 2008 campaign, which it was not, the fact remains that it was Donald Trump that pushed it into the national spotlight, and Donald Trump who refused to accept the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate even years after it was produced for the media.

So for Trump to attempt to blame all of this on Hillary is incredibly pathetic and indicative of a man who simply lacks the character to take responsibility for his actions and his mistakes.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Giant Ring Of Trump Supporters Busted For Rigging Online Polls

    According to The Daily Dot, the reason why Trump won the online polling but lost every other poll was that a large ring of Trump supporters rigged the vote:

    In this latest incarnation, multiple Reddit users enlisted the Trump-supporting masses on r/The_Donald, which has over 200,000 subscribers, by posting dozens of online polls that are vulnerable to vote brigading, bots, and other forms of manipulation that make these non-scientific surveys notoriously unreliable.

    The goal, according to comments surrounding the poll-manipulation threads, is to twist the mainstream media narrative that crowned Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton the victor. The effort spread to Twitter, where #TrumpWon became the number one trending topic in the United States Tuesday morning.

    Trump supporters were flooding the online polls in a coordinated effort to make the press and voters think that they really didn’t see Donald J. Trump fall flat on his face while attempting to debate Hillary Clinton. The fix was in, which is why no credible news outlet reports on, or trusts online polls.


    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      No wonder people are losing faith in polls. If they want to cheat by inflating numbers I'm fine with that. I think it will just make more people go out and vote against him if they actually believe the race is that close.

      They've also flooded twitter with #TrumpWon. Stupid trolls. As if that changes anything lol. I think they are desperately trying to convince themselves. And if trolls think Trump is going to pay them, well they're in for a disappointment.

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Sarah has been suspiciously quiet and hunkered down about Trump and what? No nasty words about Cruz endorsing Trump? She's sunk further and further down his ladder apparently. Too bad she can't control her feral family. No way do Trump's kids want to be associated with hers.

    1. Anonymous12:29 PM

      After watching Trump screw the pooch last night, Sarah had to come to the realization she was going to be still unemployed after Jan 20th.

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      Who really knows about birth, birtherisms?


    3. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Palin birtherism was much more fringe than Obama birtherism ...


    4. Anonymous1:55 PM

      She's holed up figuring out how to spin her next family failure.

    5. Anonymous3:04 PM


      Sarah needs to stand up for herself and her family or they will all look like fools.

      It is going to get too dark for the devil at the Palin lake side resort if Sarah doesn't speak up now. How about the debate last night Sarah? You and yours are bringing back forever birtherism.

      Hey Sarah, you are too rickety to be alert and alive and have your team talk about your birtherism experiences?

      What about dear Trig? You are going to have the consensus write his story and the part Alaska and your family played?

      You are saying old man Heath is a perv and worse if you don't stand up and speak your mind.

      Give us your scoop on the debate while you are at it.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Doon Goon:

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM


  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    After learning Trump was birthed in Queens, New York.


    1. Anita Winecooler5:56 PM

      ROTFL Jamie Lee Curtis in the new "Scream" movie. Love it!!!

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Do tell me why she ask people to investigate the rumor when her supporter was spreading it?

    Who cares if some random person said birther In 04. That's nothing compared to stories obamas bullies successfully buried. (That will get printer legitimately one day and not just in larrys book)

    Also doesn't erase how anti-black president Clinton was.

    1. Anonymous12:57 PM

      There are experts on birth and there are experts on birtherism. Go birtherism experts!



    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the McClatchy email trail too is a rabbit hole. It's been debunked as the McClatchy person lying about it.

      Good try -- You LIE

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Dear 12:00pm


  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    And Asher replied: “@HillaryClinton So why did your man #sidblumenthal spread the #obama birther rumor to me in 2008, asking us to investigate? Remember?”

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      The MClatchy email discussion has already been debunked as the McClatchy turd spread BS and lies re Blumenthal wanting it investigated.

    2. Anonymous1:27 PM

      MClatchy SUCKS.

      Dakota Meyer

    3. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore took a pessimistic view of last night’s debate by pronouncing Donald Trump the victor of his first round against Hillary Clinton.
      As the dust settles, the conversation appears split about exactly who won after last night’s clash. Moore said that Clinton didn’t do enough to attack Trump’s weak spots, and he advised Clinton fans to not get over-excited by her demonstrations of policy knowledge.

  8. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Did Guly s/fuck drumpf?>

  9. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Obviously the world needs more Trig Palin birtherism. Obviously.


  10. Anonymous12:13 PM

    ring rig rump ruptured


  11. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Trump, for instance, discussed at length his take on the “birther” controversy, or the idea that Barack Obama may not have been born in the United States (he was). The fact that this issue—which was arguably put to rest years ago, assuming it was ever a genuine issue in the first place—was even a point of discussion is wild in and of itself. Add to this a number of Trump’s oddly phrased lines (e.g., accusing Clinton of fighting ISIS “her entire adult life” or saying “I was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary, to her family, and I said to myself, ‘I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. It’s inappropriate. It’s not nice.’”)

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Whatever brings 2 Republican titans together is a good thing.

      Birtherism just won’t die.

      How Birtherism Feeds into Institutional Misogyny

  12. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Bill Clinton anti black? How stupid are you? He is so beloved by the black unity that his New York office is in Harlem.

  13. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Trump's birther denial via blatant lies is an excellent example of how he shifts blame to make himself a winner and someone else a loser. Narcissists feel powerful orchestrating someone else gets the consequences or punishment for what the narcissist did.

  14. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Sarah wants to be crowned the "Queen of Birthers".

    or do we say "queen of fake birthers"?

    1. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Palin has more than enough 'birther' issues within her own 4 walls that she does not have to go outside looking for more!!!

  15. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Politico should not be doing a victory dance posting they found the original birther.

    On the blog for the debate last evening, I posted that the birther issue originated shortly after Obama speaking at the Dem convention in 2004. I didn't recall the person's name but you should know -- I'm just a regular 'little person' who appears to pay more attention to and know more than these stunned bloggers like Politico who usually perpetuate BS.

  16. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Dynamic duo or match made in heaven? Long live Bitherists and Alex Jones.

  17. Anonymous1:24 PM

    It does matter.
    Only Sarah can tell the true story and she will. She has had enough with birtherism never dies. It is as relevant today as it was before... what happened to Sarah and little Trig in the media. Can you blame her for blaming the media? They did it to her and little Trig. Now she is her own journalist and she can tell the truth with all her proof.

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is not going to let her friend down now. She needs to clear her good name outside of the Providance Catholics and people of Alaska that know she would never write a deceptive letter for her friend. The whole nation needs to know and put the Trig birth rumors to rest.


    1. Anonymous1:58 PM

      It will come out. What a disgrace Sarah Palin is. And her well-used-up lying, vindictive, and evil daughter. Why doesn't Bristol have ANY friends besides her family?

    2. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Sarah tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Surely you jest. What happened to that poor dog Jill anyway?

  18. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Started in Russia #trumpwon the Russians are coming>


  19. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The Palins, including Dakota, passion is for patriot America and their participation in the American political system is astounding. You know that family would not miss a moment in history like presidential debates. Sarah has all those wonderful family memories from her campaign with that guy from the Senate. Can you imagine all the reminiscing she and Todd share with their large family and all their children on presidential debate nights?

    They have been so anxious to follow this campaign and presidential debates, like it was the Olympics. It is the Olympics for American leadership. The Palins are relevant and continually write and do follow ups. They must be so very inspired with their leader and his great charity. I can't wait to read and hear from the Palin family, in unison of course, like they do. One writer can help them all with the repeat posts. What a marvelous effective business model they have.

    They owe so much to Trump since he drug Sarah out of her disgraceful, deplorable darkness to bask in his light in the golden tower penthouse. Even little Willow was allowed to pose there. It was a moment of everlasting love, nothing can tear them a part.



  20. 2:53 --

    What in God's name are you babbling about?

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Bud, If you know Sarah you know how she and her family are. Presidential debates are like date night at the Palin/Heat/Meyer house. They all love and feed off campaigns and debates, it is manna from heaven for them. That is why everyone is so happy to hear what all they have to say. Who is better at letting loose about Hillary. It is time for Bristol to chime in with her take on Hillary at the debate. If she didn't get the memo from Rush she would be at a loss for words and she will just have to wing it.

    2. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Clean up, aisle two. Someone dropped a jar of anchovies. Track was keeping the family busy .... remanded for beating his girlfriend.... judge mommy appointed got him out. What a beautiful family, full of vibrant living, abandoning Trump in his time of need.

    3. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Bud, nothing but snark. Where is the big Facebook post from $arah linking to Bristol's fake xtian blog or vice versa?

      Now that it's been mentioned, here they come! I'm sure they both sweated over their laptops all day to come up with a viable, in THEIR heads, excuse for Deplorable Donald's performance last night.

    4. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Sarah is too drunk to bark orders to anyone about her bff from NYC golden pod. She's reloading the pipe.

  21. Anonymous4:15 PM

    The birtherism isn't going to hurt him. It's been out there for a while and there has been no reaction.

    What hurt him was attacking the Khan family.

    What will hurt him starting last night is Alicia Machado.

    And the taxes. He was a fool to say he was "smart" not to pay his taxes or that it was good business to take advantage of the meltdown and brag about stiffing people out of their fairly agreed upon compensation.

    He brags about being a successful businessman but cheat on your taxes, cheating people and taking advantage of the tragedy of others isn't good business practices. I think this will hurt him a lot more than birtherism.

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM

      He is Birtherism. That is how he got to where he is. He had the theater chops and found a target audience. Birtherism is a cottage industry for most, for Trump, he is birtherism.

      Sarah cutting a path way for Anus Orange means they need to stick together.

      It is very, very strange Sarah and sheep give him Trump the cold shoulder, silent treatment. Now what? Nothing or more weird word salad with cocktail of the hour?

  22. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This election has exposed the mental illness in this country, Starting with Donald all the way down to his lowest registered voter casting their vote for the republican mess.

  23. Anonymous5:52 PM


  24. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Andy Martin "a name you can't trust"

  25. Anonymous7:44 PM

    A year ago in DC "Alonzo motivates her work, but Beverly also feels a responsibility to help black people in general, due to the fact that they are disproportionately killed by law enforcement."eyond DC, a handful of cities and states contract with security companies to employ special police officers who face far less scrutiny than traditional law enforcement, even though they operate almost identically. These companies establish their own standards and procedures, disciplinary measures, and managerial discretion. They are then hired by local businesses, government agencies, schools, and developers who might want extra security in their building THOUSANDS!


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