Monday, September 19, 2016

Donald Trump rails against the kinds of FDA guidelines that might have saved the life of a customer who died after eating in one of his restaurants.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast:

Last Thursday, the Trump campaign issued—and then quickly deleted—a rant against the “FDA food police,” listing it as one of several “specific regulations to be eliminated” in his new economic plan. Among other things, the campaign whined about the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for “farm and food production hygiene,” safe cooking temperatures, and even “dog food.” 

But these are the exact safety measures that help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks like the one that affected the Purgatorio family in 1989. In fact, the Trump business empire has a long and illustrious history of food poisoning cases and safety violations. 

According to a 1991 Associated Press report, Kathleen and Thomas Purgatorio, then in their sixties, ate the “salmonella-tainted mousse” at a restaurant called Buffet by the Sea in Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino on Oct. 16, 1989. Kathleen felt sick afterwards, Purgatorio-Howard recalls, but nowhere near as ill as her father who she told The Daily Beast “went from walking into the hospital to being in intensive care on a ventilator in a coma.” 

“He was in critical care from October to December,” Purgatorio-Howard recalled. “We brought him home. We kept him in the living room in a hospital bed. He was in distress the whole time and then, in January, he went back to the hospital and died.”

Purgatorio-Howard, along with others, sued Donald Trump and her case was settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apparently over 100 people were sickened over a span of four days by that same mousse dish.

And this is not an isolated incident either.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Trump-owned restaurants have been cited over the years for serving month-old caviar, expired veal stock and yogurt, and eggs, cream and sausages that had been stored at unsafe temperatures. 

“The DJT restaurant in the Trump hotel (in Las Vegas) is described on its website as ‘elegant’ and ‘in a class by itself,’” reported KTNV-TV in a 2013 “dirty dining” exposé. “It is indeed in a class by itself this week, receiving the highest number of demerits of all restaurants health inspectors visited.”

Newspaper reports from 1992 show Trump’s properties had “the worst track record for food-related health problems among Atlantic City’s 12 casinos,” with five salmonella outbreaks dating back to 1984. 

“We find it highly unusual that most of our problems in Atlantic City have been associated with the Trump properties,” a health department official for the city said at the time. “The physical part of the [establishments] is top-of-the-line but it all boils down to extremely poor food handling.”

This guy cannot even serve a brunch that does not potentially place his customer's lives at risk and yet he wants to run our country?

And you know that if he were to be President that he would ABSOLUTELY attempt to water down those FDA regulations. And cut taxes for big businesses, and relax EPA restrictions, and do every other thing in his power to make it easier for his businesses to make a higher profit.

Because let's face it, EVERYTHING this guy does is to benefit himself in some way, and he cares NOTHING for the American people.

So what if his contractors don't get paid for the work they provide?

So what if the customers in his restaurants get sick and die after eating in them?

So what if the American people suffer immensely under his administration?

All that ever matters is the bottom line, and the bottom line is how much money can he funnel into his bank account?

I have no idea how people are fooled by this idiot. And the fact that he was chosen as the candidate for the Republican party is an indictment of the GOP.

If he were to win the election that would be an indictment of our whole country.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    No wonder that Trump eats fast food.

    1. Anonymous11:35 AM

      He'll stop as soon as those regulations are out the door.

      Of course, he figures he'll have a White House chef cooking for him so he'll be safe. After that, he can hire a chef.

    2. Anonymous3:09 AM

      OMG. Doesn't that idiot realize these regulations and the FDA are essential to maintain life? What a hideous jerk! I have no respect for him at all, and he has no respect for the millions of Americans ~ and their pets as well ~ who could die because of his stupidity. That being said, I pray every night that he will lose. I hope that Congress will vote against him,unanimously in this case!

  2. The Trump Models
    Trump modeling management brought me to America.
    I was only fourteen and made to work illegally, without a visa.

    Follow the link to see how it goes from there.

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    What are those sick people gonna due? Sue me? I'll wait them out until they expire from old age. Then what, case dismissed. If they win, I'll postpone paying them. What are they gonna due sue me? I'll wait them out until they expire.

    1. Anonymous11:53 AM


    2. Anonymous3:08 PM

      I see "Donald" can't even spell do.

    3. Anita Winecooler4:55 PM

      Donald doesn't even know people spit in his food. among other things.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Ted Powell 11:10
    What she gonna due sue me? We have all the documentation to prove otherwise. In a few weeks we'll have a press conferences and address the issue.

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Wait a minute, Melanoma was supposed to have a press conference, what a month or two ago?

    2. Anonymous 11:23 AM wrote: What she gonna due[sic] sue me?

      Please forgive me for spelling out what I thought was clear. In the second panel she is not addressing Trump; she is addressing Trump-enablers: So what's your excuse?

      We have all the documentation to prove otherwise. In a few weeks we'll have a press conferences and address the issue.

      That is NOT an excuse for Trump-enablers to continue enabling him. That is NOT an excuse for not voting, for not getting everyone you know to vote.

      Sorry, I thought that was clear enough in my previous comment.

  5. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Whenever the Republicans claim private for profit businesses can regulate themselves, this and the many more similar cases should be waved in their faces. They should be made it EAT copies of them. Every single one.

    It's obvious need the roughage as they clearly have shit for brains.

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Seems like the Trump eateries have a lot in common with Trump's current wife-glammed up facades, but behind the glitz they are not so appealing.

  7. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I have no idea how people are fooled by this idiot.
    I've been asking that question for long over a year now.

  8. Anonymous11:43 AM

    OT, forgive me. Gryphen and IMers, anybody know when the Match Game that AIP Palin shot will be aired? C4pers were alerting the pond to a Sept. 18th air date, but my ABC affiliate did not run it last night. I was so looking forward to our favorite Christian conservative's answers to naughty and provocative questions. One one the scum (who hasn't watched any of the Baldwin version of the show) was applauding Sara for helping to bring back good, wholesome TV to Murika. I hope ABC didn't can the show without letting Sara have the last few seconds of her 15 minutes of fame whoring.

    1. Anita Winecooler4:59 PM

      The part of Baldwin will be played by CBJ.

      Feets don't fail me now...... she'd quit.

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      You mean, they aren't providing the questions and answers in advance? Do that Sarah can write them all on her palms.

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

    tRump Tower kitchen was sited for having cockroaches running around the kitchen!! Some high class joint, eh?

    1. Anonymous12:20 PM

      The cockroaches were actually trump's children.

  10. Anonymous11:51 AM

    ...Trump Model Management recruited models as young as 14...


    Mother Jones
    ....Trump's campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, declined to answer questions about Trump Model Management's use of foreign labor. "That has nothing to do with me or the campaign," she said, adding that she had referred Mother Jones' queries to Trump's modeling agency.....

    Models' apartments, as they're known in the industry, are dormitory-style quarters where agencies pack their talent into bunks, in some cases charging the models sky-high rent and pocketing a profit. According to the three former models, Trump Model Management housed its models in a two-floor, three-bedroom apartment in the East Village, near Tompkins Square Park. Mother Jones is withholding the address of the building, which is known in the neighborhood for its model tenants, to protect the privacy of the current residents.

    When Blais lived in the apartment, she recalled, a Trump agency representative who served as a chaperone had a bedroom to herself on the ground floor of the building. A narrow flight of stairs led down to the basement, where the models lived in two small bedrooms that were crammed with bunk beds—two in one room, three in the other. An additional mattress was located in a common area near the stairs. At times, the apartment could be occupied by 11 or more people.

    "We're herded into these small spaces," Kate said. "The apartment was like a sweatshop."

    Trump Model Management recruited models as young as 14. "I was by far the oldest in the house at the ripe old age of 18," Anna said. "The bathroom always smelled like burned hair. I will never forget the place!" She added, "I taught myself how to write, 'Please clean up after yourself' in Russian."....

    Living in the apartment during a sweltering New York summer, Kate picked a top bunk near a street-level window in the hopes of getting a little fresh air. She awoke one morning to something splashing her face. "Oh, maybe it's raining today," she recalled thinking. But when she peered out the window, "I saw the one-eyed monster pissing on me," she said. "There was a bum pissing on my window, splashing me in my Trump Model bed."

  11. I think protesters should show up with printed material advertising every awful thing he has done- like printed up on discreetly rolled up fabric or special paper. They should line up in strategic areas and at the right moment unfurl all these 'ads' where every one can see them. No shouting. Just a simple defiant display of the truth.

    1. Or pants on fire banners.

    2. linda1:22 PM

      maybe. but the people at the rallies really don't give a tinker's dam so what good will it do?

    3. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Hey! It'll end up on social media and that never hurts.
      Plus, just as an act of semi-passive civil disobedience...

  12. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I cannot believe the media/press/cable and Democratic party have not gone after this jerk with all that is already out there about his evil doings.

    What is wrong with everyone? Why aren't Democrats in Congress and on state levels bringing all this out and repeating it constantly.

    This information should be sent to the folks heading the upcoming debates. I'm sure they are all prepared to go after Hillary Clinton in a negative manner!

    Trump needs his ass handed to him on a platter! Pronto! He is anti Americans - it's so friggin' clear!

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I can't either. They've kissed his rosy hiney since day one!

  13. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Ted Powell 11:10
    What she gonna due sue me? We have all the documentation to prove otherwise. In a few weeks we'll have a press conferences and address the issue.


    Ted it was play on Trump's promise to hold a press conference regarding Melania's immigration status. The press conference turned out to be a letter from her lawyer saying he seen the documentation, she's legal.

    "She has got it so documented," Trump said, adding she will hold a news conference over the next few weeks to address the issue.


  14. Anonymous12:34 PM

    His latest is to want an oil industry hack in charge of the department of the interior... fox in the chicken house much

  15. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Every time I see the above photo of Trump, I want to literally smack him in his fat face. He is nothing but scum on this earth!

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Oh! For a basket of over-ripe tomatoes and a good throwing arm!
      That or a pie-wielding clown lurking in a back alley.
      M from MD

    2. Anita Winecooler5:10 PM

      Gryph has a knack for picking just the right photo. Trump looks like a cross between fred flintstone and jackie gleason and a bucket of shit.

  16. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I'll wager Melania detests her husband. She likes the money, I'm sure but I seriously doubt they have a loving relationship. Bet they have separate bedrooms too!

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      The only way she can't detest him is if she's just like him. And we know that in some ways she is just as shallow, selfish, and low. But how far does that all go? At the very least, she finds him physically repulsive. I'd bet anything that she stays in her own quarters almost all the time, yes.

      She once probably watched him as he slept, his bloated white body limply lying there and his thin hair no longer being turned into a head shield and all his baldness was revealed, and his flabby neck was completely slack as he slept with his mouth open and his horrible breath made his way to her nose, and she mentally recoiled and decided she just couldn't sleep next to him every day anymore.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Perfect description of the sleeping Donald, 1:38 PM!! Made me laugh out loud.

      You are probably spot on in your visualization. I cannot imagine being connected in any way to that bloviated, egomaniac, lying bully!

  17. Anonymous1:46 PM

    When Melania's caviar-infused skin care line failed, she probably sent the old, unused caviar back to the Trump hotel's kitchen.

    1. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Good one lol

  18. Anita Winecooler5:08 PM

    I'm sorry, but I want more regulations, especially when it comes to food. It's worth every penny. We have lead in water, in poorer communities, we still have lead in paint, we have radon etc.
    We have gmo's, stuff in food that doesn't belong there, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. I want more regulations on medicines, we have no clue what the pharmacies are putting in bottles, expiration dates, batch numbers etc.
    So Donald made a fortune and one guy died (that they can tell), anyone think he's lost any sleep over it?

  19. Anonymous6:45 PM

    He's anti-First Amendment too.


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