Monday, September 26, 2016

I certainly think that this cartoonist has Trump's number.

By the way I will of course have an open thread and live tweeting tonight's debate.

I think this is going to be historic and I would not miss it for the world.


  1. Happy To Pay My Own Bills2:09 AM

    I love the protruding pot belly that the cartoonist has drawn on Trump! He certainly does have Trump's number!

  2. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Hats off to those watching the debate. I'll read reviews-- I can't stomach Trump at all, makes me ill. He's horrid, creepy, evil ...

  3. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Enjoyed the cartoons! I can't wait to watch the debate, too. Man, I hate that fat & vulgar Cheeto-man!

  4. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I have high blood pressure and don't want to make it worse. I'm watching a harmless British mystery. I'll read the debate reviews tomorrow.

    PS I'm in a solid blue northeast state. In fact, not even sure who's running against the Dems for Congress here- not ONE GOP ad.

  5. linda6:39 AM

    Spouse & I are going to go to a late movie so we don't accidentally watch the debate and have a stroke/heart attack, respectively. We'll read reviews and watch outtakes later rather than get caught up in the moment. Neither one of us feel we can stomach this.

  6. Anonymous7:49 AM

    How to watch the presidential debates without being emotionally manipulated

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    The cartoons are priceless! The last one with Pence says it all.

    We see here, psychology students, a demonstration of LIVE paranoidal/schitzo/personality/derangement denial syndrome behaviors at 9:00 (Eastern) tonight - please have your essays in by tomorrow morning. This will be an active real-time historical demonstration that no psychology major has ever witnessed.

  8. Anita Winecooler3:55 PM

    Whe cartoons are priceless. We're watching it live, can't pry us away from television on debate nights, though this year it'll be a bit bittersweet - our first as empty nesters.

  9. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I know people like Trump. Most of them are addicts. Can't tell the truth if you paid 'em. Wonder what's his addiction? I know he didn't get through this life without one or two. They are trying to say he has lived a clean life. Uh huh.


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