Sunday, September 25, 2016

More than half of the country fears a Donald Trump presidency.

Courtesy of the AP:  

More than half the country fears a Trump presidency. And only about a third of Americans believe he is at least somewhat qualified to serve in the White House. 

In the final sprint to Election Day, a new Associated Press-GfK poll underscores those daunting roadblocks for Donald Trump as he tries to overtake Hillary Clinton. 

Moreover, most voters oppose the hard-line approach to immigration that is a centerpiece of the billionaire businessman's campaign. They are more likely to trust Clinton to handle a variety of issues facing the country, and Trump has no advantage on the national security topics also at the forefront of his bid. 

Trump undoubtedly has a passionate base of support, seen clearly among the thousands of backers who fill the stands at his signature rallies. But most people don't share that fervor. Only 29 percent of registered voters would be excited and just 24 percent would be proud should Trump prevail in November. 

Only one in four voters find him even somewhat civil or compassionate, and just a third say he's not at all racist.

Okay so if this is accurate why are Trump's poll numbers so close to Hillary's right now?

I mean even if people don't like Hillary, I seriously doubt that too many of them actually fear having her as President.

This of course just plays into my fantasy of watching Trump faced with an unexpectedly devastating defeat election night, ala Mitt Romney in 2012, and listening while he tries desperately to blame the whole thing on the media and crooked Democrats.

Because when he loses I expect that is exactly what we are going to see.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    "...a third say he's not at all racist"

    And that third is many millions of people. Truly an example of American exceptionalism.

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I think it's because polls are taken on land lines. There aren't as many land lines anymore. And the people who have land lines are older and skew conservative. During the last campaign we srill had a land line and were polled more than once. This time, I don't and haven't been polled once. Polling needs to catch up with technology if it had any chance of being accurate.

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Polls should be abolished. period. They skew people's thinking.

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      I was polled landline by the LA Times years ago before caller-id came about. How they got my unlisted number, I have no clue.

      My answer was "none of the above," to which he replied that it was not a valid answer. I had to pick one, and he was promptly hung up on.

      Polls mean nothing.
      Voting November 8th does!

    3. Anonymous11:04 AM

      I have a land line and am a senior voter. No one has ever called me for my opinion as to the presidency for 2017. I've always voted, so know my name is available.

      I'd so love to tell them I'm voting for Hillary Clinton and that I think Trump to be unqualified!

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Why I don't do polls, Gryph! They can skewer them a million ways to Sunday to get the desired result. My vote is already set, as I'm sure others.'

    1. 66gardeners10:47 AM

      No doubt, this election has less undecided voters than any other in all of history.

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Hillary just secured Kim Kardashian's endorsement. I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat waiting. I guess if one good thing can come out of her fans being sheep...

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      And she has how many followers?


    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Says the idiot living fantasy land

    3. Anonymous10:28 AM

      933am, who was that directed at and was it English?

    4. Anonymous10:36 AM

      "Last week, I was sitting at my desk, working hard, when I came across Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign talking point. Her latest way to steal our freedoms and crush our businesses involved something near and dear to my heart – family and motherhood."

      Working hard? Is that like when she claims b.s. like 'I love being married to Dakota'?

      What will wannabe B. Palin do now? She does everything Kardashian.

    5. 66gardeners10:48 AM

      Bristol tries to emulate Kim Kardashian so this has got to hurt.

    6. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Anonymous9:33 AM

      Are you so dumb that you can't figure out that the omission of "in" was a typo? And while we are correcting our English, the correct sentence would be:

      “At whom was that directed, and was it English?”

    7. Anonymous11:22 AM

      OK, so Kim has endorsed, but what about Bristol? Has anyone heard, does anyone have any indication what the Oracle of Wasilla might spew forth with from her duck-like lips?

      It really is important that her tens of followers know how they should vote.

    8. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Updated list of Clinton supporters:,_2016

    9. Anonymous11:58 AM

      @11:02 AM We have an English Scholar in the house, all bow down to the genius. Bristol has a message for you, "GO FUCK YOURSELF".

    10. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Anonymous11:58 AM

      So you attack my English, using bad English yourself, and when I point it out, you resort to quoting Bristol Palin to attack again. I would say follow your own Palin advise.

    11. Anonymous1:37 PM

      12:41, you never answered the question.

    12. Anonymous1:42 PM

      That's "advice." :)

    13. Anonymous3:17 PM

      Anonymous1:42 PM

      Yes, "advice". Thank you.

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    If there weren't so many polls, I would be more concerned about how close Clinton and the buffoon are. However, since there are new poll results everyday, I'm still convinced that Clinton will win in a landslide. Too many polls are biased and they are used to try to sway the electorate. I really want to see trump criminally indicted and I think it will happen. He was, is, and always will be a con.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Polls are swayed to keep it a horse race. As the election closes in, they become more accurate because pollters' reputations are on the line.

  6. Anonymous9:02 AM

    At least, after 2012, Romney went away. When Trump loses, I hope the media leaves him in the dust but they won't. He'll be asked his opinion and quoted on every little thing she does or does not do.

    i am so sick of this pissy little bitch.
    I hope he gets throttled.

    1. I want to see him in prison.

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Something tells me the shit will hit the fan for Trump after the election.

    3. Anonymous11:51 AM

      1. Trump University lawsuits
      2. Bribe of Florida Attorney General
      3. Use of Trump Foundation money to bid on artwork, sports memorabilia and celebrity dinners
      4. Use of Trump Foundation money to pay personal legal fees
      5. contractors' lawsuits for lack of payment
      6. IRS tax audit
      7. Collusion with Russian government to influence election

      If we're lucky, Trump will be kept too busy with investigations and court appearances to dirty our television screens with his orange stain.

    4. Anonymous1:03 PM

      @11:51, you left out a very important one: being charged with the repeated rape of a minor. That alone is a hugely serious charge.

      I can't figure out how Epstein has gotten away with for so long.

    5. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Trump will be too busy defending himself from lawsuits and keeping his ass out of prison.

      He won't want to keep reminding the public that he's a loooooooooser. He lost YUUUUUGE. Biggest loss EVAH.

      Hopefully the media will stop giving him free publicity. They'll treat him like the freeloading pariah he is.

  7. The problem is that Clinton's supporters are not so enthusiastic about her. Her' speeches, appearances are very poorly attended. Trump's supporter are fervant. They will travel miles to hear him speak. His tickets are highly prized. Clinton has had to PAY to get people to take up empty seats. If this trend continues to the polling booths, she's toast and we have a Trump presidency. My vote won't count as my state is clearly Democrat. But in those states where it's close, it comes down to who shows up to vote. If it's true that the majority of the country is for Clinton, they'd better let everyone know the one way it counts.

    My cousins are in PA and they are going to vote, something they rarely do. For Trump. All 53 of them

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Sorry to hear your cousins are all racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic assholes. It must be hard to have such losers for relatives.

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      "Clinton has had to PAY to get people to take up empty seats."

      Cite your source.

    3. Anonymous9:32 AM

      LOL! Try as you might, Troll, you can't hide behind your bullshit. We see you for your 'concern trolling', so you're busted.

    4. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Sounds like idiocy runs in the family

    5. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Rebecca you seem proud of your inbred cousins and their blind adoration for the rapist Trump. When he loses in November, come on back for a chat.

    6. Anonymous10:05 AM

      And I'd bet that many in Trump's audiences are there for the "show" he's putting on. I admit I would go watch it even though #ImWithHer.

    7. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Not so enthusiastic? Well, Becky, I'll be 59-years-old this coming Friday and I don't need to show up to a rally. See, I have this little thing called a J-O-B that I've been at for twenty-seven years. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions. It's called being a responsible voter in a democracy. That your vote is cancelled, too bad so sad. I'm sure there are other websites and/or blogs that will hold your hand and give you a tissue. This would not be one of them.

    8. 66gardeners10:53 AM

      All 53 of your relatives are either stupid, crazy, or racist, or all three! What does that say about you Rebecca Young? Not one of my relatives admits to intending to vote Trump, not one.

    9. Wow. Read your comments. My relatives sound a lot more reasonable and decent than you do. They all have very good jobs, are well considered in their communities. If Trump wins, and right now it's a distinct possibility, looks like they are in the mainstream. You all do realize that Clinton can very possibly lose. She is going downhill very quickly in the last month. The momentum is on Trump's side. He's working on his campaign to the last minute with incredible energy. Clinton's not putting in the effort in these states she's lost and may be losing. If he wins, he's earned it. She's been very low energy. I'm not a Trump supporter, never have been, but I think he is going to take this election unless Clinton hits it out of the park in these debates while Trump is supposed to be the "Babe Ruth" of debates.

      We'll all see soon.

    10. Anonymous11:55 AM

      @11:30 AM Whatever you say, Trump rube. Keep swallowing the orange kool-aid.

    11. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Yes, Rebecca, because we ALL believe what the media tells us to. Babe Ruth?!

    12. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Rebecca - Clinton's followers have jobs, can't be catting around the country days on end.

      Drumpf supporters need to wake up and decide - do you want a Kellyanne Conway for president? Who the hell do you think is running the campaign? -- Drumpf kids, wife, Manafort, Corey - all out of the picture and Melabnorma no where to be found since Conway's arrival.

      Who do you think is scripting, and managing Drumpf? - Hard as nails, lying, deflecting Conway - that's who. And if Drumpf should get elected who the hell do you think is going to be running things? Not Pence, but Conway.

      Behind the scenes dirty Bannon, Stone, Page, all with unacceptable baggage. Then the most ignorant, almost as dumb as Drumpf himself - spokesperson Katrina Pierson. Talk about a lying shit, she is the worst.

      Not sure who is tasked with the sedation for Drumpf, but that happened after Conway entered the scene.

    13. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Thanks, Momma Joon. That's one trailer park voting for Trump.

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Rebecca Your-ignorant.

    Just another paid troll - yawn.

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Maybe it's Mansour under a false surname.

  9. Anonymous9:32 AM


  10. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Rob Reiner: Trump’s campaign is ‘the last throes of the Civil War’ fighting for white nationalism

  11. Anonymous9:52 AM

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the link regarding the "struggling spy" PUTIN.

  12. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Why are Trump's poll numbers so close to Hillary's right now?

    Because that's what the MSM wants us to believe. It's all about the ratings folks! Even MSNBC is as guilty as the rest of them.

    Media has a countdown to the very second. Media has fanfare music as if this were the Olympics or the world's biggest WWE Clash of the Champions wrestling match.

    They've taken their cues from Trump who treats winning the presidency as if he's running for Mr. Universe.

    It's about a "SHOW" so the networks are going to report as if it's a tie. It's all so lopsided. Andrea Mitchell and others report on Hillary as if it's a fact that she is guilty until proven innocent.

    It all makes for ratings and better TV viewing. As usual it's all about MONEY on every level.

    Yes, Idiocracy is real. You'd think we were all live players in some bizarre video game. Hopefully when the milleneals have kids they'll teach them what a book is and what history is all about. Perhaps they will bring back civics classes to school.

    Life may be a dream but it's not a survivor reality tv game. Shame on ALL the media for presenting it this way.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      I always want to slap Andrea Mitchell silly. She's boring to watch speak and her words are said in slow/halting sentences. Have no clue why they even have her on - I always switch the channel when I see her face!

      Don't believe the media/press as to the 'polls' - they've been lying and tearing Hillary Clinton down for over a year. She is ahead and she will win the presidency.

      God, but I want this 'show' over with and I'm sure she does too. Feel for her in having to be involved with it and Trump (et al)! I can hardly wait to not see his fat face all over the place!

      This is going to be like when Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney....the Republicans are going to be shocked I tell you, utterly shocked!

    2. Anonymous10:06 PM


      How "close" was the 2008 and 2012 race. And how big was Obama's lead after the votes were counted?

      They manufacture a close race because that's what generates income. A big lead and done deal is not a moneymaker.

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Scope of Trump's falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

    ...“He’s a salesman,” Mann said. “He’s a con man. He’s hustled people out of money that they’re owed. He’s lived off tax shelters. He’s always looking for a scheme and a con, and in that sphere, you just fall into telling lies as a matter of course.”

    In “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” his 1987 best-seller, Trump said “a little hyperbole never hurts.”

    “People believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion,” he said.

    Trump’s coauthor, Tony Schwartz, put it less benignly in a July interview with the New Yorker. “He lied strategically,” Schwartz recalled. “He had a complete lack of conscience about it.”

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      “He had a complete lack of conscience about it.”

      Yeah, that's not a scary trait in the potential President of the United States, is it?

  14. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Doesn't this remind you of people asking for comments from Palin? Her contributions to a conversation are always so predictable - and yet people keep asking for them. With Trump it will be worse - because he is truly worse than Palin.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Sure does, Pat, but she isn't asked much anymore. Poor baby; hence her Facebook screeds.

      "I'm important, dammit!" LOL

  15. Anonymous10:07 AM

    1. Anonymous10:53 AM

      FOX isn't going to be happy with Pope Frank's analysis of them. Love his comment - he's right on!

  16. Anonymous10:15 AM

    It only took putting Mark Cuban in the front row at the debate for Trump to lose his mind and say something completely irrational and insane.

    Clinton already has Trump rattled. The combination of 90 minutes under an intense national spotlight and Donald Trump’s personality could be setting the stage for the kind of meltdown that voters have never seen before in a general election debate.

    Trump is barely holding it together before the debate, so it could get ugly quickly on Monday night.

    1. 66gardeners10:57 AM

      Yep, and this guarantees that if Gennifer Flowers' name comes up at the debates, Hillary has a way to stear the conversation to Trump's thin skinned and irrational temperament.

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      So what if Mark Cuban is in the audience? Get over it, Donald. They don't get to heckle nor shout questions. Maybe he knows too much about you?

    3. Anonymous10:13 PM

      That's the point. Trump doesn't get over things, he gets even.

      He is going to have 90 minutes without his handlers keeping him in check. He will be free to say and do anything he wants with no leash or muzzle. He will NOT be able to stop himself because he's had 70 years of free reign assholery and has no conscience or self-discipline. The guy can't even force himself to read briefings or study up for this debate. He isn't doing any practice runs. He doesn't have the attention span or retention to remember anything they tell him. They'll hammer points into his head and warn him etc. But he won't retain any of it. He might keep it together for maybe, 20-30 minutes but by the end he will have reverted to his default racist, misogynist, school yard bully self. He'll be doing what he did during the primary debates. He worked so well for him then and he won't understand why it doesn't work any more. And he'll blame a lot of his people, a lot of staff will be fired, and it will come out that they haven't been paid and he'll claim they were "volunteers" and they're not going to be paid because they were lousy at their jobs, they're losers, failures, blah blah blah. Then he'll try to frantically cram for the second debate. The one with Anderson Cooper, who I hope hangs him out to dry and then beats his fanny with a thorny stick.

  17. Anonymous10:47 AM

    A short Biden for Clinton video. He tells heckler his son died too.

  18. Anonymous10:53 AM

    ps The comments on the Bristol translation are great!

  19. Anonymous10:56 AM

  20. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I may have cast the first vote for Hillary in Virginia last Friday morning.

    I'm a member of our county's three-person electoral board. Absentee voting started in Virginia on Friday, Sep 23. We had to have a functioning absentee precinct at 6:00 AM.

    We completed logic and accuracy tests on all voting machines on Wednesday, sealed the machines and locked them in the vault.

    Because the other two board members were out of town, it fell to me and the registrar to set up the absentee precinct. So, at 5:45 AM, Friday, Sep 23, we set up the absentee precinct machine, checked the clock and the vote count on the machine and opened the polls at 6:00. I cast the first vote absentee because I'll be VERY busy on election day.

    Mine may or may not have been the first vote for Hillary in Virginia but I'm proud to have voted for her.

  21. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Only the ignorant/fools don't fear this Trump charlatan as president.

  22. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Donald Trump is not a racist. If he is president, Donald knows how to handle those minority rioters, thieves, welfare Queens and their children in Charlotte, NC. Donald will answer the 3am phone call for help from the White Americans in NC and without hesitation he will tell his daughter to get off of him so he can nuke those hideous minority rioters.
    -Lou Sarah

  23. Anonymous11:46 AM

    dRUMPf has zero qualifications to lead the world. He has few qualifications to be known as a human.

    The polls are a figment of the media circus.

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      That's right. The MSM is willingly participating in Trump's media circus because it makes for good TV. How I long for the days of Walter Conkrites when journalists were more than MC's hosting TV shows. Nowdays I'd rather trust journalism as put on by little kids on Nickelodeon!

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      12:06 "In the U.S., the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine once put the brakes on partisan reporting by requiring that news stations either stay neutral or report both sides of the issue. Unfortunately, the Reagan administration failed to renew the Fairness Doctrine"

    3. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Didn't Gilbert Gottfried say that he was like Hitler but without the warmth.

  24. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Only one in four voters find him even somewhat civil or compassionate, and just a third say he's not at all racist.

    Yet they are voting for him.

  25. Anonymous11:51 AM

    11:32 AM He is just like Creepy Chuck Heath with Sarah and her panties.

  26. Anonymous12:03 PM

    On CNN, Clinton's press secretary Brian Fallon told Brian Stelter that Lester Holt should fact check Trump tomorrow night.

    When asked if Holt should also fact check Hillary, Fallon said, "Absolutely. We are not asking Lester Holt to do anything to Donald Trump that we don’t think that he should do to Hillary Clinton. Hold both candidates accountable."

    Compare that to Conway's, “I really don’t appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers and that these debate moderators should somehow do their bidding.”

    WHICH campaign is afraid of fact checking their candidate???

  27. Anonymous12:06 PM

    If Hillary wins we have a chance to continue on this trail of healing from our country's history of slavery, racism, and inequality. If Trump wins, the bets are off. He and his cohorts will shread any last shred of decency our country can brag on. Putin's ideals will be forced on us.

  28. Anonymous12:39 PM

    CBS is doing something very deceptive with their battleground poll this election. They include Arizona and Georgia in their battleground group, which of course make the overall "battleground" poll much closer, as Arizona and Georgia are not true swing states but are reliably Republican. AND there is no way to separate the 11 states in the poll: the methodology states that voters are polled "as a group." This is wrong and unfair! CBS should be ashamed. CBS also gives Trump 2:1 coverage over Hillary Clinton. CBS also deceptively edits to make it appear Hillary Clinton is lying when she is not, as far as the email issue goes.

    1. Anonymous10:18 PM

      Did you really think the media is liberal? Unbiased? Fair and balanced?

      CBS is no different than the rest. They're simply not trying to hide it any longer.

  29. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Will Melania Trump be at the first debate? Hope they seat her in the front row with her fake squinting eyes. If you look at other pictures she's not squinting. Daw-link Melania, don't be afraid to show up, no one is expecting you to give another plagiarized speech or give your immigration press conference or show your papers.

    1. Anonymous10:19 PM

      Will she be wearing her "Zoolander" face?

  30. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Michelle Obama is campaigning for Hillary

    Where is Melania?

    Bill Clinton is campaigning for Hillary

    Where is Melania?

    Chelsea is campaigning for Hillary

    Where is Melania?

    Vanity Fair:
    We learned that Melania, the heavily accented Trump without an Ivy League degree (and perhaps any degree at all), may be the wisest Trump of the whole lot. Because the other Trumps who have stepped out on behalf of their campaign recently have really stepped in it. Donald Trump Jr., for one, shared a meme widely seen as anti-Semitic (though he later denied any knowledge of this). Then there was his assertion that it would be a bad idea for his father to release his much anticipated tax returns—those very same documents every president in the last several decades has released—because they would “distract from [his father’s] main message.”

    On Wednesday, the eldest Trump heir invoked Holocaust imagery in a radio interview, saying that if Republicans lied the way Democrats do, “they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now.” (A Trump campaign spokesman defended the remark as a reference to capital punishment.)

    Then there was Ivanka, the always-on-message golden child of the Trump clan, who unexpectedly dug her own hole this week. She choked during what should have been a victory lap for her—a few easy interviews to tout the Trump campaign’s newly announced maternity-leave proposal. She botched details about the Trump Organization’s own leave options—claiming that all employees receive eight weeks paid time off when they have a baby, which is not, in fact, true—and got sharply defensive when a reporter pressed her on some of the more subtle nuances of her father’s plan.

    In her absence, then, Melania avoided the inevitable Trump family imbroglio. Where has she been? “Enjoying my life & family and loving our country!” she tweeted last weekend. The Trump offspring have a lot to learn from their stepmother.

    1. Anonymous10:20 PM

      They forgot the Skittles tweet.

  31. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Very good points: Voter HRC.

  32. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Watch out HRC:


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