Thursday, September 15, 2016

National treasure Samantha Bee eviscerates the media for not doing their jobs.

Part Two Here is my favorite part of this segment:

"On the one hand you have the most breathtakingly unqualified ignoramus to heave his spray tanned bulk within striking distance of elected office. A race baiting bully who, according to two meticulously researched biographies, is a tax cheating, investor swindling, worker shafting, dictator loving, pathologically lying, attorney general bribing, philandering, mobbed up, narcissistic, serial con artist, who hasn't got the attention span to read a fortune cookie much less a fucking intelligence briefing. But on the other hand Hillary Clinton used a private email server. See? Perfectly even."

I feel bad I did not bring this to you earlier, as it is quite brilliant.

However I apparently was distracted by a bunch of breaking news items and then forgot to get back to it. 

I really don't think the wait time has damaged its relevance or brilliance.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I can see it now, if little Donnie wins and the US becomes a police state, all those pundits and so called journalists will be sitting around the table discussing how is it possible they didn't know Traitor Trump was a sociopath. What did they miss? It's called doing you job.

    1. Anonymous5:59 PM

      I'm sure Donnie the Dictator will make sure his media friends will be quite comfortable living in Trump Gitmo, because he's such a nice guy. Just ask any of his kids.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Yes, it brings to mind what journalists are willing to do in order for truth to come out in their own countries and also what American journalists overseas are willing to do to send back info to our country. They are brave. Few in our country who are reporting from right here are.

    3. Anonymous6:05 PM

      And what gets me, 5:26 PM, is that putrid pee pond is going to every last thing they HATE for being so "smart."

    4. Anonymous10:56 PM

      They'll be comparing notes through the doors of their prison cells.

      Trump believes in a national media controlled by a strong central government.

      In other words, a Fascist state.

      I'm sure Roger Ailes will be his Goebbels. After all, Fox News embraced the repeat a lie often enough strategy.

      It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. -Joseph Goebbels

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” -Joseph Goebbels

      "See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." —George W. Bush, Greece, N.Y., May 24, 2005
      -President Bush

      “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”
      -Joseph Goebbels

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Economic Club of New York luncheon in New York City on Thursday.

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Without a doubt Samantha Bee is one of the best and brightest political comedians to ever grace our TV, and she's Canadian, go figure!

    1. Anonymous1:42 AM

      You can subscribe to her show on Youtube for clips like these. PS CNN is Shite!

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I just saw a NY Times blurb saying that Hillary is going to try recruiting Al Gore. This morning I was so upset about some of the handling of Hillary's campaign and how they've allowed Trump to catch up with her and even pass her by in some polls and I went on a tirade and told the Clinton campaign site that I was not going to donate and that I was going to remove my name from all the Dem lists. It felt so hopeless this morning. It still does. Wish it didn't. Anyway, one of the things I went off about was the lack of enough noisy surrogate involvement and also pairing up with Hillary at rallies to excite the crowds and also get more TV coverage. I wondered why the hell they didn't go after Al Gore and get this smart man, someone who also appeals to the youth because of his action re the environment, involved, too. Tonight, after seeing the NYT note about Gore, I'm feeling a little better.

    1. Indy R Arschloch7:47 PM

      Not donating further doesn't do any good in helping Hillary. Why didn't you just let them know that you're so mad that you'll just vote for Trump. That'll teach em!

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Gore really has trouble resonating with any demographic but especially with women, that's why politicians are hesitant to drag him out of the closet. I see him much more as a negative than positive addition to her campaign.

    3. Anonymous8:44 PM

      An Inconvenient Truth appealed to the younger generation and Gore did a lot to get the environmental situation taken seriously. Of course he's no rock star type. But he did resonate with people starting then, and with young people. And he's not really the stick in the mud he was years back. Gore teamed up with Bernie on the trail would be very useful.

    4. Anonymous8:47 PM

      7:47, your comment is so predictable and not clever at all.

    5. Anonymous9:04 PM


    6. Anonymous10:59 PM

      I'm not so sure Al Gore is going to help her much.

    7. Anonymous3:42 AM

      @Anonymous 6:29 PM

      Geez, your attitude is why Democrats lose election. You grab your marbles and go home when the game is not going your way.
      Grow-up, and fight. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, NEVER SURRENDER!

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Oz asked Trump if an illegal who is found in the streets needing medical attention should be given that attention, and Trump didn't answer. Not really. It was an ethical question and he evaded it. He merely said that there will be no illegals here when he's pres, so the question was moot. Oz didn't force the issue. Hillary should. I didn't get to see her speech tonight, but hopefully she had heard about Trump's answer and she brought it up in front of the Hispanic audience. If not, she should bring it up tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Oz is an Oprah "discovery" as is Dr. Phil.
      Who listens to them? I don't.

    2. Anonymous4:12 AM

      Trump couldn't answer an ethical question if he tripped over it.

  6. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Section 6103g of the Internal Revenue Code explicitly states:
    (g) Disclosure to President and certain other persons
    (1) In generalUpon written request by the President, signed by him personally, the Secretary shall furnish to the President, or to such employee or employees of the White House Office as the President may designate by name in such request, a return or return information with respect to any taxpayer named in such request. Any such request shall state—
    (A) the name and address of the taxpayer whose return or return information is to be disclosed,
    (B) the kind of return or return information which is to be disclosed,
    (C) the taxable period or periods covered by such return or return information, and
    (D) the specific reason why the inspection or disclosure is requested.

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      Come on, Obama, make that request!!!!!!!

      And, dang, the pres looked great tonight at the gala. I will miss seeing him in a tux.

    2. Anonymous11:04 PM

      After that Newsweek article, he could certainly use national security as a reason.

  7. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Tonight, following the questioning at the church yesterday and Hillary's speech comments to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the asshole's campaign was forced to say he does accept that Obama was born in the US:

  8. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I will say this about Hillary. Has she been out in public talking to the people BEFORE she got sick? No, she's been courting rich private donors. WHERE has she been since winning the nomination?

    Donald Trump is a PIG, pure and simple, but, if she doesn't get out there, she is toast. A very POORLY thought out campaign, pneumonia aside.

    We are SO screwed.

    1. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Wow, you take this shit pretty seriously, don't you?

      Who exactly do you think politicians work for, you, me the little guys? Uh, guess again, they court rich donors, corporate donor because they work for THEM, but most importantly they need the power and influence, it is like air to them.

      When they come around and speak at town halls and local luncheons they just blow smoke up people's butts and make campaign promises they'll never keep, so really, why bother.

      Take a deep breath and realize that none of it matters, there ya go, feel better now?

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Settle down, darlin,' that was my point.

    3. Anonymous8:52 PM

      I looked at her official schedule this morn and it was not busy. She had one event on it for today, for example. But she ended up having two and it was an important one, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Awards Gala, and her speech was strong. And she shared the limelight with Obama. I have since heard, too, that she will be in Ohio next week. Good. I want to see more events. She really needs to get down to FLA!

    4. Indy R Arschloch9:03 PM


      Gryphen --
      Earlier today I saw on Dakota's Instagram a photo of two coffee mugs that say "Mrs Meyer 5/27/16". The DM always says they married on June 8th. What do your sources tell you is the true date of marriage?

    5. Anonymous9:34 PM

      YUOU are such an IDIOT

    6. Anonymous3:47 AM

      @Indy R Arschloch 9:03 PM

      WHY do some of you have to drag the Palin clan into every tread? WHY?

    7. Anonymous4:11 AM

      Hillary Clinton has been campaigning - out and among the "people" - for months now. All presidential candidates have to fund raise; it's the nature of the beast. If Clinton got a fraction of the media coverage that Trump gets, you and many others would realize this. The media only addresses what they see as Clinton negatives. Hence their mention of her fund raising. You know a lot of that campaign money is to help elect Democrats all along the ticket - for local, state and national office.

    8. Anonymous12:49 PM

      @3:47 Because we love pushing your buttons? You're so cute when you are angry.

  9. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I saw this days ago linked from Huffington Post.

    I really wish I could watch Samantha Bee but her cable channel isn't on HULU or Amazon and I've cut the cord.

  10. Anonymous10:22 PM

    This opinion piece is about the very subject of journalists not doing a proper job covering Trump.

  11. In a move to show more transparency regarding her health, the Clinton campaign has arranged for a daily stool sample of Hillary's to be Fed Ex'd to every rightwing whiner in America.

    It will be left on their front porch, packaging removed, and set afire.

  12. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Samantha Bee got Donald Trump down pat in a paragraph. Brilliant. Now if only the media would begin to see him that way, but I don't think that will happen.

  13. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Meanwhile, it looks like Fallon will get shredded for clowning around with Trump and messing up his hair. Not watching his show any more!

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      You have to approve of every guest that appears on a talk show or you'll boycott? That's dumb.

  14. Anonymous11:27 AM

    That was a perfect summation! Love her!


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