Monday, September 05, 2016

President Obama weighs in on the Colin Kaepernick kerfuffle essentially agreeing with his right to protest. Right Wing freak out in 3..2..1

Courtesy of Mediaite:

“I think there are a lot of ways you can do it, as a general matter when it comes to the flag and the National Anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are,” Obama said. 

“But I don’t doubt his sincerity based on what I’ve heard,” he continued. “I think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. If nothing else what he’s done is he’s generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about.”

A reasonable measured response that defends Kaepernick's 1st Amendment right to free speech and suggests that he is bringing up issues that the American people need to be talking about.

Oh yeah the Right Wing is going to lose their minds over this.

In other news Kaepernick now has the number one selling jersey.

Just when you were wondering what to buy your football loving conservative racist uncle.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Right wing is all about free speech when it's THEIRS. Others' not so much. I'm proud of him for speaking out!

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Right wing is all about all of the Constitutional rights when they are THEIRS.

      Other's rights? Not so much.

      That's what Fascism is.

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Pullman, Chicago May 11, 1894. The Pullman Strike. American Railway Union vs Pullman Company. And we now celebrate Labor Day. It is for the American Workers.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      And now the only ones that get off are government workers like the postman and teachers.

      Everyone else still works like it's a regular day.

      And now they're taking Thanksgiving away from us too.

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    If skank is against it then the rest of the civilized, thinking, compassionate world will be for it-whatever the subject is she is and always will be on the wrong side of every issue. The reason? " that woman is an idiot!" Thank you Keith olberman

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Sarah Palin demonstrates that she is un-American. Contrary to the interests of the US and therefore treasonable.

      She also posed as an energy expert when she was one of the most ignorant of all.

      No one shows more hate for American and the planet.

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Ever visit the pee pond? They don't allow contrary opinions, even among their own. We all know the trolls that get through are immediately banned, but I've seen that MaMcGriz moderator tell their own "you're getting dangerously close" to being deleted when it's one of their own and not acceptable speech in HER mind. One way of thinking and one alone. Sieg Heil!

  4. Anonymous6:42 AM

    None of us can really understand what Koepernick (sp?), President Obama or any other person of mixed race has to face on a daily basis. Look at our President, the amount of racism he had to face daily from the gop. Koepernick is a big hero when winning games, but after the game is over, it is back to "normal" racist taunts and disrespect. The KKK and white supremecists want all people of color to "know their place" which appears to be the bottom of the barrel. Even the most uneducated, ignorant rednecks think they are superior to anyone with a drop of negro blood in them, despite the proof of the opposite of that. Look at the uneducated PayMe family, they think they are "something special" snd they are - especially ignorant.

  5. Funny too that some football team owners got their panties in a twist about whether they'd want Kaepernick on their team and the policeman's union threatens to not police 49er games. But do they do the same when some player beats his wife or girlfriend?

    Hypocrites all.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      So very true. Drug possessions also, too.

  6. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Came across an old article. 2012. Forbes.
    Private prisons and cheap labor. Private prison call centers pay inmates 50cents an hour. Unicor explains repatriate. The outsourced jobs are now jobs held by inmates. Goodness. So it goes on to say that when you call DMV, Microsoft, NBC that you may be talking to an inmate. One company mentioned was Televerde in Phx. So our jobs came home to the private prison's. Private prisons, private schools, private this and that? good old republican values.

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Public school teachers may not have a criminal record. Not so much as a DUI. You lose your teaching credential and without the credential you can't teach in a public school.

      But you can in a private school. There is nothing to prevent pedophiles or felons from teaching in private schools if the school feels they're qualified. They don't even need a college degree in the subject they're teaching.

  7. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Trump buddy/bank will not be happy.

  8. Anonymous6:48 AM

    For Pete's sake. Missy Scarah has been busy being a patriot, like the new man of her family. She keeps doing her special brand of Sportcasting journalism, she has a degree you know? Hosted the Olympics or something for her pals.
    How can anyone question her words about Colin Kaepernick? What better way to prove you are a patriot than to jump on the bandwagon with nutty little sportscasting journalist on Facebook who manic posts Colin Kaepernick? The woman is enslaved with her pet project.

    Colin gets a pass by the NFL, but players can't support our men and women in blue?
    A quick check back in to reality...
    Listening to this interview is one of the most worthwhile ways to spend your valuable time. Dakota Meyer's comments begin 11 minutes in; his reference to Kaepernick is at the (32:00) mark.
    August 29 at 1:14pm
    America - let's sack this ungrateful punk.

  9. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The only time they are proud of Native blood is at the clinic.

  10. Anonymous7:03 AM

    They only care about free speech when it's Curt Schilling saying disgusting things about transgender people. They don't even realize that they are hypocrites.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Has anyone stopped Kaepernicks free speech?

    2. Anonymous7:37 AM

      "Kaepernick's free speech."
      Which one of you passed the punctuation part of English 101?
      Oh. That's right. Your family is "special."

    3. Anonymous7:59 AM

      They are attempting to. The police union threatening to boycott is one such attempt to blackmail the 49'ers into doing so based on is employment status.

    4. Anonymous8:10 AM

      717am, people want him to lose his job. Are you brain damaged?

    5. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Oh goody, the blog comment grammar and puctuation police are here lol.

      Give yourself a gold fucking star 7:37, you beat Ted to the punch!

      So 7:59, what you are saying is... he is allowed HIS free speech, but no-one else is allowed theirs?

      It is a two way street bucko. The the real funny part about this is that he is really only doing this for poontang, he is trying to impress and keep his chick satisfied, all the while his career is waning and he is benched. Probably even his last year on the bench.

    6. Anonymous8:26 AM

      When people are calling for his benching and/or firing as such blatant disrespect to this country, yes they are trying to curb his free speech.

      How about Gabby Douglas standing still and at attention at the anthem Olympics? No hand over her heart; out with her! If they want to go there, get rid of the entire NBA! Quite frankly, any sport. As much college football as I watched this weekend, not one hand over heart and fidgeting psyching themselves up. Thinking of 1776? Yeah, right.

      Shut up, $arah, wearing bangly jewelry and garish red white, and blue clothing and boots, with crosses hanging around your house, makes you no more 'Murikan and a Christian than me sitting in my garage makes me a car.

      Actions not words, and you have MORE than proven yourself on that one, haven't you?

    7. Maple9:05 AM

      Here's an outsider's point of view: The extreme and ridiculous fuss made over Kaepernick's stand (well, "sit") to make a point about bad policing shows me that there's a tremendous amount of insecurity on the part of those who are so "fussed". They've forgotten that the US was actually founded on protest, and if the English-born settlers had automatically kowtowed to the King, then the US would still be a colonial country. In other words, GROW UP ALREADY!

    8. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Spot on, Maple, and many here too young to remember the Vietnam War.

    9. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Anon at 8:26 am. As far as I know there is absolutely no requirement to place one's hand over one's heart during a performance of the national anthem. Some people do it; many people don't. In fact I don't think there's a requirement (as in "law") that one has to stand for the national anthem. It's a tradition.

    10. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Ezactly, Beaglemom, so why the gasping as if it's treason?

  11. Anonymous7:07 AM

    People need to get DNA tested and see who their ancestors really are.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Trig and Sailor have sealed records.

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Whites that think they are all white can check with DNA. They can keep it a secret if they want. They can still learn when they have other races in their blood line.

      Trig is an unknown. Sailor has Ak native and it looks like there could be more. Trigg has Ak native and Hispanic.

    3. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Whatever happened to this pregnancy?

  12. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I wonder what the police chief of San Francisco has to say......oh, they currently don't have one since he got canned for doing nothing about too many unnecessary minority shootings........'nuff said.
    Go Kaep!

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      About twice as many white people are killed every year by police than black people.

    2. Anon 8:23.
      You do know that African Americans make up only 13-15% of the population in this country?
      So . . . .those numbers are horrific---for African Americans. . . .

    3. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U.S.; Hispanics, 17 percent; blacks, 12.3 percent; Asians, 5 percent; and multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent. About 353 of the nation's 3,143 counties, or 11 percent, are now "majority-minority."

      Cops target poor whites, too. US does not discuss class warfare, poverty. Laws and systemic racism contributes to the injustice of the police that target "minority" and mixed races.

      There may be more whites to die and be killed. That is something other than the police brutality problem against less populated races.

      White majority in U.S. gone by 2043.

      Looking forward to '43 and possibly that is the wrong year and it will be sooner. Anything to purge the US of ignorance is a good thing.

    4. Anonymous9:08 AM

      @8:23 AM With 5 times more white population than black population, twice as many killed by police seems small. Where did you get your numbers, from the David Duke website?

    5. Anonymous9:10 AM

      "Math is hard!"- 8:23am

    6. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Those with poor math are losing. I hope they keep that up since they look stupid and will die off soon enough.

      Meanwhile they show us how important education is.

    7. Anonymous8:43 PM

      Did all you libs know that the 13-15% of the population, black people, are responsible for 5 times the vilent crime and murders than white people?

      So here is the big question you smarty smart mathematicians, what group of people is five times more likely to have not so happy encounters with the police? Which groups libbys? C'mon which group?

      And yet, if extrapolate all the numbers based on crime stats... blacks are actually doing pretty good against police than white folks.

  13. These people are also the same ones who think Tim Tebow is being blackballed by the NFL.

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Tim Tebow had his chance. Those stellar in college don't always cut it in the NFL. It's a totally different monster.

  14. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Sarah Palin forgets all of the nasty things that she has said about a sitting President. Not to mention her membership with Todd Palin in A.I.P. She has had the right to say whatever she has against OUR government without being persecuted, yet she rails against Kaepernick? Maybe she needs to take a good look at her Drug Addicted, Domestic Violence prone, suicidal son before attacking others.

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      It's ALWAYS been about projection with her.
      Seals everyone's records; clean as a whistle!
      What a crock of moose dung.
      A place in Donald's administration? HAH!

  15. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I'm fine with peaceful protest but draw the line at desecrating or burning the flag. That noise today was Sarah's head going splody here, splody there and splody everywhere. No worries, no brain cells were there to harm or kill.


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