Monday, September 05, 2016

The majority of Americans do not believe Donald Trump's BS about a border wall.

Courtesy of ABC News: 

ABC News together with our partners at SSRS survey research firm asked our online opinion panel if they believed Trump would be able to get Mexico to pay for building a wall along the U.S. southern border.

Seventy-eight percent said they believed Trump could not deliver on this promise, while 13 percent said he could. 

Asked to give a one-word response to a video of one part of Trump's highly anticipated immigration speech last week, 67 percent reacted with a negative word, such as “ridiculous” and “disgusting.” Just 27 percent responded with a positive word, such as “great” and “agree.”

I wonder if that 78% also realizes that Trump is full of horse pucky when it comes to the reason why he will not release his tax returns?

Courtesy of Think Progress:

It’s worth noting that the existence of an audit, according to the IRS, does not preclude the release of tax returns. In fact, it actually makes the release of returns less risky. The primary issue with making your tax returns public is triggering an audit. Trump doesn’t have to be worried about that. 

But there is a bigger problem with the Trump campaign’s argument that all his returns are under audit: It’s not true. 

The truth is disclosed in a letter from his accountants that was published to the Trump campaign website in March. It reveals that Trump’s returns from 2008 and prior are not under audit and have been “administratively closed” by the IRS.

So when Trump and his campaign staff say they are not releasing his taxes because they are under audit, that’s not true. None of his taxes from 2008 or prior are currently under audit, and yet Trump still hasn’t released those returns.

So for those of you who have recently been in a coma, Donald Trump essentially lies about EVERYTHING.

And it appears that perhaps the American voters are coming to recognize that fact.



  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Jeb! Bush even came out and said Trump is not going to build a wall. It's totally impractical.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    In his heart of hearts Trump knows he can promise to build the wall, the best wall the world has ever seen and Mexico will definitely pay for it because he is sure that Hillary will be elected POTUS and he will never have to deliver on that promise.

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I've seen a cost estimate done by a large contractor and Littlehand's estimate is only about 25 per cent of theirs. Also, their estimate for ongoing yearly maintenance costs come pretty close to Littlehand's total cost estimate. The man's nothing more than a traveling medicine show - complete with an entourage of freaks to bottle the snake oil.

    Mexico is already working on a bill to address any attempt to extort them into paying for a wall. I'm guessing the translation of the bill's title comes pretty close to Fuck Trump.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Up your ass with broken glass, Donald Trump.

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    In Alaska we believe.
    -Lou Sarah

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      In what, 9:44 AM? Pretty general statement, I would say!

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Tiny fingers Donald is an embarrassment to America and the world! Time to rid ourselves of him forever, America! Vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

    Send Trump back to his New York Tower on his hands and knees - being the total loser, liar and fraud that the little man truly has shown himself to be throughout the years.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    tRump did not think he would get this close to being the candidate from the gop. Now he is in a quandry. He does not REALLY want the job, just the glory. My hope is that once this is over, he will have lost EVERYTHING, including people willing to invest in anything he proposes. Nobody in their right mind could possibly think this orange clown is presidential in any way, shape or form. I thought W was as low as this country could go, was I wrong!!! Where is Malaria? Did Vlad recall her to the Kremlin?

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Maybe she was just on lease from the Mail Order Bride Corporation of Central Europe and his lease expired for nonpayment.

  7. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Heard a trump supporter this morning say they like trump because he speaks the truth. gag..

    They also said they refused to watch or read the news because all were biased against him. She would only watch trump speak himself.

    A snake oil salesman's dream victim, lol

  8. Anonymous10:17 AM

    From what I've read, most of Trump's supporters know that Trump is a liar and unfit to be president, but what they like is Trump's racist comments.

    1. Balzafiar11:17 AM

      Electing Donald our President is kind of like marrying someone you don't know as well as you should. You do know that the prospective groom is a serial liar and cheat, but you really, really like one thing about him and you are letting that blind you to everything else.

      Just to let the prospective bride (the voter) know, if he's lying to you now and you know it, just think about what you're going to run into afterwards. It is guaranteed to be very bad.

      It doesn't matter about that one thing you like about him (racism), he is what he is and it runs a lot deeper and darker than you can imagine. It will be a marriage made in the depths of hell.

      Think about it a long time, then do the right thing: run away as fast as you can.

  9. Anonymous10:54 AM

    He can eep out george clooneys wife, lets see who else...

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hes so powerful build it now Don.

  11. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Lol. He couldn't even have mexican pres in agreement to pay for it now.

  12. Anonymous11:14 AM

    They may not believe it, but they'll still vote for him. Honestly, isn't every candidate like this? Say one thing, do another, but THIS orangutan is a totally different beast. "Beast," being kind.

  13. Anonymous11:26 AM

    No way anyone is going to build a wall down the Río Grande. There are many international rules on managing the river, there will be hundreds of imminent domain problems, there are man made huge lakes to divide down the middle, they would wreck Big Bend NP, no way josé. Even Perry originally said a wall was a stupid non solution. Is the press so GD stupid that they can't even do a bit of research on the problems of walling off the Rio Grande river the whole border of texas? Then, why don't ANY of them point out that we would be 4 years into a comprehensive immigration solution had the throw backs in the house, and Boehner the spineless not killed the bill? How is Trumps plan any different than the comp imm plan? Except that it was comprehensive?

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Take a look at the wall Drunkenbush built - it is quite a ways off the border, they even condemned farmland and kicked people out so they could build the wall not on the border, but where access was easy. Trump's ridiculous cost number wouldn't do any more than pay for the access/prep work if it were built where nutcases are thinking it will be built.

  14. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Eminent domain, that is.

  15. Anonymous11:29 AM

    He says Mexico will pay for it, because he will stop Mexicans in the USA to send money to their relatives via international transfer. That's how MExico will pay for it. Where are his taxes? Audits only last a year or 2, he clearly has never paid a cent of taxes, IMO.

  16. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Will Track show up tomorrow in court sober with no drugs in his system?

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      No need to worry. Do you think Sarah would allow her kids to get what is coming to them? No way is Track going to prison, charged with domestic abuse and endangering an unborn fetus? Sarah got friends on the inside.

    2. Anonymous1:03 PM

      12:52 is not from these parts or he wouldn't ask a dumbass question like that.

  17. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Donald Trump 'Did Choke' on Mexico Trip
    Sep 5, 2016, 4:37 PM ET

    Hillary Clinton said in an interview in Cleveland, Ohio, with ABC News' David Muir that Donald Trump created a "diplomatic incident" last week with his trip to Mexico.

    "He came out saying one thing and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately," said Clinton, referring to Trump's claim that he did not discuss payment for the border wall, a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

    "He didn't raise it, so he did choke. He didn't know how to even communicate effectively with a head of state. And I think that's a pretty clear outcome from that trip," she added, taking Trump's word that the issue was not discussed...


  18. Anonymous2:10 PM

    We believe you Donald.
    -Lou Sarah

    USA Today
    Trump: No connection between campaign cash, Trump U. case

    Donald Trump is denying any connection between a political contribution benefiting the Florida attorney general and her office's decision to drop an investigation into Trump University....

  19. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Trump's all hot air and no action. He had the perfect opportunity to demand that Mexico pay for his wall, and he blew it. The signature cause of his speeches from day one, and he exposed himself for the idiot he truly is.Kellyann Conway excused it as "you don't lead with your strengths when making a deal" Rilly, Kelly? Who were you speaking of and why didn't President Nieto cave when he realized what he was up against. He's STILL laughing as we speak at the stupid American.


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