Monday, September 05, 2016

Seems appropriate.

Though actually Clinton might get a better idea what she is up against if she practiced with a monkey who responded to questions by throwing feces at the moderators and its debate opponent.


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Gee whiz missy. Trump and saudis trump and Russia trump and rapist child molesters trump and assault extortion and bribes trump and his crooked nose pickin finger in all things evil and dishonest. Wow. And applying for usa president. too much!!! How on earth does he look into the eyes of his children, grandchildren and ours? There is no rest for the wicked fox nation in their attempt to destroy America. When will the real and decent media stop this crime against America.

    1. Anonymous4:51 AM

      As scary the thought of him in the Oval, part of me would like to see it happen simply for the pee pond types who've been clutching their prayer beads. They have NO idea what they're in for, and it will serve them right to get it in spades. Sheesh, people are so stupid!

      That being said, I have children and grandchildren who's future I do care and worry about. I am more than frightened at this point.

  2. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Ditch the granny gear Hillary and get ready to rumble the trump into confession. Flies and Shit all over the rump. The diaper is full and ready to change. Unlike trump, you don't have to make it up. A lifetime of evidence at your hands. Get yer party dress on sister, we have a party to go to(:

  3. Anonymous3:51 AM

    My husband and I were actually looking forward to watching at the first debate. With the announcement of Chris Wallace as moderator, I doubt that we'll last through it without shriekingly reaching for the remote.

    What happened to decorum? Such antics would never be allowed in high school and college debate clubs. dRumpf is no more than a grade school playground bully.

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Wallace is the moderator of the third debate. Assuming Trump even manages to show up for all three debates, most of the people who are interested in watching have probably already seen one or both of the first two, so the potential damage Wallace can do will be limited to some degree.

      Let's just hope that Hillary can provoke Trump into losing his shit completely on live television. I'm sure her campaign team has been researching his triggers and preparing for any opportunities she may have to prompt an explosion.

    2. Anonymous7:46 AM

      7:10 AM - Thank you for the clarification, but many are totally behind his "losing his shit" because he's just like them.

      With two months to go, can people's minds be changed through these debates? From what I've seen on my Facebook feed and political websites, many people's minds are already made up.

    3. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Wallace will truly suck at this.

      He's already said it's not his job to call the candidates on any LIES they tell.

      He thinks he only has to read the questions and make sure one candidate doesn't filibuster the whole thing.

      Gee, wonder who he might be referring to?

    4. Anonymous12:20 PM

      7:46 - I have been seeing more and more Republican politicians, members of the military, and other leaders on the right publicly coming out against Trump. While some of them have said they will not vote for Hillary either, many have stated their support for her because they trust her judgement and experience. They also understand more than the average person just how dangerous Trump would be as President and Commander in Chief.

      I think an explosive episode during the debates might sway many of those who traditionally support Republicans but are intelligent enough to recognize when someone is not fit to serve as President. Many of them pay little attention to the campaigns this far away from the election. Most of the mainstream coverage has been obsessively focused on Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation and Benghazi while Trump essentially gets a pass on everything. Hopefully, the debates will clearly demonstrate how qualified Hillary is to serve as POTUS and how abhorrent Trump is.

    5. abbafan3:50 PM

      Anon @ 7:10 A.M. - Lester Holt from NBC News will be the moderator of the first debate on the 26th of September. I admire Mr. Holt's on-air professionalism, plus the fact that he is a highly educated man. I am looking forward to Mr. Holt making The Donald squirm and sweat!

    6. Anonymous8:53 PM

      Donald will not respect the moderator, IMO; just like Sarah did not respect Gwen Ifill.


  4. Anonymous4:20 AM

    The debates are going to be a sideshow. I will not watch Donald Trump continue to make a mockery of our political system.

  5. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Actually, I think an Orangutan would make an even better debate stand in. The facial features and hair color are closer. I don't know about throwing feces, but I'm sure an orangutan is sufficiently capable of throwing a fuss or tantrum and creating constant meaningless ruckus while having the attention scan of a ADHD toddler.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Do we know who they chose to be the Trump stand-in?

    Both Bill Maher and Michael Moore offered. I really think they should take both up on their offers. They need someone in that side of media. They do NOT need someone in politics since Trump is not a politician and will not behave as one. Using stand up comics as Trump surrogates would be much more appropriate and useful.

    But no matter who they use, no one can do Trump like Trump.

  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    An ape would do a much better job. I'd love to be a fly on the wall as Crispie Creme plays the part of hillary, blonde wig and baseball outfit included.

  8. Anonymous7:31 PM

    It would be like being in middle school. Hillary just has to think like a very jaded teacher who's been exposed to the worst of them. If she can maintain it will be good. Donald likes to zone in on the name calling, the louder voice, the lies, the distraction, and he will say over and over what the Republicans have been saying since they started this witch hunt of Hillary. They will not play nice. Hillary must know this. That they will not play by the rules. It's a weird political time where it's almost as if the devil has given everyone on his side free reign. No one see it but it's there. When a grown man says he can shoot someone on the street and get away with it, there's something to that.


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