Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sarah Palin warns that Hillary Clinton's socialist policies will enslave us.

Courtesy of Professor Palin's Facebook page: 

Please read, especially, the many wise comments below this report on socialism's ramifications. 

Oh how I wish the Left would not deny that socialism is slavery. The uninformed would ignore history and even modern-day economic and cultural collapse of populations ruled under socialism - then totalitarianism - thus leading America to the same end. 

The media won't cover the path we are on back to the horrible days of some Americans being shackled while a "ruling elite" enslave and try to oppress our work ethic, our freedoms, and most significantly - our spirit. The path leads to a desperate population accepting globalism, requiring the dissolution of our entire foundation. 

So we must do the informing. 

This election can not be clearer in contrast: one party will restore freedom, the other will enslave you.

In case you could not figure it out on your own, the party that will "restore" freedom is the GOP led by Donald "Freedom means never paying your workers" Trump and the party that is going to enslave you is apparently the Democrats and their nominee Hillary "Oh god what am I being accused of now?" Clinton.

The post then links to some Right Wing blog's coverage of the rapidly disintegrating situation in Venezuela which Palin is attempting to use as an example of what will happen in America if the Democrats keep control of the White House.

Of course what Palin seems unable to understand is that the candidate with the more socialist agenda was Bernie Sanders, and he did not win the Democratic nomination.

Secondly when it comes to slavery, WE were the folks who used slaves, and we have always been a capitalist country. So the idea that socialism creates slaves, while capitalism does not, is factually inaccurate.  (What Palin is likely referring to is a new program in Venezuela that has Venezuelans working on uncultivated fields to grow organic foods for sixty days. The US media has claimed that the workers were forced to work and were unpaid, but the Latin America news outlets disagrees with that assessment saying the workers are volunteers and are paid their normal salary while working in the fields.)

Thirdly since it has recently been revealed that Donald Trump often stiffs his workers, or pays them less than the agreed upon wage, and has top staffers who have yet to see a paycheck, does that not suggest that HE is the one who treats folks as unpaid slaves?

For the record there is no Democratic policy put forward that will enslave a single person in this country. And the only "freedom" that Donald Trump is interested in restoring is the freedom to be a giant orange asshole and never have anybody call him out for it.


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Every time I think $arah might have one thinking brain cell, damn, if $he doesn't prove me wrong again. Bless her heart.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM


    2. "Here's the game they play: if you give a man someone to look down on, he'll let you pick his pocket all day. Hell, tell him he's better than someone he'll open his pockets for you."~LBJ

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Wasn't it that Socialist Chavez guy who bankrolled tawry with Citigo oil/gas in the snowmachine race?
      Wasn't it Socialist Hugo Chavez who SAVED the Alaskans and gave Free oil every year when they ran out?
      I know it wasn't rich assholes like Trump or Palin!
      Fuck this bitch!
      She will go down in Flames with Trump!
      Strumpet & the trumpet!
      PS I'd rather be a socialist than a Nazi anyday!

    4. Anonymous7:01 PM

      She's so stupid!

    5. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Alaska National Guard Renews Partnership with the Iron Dog

    6. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Wow, she used to be kinda hot, but wow, her jowls...

    7. Anonymous9:55 PM

      Lol, seriously, fucking skeletor

    8. Anonymous11:43 PM

      She is an energy expert.

      Oilfield waste arrives by tanker truck at a wastewater disposal facility near Platteville, Colo. After removal of solids and oil, the wastewater is injected into a deep well for permanent storage underground. Photo by Bill Ellsworth, USGS.

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Thanks for the warning, Sarah. You've just reinforced my intent to vote for Hillary Clinton. As if there were every any doubt.

    Oh, and by the way, Sarah, my daughter -- who raised over $250,000 for Obama in 2012 -- has just broken the $300,000 mark for Hillary. She's planning a fundraiser for the end of September where Chelsea will be speaking and already she has pledges of ANOTHER $100,000 for that one.

    So, Sarah, how about you take your bullshit and go Down On The Dog . . . or whatever it is you do with the dog.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Brava to your daughter Old Redneck!!
      Well done!

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Sarah Palin's tribe of unemployed alcoholics, drug addicts, Free Native Healthcare using, bastard baby making, sexual deviants have only been slaves to her SarahPac Funds for the past 8 years. Even Sarah Palin is unemployed.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      I agree. Even the sap of a Marine looks like he is falling into the slave trap.

      What about those like Bristol's nanny? How well paid is she? Does she volunteer through a church or some religious hype?

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      I phoned a grocery store today, to ask when they close. The clerk said "We NEVER close" I had to bite my tongue before I said "Just like Bristles PayMe's legs"!! The reputations the PayMes have can not be erased, no matter what they do or say.

  4. Anonymous4:52 PM

    ... nothing more than regurgitated RW nonsense from the buffoon in an attempt to become newsworthy. It's all 'Look at Me'.

  5. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Dear Sarah Palin,
    Who are you trying to provoke or attract with your comments about slavery? The last time around, Martin Bashir gave a rather graphic example of the brutal treatment that slaves received, including the master defiling the slave in the worst possible ways imaginable. When Bashir suggested that you would not like to be treated that way, your fans rallied to your cause and he was fired for exercising his right to freedom of speech, the right that Track so bravely fought for and defended, LOL.

    Socialism is not slavery. Maybe your ghost writer knows it, but you don't. You misuse the English language in a way that says that you are no journalism major and your college degree seems more and more in doubt. Is Rebecca still writing for you and Breitbart? Are you trying to get back in the good graces of Bannon and Ailes? Don't you remember what happens when you gave one of your garbled speeches for Trump? Track got drunk, threatened Jordan and threatened to kill himself. He is still appearing in court over that matter. Is he staying clean? Are you all staying clean? How's that going, every two weeks? The other time you spoke for Trump, Todd smashed himself up, a strange story for such an expert snow machine racer. Then, there is your bizarre head smack and black eye. Your family really has a problem with acciden

    Keep on posting on Facebook, Sarah. It's been a while since you have been in the spot light. Even Bristol's diet drink and Dakota's Daddy Pictures are not going to bring back the donations to your PAC. You should be a grandmother again next as Jordan gives birth. That's Track's baby, right? You have enough on your hands right now. Please don't start that Socialism is Slavery meme again. You are so off base and so out of line that you are a laughing stock. What am I saying? Trump should sign you up right now! You would be an even bigger laugh than Kellyanne.

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      OMG Kellyanne's a hoot! She'll believe anything anyone tells her.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      No, she'll SAY anything she is paid to say.

    3. Are Kellyanne and Jan Brewer really sisters? The smarmy self assuredness and used up barfly look is strikingly similar. Too much sun and booze.
      Palin is has that same aura while adding an extra dimension of backwoods hick to the mix.
      Honey Boo Boo says stuff a whole lot better.

  6. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Geez. Is this making sense to any of you? The word salad gets worst with each utterance.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      It sounds like English but by golly I couldn't understand a single sentence.

    2. Anonymous5:16 PM

      Seriously! Is it any wonder that she has been told to stay home. Does she not know how utterly stupid she sounds?

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Poor Sara, she can yell and scream on her fakebook daily and it won't change the fact that almost no one is sending her $$$$ via SarahPac.
    The grift has dried up and she doesn't know what else to do.
    But what she needs to do is line up her whole family of grifters to go apply at Walmart so they can start paying their own way through life instead of grifting off others.

    1. Anonymous11:39 PM

      Better ask ol Granpappy Heath how to W O R K!
      Oh my bad, he's the Original Fraud of em all!

  8. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I am a well educated individual and consider myself fairly intelligent but for the life of me, I read and re-read those paragraphs and still could not figure out what she was talking about or what she was trying to say. It hurts the head.

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM


    2. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Si, yo tambien y mi hablo inglais.

    3. Anonymous11:40 PM


    4. Anonymous1:25 AM

      What did she say? Good gosh what a bunch of nonsense.

    5. Anonymous1:26 AM

      Trump and palin speak the same language.

    6. "What did she say?"
      "Gimmee money."

    7. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Wow. What's she smokin'?

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Socialized medicine by state will probably work. But socialism is very problematic.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Maybe Sarah will ask her folks to give up their socialized Social Security and Medicare. Maybe Todd will give up that free native medical care. No reason that our government should pay for his health care.

    2. Anonymous5:59 PM

      Why is that? I bet you can't even explain.

    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      You mean like public roads and schools? Or do you mean police depts and fire depts?

  10. Anonymous5:28 PM

    That woman is an infiot (that's lower than an idiot but slightly smarter than an imbecile). Did Melania help with the copy/paste job? Oh run to unlock your door, some nice young men in white suits want selfies with you.

  11. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Poor sarah looks uglier and uglier each time she tries to look good...

  12. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Looks as if Track is due back in court on September 6, 2016, 1 PM. Wonder how he is doing. Someone pointed to the photo of Sarah's Rock Running injury. Sarah had something in her ears. People though that they were acupuncture buds for some form of repeated treatment. Any chance that when Track showed up in Veterans Court for substance abuse, the family became involved? Could that be why Sarah had those buds in her ears? How about Todd? Just wondering.

    1. abbafan6:46 PM

      Sept. 6th will be two years since the infamous "birthday brawl", "where's my $300 shades, where's my shit"?? Let's see if there will be a "rumble" in the court parking lot!

    2. Anonymous7:36 PM

      His lawyer attends telephonically until Track has completed his course of treatment.

    3. Anonymous7:44 PM

      5:44 PM:
      You cannot provide links to Alaska Court Records as they never show up. The link just takes one back to the beginning.

    4. Anonymous7:53 PM

      They may need to put on some kind of show about treatment. The patches could also be for her weight.

      In the photo of her injury she posed in front of a shrine. It looked like for Track the 'combat vet'.

      "Glad for Hillary's protective media's precedence. The next woman running for POTUS has no need to answer to much of anything, for we've got weddings to plan, and Down Dogs to do, and cookies in the oven! So just leave us alone, boys." Sarah Palin

      "for we've got weddings to plan" Is that an homage to her special son, along with the flag display honor cases?

    5. Anonymous8:16 PM

      You know she is proud of Track's service. Why does she not hang his displays on a wall?

    6. Anonymous8:53 PM

      Good old Boney Courthouse, Veteran's Court. Why would Track's mother allow him to be seen in a place like that? She would post his mugshot before he can be allowed to be photographed near a court. Veteran's Court? She could make an exception to a Veteran's Court. Can he wear his uniform?

      "His case will be continued each week until he completes whatever....
      Don't hold your breath for anything other than all charges being expunged due to completion of either in-house or facility rehabilitation."

      Yes. Here is what the AK National Guard (keepers of history) keep for the public about their part. They proved how Track Palin was just like any soldier. They never did show him going out of the states however. Sgt. Palin was just an ordinary soldier, just like the other guys. No special treatment for the governor's son. He must have made Sgt. due to being a combat veteran. Sarah says he is a combat vet, it has to be the truth.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Anonymous9:22 PM


      Of course he won't suffer any consequences, that's what a good lawyer does, make sure that you don't serve any time and get you off with a slap on the wrist.

      A good lawyer is worth his weight in gold...

    9. Anonymous11:25 PM

      I don't think Track Palin can be seen going into any court. Sarah pays top money for a famous attorney to go for Track and do the postpone routine. One good thing is that attorney is not working for slave labor payments. Sarah may have found someone else to pay to bail her special son out of this, but the attorney is not doing anything like a slave. He may want the name recognition and work pro bono. All that is top secret. Whether or not Track Palin's entire military service was a sham for the time Sarah was governor along with Todd. She had the title of Commander-in-Chief. A title she quit since she no longer needed it. Yet it is a title that has ongoing special privileges.

    10. Anonymous11:43 PM

      Gee Sarah September 6th hu? Didn't you brainwash poor damn Chaz to kill his girly friend then himself? How's that working out?

  13. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Sarah Palin is an ignorant woman. The world is full of incredible and fascinating experiences yet she and her family sit about listening to hate radio and believing they are being “educated”. Go volunteer on a farm in Romania Sarah! Go to the Netherlands and actually experience a democratic socialist country! Get your head out of your Koch Bros/John Birch newsletter and learn about the world by actually engaging in it!! What is money for? Keeping your children out of jail? Sheesh.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      The Netherlands sciaism makes me cry:
      We have families who come to my hospital for a treatment for their kids with cancer which they can't get in their country. Here is what they get:
      Treatment paid to rent a home while they are in the states.... money to live on....their job secured while BOTH arnts accompany the child....a paid a nanny to watch the other kids, if applicable, while the parents are at teh hospital with the sick child......
      Does this not blow your mind????
      It's ducking beautiful.
      Meanwhile, Americans in the same situation are going bankrupt from copays, loss of jobs, their marriages are destroyed from the stress and the siblings are neglected....
      Merikka,,we suck.

    2. Anonymous2:03 AM

      Every time someone says "America, the greatest country in the world" it makes me cringe. At 80 years old, I finally broke down, went for hearing aides. The prices ranged from $2,995 to $5,994. I chose the 3,995 set, paid with a no interest credit card. My neice said in the UK, they are covered by the NHS. Greatest country in the world? Give me a break. Propoganda at best. Nobody in the European countries has to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills.

    3. I am so glad you posted this enlightenment on how the Dutch do it. It's true. My children are half Dutch. First generation. Many relatives in Holland don't really laugh at the U.S.A, but they live much more serenely and they know it.
      They also have easily assimilated other cultures since the beginning of spice trading and imperialism.
      You might say they learned from slavery. People like Repub Sarah like to provoke with that word.
      like my mother used to say, "Gee, could she get any dumber?"
      It is not like the Heaths didn't take advantage of such socialism in Canada, is it?
      The answer is "yes."

    4. Anonymous7:13 AM

      And her family takes advantage of Native heath care in Alaska which is entirely free, no co pays and no worries. She is entirely disingenuous and a fraud to boot. The person who pointed out her employment history in Alaska is spot on. She does not work and never has. We Alaskans were duped.

  14. Anonymous5:53 PM

    ‘We See Only One Viable Leader’: Nonpartisan Generals Break Tradition, Endorse Hillary (VIDEO)

  15. Randall5:55 PM

    Excuse me, but shouldn't that headline read:
    In a desperate attempt at staying relevant (or) In a last-ditch effort at avoiding total obscurity, Sarah Palin warns that Hillary Clinton's socialist policies will enslave us.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    2. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Let's take just one of what you would call socialist policies, $toopid $arah, and see how much more or less free someone is under the ACA than before.

      Before the ACA, a person with a pre-existing condition would be unable to buy insurance at a reasonable (heck a viable) rate. Many people had to choose between medication and food.

      Because only employers had the leverage to negotiate such coverage for pre-existing conditions, if someone had a child with a pre=existing condition - say, like your son Trig, that person may have stayed in a low paying job, or one with horrible conditions, just for the insurance. That sounds pretty much like slavery to me. Today, because of the ACA, that person can maintain their dignity and go back to school or pursue a better job or even start their own business and still have healthcare coverage for themselves and their child. Chooisng your own employment sounds pretty free, doesn't it $arah? Sarah, Sayruh, yoo hoo. WHy no answer?

    3. Anonymous2:06 AM

      The word "employment" has no meaning to any PayMe family member. Grifting is the family business.

  16. Anonymous6:02 PM

    It is sad that old woman is trying to look young. You can bet Sarah will never get caught again without her makeup on.

    I wonder if SarahPac is using up all their funds on makeup?

  17. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Son don't worry about being Bubba's biotch in the pokie. Mama and Judge Davie Wallace got your back.

    1. Anonymous11:21 PM

      Rip Bliss

  18. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Sarah Palin how come you are not on the road with Donnie?

    1. $arah6:24 PM

      there's still that veteran's court whatchamacallit thing goin on and it seems like every time I leave town the shit hits the fan! So we hunkered down in our bunker and manning the anti russian ramparts and eatin moose chili until the court thingamajig goes away!

    2. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Youse peeps don't know da troubles she sees.

  19. Grace Unto You And Peace,
    Fellow Sufferers,

    "Socialism" is an acid word which has for one meaning for a large body of language users, one and only one meaning-Soviet Socialism or, more clearly, Stalinism.

    Other countries have used the word "Socialism" in describing their governments as a short hand for "Social Democratic."

    NORWAY is a constitutional monarchy where the king has mainly a symbolic role. Coalitions around the Labour Party have held the Social Democratic definition to some of the period after the Second World War.

    SWEDEN is a Kingdom and the ruler is the national cabinet. The Prime Minister is appointed and dismissed by the Speaker of the People's House. The present Prime Minister is a Social Democrat while the present government is a Green/Social Democratic coalition.

    DENMARK is a kingdom or constitutional monarchy with a framework of a parliamentary representative democracy. Denmark has a multi party system with two strong parties and four or five less strong parties. No single party has held a majority since the beginning of the 20th century. Since June 28, 2015, the Liberal Party has been in power.

    FINLAND is a republic with a representative democracy government. Legislative power is vested in the Parliament of Finland. Executive power is exercised by the Council of State led by the Prime Minister. The main three large parties are the secular Conservatives, The Center Party and the Social Democrats.

    ICELAND is a parliamentary democratic republic and the President is the head of state, while the Prime Minister is the head of government in a multi-party system. There was a merger in the early 2000s of all the left parties to form the Social Democratic Alliance.

    GREENLAND is a parliamentary representative democratic Danish constituent country. The head of state is the prime Minister who is supported by a multi-party coalition and has been self governing since 1979. The parliament is unicameral.

    EUROPE has other Social Democratic parties, such as that party from which the present President or Prime Minister of France, I can not remember which.

    Bernie Sanders did not credit to the explanation of these two terms "Socialist" and "Social Democrat."

    Mix up abounds.
    Agap'e Don as "Tauno"

    1. Anonymous7:30 PM

      Norway, Sweden and Denmark are regularly voted as the countries with the highest standard of living. Yes, the taxes may be higher than the US, but in return there is free education, free health care, generous retirement pension. Disadvantages: northern latitude gets dark earlier in the winter but you folks in Alaska know all about that. The Norwegian government has a state owned energy company that produces energy in many European countries via wind and solar. They are installing hot water pipes which will supply heat to the homes in Oslo.

      The problem that France is having with its Muslim population is partly due to the fact that they are isolated on the fringe of the major cities, denied access to better education and jobs and so they feel marginalized. That does not excuse the violent reaction from some of the extreme members of that community. This is simply meant to explain the problems that France has had with an unwelcome population. Currently, the anti-refugee party has won recent elections in Germany, another backlash. England has its own problem with a marginalized minority population. However, in these countries, people are not enslaved. They can vote for or against the government of their choice.

    2. Anonymous8:19 PM

      The English have always been a problem for minorities, probably courtesy of their horrible colonial past.

  20. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Shut your nasty trap for once in your life.

  21. Anonymous6:55 PM

    And the Tundra Twit spews verbal diarrhea again. She really should see a doctor about that...

  22. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Yeeks, Sarah Palin looks like shit - old and cranky.

  23. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Talk about enslavement. How is Dakota Meyer Palin doing now that he is going to be rescuing workers from enslavement? Has he made any significant moves toward getting donations for his latest Marine Foundation? Or is he just spewing hot air for a lackadaisy charity gig? I would like to know when he accepts the challenge he was talking about. Does he pay someone to put that stuff up on his online stores? Does he even know what is claimed he said? International Harbor Foundation, how are the donations coming along?

    The business model that Sarah Palin did for Bristol Palin was to have someone pretend to be Bristol (Nancy French was one) and write for Bristol. We know how Dakota admires Sarah. Does he follow in the steps of her business model? If so, what kind of wages does he pay his workers?

    Talk about enslavement, does Sarah pay all the people that help her to keep up her front? What kind of wages and benefits? Sarah has issues about slaves/enslavement. How does anyone know for sure she is not projecting?

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      That KKK slavery is miserable for her! oh well

  24. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Oh, is that matriarch of a gang of layabouts talking about slavery and 'work ethic' again? The same old matriarch that quit her big bucks pity fuck from Frank after a few months because she couldn't cope with showing up for work every weekday?

    The one that had a City Administrator to do her job in Wasilla?

    The lazy unprofessional woman that inspired the "Where's Sarah?" buttons.

    How jealous of an achiever like Hillary Clinton do you reckon Has-been Sarah is?

    1. Anonymous1:13 AM

      Maybe that is why she pretended to birth Trig, for a reason to skip out on the Governor gig. She could not have foreseen the VP pick.

    2. Anonymous1:03 PM

      If nothing else, Trig was the reason the McCain campaign was going to use for getting rid of Sarah Palin after the election. They had it all worked out that Trig needed her too much. She wouldn't have gone quietly but she would have gone or be fired.

  25. Anonymous8:30 PM

    "You never look good trying to make someone else look bad. You look worse when you do that."

  26. Anonymous8:59 PM

    The Wasilla loon once again proves she knows nothing and doesn't research before she writes gibberish! Go away, you freeloading halfwit, and take your uneducated off- spring with you!

  27. Anonymous9:24 PM

    oh uh, after I insulted palin calling her and her family bums, I tossed in that maybe his navy son was gay...
    gary had a little melt down

    stlouisix • 2 hours ago
    I want to thank the mods for deep sixing the degenerate pig who calls himself Lager. The filthy perverted lies that he tells about my son will not stand. They come from someone who is the lowest form of humanity to impugn a young man who's putting his life on the line for us. The vermin Lager's problem is that when he looks in a mirror, he sees nothing which causes him to strike out at anyone that he's inferior to which covers the compliment of humanity minus Lager.

    His problem is that he knows that he can't hurt anyone whom he attacks. They see him for what he is.

    For my part, his filth is blocked as soon as I downvote and flag his rot!

    1. Anonymous9:31 PM

      There is filth and rot at the sea of pee?


    2. Anonymous10:31 PM

      So is St.Louisix's son gay? Not that there is anything wrong with it.

    3. Anonymous10:34 PM

      Donald Trump is saving expenses for his political campaign by not paying his staff. They also have to sign a non-disclosure form meaning that they cannot talk about Trump for the rest of their lives. That seems to prevent them from telling their story to the judge and jury in a lawsuit against Trump. They cannot sue for the wages they were never paid. That sounds like a form of modern day slavery. That non-disclosure is literally their shackles.

    4. Anonymous3:41 AM

      St Louis Six thinks there is. Therefore,,,have at St Louis six.

    5. Anonymous3:42 AM

      non-disclosure agreements do not apply in a court of law or if someone is witness or victim to illegal activity.

    6. Anonymous3:56 AM

      10:34 PM - his wives must do the same. If he was so damned wonderful, wouldn't they still be married to him?

    7. Anonymous5:42 AM

      stlouisix is one of the worst over there.
      For rot, he only need look in the mirror.
      Yet he's Catholic, so all is forgiven, right?
      Blowhard to the nth.

    8. Anonymous11:16 AM

      The question to stlouis six should be, "Why did you have gay children in the first place?" Whadup with that?

  28. Anonymous9:49 PM

    More worthless nonsense she really has no idea how dumb she sounds. Plus, she seems to have gotten a little fat

  29. Anonymous11:20 PM

    You know those people, weather permitting, who stand by freeway ramps and major street corners with a cardboard sign begging for a buck or two?

    That's $P but the lucky bitch gets to camp out on FB to beg for her spare change handouts, rain or shine. Apparently she's not giving up her lucrative spot and she'll stay there forever or at least til the last nickel falls into her pocket

  30. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I'm an Alaskan and all I can say is, "Holy shit. What a crazy bitch!" Can't imagine why anyone is influenced by her.

    1. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Alaskans have known Palin to be a fucked up broad for years. Plus, she has lived the life of lies since her high school days! (Hint! She was never a star basketball player in high school!)

    2. Anonymous11:51 AM

      You mean the 'moment' her sister Heather made the winning basketball shot to go to State finals?

  31. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hey Dan how are things in Jacksonville? Big Lake Auto

  32. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Chris Wallace warns it's not his job to be the "truth-o-meter" during the debates.

    “That’s not my job,” Wallace, who hosts Fox News Sunday, said. “I do not believe that it’s my job to be a truth squad. It’s up to the other person to catch them on that. I certainly am going to try to maintain some semblance of equal time if one of them is filibustering, I’m going to try to break in respectfully and give the other person a chance to talk.”

    Gee, I wonder to whom he is referring?

    Wallace is a Trump stooge. Not only will he not call Trump out on his lies (but I bet he does to Hillary) I doubt he's going to cut off Trump's attempt to dominate the microphone either.

    I don't know if any of the debates will be on broadcast networks (I have no cable) but I might be avoiding them. I can catch highlights on YouTube or the late night comics when they pick them apart. No need to suffer through it personally.

    I do hope the other moderators do their jobs and hold the candidates to at least some verisimilitude.

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Why increase the ratings for the network in watching the debates? I'm not going to observe them and waste my time. Can read all the information about them afterwards on the internet.

      I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC completely as they have promoted Trump and demeaned Hillary Clinton for the past year and then you have FOX who supports Trump!

      Don't waste your time folks!!!
      Hey! And, vote for Hillary Clinton in November!

  33. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Yes indeed, the fox news nation enslavement experiment has worked. Anyone that watched that rag for the last 8 yrs and beyond is mental history. It is a very sick and deranged group of old nasty men and dumb hags attempting to control and sway humans to submission. A very sick ugly small group of media midgets with mental illness.

  34. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and the like are like cockroaches. They keep coming back unless you clean up the dark rocks they hide under. Time to vote ALL republicans out of office

  35. Anonymous5:17 AM

    It just dawned on me, this is Sarah Palin's Labor Day greeting to us! I was wondering yesterday how Sarah would celebrate Labor Day and now we know - by insisting that Hillary Clinton would turn the US into Venezuela, which I doubt Sarah Palin could find on any map.

    Here's Sarah Palin using words she doesn't understand to address concepts she's never understood, like work, to attack politicians whose positions she'll never grasp. How much time has Sarah Palin spent visiting European countries to see what living in places where healthcare is universal, education is mostly free, and where strong social welfare programs exist for everyone?

    How many adult members of the Palin family, including in-laws like MOH, have regular 9-to-5 jobs they go five days a week and for which they receive paychecks that have taxes and such withheld? I doubt if any of them do. Does Todd have a job, does Track work, does MOH work, does Bristol work? And, no, waiting around for court dates is not a job, nor is hawking products on Facebook or Instagram. It's possible that Willow works because we hear relatively little about her and she did become a hair stylist in Arizona, and we know, for sure, that Sarah does not work, so I don't think that Sarah can possibly address a Labor Day message to the rest of us.

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM


    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Lest we forget it was Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela, who sent heating fuel to Western AK, a 3rd world nation unto itself, when the many poor Native Alaskans could not afford to warm their homes due to a horrible fishing season. What did "Governor" $pew do to help? $he baked cookies and flew out to a couple villages on a private plane with Franklin Graham and handed out Christian pamphlets. A big flop of a photo opp, also too!! I guess $he figured the poor could burn those to keep warm. What an effing phony and hypocrite.

  36. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Sarah! How come your not on the campain trail helping Trump? Isn't he paying enough?
    It might help your super pac increase donations.

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Baby was put in a corner. Family issues are just a convenient excuse; it never stopped her before!

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      And why isn't $creech out on the campaign trail with her 'dear friend' John McShame who's in the race of his life in AZ??? Kiss of death, perhaps? lol

  37. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Pardon me please. I seem to have a gag reflex, every time that I see a picture of Sara Palin, the total moron. Her rants are simply that ,incoherent rants!
    She continues to personify all things dark and evil.
    Sara you are literally one stinky POS!!You are a dumb , disgusting , wannabe! Go away! Please?

  38. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Actually, Scabby, it will save us from the confederacy of dunces you stupidly cheerlead for. GFY

  39. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Socialism. Is that a family with a certain ethnicity, or a least a few drops of the right blood getting free health care for spouse, children, grandchildren, ad infinitum, paid for by my taxes? Socialism. Is that paying DS/special needs people a monthly stipend for life? Socialism. I'm sure anyone who receives those freebies will turn them down from now on, because, yes, THAT is socialism.

  40. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Bridge to Nowhere = Socialism. Didn't happen? Road to nowhere....still socialism. GED program = socialism for people who did not feel like finishing socialized high school.

  41. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Amazed at continuing interest in $arahPayme. I only read Gryphen's entry and skipped to here to say how startled I am that people read and comment about her all these long years later, but get all irritable over BS news.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Now, aren't you special? Guess I have to say that the only startling thing here is that simple, stupid, hateful, Sarah still thinks her words mean something to anyone.

  42. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Let's not forget: Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 6, 2016, is the second anniversary of the Palin Family Drunken Midnight Brawl.

    Will there be a repeat this year? Maybe not what with Track in rehab; Todd still recovering from his ass-whipping; Bristol home with a sick child; and Sarah afraid to show her face in public after being Dumped By Trump!!

    I still have a question about the original Thrilla in Wasilla: Bristol told the cops "They broke my f^%$#$g $300 sunglasses!!" Why was she wearing sunglasses at midnight? Is the midnight sun that bright?

  43. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Sarah doesn't know shit about history (Paul Revere?) or anything else for that matter. I think she checked out of skool learnin after the 6th grade.

    Aerican history is replete with literal enslavement of African and American natives. Immigrants were innnnndentured slaves working in horrible conditions. Read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle e.g.

    When workers began to unionize, bloodbaths ensued. Unions leveled the playing field and the middle class thrived. Now the Capitalists are destroying unions thus creating billionaires on the backs of ever poorer workers.

    Socialism works for the people; capitalism works for the capitalists and their stock holders.

  44. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Sarrah ? Who hit you?

  45. Anonymous11:09 AM


  46. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Scarah has so many photos and "looks," I can't make u which is my fav. lol

  47. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Sarah, you dumb fucking broad, you've been saying the same thing since 2008. Go home: Your side lost YEARS ago...and it'll lose again.


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