Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday toons!

I really feel that only cartoonists, cable news networks, and late night comics will lament the end of Donald Trump's fake campaign.


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Nasty ugly sour pussys and the basket of criminal nuts. They are very bad lousy actors. All have trashed their life and careers for a piece of stinky rump. Very hugely, smartly, ignorantly, stupidly, bigly, dumbly, pathetic low life garbage.

  2. Anonymous3:20 AM

    How do trump supporters look into the eyes of American children? Like predators? Are they so soulless and creepy that they do not care? Do they want to infect generations of American children with their mental disease and lack of manners and morals? What is their communist evil motive? and why?

  3. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Excellent cartoons (truth and fact)! Thank you for sharing.

    But of course we all know that truth and fact have a liberal bias. Donald and his awesomely loved 'less educated' best demographic have a hard time accepting the truth.

    Of course, Donald Trump in his best word soup and in his best demagogic rants convinces his adoring fans, 'the media does not treat me fairly! They are not fair to me, they are unfair.'

    Poor little 70 year old gassy pooped baby. Poor, poor Donald, there is simply no there there (except for the total load of BS fraud).


  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Only only cartoonists and late night comics are revealing the real Donald Trump. Sorry, but the media, including cable news, are not exposing and hammering on all of Donald's illegal activities, history, etc. Yeah, there's a lot and it's easy to get distracted (SQUIRREL!) by the latest debacle to exit his maw. But they shouldn't be moving on to the next gaffe. They should simply be adding to the pile. They shouldn't be replacing one DEPLORABLE incident with another. They should just be repeating them and adding the latest offense. When possible, they should be tying them together in a narrative. Like the illegal campaign contributions to Charlie Crist and Bondi, that then tie to the dropped lawsuits against Trump U, etc.

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Love the "fact check" cartoon. You'd need at least Four congresses working eight hour shifts 24/7!!!!!!!

    Oh what a tangled web we weave....
    Trump's business ties with the Mafia over the years..... what? No investigations? hmmmmmmm....


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