Saturday, September 24, 2016

They're bringing the movie "Idiocracy" back to theaters because, well because we are essentially living it right now.

Above is the first scene from the 2006 movie "Idiocracy." And that Clevon family, well that is the perfect representation of today's Donald Trump supporters.

Here is more from the AV Club: 

When Idiocracy was released in 2006, it didn’t make much of an impact upon the world. In fact, most people didn’t even know it existed. 20th Century Fox had a contractual obligation to release Mike Judge’s follow-up to Office Space, but they pretty much just tucked it away. After being sat on for more than a year, it initially opened in just seven cities, and with practically zero publicity—not even so much as a trailer. Now, just one decade later, Idiocracy is practically a household term, which is as much a testament to the film’s enduring satirical genius as it is to the country’s terrifying free-fall which includes, among other things, a not-totally-impossible Trump presidency. 

And since it’s hard to shiver in fear while you’re laughing, the Alamo Drafthouse And Art House Convergence Theaters have decided to screen the film for one night only this coming October 4. Alamo explained the decision in a press release: 

"Ten years ago, satirist Mike Judge told of an impossible future in which our collective intelligence had dropped so low it threatened to destroy the world. In this future, America was run by a corrupt, sociopathic former pro-wrestler with severe anger management issues, and the most popular entertainment in the land was a YouTube-esque video playlist called “Ow My Balls.” 

Flash forward to today. We are approaching the end of the most bizarre, absurdist presidential race in U.S. history. Over the past months, thousands have questioned in social media whether Idiocracy was actually a documentary. Mike Judge’s sadly prescient film has transcended its cult classic status to become a vibrant and essential facet of this election conversation."

We are where we are because while the smartest Americans have been thinking things through and carefully planning their lives and the lives of their children, the Clevons of the country have been  running around breeding like rabbits and doing the bare minimum to educate themselves or make any kind of contribution to the planet.

All of course with the full support of the Republican party whose life blood is the uneducated, hyper religious, non-critical thinking voters of America. 

And if you think that this Clevon family seems familiar well you are probably thinking of their real world doppelgangers.

Yeah, scary isn't it?


  1. Scary and entirely accurate, if the South & Midwest are any indicators.

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      Uhm sorry but this isn't a geographical problem. Idiots are everywhere, from Trump in NYC to the Palin's in Alaska.

    2. Anonymous2:11 PM

      And if you think that this Clevon family seems familiar well you are probably thinking of their real world doppelgangers.
      G you nailed it! And show pics from the BRAWL and the smackdown of Jordan complete with her preggo body in court for her honey!
      Idiocry could BE the palin family! Bristol and her Bastards, screaming on Texts about her BF's and sniping at people on FB. Yes and President Comacho is Trump! Yes give the crops that superfood I make in Trumpsville!
      OMFG. I will be so happy when this is over and the Rubes have to crawl under their fucking rocks again. At least we know who they are now also,too!

    3. Anonymous3:24 PM

      My New England family is a perfect example. The Xtians aren't exactly rubes, they're all educated (if homeschooled and some online Christian university) with decent jobs. But one family is responsible for more than 1/2 of the grandchildren produced by 7 families.

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Idk the Palins just want people to be independent and strong and have faith in themselves. She has 3 fully independent kids all homeowners. All work for what they want. All stand by beliefs, you know those things no one can call wrong because they're beliefs. They don't judge. They accept all. Losers call them anti gay when all of them have gay friends. These are facts that people here will attack me for because you live in denial and pretend to know people you don't. Remember though. To call them the things gryphen does is to call everyone Levi knows the same thing. You know that guy who's 26 and has no interest in voting.

    1. Anonymous4:27 AM

      You're kidding, right?

    2. Anonymous4:36 AM

      Homeowners? Track lives in the airplane hanger. Willow has never owned a home. Fully independent? None of them works a 40 hour a week job.
      And the voting thing? Bristol never even voted for her mother in 2008. Dreamboat MOH is registered in Kentucky as far as we know. You are delusional, Lou Sarah.

    3. Anonymous4:39 AM

      Lawd, here we go again, speaking of idiocracy....

    4. Anonymous4:44 AM

      "Sambo beat the bitch."
      Yep they accept all.

      Yep, they accept all.

      Do you think I'm a pussy?"
      Yep, they accept all.

      i wisj Gryphn would just block 4:18s ridiculous drivel. ut then I guess it woyld put the poster out of a job.

    5. Anonymous4:55 AM

      You and your sick obsession with Levi.

      Stop terrorizing his family and friends, you psychopath.

    6. Anonymous4:59 AM

      Nothing wrong with having no interest in voting if you're an Alaskan. Most Alaska elections are a waste of time.

    7. Anonymous5:18 AM

      The Palin family brawl showed the world what trash they are. Bristol Palin showed the world what a foul-mouthed drunk she is- when she's not posing for phony pictures for you to admire- and what a bad mother she is. The police recordings complete with the screaming of her terrified child are still on the internet for all the world to listen to.

      Independent? Strong? Only in your diseased mind, Alicia.

    8. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Attn: @4:55:
      You and your sick obsession with Gryphen.

      Stop terrorizing his blog and friends, you syphilitic retarded psychopath.

    9. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Just talk. Lets hear from employers and real estate persons. Other culture barefoot children say alot. Racists would go after you if you were not halfies. Go suck your toes.

    10. Anonymous6:49 AM

      @4:18 AM What property do you own? You are still a dependent of Linda and James Mangelsdorf, and you don't pay rent.

    11. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Is that you, ms. mangelsdorf?

    12. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Why are you so jealous of Levi? He is supporting his young family, while you,at 32 years old, are still living with your parents. Can't you find a job, or live a life on your own, Alicia?

    13. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Iron Investments LLC owns Willow's home, and owned Bristol's former home as well as lots on Lucile Lake next to Todd and Sarah. Fishy???? There is no telling what that group of deplorable is hiding.

    14. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Track actually just acquired a property under his own name. Shocking! But certain his mother provided the necessary funds.

    15. Anonymous9:05 AM


      There are no properties listed in the Mat Su Borough property records under Track Palin.

    16. Anonymous10:05 AM

      4:18. You are deranged. You said "All stand by beliefs, you know those things no one can call wrong because they're beliefs." So if I believe the world is flat, I'm not wrong because it's a belief? You just prove Gryphen's entire post about idiocracy and probably fear facts, truth, and any education that requires critical thinking. You replaced all of that with your warped Palin-love belief system.
      The funny thing about this is that you are so idiotic that it's easy to believe you're just messing with us all....but you fit the GOP mold so well right now that it's entirely believable that your mind is truly that messed up.

    17. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Barstool declared no income for several years when she was trying to rape Levi for child support, yet she's owned several houses and a pontoon boat.

    18. Anonymous2:13 PM

      THEY ARE ALL GRIFTERS LIKE TRUMP! STFU Alica you dumbassed troll!

    19. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Mengeledork is married?
      But she lives with mommy and daddy.
      The above link reads she is married.
      God she is such a liar.

    20. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Dreamboat MOH is registered in Kentucky as far as we know.

      If Dreamboat is still registered in KY he won't qualify for next year's PFD.

      I always thought that was the reason for the timing of his "change of residence." A week or two later and he wouldn't have had 6 months in Alaska in 2016 to qualify.

      Right? You have to live here 6 months prior to the first of the year that you first apply? I could be wrong. If so, sorry to mislead you all.

      Although, I have to say (as a positive toward the Palins) that they are very careful about not applying if they don't qualify. That's because they KNOW Alaskans will hunt up the list of applicants and turn them in if they try.

    21. Anonymous3:04 PM

      11:14 Just to set the record straight. Bristol did not declare ZERO income, unless you have a link.

      You are referring to a piece of paper filed by Levi's attorney for child support reasons.

      Many people on here at the time said the ZERO income on Bristol's side of the sheet was that way as the paper only was for Levi's and that legal people all knew and understood it to be that way.

      Just trying to clear up inaccuracies based on info we have.

    22. Anonymous3:27 PM

      3:04; you're wrong. Bristol went to court wailing and shrieking that she was owed soooooo much of Levi's paycheck because look, she had NOOOOOO income. Meantime, Mommy's PAC buys her houses and a boat and "Lou Booton" shoes and trips to Hawaii. So which is it? Is she completely dependent on Levi's money to support herself and her multiple illegitimate children, or is she self-supporting? You can't have it both ways.

    23. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Let's see, had old stupid McCain chosen Lieberman instead of cross eyed fashion challenged Sarah, none of the older Palin drunken imbeciles would own anything other than a pair of Fruit of the Loom underwear.

  3. Without self-awareness there is void.

  4. Anonymous4:20 AM

    The Palins will still be holding up and carrying their sons around like that when they're 15 years old and a hundred twenty pounds apiece. They know NOTHING about parenting and it already looks ridiculous. Stupid fucks.

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Trigg was used as a shield to conceal ANOTHER pregnancy of Bristle's. She always held him up in front of her, covering her belly. That looked so stupid, since we all knew what she was doing.

    2. Anonymous2:36 PM

      One G.
      Like TRiG
      For Trisomy G
      Which means Trisomy 21
      Which is down Syndrome.
      They named the kid another name for Down Syndrome.
      NOT Trigg.

      And if people are sick of me posting this every time someone writes Trigg?
      Tough shit.
      I will point out the unfortunate name they gave that child until the end of my time.

  5. abbafan4:27 AM

    The corporate-influenced dumbing-down of simple white Americans has succeeded! When you have dysfunctional, uneducated Billy-Bobs proudly waving their guns and rebel flags while revering The Donald as their hero, as he makes his own rules up, that is fuckin' scary!!

    Once again, I implore my educated American neighbours, on November 8, when you pull the lever, think of your future - keep trump the fuck out of the White House!!

  6. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Good move.
    It is now a documentary and we should all take note.
    What a message that would be!!
    Can it be re=entered in the documentary category in a few weeks for the Oscars?

  7. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Once again Trig has been woken from a sound sleep to pose for a picture. Sarah is such a shitty "mother".

  8. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I'll have to see it again, I guess. The first time I saw it, it was just a movie, not really all that great, but certainly amusing and chilling in its way.
    I still say that Trump is President Scroob in the movie "Spaceballs", lording over the assholes, hanging out with bimbos and Dark Helmet,and trying to steal the air from our world. This is why I continue to call Trump "Skroob". I think we should make a t-shirt with Mel Brook's Skroob photo on it, with the phrase "If Trump wins, we're all Scroob". Sorry, it's early in the day, and I'm sick of people who proudly wear "I'm Deplorable" t-shirts.

  9. Anonymous5:13 AM

    I have been thinking of that every same movie for a while now! It was quite foretelling. Republicans and Conservatives love to bash Hollywood. That is because Hollywood is expert at portraying them on the screen for all the world to laugh at and deride.

  10. Anonymous5:24 AM

    What a shame that picture doesn't include the pregnant beaten girlfriend and the alcoholic son-in-law and the disappointment baby.

    Willow's boyfriend works for a living and can read and write, no wonder he's never in the family pictures.

    1. Anonymous5:55 AM

      Why anyone would willingly get involved with that tribe is beyond me, but I have self-respect so of course it wouldn't compute.

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      This was taken before the beat up pregnant girlfriend showed up. Strangely, the mother of Trick/Track's baby is not included in the photo. I wonder why he was not holding his REAL loves, his guns?

  11. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Oh. Only one theater for one night.

    I thought it was getting a more national release for a longer time so more people could see it. Because it was before it's time and a commentary on the elections, etc.

    Mike Judge should be considering a third in the series called Deplorables or something. Then again, anything he did about the current Republican candidate and his supporters would just look like a documentary and not a satire.

  12. Anonymous9:01 AM

    My mother and I were having a conversation yesterday and she said that she was sick to death of hearing about "baby mamas" and "baby daddies" and whatever happened to the actual "family".

    I personally think that this great random breeding experiment that is happening in America now, with women bearing children from multiple men and men impregnating multiple women, is an utter failure and soon people will realize that for success children need the strength and nurturing found within the family unit and things will begin to trend that way again.

  13. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Is 8-year old Trip so misbehaved that he can't stand still for a photo and needs mommy to hold him like a 1-year old?? And what the hell is going on with Sarah's hand, did they have to photoshop that bone-white claw to try to make it look more human and less like something found on fowl?

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      That photo is at least 3 years old.

  14. Whether it's politics or love or religion, I'm resigned that one of the unfortunate default behaviors in we humans is that we find it much more comfortable to voluntarily remain fooled than to painfully admit we've been fooled. The same impetus governs the battered spouse able to choose flight but doesn't, the parishioner continuing to financially underwrite an institution that used their funds to cover up the rape of children.

    Thus, what degree of willful, dishonest recall is required in a voter who survived eight years of Cheney & Bush to now pull a lever for Trump?

  15. Anonymous10:27 AM

    It was a funny movie. Been meaning to send it to my sister for Chrismas. But it was spot on back then, and now we are here. The American dream has become the American nightmare.

  16. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Unfortunately even if the 'deplorables' watched this movie, they would not see themselves in it. Like the river in Egypt, it's called denial. Such a sorry time for this country.

    Too bad one of the major networks won't be airing this weekly.

  17. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Ha! I never noticed the TV above the refrigerator. So tacky.

  18. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Idiots lack self awareness and will project their shortcomings to those that they don't like. Great movie though!

  19. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Sarah's Facebook page is losing likes every day. Why would this happen?

  20. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Looks like Grandma's flat broke. Instead of buying a new fridge, she's duct taping Bristol's "Crafts" to the front door. When is one of those kids of hers going to have a legitimate child?

  21. Anonymous4:42 AM

    LOL. A TV on top of the fridge, probably one of a dozen TVs they keep around the house to babysit/educate their bastard spawn. What a fandamily of stupid ignorant fucks.


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