Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This may be what finally costs Donald Trump almost all of the female vote in November.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

In the final moments of the first presidential debate Monday night, Hillary Clinton brought up Alicia Machado, a former winner of Trump’s Miss Universe pageant, who told Inside Edition earlier this year that Donald Trump referred to her as “Miss Housekeeping” and “Miss Piggy” after she gained weight following her victory in 1996. “After that episode, I was sick, anorexia and bulimia for five years,” Machado said of the ridicule from Trump. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone to a lot of psychologists to combat this.”

As Clinton mentioned during the debate, Machado became a U.S. citizen earlier this year and “you can bet she’s going to vote this November.” In response, Trump repeated the question, “Where did you find this?” and later defended the derogatory comments he has made in the past about Rosie O’Donnell. Tweeting in Spanish following the debate, Machado thanked Clinton for respecting women, adding, “I’m with you!”

This morning on Fox and Friends Trump essentially doubled down on his comments about Macahdo.
Oh yeah, I am sure the women are just DYING to vote for this misogynist  asshole.

Trump also doubled down on his attacks against Rosie O'Donnell last night:

"I said very tough things to her,” Trump admitted. “And I think everybody would agree that she deserves it, and nobody feels sorry for her.” 

There are still going to be some women who vote for Trump, probably the same ones who consistently vote for Republicans working hard to strip them of their rights and reducing them to breeding stock, but I think the majority of women are going to have a very visceral and negative view of Donald Trump after learning about his harsh words to this Miss universe contestant and Rosie O'Donnell.

The man's a pig. And I think women know a pig when they see one.


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Plus the racial connotation of the phrase "head of housekeeping". He is nothing but a racist, sexist pig.

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Melania will never keep her promise. Trump has to be Trump and he can never change. They are Mr. and Mrs. Pig. He lost. Thanks Melania.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      I would agree except that I love those little pigs. He is more like a wild nasty sexist Boar, A big ugly nose that snorts. A bit different than a cute little piggy.

    3. Anonymous9:42 PM

      So instead of 'pigs' and better yet:

      "I am no cactus expert, but I do know a prick when I see one!"

    4. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Just add lipstick and it will be all better,

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    There were two things that bothered me about the debate.

    First, while coming on stage, Hillary had to walk over to little Donnie to shake his hand and again in the end. I suppose this could be looked at a couple of ways, however the most obvious is he was taking the power position. Making her walk over to him while he stood in front of his podium. Her advisors should tell her to stop half way !!!

    Another way to look at it, was little Donnie doesn’t have the stamina to walk across the stage :)

    Second, he threatened and intimidated her at the end when he stated I was going to say something nasty about you and your family but I am not going to and Hillary ignored him.
    That is a threat !!! I haven’t seen any news program mention this and I think it was important that a so-called candidate threatened another on the debate stage. Little Donnie gets another pass.

    Finally any woman that even considers voting for little Donnie is brain dead as far as I am concerned.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      The Orange Anus acted like he had no clue who Hillary was talking about and surprised she brought up Alicia Machado.

      Seems this story hit the news two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS! Did they just not pay attention? Was this dismissed as minor and not worth their time?

      Of course, we all know Trump didn't prepare worth shit for this debate. This is just another indication that he is clueless, self-absorbed, has no attention span to speak of and lacks any self-discipline in actions or preparation.

      It will be 5-7 days before we know what, if any, gain Hillary will make in the polls. If the undecideds are still willing to overlook everything and support this bloviating Cheeto Hitler, then we are in real trouble.

    2. Anonymous3:08 PM

      I saw a woman interviewed who's voting for Donnie because he'll choose an antiabortion supreme court judge and "not much could go wrong in the country in only 4 years". So depressing that my fellow Americans are such morons.

    3. Anonymous3:34 PM

      The Clinton campaign undoubtedly spent big bucks on the psychologist budget. Everything Clinton did and said was geared to the main goal of the evening... send Trump into a tailspin.

      The psychologists knew that they needed Trump thinking about the fear of having a tiny penis, of having to medicate to get an erection, of needing a roadmap to even find his dick. Trump is wildly insecure, and even Clinton's body language was setting him off.

      Nothing in this debate was about winning voters. It was all about leading Trump into the morass.

      So many glorious moments, too. A presidential nominee talks about a 10 year old child's computer skill in response to a question on cyber security. 80 million viewers all watching Trump string words into non-sentences.

      Clinton had one job and she did it superbly.

    4. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Donnie doesn’t have the stamina to walk across the stage

      It is his poor health and his lung problem.

      He needs to be honest and reveal why his lungs are so bad. It is clear he couldn't walk anymore and it must have been something for him to stand that long.

    5. "Was this [Machado] dismissed as minor and not worth their time?"
      Yes of course it was. It concerned someone who was a) a woman b) Hispanic and c) twenty years later, old!

      Not even human, let alone worthy of wasting any time thinking abut her.

    6. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Anyone who follows Al Giordano saw this one coming. He gave a lecture in Wisconsin in April 2016 about how to defeat Trump with super models. You can find his lecture on YouTube. (Hillary or her team sure did!)

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    He is much much worse than just a pig. He appears to be an 11 year old incorrigible, bullying, pathologically lying brat. He is a case of arrested development.

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Initially I did not grasp the significance of degrading her to work in housekeeping because she is a Latino.
    Watching the Clinton ad theFormer Miss Universe did not gain "a massive amount of weight" nor "60 to 70 pounds" Trump lies to justify his abuse to manipulate, control and even blame her for his verbal and mental abuse humiliating her even today.

    Abusers always blame their victims lying and making things up.

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Trump rought cameras to her workout?!


      He's an orange anus indeed!

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      "“I was the first Miss Universe after Trump bought the pageant,” Machado, says in the video. “He was overwhelming. I was very scared of him. He’d tell me ‘You look ugly’ or ‘You look fat.’ Sometimes he’d play with me and say, ‘Hello, Miss Piggy. Hello, Miss Housekeeping,'” Machado recalls. Although she gamely participated in many ad campaigns and “earned the company a lot of money,” she claims she was never compensated the 10 percent of the profits she was contractually obligated to receive for her promotional work."

      He also stiffed her on compensation.

      So a two-fer.

    3. Anonymous3:02 PM

      The cameras capture she was not 60-70 pounds overweight.

    4. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Machado said she gained 15 pounds. If she weighed 118 at 5'7" she would still be slim. He is a pig of epic proportions. My apologies to pigs.

    5. Anonymous6:56 PM

      I remember when he called press to the gym. I was 16 years old, but it was burned into my memory. Such a degrading effort to put her in her place. Honestly, I was not a "woke" teenager or particularly concerned with things going on around me. But the way he treated that poor girl, I remember thinking, "way to create an eating disorder". I have hate him from that moment. The way he spoke about Rosie cemented it. She made fun of his hair on the view. Honestly, how many people have made fun of his hair? And how many of those people were subjected to constant verbal abuse? One. Rosie. And why? Because she was a woman he seemed unfuckable. If a woman won't hold her tongue and isn't a ten, abuse.

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Frontline on PBS is airing a program on Hillary and little Donnie tonight.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM


  6. Anonymous2:31 PM


    "A decade ago, as NBC points out, O’Donnell helped to mainstream a now-popular line of attack against Trump—that he’s not self-made but a product of his father, that he repeatedly bankrupted himself to get out of paying what he owed, that he’s a “snake-oil salesman.”"




  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Is this a Trump pig, slob and dog?


    Alicia Machado


  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    The aged orange dumpling is too stupid to see women as anything but objects. It's his history. He's an idiotic little boy.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      And why I have no use for Melania.

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "They’ll note that Trump and Rudy Giuliani, whose affair during his second marriage was such a tabloid frenzy that his wife learned about their separation after he announced it to reporters, are hardly the arbiters of marital propriety. Throw in top Trump defender Newt Gingrich, and the three men have nine marriages and almost as many messy divorces among them."

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/donald-trump-strategy-228811#ixzz4LV0rN8HA
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook"

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I hope someone makes a movie about Alicia Machado and Trump and his abusive behavior


    Miss Universe 1996, who says she has never recovered from the experience.

    Ms. Machado, who grew up in Venezuela, said she had had eating disorders and psychological trauma as a result of the episode.

    “I was sick — anorexia and bulimia for five years,” she said in an interview with The New York Times in May.

    “I was 18. My personality wasn’t created yet. I was just a girl.”

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      I agree with those that brought up coke. I guess a certain age group of us know these signs and further, that rich people are immune from prosecution.

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      They make movies about casino developers.
      Why not Trump?

  11. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Do not overlook she did more promotions and commercials than other contestants, was supposed to get 10% and he didn't pay her a penny!

    "Trump said the morning after the debate that he doesn’t regret publicly criticizing Alicia Machado’s body."

    I doubt it occurred to Trump that the reason she was stress eating was HIM.

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Can't believe she would only get 10% by contract. That's insane.

  12. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Trump is going to win.

    The press is a joke, it is more than obvious they are trying to force Hillary down everyone's throat.

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      I would love to be a fly-on-the wall on election night, when, not only little Donnie loses the election but he loses to a woman !!

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Are you drunk, 3:11, Trump kool-aid is addictive.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      We know, like how he won last night.

    4. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Ah, the old "down our throats" line. Secretary Clinton got you off the rails as well as poor, little Donnie. The joke is you.

    5. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Trump trolls are mentally ill.

    6. Anonymous8:48 PM

      I'm sure you are enjoying donnie's little Dick in your mouth - won't reach your throat

  13. Anonymous3:16 PM

    As soon as Melania Trump does her media press about immigration and elaborates on how thankful she is, that is when all the females will flock to Trump. He needs to show them how solid his marriage is. How honest and upright citizens they are. They are a perfect team for the White House. No one will know that unless Melania is out front and keeping her word.

    Not good that she stole from Michelle Obama. She needs to come through with something or she looks like a moll.


    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      He does need Melania to come to and follow up with their promise. Is she an out of control wife and what the others say is true?

      Is Melania another victim of the woman hater, donald Trump.

      No one is forgetting what Ivana said about rape although she tried to back peddle. At least Ivana was able to participate. More than arm candy.

      A lot hinges on Melania if Trump wants to appear to like women.

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM

      If Melania only appears as a mistress when she is in public, that is not going to go well for Trump.

      You would think he could figure that out.

      If he has figured it out and he makes sure she is silent and for looks only, you know he hates women. He hates them and he is proud of his position on women and how it looks.

      Ivana did try to build up the _ he is good for women _ but she failed.

      His wife is a failure since she is a thief and she doesn't keep her word about her immigrant story.

      He will keep the crazies that already like him no matter what, but that is not what he needs. It is not that far from election. Time is not on his side.

    3. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Karma would be if, right after he loses, he has a stroke, becomes bedridden and unable to divorce Melania. Then, she gains weight, and he's stuck with her.

    4. Anonymous4:36 PM

      She won't gain weight since she has been doing the pool boys all this time. She keeps in shape for them. Trump just thinks it is about him.

  14. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Rosie O'Donnell tweeted this clip immediately following the debate last night.

    "the 5 mins orange anus can't seem to get over"


  15. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I disagree. Trump's mocking and making fun of a reporter with cerebral palsy didn't lose him any support among parents of special needs children, did it? Trump supporters overlook his many and obvious shortcomings as a candidate.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      He is going to shoot someone in Times Square or wherever he said to prove he can't loose any supporters. Will he win any new ones? That is what he needs.

    2. Anonymous4:31 PM


  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    IRS>Remember this guy? Al Capone>
    There was no doubt that Capone spent vast sums but, legally speaking, the case against him centered on the size of his income. Capone was convicted and was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison in November 1931, fined $50,000 plus $7,692 for court costs, and was held liable for $215,000 plus interest due on his back taxes.

    IRS.Do what we all pay for, bust this fucker for tax evasion. Drumpf "KNEW"



    Now this:

    HRC"Paying zero in taxes doesn’t make you "smart."

    It makes you a tax evader."


  17. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I only wish that I was as pretty as Ms. Machado! Women have enough struggles with image and body issues without the likes of that blowhard mouthing off. Has HE looked in the mirror lately? Disgusting pig!

    Unfortunately, women WILL vote for him. Religious principles dictate that man is the head and women are to submit. Some still believe that; heck, I'm old enough to remember when "obey" were in marriage vows for women only!

    Sorry, I've worked too hard to be considered second class nor have ANY man tell me what I will or will not do, and I don't even consider myself a feminist. I'm a living, breathing, human being that believes in rights for ALL.

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      And some of these uneducated white women act as if by voting for Trump they're being tough. They act as if feminism is something bad and they wear their anti-feminism as a badge of honor. They act as if acting this way somehow makes them stronger.

    2. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Too funny. One of the headlines at HuffPo is "Clinton Totally Schlongs Trump."

    3. Anonymous4:26 PM

      I won't vote for Trump because he is incoherent. His other deficiencies are just more reasons to eliminate him from the political discourse.

    4. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Good point, 3:46 PM, and why is that? Those that have gone before them paved the way for them to have the rights they enjoy to do so, yet they're willing to throw it all away?

      If it weren't so downright scary for my children and grandchildren, I would say, "may they get exactly what they're praying for." Cognitive disconnect.

  18. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hillary is going to win.

    The press is a joke, it is more than obvious they are trying to force Donald down everyone's throat.

    Problem is, most of us choke on big, fat, orange anuses.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM


    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Good god we need to vote out repubs, again holding down bills before shutdown.

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Vote Republicans OUT beginning w/the asshole, Donald Trump and on state, local and community levels.

      They are a pox upon our country. The majority of them in the U.S.Congress especially need to be replaced. And, they are ALL telling their state voters they are supporting Trump.

      Alaska's delegation has announced their support of Trump and Murkowski especially needs to be replaced - as she is on the Republican ticket for reelection.

      Get rid of her, Alaskans!

  19. Anonymous3:42 PM

    OT? G truth.

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      north pole is the wasilla of interior alaska.


      No need to post the names...there are many.

  20. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Born too soon for Reality TV. The handsome and charismatic builder was one of the first front-page-celebrities. A great driving force behind development, born in modern times he could have been a politician. He could have had more beauty contests than anyone. You never saw him fat, bloated or orange.

  21. Cracklin Charlie4:05 PM

    Hey, girls...
    You know we're all Miss Piggy to Assface, right?

    Well, I love Piggy, and I would pay money to see Piggy go upside his head with her pocketbook!


    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      I would love that!

    2. Hi Cracklin Charlie!

      Since you appear to be so fond of Miss Piggy, I thought you'd like to see how famous she really is:


    3. Cracklin Charlie4:44 PM

      Hi Ginger!

      Maybe I'm missing something. I thought your link would be about Piggy. It seems to have more to do with Ms. Muchado, and something that she allegedly did after her experience with Assface Trump.

      Surely you're not suggesting that it is okay for a man like Donald Trump to treat the winner of his first beauty pageant in 1996 so deplorably, because of something that allegedly happened to her two years later?

      There is no excuse for how she was treated by Trump. None.

      Now, for the Piggy fans, here's one of mine and my grandgirl's favorites...Miss Piggy and the Bayside Boys!


  22. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Don may be many things to many people, he would never have a prostitute like other famous casino planners/producers.

  23. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Donald Trump's debate style is a lot like him having sex.. Ten minutes of him saying how good it's going to be and then nothing.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Ten minutes of nothing followed by days of him bragging about how good it was for you.

  24. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Tony Schwartz is advising the Clinton team. That is awesome. If anyone knows Donald Trump it's Schwartz.

    Meanwhile Howard Dean is standing by his tweet that questions whether Trump has a cocaine habit. He's interviewed on MSNBC in which he refuses to take it back and says that while he doesn't like diagnosis watching TV that Trump hit four markers and so he spoke out.

    Meanwhile Brit Hume is being pilloried for making a sexist comment.

    "Hume describes Trump as looking “annoyed, put out, uncomfortable,” but what his description of Clinton is what sent Twitter off.

    “She looked, I think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive." "

    Hmmm, maybe he meant "stamina?"


  25. Anonymous4:13 PM

    AHA! Putin’s Troll Army Caught Rigging Twitter To Pretend Trump Won


    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Sadly, a fake. But the fact it went viral means it's very easy to believe.

      And that's a concern.

    2. Anonymous9:01 PM

      This is why I don't do Twitter, Facebook or any of that online poll crap.

      I imagine after that performance at the debates, Putin has a hard on for Donald to win the election.

  26. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Live, what a load of crap donnie is dishes. Airplanes fly again.? Wtf. We already do and have these things he speaks of. His supporters are so stupid. What crap. Haha and everyone is paying Ss for him and paying his businesses. What crap the gop have.

  27. Anonymous4:26 PM

    drumpf temperament:

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      I thought Donald Trump was on speed before this debate. This only makes drugs look more like a major part of his reality.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      IF drugs, cowardice.
      Looking forward to Maher on Friday!

  28. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Calling Trump sane is akin to calling Bristol promiscuous.

    The first lie just makes someone look stupid. The second lie makes them look stupid and sexist.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      I wouldn't call Bristol Miss Promiscuous. Facts are facts, she is pretty much just a small town skank. She likes to call a spade a spade, too. It is her right and she has the freedom to do so.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      True that and so do we. Have yet to see her prove otherwise, 5:18PM.

  29. Randall4:39 PM

    The week after 9/11 Rosie O'Donnell donated one million dollars to the city of New York.

    Donald Trump TOOK $150,000 meant to help small businesses damaged by the attack - even though Trump's businesses were not.

    Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a "pig" and a "dog" and a "slob"
    ...because Donald Trump is such a class act.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      It was funny because Rosie NAILED her impression of him, hair and all.

    2. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Rosie O'Donnel has never been funny, you just want to belive she is.

    3. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Whether she's funny or not, 6:22 PM, she has every right to respond. Got under his skin, did she? You betcha, because his is as thin as an onion, else he wouldn't have mentioned her in a national debate.

      You keep trolling here, but a waste of your time. Most people have already made up their minds, and your juvenile posts will not change a one.

  30. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Where is the orange annus that he dosen't see America is great and the greatest?! He doesn't go anywhere other than his own budinesses?! He must be a hermit. And stupid idiots are voting for him, when he will call them names, not pay them,...

  31. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Melania proved she wants to be like America's most beautiful healthy natural first lady. She will never prove she can make it to the White House with her pick of a husband. I don't blame her for hiding and only making appearances (like an old model or beauty contestant) with her husband.

    There is nothing Donald Trump can do about it.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Melania is a gold digger with no self-esteem else she wouldn't be with him. Contract marriage lucrative for her? That I would believe. Watch the body language; it's all there.

    2. Anonymous1:18 AM

      Melania is more than likely a victim. She probably walks on glass daily. Trump holds the green cards and papers.

  32. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Trump females must use gallons of botox. The headaches from listening to that Viagra garbage disposal. ))))good gosh wholly molly(((

  33. Anonymous5:57 PM

    tRump says its a Giant movement? OOoooooo0000.....flush

    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Better call the plumber!

      Trump needs his dip tube reamed out so the dope on the nipple won't backflow!

  34. Anonymous6:10 PM

    King ding dong debater is bigly mental. And hugely in need of nasal surgery. His nostrils are clogged with lies lies lies lies lies. Little tiny lying lying lying Donald john.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Donald John DRUMPF.

  35. Anita Winecooler6:14 PM

    He's been spinning this on Fox News. The woman was beautiful thin, and she's stunning with her natural curves. Donald, of all people, should talk. He looks like a sausage that split it's casing. How's that sow Ivanka looking with that baby bump, Trump? You call her fat, housekeeper etc? Take notes Melania, always wear your spanx, there's another you waiting for the chance to wreck his home. I'd respect you more if you left him, no amount of money is worth waking up next to that.

    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      I'll bet you my pension, Anita, that they don't sleep in the same bed, let alone have sex anymore. She got her claws in with Barron. Money for life.

    2. Anonymous1:02 AM

      more than likely she signed a major pre nup. And has zero recourse about anything. The bigly would be if she has been abused by him and she even signed off on that too.

  36. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Pigs are really smart animals that are horribly abused in this world. Trump is no pig, he is a monstrosity, an orange peanut, in a bag full of others that thinks it is better than everyone else. This young woman is quite a pretty young woman who was shamed by a bully, a nasty orange bully. So many men judge women by their age, their looks, their weight We are rated by them on if we are "doable." Donald Trump is just like those guys. He is disgusting. Why should woman be rated on their "doability?" Only low minded men do that. The world is so sexist and misogynistic even to this day, it boggles the mind. Half of Hillary's troubles are from sexism. Like women cannot possibly be as capable as the stupid men of the past that have ruined this country. Oh really?

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      He's one of those orange circus peanuts marshmallow things

  37. Anonymous7:46 PM

    "There are still going to be some women who vote for Trump, probably the same ones who consistently vote for Republicans working hard to strip them of their rights and reducing them to breeding stock,"

    No Gryphen some of the most rabid Hillary haters are the left wing mean girls who think they are showing their superiority by voting for Jill Stein, who couldn't get elected as local dog catcher.

  38. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Fox News host Shep Smith: ‘Across the board consensus was Hillary Clinton won the debate’

  39. Anonymous9:36 PM

    "I think women know a pig when they see one:

    Or better yet: "I may not be a cactus, but I know a prick when I see one!"

  40. Anonymous12:05 AM

    After all the talk today about Trump commenting on women's bodies, I decided to google "Trump man boobs," and here is one thing I saw:


  41. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Fox Nation news is such a terribly sick network. Trying to sway the American election and polluting the peoples minds that only watch no news fox skank network and associopaths of rapist and dumb women. Sick sick sick humans

  42. Anonymous1:15 AM

    How many Extortion victims in last from trump and foundation?

  43. Anonymous1:58 AM

    4chan and reddit used the old palin gig. Rig the polls. How very original and ignorant. It smells like you know who? Bigly job for the palins. Hacking and Lacking brains. Whoopsie. Extortion, hacking, Russian espionage, damages to victims.....whew!!! Gee Missy there will be hell to pay in court. Extortion and Deframation are very serious Criminal felony charges even 4tRump, palins, 4chan, 8chan and reddit to pay up. A hugely bust coming down 4 you yank and skank. Gee.... 4missy gonna confess to the crimes. Game over.

  44. Anonymous5:33 AM

    WOW!!! I just listened to the clip of him constantly interrupting Hillary. I cannot believe he would be just SO infantile! Why didn't the moderator interrupt HIM and stop him from doing that?!
    I applaud Hillary for maintaining her calm amongst this childish behavior, and for not scolding him like the toddler that he behaved like.

  45. Anonymous6:13 AM

    "Look at her fat face!!"

    "She's a fat pig!!!"

  46. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Even if Donald was the most qualified candidate in the history of America, I could never vote for him because of what he has said about minorities, immigrants, and especially women. I think how my beautiful 18 month old daughter and how it litrerally pains me to think we could have a President that would determine her worth by her looks or weight or skin color. I am crying as I type this.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:11 PM

      You are a good mommy.

      Your daughter's first memory of a president will be President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

      May your daughter grow to be a happy, healthy young woman. You will forever love having a daughter. Congratulations!

  47. Anonymous7:01 AM

    I switched over to Fox immediately after the debate to see what those idiots had to say. One of the first comments made was that she Mrs. Clinton appeared more composed than Donald, but at times did not appear ATTRACTIVE!!!!!! That is all those idiots care about.

  48. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Why aren't we outraged!


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