Saturday, September 03, 2016

Top Trump supporter apparently falsified much of his biography. Actually I think doing that is how you become a top Trump supporter.

Courtesy of CNN:

A top Donald Trump surrogate admitted to falsifying some of his professional accomplishments after a contentious confrontation with CNN anchor Victor Blackwell. 

South Carolina preacher Mark Burns, who regularly introduces Trump at his campaign events, had listed on his church's website that he had a Bachelor of Science degree and served six years in the Army Reserve. 

Burns, however, was never in the Army Reserve. He was in the South Carolina National Guard, from which he was discharged in 2008, CNN found. 

As far as a Bachelor's degree, North Greenville University told CNN he only attended the school for one semester. Burns admitted that he did not finish his degree when CNN asked him about it. 

When CNN confronted Burns about the various professional and social exaggerations he had featured on his biography, Burns first said the page had "obviously" been either "manipulated or either hacked or added." 

But the site host, Wix, said there was no evidence of a hack. 

I think my favorite part is when this idiot starts claiming that the interview, which has him surrounded by lights, with a microphone, and in front of cameras, is supposed to be "off the record."

Yeah, that's how that works.

For those of you who may have forgotten, Mark Burns is the guy who sent this tweet.

Yeah, that guy.

The other day some troll was on here claiming that I was being racist by suggesting that only self loathing or ignorant black folks could support Donald Trump.

This, this is the kind of African American who supports Trump.

I stand by my claim.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Trump swayed to the beat of gospel songs Saturday morning before he addressed the congregation directly.

    "For centuries, the African-American church has been the conscience of this country. So true,"
    -Donald Trump

    Then how come Donald and his pappy Warbucks evicted The Blacks?

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Because Those Blacks in the Trump apartments were down and out and could not support the lifestyle that Donald and his immigrant wives are accustomed to.

    2. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Not true. They worked. They could have paid the rent. Daddy and Sonny boy wanted no 'ni****s" in their building.

  2. Crystal Sage12:00 PM

    Gotta share this: the small lakefront community where I live in Canada has many summer residents who are American. Every Labor Day weekend we have an End of Summer parade complete with a coffin for a ceremonial burial of Old Man Summer. It was quite a surprise to many when the coffin was opened to reveal a dummy with a picture of Trump's face on it, as well as a small hand holding a Tim Horton's cup. It was a real crowd pleaser for both our Canadian friends and fellow Americans. Yes, everyone believes he's a clown; the dummy was dressed as a clown.

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Great sense of humor someone has!! I hope the joke will not be on us come November! He taked about illegals not having job skills, I wonder what "skills" his illegal immigrant wife has? Apart from posing naked, I mean.

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Totally agree with you, IM.

    Boy oh boy! Trump surrounds himself with people just like him! Should we really be surprised? Liars and Frauds!!!!

    Vote Hillary Clinton!

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Truly honest people want nothing to do with tRump and all his fraudulent "businessess.

    2. Anonymous2:28 PM

      Trump looked so condescending throughout that whole fiasco. Even his voice was dripping with fakeness.

    3. Anonymous5:09 PM

      I was laughing at his awkward attempt to sway back and forth (dance, maybe?)

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Trump didn't address much of a crowd in that church, according to the photos! Few showed up to greet and welcome him!

    Donald Trump is a racist and has always been!

    I'm surprised the roof didn't fall in when he entered the Church!

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Protest outside Detroit church

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    What? Say it ain't so, old Uncle Tom faked his resume?

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    O/T Sarah Palin you and Bristol are coming across as anti African-American.

    You and Bristol have attacked our president with nonsense since 2008, you and Bristol has chosen to crusade against Black Lives Matter and now Sarah Palin has chosen another African-American to whip and that is Colin Kaepernick. Sarah is quick to pound her fingers on her Facebook keyboard against Colin but is hesitant to tell the people what she has recently learned:

    'Take it a Step Further': 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Says He'll Donate $1 Million to Community Organizations

    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said he wants to do more than just sit on a bench or take a knee during the national anthem.
    On Thursday night, after a victorious preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, Kaepernick told reporters he planned to give the first $1 million he earns this year to unnamed community organizations."I am planning to take it a step further," he told reporters. "I'm currently working with organizations to be involved and making sure I'm actively in these communities as well as donating the first million dollars that I make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people."

    How many millions has multimillionaire Sarah Palin given away to communities, that includes Sarah's own money and SarahPac OPM

  7. 66gardeners12:26 PM

    Today on "AM Joy", Joy Reid revealed that Mark Burns now claims his resume is being scrutinized because he is a black man who supports Trump.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Joy Reid didn't 'reveal' that! Burns actually said that! Get your facts straight, 12:26 PM!

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Settle down 1:16. I think it was clear when they used the term "...Mark Burns now claims..." Was pretty clear to me that meant he said it. So they used the word "revealed" instead of " reported" or "said." Didn't need a nasty "Get your facts straight". - exclamation point, and all.....

    3. Sarah7:32 PM

      Mark Burns wasn't aware of the level of public scrutiny of people who venture into the public arena. Poor naive guy. He thinks they're wrong to find ur who he is.

      He thinks the public and the press should simply take whatever he claims about himself on faith. No, Pastor Burns, you're out in the real world now. We enjoy world class, fact-checked media. Sorry your integrity didn't hold up.

      What a fraud.

  8. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  9. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Anonymous 12:11 are from Wasilla and talking about you know who? Heard her boyfriend got sloppy seconds.

    Hey! How come your hole is so big and red?

    Anonymous12:11 PM
    I knew women who tried out "black men" just to piss off their parents or whatever, but really, I don't know anyone that's actually made a relationship outside of their race, either black or white. They do it to a prove point and then realize they have very little in common, at least the ones that I've known.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Which rock have you been living under?

      There are numerous mixed marriages and relationships.

      Sarah and Bristol both may have done what you describe. It happens. Sailor may be the product of anger fuking. Long hair white hippies use to work also to piss the parents off for some juveniles.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      12:11,here's hoping you don't breed. I have a niece with a black husband,the nicest man alive.Many mixed race couples live locally here on Louisiana. People are people,good,bad and ugly.It's not dependent on race.

    3. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Holy crap 12:11 - you are ignorant.

    4. Anonymous4:16 PM

      You stupid, stupid cockroach. I have been in a relationship with an African American man for 20 years. My neighbor also - for 30 years. My white co-worker has been married to an African American woman for 10 years. You POS.

    5. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Some find love outside their race, some find love in their own family. Something tells me Zelda settled for Clem when she should have dated outside her race.
      The most beautiful flowers in nature are hybrids.

    6. Anonymous8:25 AM

      @Anonymous 12:11 PM
      '''I knew women who tried out "black men" just to piss off their parents or whatever'''
      So you are saying white women use Black men as tools? Why do white women stoop so low?

  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Does anybody know why Melaria didn't go to the black church with the Don? Those blacks love them some Slovenian women.

    The Slovenia women saying,


  11. Anonymous12:44 PM

    But I don't understand. Donald says he only picks 'the best people.' He swears.
    Was he medicated this AM? The screaming maniac from the other night was replaced by a calm quiet grandpa reading from his Bible. Both of them nauseate me, but is he schizo?

  12. Anonymous12:57 PM


    "For centuries, the African-American church has been the conscience of this country. So true,"
    -Donald Trump

    Trump brings message of unity to black church in Detroit

    .... Sitting in a pew at the front of the congregation, Trump took a selfie with a church member and at one point held up a baby over his shoulders (I LOVE THE BLACKS PHOTO OP?). He then addressed the congregation....


    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      But, apparently, there wasn't much of a congregation for him to preach to. And Trump had a similar experience in Philadelphia yesterday in a North Philadelphia African-American church where 60-some managed to attend.

  13. Anonymous1:07 PM

  14. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Anyone that believes Donald Trump loves the black race is absolutely nuts! Check his record waaaay back - he's been a racists for eons - there are Court cases that were filed against him (regarding blacks) that he lost and had to pay big bucks (for)!

    Entering a black church and holding a black baby, does not make him 'appear' presidential or to love minorities.

    He's a lying piece of dog do!

    1. Leland2:55 AM

      "Anyone that believes Donald Trump loves the black race is absolutely nuts!"

      I would take that one step further. That sorry excuse for a human doesn't love anyone. What he does love is a THING - money.

  15. Anonymous1:43 PM

    This is OT, but maybe Gryphen will devote a post to the fake that is Bristol Palin Meyer. The photo is two days old and Bristol wrote.

    bsmp2Feeling accomplished right now. 🤓 Getting our sick baby girl to sleep was no easy task, it would've been night 3 of no sleep .. And we are spent! It's the more challenging moments like this that make me appreciate motherhood the most. Children are the greatest gift from God, and I am so thankful he has given me two of the most beautiful ones. This is the hardest job, but without a doubt, reaps the greatest rewards. #myloves #familyovereverything

    The biggest, most serious moment of Bristol's Motherhood is getting a kid who has been sick for 3 days, to finally go to sleep.
    1. Why didn't Bristol see a doctor after 24 hours of crying and no sleep? What took so long?
    2. At this age, it could be teething. Did Bristol think about some of those gum-numbing remedies?
    3. This is not one of the more challenging moments of being a parent. (Stop with the motherhood. There are supposed to be two concerned parents. Oops, maybe it's only one). What could be more serious? A child with asthma who literally cannot breathe. That is a rushed trip to the emergency room. None of that 3 days stuff. Another equally serious situation is a child with a life threatening allergy and that life-saving epi-pen just went up in price 700% because of the greedy owner.
    4. Where is the "father" dear Dakota in all of this? Isn't that the role of parents, to give each other a break so one of them can get some sleep? Bristol also has parents, grandparents and sisters nearby to baby sit so she can get a nap. I don't feel very sorry for her being sleepless for 3 days. I do feel sorry that Sailor wasn't seen by a doctor because there could have been something serious going one with her. Doesn't Bristol's native help care cover heath expenses?
    5. Bristol uses the comment to make the point that she has two children. Yeah, sure, if that is what you want us to think, Bristol. I'd be more concerned about Sailor than fighting old battles.
    6. Bristol also made sure to post "love notes" from Tripp and Dakota to show how important she is. Tripp is 7 going on 8 years old and that is not the writing of a 7 year old child. Dakota seems to have inserted "and choosing me to be your husband" in addition to his usual adjective, "amazing." Bristol chose Dakota? I don't know why I think that some of the idea came from Sarah. Dakota didn't choose Bristol? That begs a lot of interesting questions. Bristol is the one who walked out of their marriage the first time around. She is the one who kept Dakota away from Sailor. I still don't know why he was in such a rush to claim the child as his.
    7. Why would the challenging moment of having a sick child make Bristol appreciate motherhood so very much at that moment? Watching my child take her first steps, say her first words, laugh in recognition of Mommy and Daddy-- those are the moments made me appreciate the gift of having a child. Being worried about a sick child is a responsibility, not a cherished moment of being a parent. When we have children, by accident or by choice, it IS a big responsibility, something that Bristol clearly hasn't thought about until now. And if anyone knows Bristol, please tell her not to wait three days for a sick child to fall asleep. There could be something wrong. It is better to see a doctor and make sure that there is nothing wrong and to have some regrets later on. Looking at the photo of Sailor, who finally fell asleep, I can see that Bristol is hot holding her close, Sailor's head on her shoulder as she tried to comfort the child. OK. Maybe in her exhausted state, she laid Sailor down. I'm glad that Bristol still had time to put on eye make up and plump up her lips. Oh, the joy and pain of being a mother, a Palin Mother.

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Real challenging moments of parenthood:

      That time when your daughter was in high school and drinking on a boat with friends in the harbor and it SANK! There was fuel and oil polluting the harbor and lots of paperwork. Not to mention getting it all wiped from the internet. Can I say "screengrabs bitchez?" Wait, was this cheeky chit before or after your daughter had "mono"?

      Those times when your high school daughter's abstinence or birth control pills fail. If this happens at the same time there are both alcohol and boys around on a camping trip... then there could be another bun rising in the oven! You can ask Candies Foundation how all this chit works if you need more info.

      That time when the police were called to the party to help find your daughter's $300.00 sunglasses. They were lost in the dark. The kids could have helped, but it was really late at night, and they were safely away from all the drunks playing on the airport runway. The $300.00 sunglasses were one thing and the son who can't spell your last name was another! Palimino or some such nonsense? That's what you get with a lot of twofers I guess.

      That time someone claimed your daughter graduated with a 3.497 GPA in spite of being a single mother and having to hard ass work all thorough school. That 3.497 GPA and planning on going to collage sometime pretty much says F*ck the h8ters amirite?

      That time your son gets arrested on some trumped up domestic violence charges and it's all over the national news.. Wait... can I still say trumped up? lol


    2. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Why didn't Bristol take the sick child to Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson? Dr. Cathy would have come to the house if Bristol asked her.

      To withhold treatment means the child was suffering.

      That is child abuse. Of course, Bristol only cares about selling herself as challenged and her selfish crap.

      If Dr. Cathy was busy or out of town, she would have someone there to get the child out of it's misery.

      Bristol must have been loaded, she has the nanny and any number of people who help her. 3 days is along time to be so out of it they could not get the child cared for.

      When is Dakota going to stop putting off his human trafficking campaign? It takes money and who will donate if he lags or looks like a flake?

      All that happened so far is someone puts up a post wanting money, "donate". Money for what exactly?
      Military charity fraud is more popular than true charitable works and giving to the right people and cause.

      Dakota get out there working the publicity and informing the public what this is really about. The Marines don't set you up with a foundation so you look lazy and inept. Hit the publicity circuit so the public will know what you are up to.

      Don't use the excuse that you are a father. Many mothers or fathers care for very sick kids while the other mate is taking care of other business.

      You would admit Bristol is a poor weak mother if she can't do what most Americans do in that sick baby situation.

    3. Anonymous3:17 PM

      Two kids? Where is this one from her 2006 pregnancy?

      And where is this one from her 2010 pregnancy?

    4. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Sick squalling baby keeping you awake? That's what grandparents are for, time to drop it off with granny and gramps and get some damn sleep. What's wrong with this girl?

    5. Anonymous3:58 PM

      The Palins, all of them that post, they post on commercial business sites where they do sales. The internet is about selling the mythology. Whatever the post about a sick baby, it is done to sell herself, religious family or a product. It is propaganda. Contrived. Affected. That is why they speak so manufactured and unnatural. Note how they have to use 'husband' 'wife' and terms like that? They don't know how to be, they have to tell you.

      Repeat the lies often and people will believe it. They will tell you they are parents. They don't show it in any of their studied photos.

      Perhaps now and then some reality slips in.

      If that kid was sick she may have contacted germs the parents picked up at that filthy State fair in Alaska. Not filthy b/c Alaska, all places in all states have germs and filth.

      People get things on their clothes and hands and spread sickness.

      If the baby drinks Bristol's product or the garbage she gives to Tripp, baby immune system must be weakened.

      Palins are not the cleanest people. The baby may be sick.

      Dakota travels, he may carry Zika Virus back to Alaska.

    6. Anonymous4:55 PM

      She knows nothing about motherhood, and makes her baby's suffering all about her and her loss of sleep. Next time add vodka to your sippy cup, grab a wadd of cotton, shove it in both ear canals, and sleep. Three days of crying is a symptom of something wrong, do they have real doctors in wasilla?

  16. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Another Grifter . If you are "supporting trumps"
    Then you are either dumb or stupid, or maybe stupid and dumb. There is no other reason, that I can think of.

  17. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Not all blacks who support Trump are self-loathing. Some are just plain liars and conmen who are looking for leftovers from the biggest liar and conman around.

    Jumping on the gravy train. After all, this "pastor" has been a film flam man for years before he met Trump.

  18. Anonymous2:38 PM

    OT. Trump has many acquaintances that completely or partly falsify stories about who they are. People that will falsify about relatives and friends. Both big and little falsehoods.

    I read a comment where someone thought Sarah posed with Christmas decorations in the background around her fireplace, for the bloody eye injury shot. In the back, it looks like flag displays to me, she is partiotic, or that is an important meme for her to repeat.

    Personalize this flag display case

    There are many different styles. Most people hang them on a wall. A more permanent display.

    American heroes.

    Sarah may prefer to move her flag display cases around. It is more convenient to be able to change the displays when she has them leaning. Simple when, wherever she needs them for a photo or a current display if she has a guest.

    It makes Sarah look very patriot and accentuates her military family. Even if most of that is falsified, it looks good for many of her fans.

  19. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I love the deer in the headlights look on his face. Wonder how many mistresses or masters he didn't mention? If you're African American and for Donald, the bars pretty low to begin with. The man had staff write "C" (for colored) on applications for property, visiting a half empty church absolves him of nothing.

  20. If he was surprised that someone fact checked him, then he's dumber than Ben Carson


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