Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: "I've Had the Time of My Life."

Well since it seems that EVERYBODY wants me to post this here you go.

I guess it's a nice change from the normal political acrimony that we are awash in these days.

However I have to admit that I was hesitant as this was my wedding song.

Now if I could only remember from which marriage.


  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Good morning, TAWD.

    1. Anonymous5:27 AM

      Heh heh heh, that's what i was thinkin'!
      Tawd and Shailey.....d'ya think he sang it to $ara, or does he know another love ballad? maybe he takes requests? Male sopranos are few and far between since the castrati all died off. Tawd should take note and begin auditions immediately, make some beer $$. I hear $araPAC's donations are way down.

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Thanks, made me smile this am.

  3. Anonymous4:29 AM

    counting other peoples sins doesnt make you a saint.

    1. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Wish my 8th grade nun knew that.

    2. Anonymous6:58 AM

      @4:29 AM Tell that to Sarah and Bristol Palin.

  4. I saw this yesterday and think it's GREAT! Thanks for posting it.

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I saw the song from 'Dirty Dancing'

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I saw this earlier on fb. I laughed a bit but one part of my brain reminded me that Donald Trump is no laughing matter. Like when Jimmy Fallon rubbed that barbie doll hair made in Jhina, we can't see Trump as a person who plays nice in any way, shape or form. It's a dangerous thing. He has that same look in his eyes that Hitler had, and it doesn't make me feel good.

  7. Anonymous10:56 AM


  8. Anonymous1:41 PM

    You noticed the Hitler eyes too. I see batshit crazy, with an evil soul as well

  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    We didn't have a wedding song, unless you count Time Warp from RHPS. but I thought the video was cute, can't wait for Bad Lip Reading's version.


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