Saturday, October 01, 2016

Donald Trump says he "can be nastier" than Hillary Clinton "ever can be." (Gee, really?) Also backs off pledge to support her presidency when she wins.

Courtesy of CNN: 

Donald Trump is turning up the heat on his attacks against Hillary Clinton about her husband's past infidelities after a rocky week for his campaign. 

"She's nasty," Trump told The New York Times in an interview published Friday night, "but I can be nastier than she ever can be."

"Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics," Trump told The Times. "Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. I think it's a serious problem for them, and it's something that I'm considering talking about more in the near future."

When asked if his own affairs and failed marriages would prevent him from attacking Hillary like this, Trump said that they would not.

So it seems pretty clear that Trump sees this as a winning strategy to put Hillary on the defensive, however I would argue that it will do just the opposite and make women viewers sympathize with Clinton and turn against Trump even more aggressively.

Especially since he has now established a pattern of insulting and shaming women.

What was even more troubling from this interview was his response to the question of whether or not he would concede if Hillary won and support the decision of the voters:

And he backed away from his proclamation Monday that he would "absolutely" support Clinton if she won the election in November. 

"We're going to have to see," Trump said. "We're going to see what happens. We're going to have to see."

Considering how inflamed the Right Wing folks are right now, this is VERY troubling and suggests that Trump is prepared to demand recounts and challenge the outcome, which could inspire violence around the country, and ultimately make people forever question the validity of Hillary's presidency.

Just like they did during the Obama administration.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Why are his pupils so YUUUGEEEE?

    1. Anonymous12:28 PM

      He needs Mark Cuban and a cigar.

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Pupils HUGE before his coke runs down, like it did toward the end of the debate.

  2. "Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics," Trump told The Times.
    Demonstrating his ignorance once again.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Gingrich had his first wife sign divorce papers in her hospital bed, recovering from Cancer surgery. Second wife was informed he was divorcing her when she had MS, and he had been "dallying" with #3. He said about #1 "She is not pretty enough to be first lady" He really thinks he is a babe magnet, just like tRump. Ghoulianni moved his third wife into Gracie Mansion, the NY governors home, while wife #2 and their children still lived there!! Bill would have to really be a first class bastard to top these fugly sobs.

    2. Anonymous4:47 AM

      But, Anon at 12:51 pm, remember we're supposed to feel sorry for Newt because he's unfaithful when he feels stressed about politics. That was his excuse for his unfaithfulness while trying to impeach President Clinton. And the media bought it.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    welcome to the banana republic of the un-united states ..

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    She needs to say, "Look, Donald, what my husband did or not do with his dick has NOTHING to do with my brains, my experience, my expertise or my ability to be president. Look at all I have accomplished with his infidelities. Let it go Donald. Tell us specifically how you are going to get jobs back in the US. Take out ISIS, etc"

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Or she could say, "Bill and I decided to work on our marriage. How many marriages have you walked away from SO FAR?" Maleria looks bored as hell.

    2. Anonymous1:27 PM

      I think if Hillary used 11:44's words, she would pick up a lot of millenial supporters.

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      I think she should laugh in his face, shake her head and proceed to ask him why he is so obsessed with HER marriage.

      However he manages to weasel in this crap in the debate and however she responds, I will support her. Not like she hasn't heard this crap for some 30 years.

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I'm sure Hillary can handle any attacks on her marriage but I do find it quite troubling that he would consider contesting the outcome. He's invited Russia to hack her computers and has suggested second amendment people stop her Supreme Court choices. It is shocking how many misogynists in this country would laugh and cheer at the thought of physical harm coming to Hillary or even one of her surrogates. I'm in my mid fifties and I just don't recognize my own country anymore. And I certainly don't like what I'm seeing that it has become.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      I so agree with you 11:49 AM. I'm in my mid 70's and find this entire campaign horrible

      I feel for Hillary Clinton due to all the crap that is being thrown at her. I'm female and do not blame her at all for Bill's affairs. Remember folks, anyone that has been married with a husband that cheated is never happy with the women he had sex with...that is a given. Hillary didn't respond any differently that most women would in the same situation!

      I sincerely support and hope she can maintain her positive attitude and fortitude during this last month of the campaign.

      Trump is just pure evil and a rancid pox upon our country and world. And, he has zero room to talk when it comes to affairs and multiple marriages.

      Hillary and Bill remained married and worked through the situation. They are a very united couple and raised a beautiful daughter, Chelsea!

      I can hardly wait to see two Presidents Clinton in the White House!

      I'm voting for Hillary Clinton as she is the superior candidate to be our next POTUS. Trump is a bloviated asshole and totally unqualified!

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Uh feelings for the bitch who knowing he had a wife and kids seduced my husband (we are still together and much more happily after therapy now almost five years later? I STILL wouldn't give her a glass of piss to take a pill.

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Check out the latest Hillary campaign video.

  7. Virginia11:54 AM

    I love Obama and Hillary. She could be a great successor. I am afraid though that the R's vituperation of her will be a thousand or even a million times worse than what they have done and said about him. Their little pea brains will explode with having a black man in the White House for 8 years and then having a woman move in. It's gonna be an unnecessarily long and hard time for the US.

    1. Anonymous12:28 PM

      I agree completely. There will be some trying times ahead, especially for women and all of those folks of color but we must press onward. The alternative is far more dreadful. As a white woman, I have ashamed of the racism and hatred that whites have thrown at President Obama. I just do not understand why they hate him so much. He has been an excellent President and I'm thrilled to have been a citizen during his eight years of service.

    2. Anonymous2:06 PM

      12:28, so much this.

    3. Anonymous2:47 PM

      I think Hillary's election and the Republican party trying to block her as they have done to President Obama for two terms, will finally have massive repercussions....

      Americans are tired of their bullshit and it will be countered more than it was during President Obama's two terms.

      Their constant obstruction, racism and anti-women crap is no longer going to work!

      Republicans are going to lose races down the ballot and it's going to be a pleasure to watch.

      Vote out Lisa Murkowski Alaskans! She's come out in support of Trump and has been a 'do nothing' Congresswoman in a 'do nothing' United States Congress!

      I've never voted for her and never will. She's not very bright either. Check her voting record - easily accessible - she always votes 'in line' w/her party!

      She does NOT represent Alaskans!

      Turn Alaska 'blue' like we once were. Alaska is in a financial mess due to the majority Republican Alaska Legislature. They fucked up royally the way they spent money. Oil prices are down - no revenue coming in - they did not plan for a rainy day and we're all going to pay now due to their Republican ideology!

    4. Anonymous4:03 PM

      Or, they could take a long hard look at themselves and realize the damage they've done to this country, be thankful they narrowly escaped working for an unhinged tyrant, and actually do the job they were hired to do.

      I apologize in advance if I make anyone spit on their keyboard.

    5. Anonymous4:43 AM

      Anon at 4:03 pm. I hope you are correct that Republicans might realize the harm they have done by been so obstructive but I don't think they will. I think that, if Trump loses (please God), they will double down. No way will the current Congressional GOP work with the likes of a female president either.

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Why the hell hasn't one of his worthless kids taken him to Bellevue for a psych eval?

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      What, and stop the money train from the campaign?

    2. Because they are, as you say, worthless, and greedy little sociopaths, too.

    3. Anonymous1:54 PM

      It is very simple, 11:55am. The dingleberry doesn't stray far from the asshole. I'm afraid in a few years we'll be dealing with Ivanka or Din Jr candidacies for office and they've shown that they're as vile and repulsive as their father.

    4. Anonymous2:37 PM

      The Trump name is going to be damaged greatly after this election. There is no way one of Trump's kids will excel in running for any office - in New York or nationally! The Donald has ruined their brand and name....all by himself!

  9. Anonymous11:59 AM

    CNN gave Trump advice on what he needs to work on.

    I thought number 4 was an excellent one. Matter of fact they were all excellent suggestions but CNN could have added several more like:

    Stop acting like you want to get into Ivanka's panties

    Same with Perez Hilton

    Same with Carrie Prejean

    Same with anybody's underage daughters

    Show some affection to Tiffany but not like boyfriend girlfriend

    Act like you at least like Melania by showing her some attention. Watching sextapes with her of other people is not the way.

    Stop wearing all that orange makeup

    Follow First Lady Michelle Obama's advice and do some exercises and push aways. Push away from fast foods.

    10 things Trump could (but probably won't) change at next debate

    Trump has a short time to get over his drubbing in the first presidential debate and get ready for the next. He has, instead, been whining like a kitchen blender about the moderator, the microphone and his opponent while continuing to draw attention to the worst parts of his performance.

    1) Accept your defeat in the first debate

    2) Learn to apologize

    3) Play by the rules

    4) Act like you want the job

    5) Stop bragging

    6) Don't make so many faces

    7) Prepare and practice

    8) Update your references9) Abandon the Russians

    10) Be nicer

    1. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Each suggestion had a write up

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      The fact all these things have to be told to Trump in order to make him 'presentable' as the Republican candidate for POTUS is mindboggling!

      He's one fat, nasty, ego driven, lying dude and was a horrid choice for the Republican party! He'll never be elected POTUS. And, their party is going to be harmed for a long time to come.

      Vote for Hillary Clinton!

    3. Anonymous12:51 PM

      I think you meant Paris Hilton, not Perez Hilton. Although, who knows.... Perez is gay and Donald was good friends with Roy Cohn.

    4. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Too late. tRump thinks he is PERFECT just as he is.

  10. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Does he really believe the nastiest candidate will win?

    I've read his account of dodging adultery charges during his first divorce. Out of 100 questions he took the fifth 97 times. Ivana only got what was in the prenup.

    I'm sure his thinking goes something like this: They warned me not to go there and I didn't and I lost the debate. This time I'm taking her on, not just on this but on the e-mails too.

    He just doesn't get it and refuses to listen to anyone.

    Debate prep for Hillary should be easy this time.

    Donald will continue to ignore his advisers and pass off debate prep figuring if he's only going to attack her on Lewinski and the server he has it down and doesn't need to prepare.

    What an ass.

  11. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Donald Trump says he "can be nastier"

    How nastier can a father be to his daughter like what is going on in his brain?

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      He can be Hurricane Matthew! Let it rip!!

  12. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Wow, Hillary really HAS gotten under Donald's skin!

    'Tis a thing of beauty....way to go Hillary!!!

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Yep, he's on the end of her line, flapping and flopping but stuck fast.... and he doesn't even want to let go.

      Really, what a psychopath.

  13. Anonymous12:03 PM

    That's what will make America great again. The nastiest president. Does he even hear himself???

  14. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Sun Sentinel Editorial Board endorses Hillary Clinton for president

  15. Anonymous12:13 PM

    If enough Hillary supporters show up at the polls, I hope she wins by a huge landslide. trump won't have any reason to have recounts and he will look like a fool. He is a pig and a bully. Bringing up Bill's infidelity will definitely backfire on trump.

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Early voting begins here in AK on October 24, I will be first in line to cast my vote and then not have to think about this shit any longer!

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      I can hardly wait to receive my Absentee Ballot in the mail and mark it for Hillary Clinton. It will be damned satisfying to support the first female POTUS that is extremely well qualified for the job!

    3. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Early absentee voting started in Iowa a few days ago. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton and so did my daughter.It Felt Great!

    4. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Mailed mine in yesterday.

  16. Caroll Thompson12:16 PM

    There is nothing in our Constitution that says the Loser (hopefully Trump) has to concede in order for the Winner (hopefully President Hillary Clinton) to take office.

    The fact that he think it matters whether he accepts the results of the election proves how ignorant he is of our Democracy.

    1. Thou Shalt Not Criticize A Johnston2:23 PM

      He believes that if he rejects a Clinton win, it invalidates the results. It's always about him and what he wants or thinks.

    2. Anonymous2:32 PM

      I seriously doubt that Hillary Clinton would give a hoot if Trump supported her when she wins the election to become our next POTUS!

      She has many things that she hopes to do and accomplish once she takes the oath in January 2017!

      Trump will be the furthest thing from her mind! Onward and upward she'll go!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton! I am!

  17. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Obama’s Success Has Driven Republicans Out Of Their Minds

  18. Mr. Trump needs to just get out of the "all show and no go" category. Bring on all the accusations that were leveled at Bill.

    USA Today newspapers printed all the stories and students around America read
    what was in the daily news. Many schools put their subscriptions on hold due to the
    descriptive details reported by Monica.

    Now as I think back, I ask myself in this digital age, just how much information will be all over the net.

    This should be pretty interesting

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      This isn't a reality show, Gles. This is hundreds of millions of people's lives. If you want drama and dirt, go watch Real Housewives or something. You don't elect a president for the entertainment value.

    2. Anonymous12:55 PM

      In today's world nothing will shock the teens. On the net they can see it all, and in many cases they have done most of it.

    3. I understand this is not a reality show but rehashing old news is not the way to go. Our children do not need to know details, or suggestive insinuations.... But newspapers are gonna have a ball printing and selling.

    4. Anonymous4:37 PM

      I understand this is not a reality show but rehashing old news is not the way to go
      Well the donald thinks it is, he has spent a week yakking about it.

      How he can think in his pea brain this will help him with women is beyond me.

  19. Anonymous12:22 PM

    You know how SARAH PALIN pretended to be LOU SARAH? If you don't know ask any Alaskan or Google "Lou Sarah". What a fuc_ing joke that Sarah Palin is.

    Well The Donald did the same thing, he pretended to be John Miller, Google "John Miller Trump".

    Listen to the tape that made Marla Maples cry. What a dumb fuck that Trump is. At the end they reference more stupid shit he did. The audio can be heard at the Website below.

    Mother Jones-
    The Trump Files: Listen to Donald Brag About His Affairs—While Pretending to Be Someone Else
    This may be his best fake-spokesman moment ever.

    .... he's been far less hesitant to talk about his own affairs in the past. Just take the strange 1991 incident where "John Miller," one of the fake-spokesman personas Trump invented to speak anonymously to the media, bragged to People's Sue Carswell about Trump's sleeping around.

    Carswell called up Trump's office to talk about allegations that Trump had taken up with model Carla Bruni and dumped Marla Maples, the woman with whom Trump cheated on his first wife, Ivana. "He's living with Marla and he's got three other girlfriends," the "sort of new" PR man told Carswell when he called her back. "[Marla] wants to get back, she's told it to a lot of her friends and she's told it to him, but it's so highly unlikely."

    ... According to Trump Revealed, the book by Washington Post reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, Carswell then "called Marla and played the tape. Maples burst into tears and confirmed the voice was Trump's."

    Trump denied earlier this year that he was the one who spoke to Carswell, but thankfully we don't have to take his word for it. The Washington Post got audio of the call earlier this year, so you can listen to "Miller"'s decidedly Trumpy voice and make up your own mind.

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      He forgot to mention that he has to PAY these women to sleep with him. Remember he told Howard Stern that he was going to marry Maleria. He said "Vagina is expensive" So, it must have been cheaper to marry his escort.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      AREA CODE 907 everyone knows who rules supreme. Whatever name she has at anytime works for her. The woman can do anything she wants.

      She is ordained. Some say it is like being married by God. Sarah Lou Lou Sarah can officiate at weddings, like she did for her BFF. Think of all the couples she has married. No one knows the half of it because she is the best at keeping secrets.

    3. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Gryphen again continues to allow the looney Palin obsessed commentors to hijack a thread. Perhaps they ate the majority of his readers or maybe the sane people left because of this foolishness. I am starting to question my own judgment in reading here.

    4. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Oh he definitely rejects some comments if they even hint at criticism if certain people. His "sources" for example. The same people who sell out their own son in order to take shots at an "ex". But then this comment will probably be rejected. He'd trash President Obama if BO dared cross him on his Johnston worship. And BO is a smart guy and could see those people for who they are.

    5. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Sarah hasn't been ordained a minister in Alaska. There is no formal proof of anywhere to be found, folks!

      The State of Alaska allows residents to marry others, by going through them to obtain the license/authorization to do so...for one specific couple. The authorization has to be obtained from the State of Alaska for each marriage that is performed.

      My old boyfriend (long-time resident of Anchorage) married two couples in my home by obtaining the licenses to do so from the State. Worked beautifully! Two separate events.

    6. Anonymous2:54 PM

      My first wedding in AK was officiated by a friend who applied for one day license to marry. We were both Atheists who didn't want to marry in a church or be married by a church officiate.

      The actually ceremony means little, it's the siging of the legal document that actually means that you are married.

    7. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Wrong topic dumbasses above (2:27, 2:54).

  20. Anonymous12:22 PM

    How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba

  21. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Hillary please please put this on TV.

  22. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Donald Trump had a good underhanded crooked gig going on that his kids are learning from daddy and in 15 years Barron will be screwing over America too. But now that he is running for president, all his evilness and con jobs have been revealed. The name Trump is like toilet paper. You wipe your behind with it and flush it.

  23. Anonymous12:47 PM

    What the fu_k kind of mother would take her young daughter to a perv's house?

    That mother would be SARAH PALIN.
    Trump was probably checking out her daughters "hotness" like he did Perez Hilton? Willow or Piper if you made a sextape while in junior high or high school, don't tell mommy's friend or he will press you to see it or offer mommy a cabinet job if she showed it to him.

    Google "Willow Palin Trump Tower" also "Piper Palin Trump Tower" and select Images

    Sarah you are a poor excuse for a mother. What you did to your daughters we would expect Todd to do. To make it even worse, you took Piper up there in shorts. Perez you should talk to Sarah and explain how violated you felt being sexually stared at by an old man.

    1. Anonymous2:40 PM

      Once more I'll explain this to you: Perez Hilton is a gay guy in Hollywood who thinks he is something special. Paris Hilton is a female wannabe star who also happens to fuck any man that can get it up.

      I'm sure she would not mind being stared at sexually, and Perez might not either, for that matter.

    2. Anonymous2:51 PM

      You keep typing "Perez Hilton" but his is a gay man with a gossip blog. I think perhaps you are going for Paris Hilton, the Hilton family heiress that is famous for her sex tape.

  24. Anonymous12:57 PM

    At this point in time, I think he's trying to lose because he only ran to make a point. That people hate everyone who's in DC. If he knew he would've gained th support he has, he wouldn't have run.

    Or theory 2: he's on hillarys payroll.

    My comment: Hillary is far nastier. Just behind the scenes. Trumps never had anyone killed.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      You've proved you know nothing and are an asshole. Anything else before you leave?

    2. Anonymous1:17 PM

      @12:57 PM Hillary's never raped anyone, Hillary's never pulled out anyone's hair, Hillary's never invited another man to a resort while she and Bill were there, Hillary's never refused to pay workers for completed jobs. Try researching before vomiting stupid comments.

    3. "My comment: Hillary is far nastier. Just behind the scenes. Trumps never had anyone killed."
      Well, I have to hand it to you for taking ownership of such an asinine comment.

    4. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Apparently you haven't looked into the Nazi tRump families past, they killed 10's of thousands with their support of the German Nazi's during WWII.
      AS far as a Hillary goes, she has killed no one behinds tRump in the polls.
      Now run along Sara Palin, and go dance on a pole somewhere in AK....the money is running out faster than Barstool can push out another bastard.

  25. Anonymous12:58 PM

    “I was not involved in doing business in Cuba.”
    -Donald Trump

    Whatever the purpose of the $68,000 trip was, Mr. Trump said his companies never entered into any agreement to do business on the island.
    -New York Times

    (Somebody needs to slap Donald on the side of his head. You may not have entered into any business agreements is not the problem. The problem is that you tried to get into a business agreement in Cuba and you spent $68k trying to)

  26. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The years @realDonaldTrump balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be sponsored by Summers Eve Disposable Douche.

  27. Happy To Pay My Own Bills1:09 PM

    I think this is finally the day that Trump has spoken the truth. He can and has been nastier than Hillary Clinton (as though this somehow makes him a better choice). I watched politics closely in the 99s and I thought Hillary handled that situatiin well and with far more grace than most women could have done. The GOP should be ashamed of how theyve tried to mock her and make her personal pain an issue in this campaign. I hope Trump loses "bigly" and more so, I hope it takes decades for the conservatives to regroup again.

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      He's funny. I thought he was the nastiest all year long. Now he's saying he could be nastier. All Hillary did was mention his ill treatment of women. Megyn Kelly went there and he went on a rampage for a long time. Thin skinned woman hating bastard.

  28. Anonymous1:14 PM

    This is still the Miss Piggy thing that Hillary inserted under his skin with the skill of a reconstructive surgeon. It has consumed him and made him more deranged than ever.

  29. Anonymous1:15 PM

    “Trump’s business with Cuba appears to have broken the law, flouted U.S. foreign policy, and is in complete contradiction to Trump’s own repeated, public statements that he had been offered opportunities to invest in Cuba but passed them up,” Mr. Sullivan said.
    -NY Times

    $68,000 doesn't sound like he passed it up. $68,000 can buy you a lot in Cuba's poor economy.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Is there anything that can be done to Trump since he obviously dealt financially with Cuba when it was against the federal laws?

      I'd so love to see him in handcuffs and on trial! Televised exactly as was the O.J. Simpson trial - seen across our country and world!

  30. Anonymous1:32 PM

    2:06 PM - 1 Oct 2016 @realDonaldTrump, the choice of evangelicals, forced his wife 2 pose nude for Playboy even though she didnt want 2.


  31. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Internet regarding Cuba:

    “There’s a sense, especially in the United States, that there’s some gold rush bonanza is about to happen,” said Entwistle

  32. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign have spent the week slut-shaming former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Alicia is the lucky one, think of poor Marla, she was a slave althoug well paid. I first knew she was paid off when she came out and did that 'best sex' lie for the tRumpy tabloid spin.

    Anyone associated with that monster is a loser.

    1. Thou Shalt Not Criticize A Johnston2:26 PM

      I vaguely recall that "Best sex ever" tabloid claim and now I wonder if it wasn't John Barron or John Miller who may have been the source.

    2. Anonymous3:26 PM

      The prostitute Marla was smart enough to get knocked up by Drumph, she was far from innocent.

    3. Anonymous4:33 AM

      So now Trump is going to move on to "slut-shaming' Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most qualified (experienced) presidential candidate this country has ever had. How grand of him; how statesmanlike. Not.

  33. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hillary has dealt with fools with penises her entire life and anything Donnie says is like water off a ducks back.

    As for him and his surrogates saying Hillary called these women names - you know bimbo, floozie, narcissistic looney tune - well, I will tell you this as a woman ..... I would be furious at the mistress for taking screwing around with a married man. There are lots of eligible unattached fishes in the sea and any woman who allows herself to get involved with a married man and damage his relationship with his wife and family deserves to deal with the rage of a wife betrayed -- betrayed not only by her husband but by another woman who should know better. Bring it on Donnie - you are so stupid and you don't understand women at all.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      I support Hillary but I've never understood why she didn't kick Bill to the curb and take him for all he was worth after the FIRST time he was caught fucking around. In my family women don't give second chances and they immediately go for the financial juggler, and the kids and the house and the car(s) and the investment accounts, any of it, all of it.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      @anon 2:45pm
      As a long married woman at the time of Bill's public affair I wondered the same thing. I had no religious vows in my marriage and was more than independent and did not rely on my husband for a pay check.
      But over the last 20 some yrs I would maybe rethink that line in the sand stance. The kids are long gone, the businesses are actually in my name, both of us could live comfortably part from the other.
      On July 26th I had my 36th wedding anniversary. I can realistically think that I could , at this point, try and save my marriage. My husband has been my best friend for so long, that while I wouldn't stay silent, I do think at this point I could work through an affair.
      But I do think it's funny why you seem to put the responsibility of Bill's affair(s) on Hillary.
      I know many married couples that have stayed together after an affair, and the cheaters haven't always been the men.

    3. Anonymous3:55 PM

      @2:45, what a miserable family.

    4. Anonymous5:20 AM

      Yep, melonhead is so naked, gross. I do not want that crap in the whitehouse. I would have never known if no oics. Ick factor.

  34. Anonymous1:48 PM

    As far as I'm concerned Marla Maples was the same kind of trash as the women who messed with Bill Clinton without regard for the fact that he was married with a family. Trash, bimbos, floozies ... oh I betcha Ivana had better names than that for Marla at the time.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      No one of Trump's women is better than the other. They all hooked up with this bloated simpleton for one thing and one thing only, money and a cushy lifestyle.

      Every single one that jumped on his tiny weiner knew what they were getting into.

      Two of them actually did it not only for money but for green cards.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      I'm concerned with a poster that talks about someone's multiple affairs and somehow is worried about what kind of trash the women are instead of mentioning what kind of trash the male cheater is.

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Geez, 3:18, we don't need to restate the obvious about the kind of trash Trump is.

  35. Anonymous2:08 PM

    FURIOUS Trump Threatens To Reject Election Results After Polls Show He Will LOSE

    1. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Who does he think he is? The absolute dictator of some underdeveloped third world country?

      He wishes.

    2. Anonymous5:17 AM

      More uses of "OPM"

  36. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Trump Just Made Illegal Demand From INSANE Supporters, Authorities On ALERT (TWEETS)

    The things that Donald Trump has asked his supporters to do for him keeps getting more and more insane as he freaks out about his self-destructing campaign. In the beginning of his campaign, Trump quickly became infamous for inciting violence and asking his supporters to beat up protesters (aka anyone whose skin wasn’t white). And he hasn’t stopped asking his fans to perform racist favors for him.

    Just yesterday, at a rally near Detroit, Trump begged his supporters to do something else equally racist and unethical – watch polling places to make sure there’s no voter fraud. Trump said:

    1. Anonymous5:16 AM

      We can just do a selfie on our voting cards. Realtime photo keepsake.

  37. Anonymous3:15 PM

    It really doesn't matter what Drumph says at this point, he doesn't have the minority vote.
    Bye, bye Donald, if you ask Hillary about Bill's affairs all she has to do is ask you for the cheater's point of view.

  38. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Who knew having a small penis could cause such massive mental illness !!!

    Of course, he isn’t going to support her presidency, he is a huuuge, poor LOSER. He already said the election is rigged, which he will retract if he wins.

    The sun will still rise and set without the backing of loser Trump, she doesn’t need HIS support, she will have the support of the American people. All he can do is sit up nights flinging his insults on twitter.

    I am more concerned about his gun nut supporters. We have already spent 8years with their threats to assassinate Pres. Obama and we will spend the next 8years with threats to Hillary.

  39. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Trump University, his bullshit charity, etc. are going to bring him down hard after he loses. He's going to wind up broke and in pinstripes. You don't think they have the goods on this asshole? Wait and see.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Ha! Hopefully those "pinstripes" will be HORIZONTAL and not just another made-in-china Trump suit!

      Wild Tortoise

    2. Anonymous5:15 AM

      What a image, just like sarry from candidate to nothing.

  40. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Good read here -

  41. Anonymous5:07 PM

    He can dish it out but he can't take it, poor sissy. Beat by a Female, and with his wicket twitter fest against females going on, he's giving her more ammunition. Stuck on Stupid, Donald? How sad, too bad, it was a self inflicted wound.

  42. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I sure hope Trump's little woman runs out and buys him a larger shirt size, the folds on his flabby neck are starting to roll over his collar.

    Probable cuz he buys those cheap Trump shirts made in a foreign country.

  43. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I sure hope Trump's little woman runs out and buys him a larger shirt size, the folds on his flabby neck are starting to roll over his collar.

    Probable cuz he buys those cheap Trump shirts made in a foreign country.

  44. Anonymous6:21 PM

    SO Jefferson owning Sally Hemmings - his wife;s half sister and a teen and raping her (because there is no consent in slavery or if one is under age) was less abuse than Bill Clinton having consensual sex with an adult female who pursued him. WHAAAAAAT?

  45. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Pudgy boy getting pretty desperate. His stuff is old and tired. Please, Donald, go away. Christmas is coming, and I want to be happy, not disturbed by you and yours, and your' weird take on life. It's so damned unAmerican.

  46. Anonymous5:29 AM

    The guy is a skitzoid freak. He is the face of abusers and voice of ignorance. He has used everything and everybody to lift don. America does not celebrate the likes of Donald.

  47. Anonymous5:36 AM

    At least we now know who would support such nonsense. Yep. Old newt, poot, hairanni along with the list of others who have committed political suicide praising this disgusting man.

  48. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Poor donnie, spoiled child. Neener neener he goes...


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