Tuesday, October 18, 2016

E Online writes a gushy happy birthday post to Bristol Palin consisting mostly of information from her Instagram account. Have your vomit bags ate the ready.

Courtesy of E Online:

As the famous daughter to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin celebrates her birthday Tuesday, it's impossible not to highlight the past 12 months that have been filled with milestones and memorable moments. 

Shortly before celebrating Christmas, Bristol welcomed a beautiful baby girl into her family. "My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn't be more complete," she shared from the hospital. "My heart just doubled."

The article then skims the surface of Bristol's custody battle with Levi, but completely glosses over her court battle with Dakota to first establish that the baby was his, and then his fight to get some kind of custody.

Bristol would address the development in a lengthy Instagram post. "These babies are my world and I will always be doing what is best for them. Every child deserves two loving parents, so I will continue to encourage that no matter what. I have never, and will never, keep them from having a positive relationship with their fathers," she wrote. "I did not 'lose' any custody case—my son has always spent most of his time with me and he will continue to do so, he is happy, healthy, and knows both of his parents love him." 

Ultimately, everything changed when Bristol said "I Do" to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Dakota Meyer in June. 

"We are so happy to share with loved ones the wonderful news that we got married!" the couple announced to Entertainment Tonight. "Hard work and God's grace are the foundation of our new life together, and with the love and support of our family we know we can get through anything."

As all of you here know that custody battle with Levi was ugly as hell, and the only reason that he ended up with what he did is because she was freaked out by the fact that he might start going to the media. In the end she acquiesced to his demands just to get him to stop talking to me.

(Which of course he did. Probably.)

As for Dakota well she just pulled a reverse Donald Trump on him and grabbed him with her.....uh....what are we calling it these days? Kitty cat?

Now hat she has him safely..uh..kitty cat whipped, she can go on and pretend this was the plan all along.

The article then refers to a number of Bristol's Instagram posts insisting that everything is perfect in her sad little life, and ends with this completely nonsensical quote which she undoubtedly stole from an equally ignorant Instagram user:

"Life is full of ups and downs but in the end, you'll end up where you're supposed to be."

Bristol should visit a hospital burn unit or a battered woman's shelter sometime and spout her nonsense to them. I am sure they would have quite an interesting reaction.

So I was kind of waiting for Bristol to introduce her shiny new life to the tabloids and start trying to increase her name recognition for whatever she and her mother have planned next.

As of right now it appears that her short term plan is to continue using her kids to hawk these ridiculous energy drinks, but I am confident that they have a more complex long term plan in mind.

And I think it very likely centers around Dakota.

After all their name is shit right now, especially after Trump loses this election, and their only hope of reinventing themselves is as the wife and mother-in-law of a Medal of Honor winner.


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    OT? Check out the Video: Telling>
    Humanity for Hillary

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Happy Bird-day Brisket. Now that you've turned 12, grow up and please try to start acting like it.

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM


    2. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Trig will always be the intelligent one in the family,Trip,the adult.

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM


  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Gryph: You write ". . . hawk these ridiculous energy drinks . . . "

    Don't you mean to say "these DELICIOUS energy drinks?"

  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    And there's this:


    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      A photo of her desk with flowers, etc.

      Notice how she had to show the designer bag on the right.

      Also notice no photos of Dakota.

      I think the Big D has flown the coop.

      Haven't seen photos of him in quite a while.

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Aaah, I see all of Barstool's friends showed up for that spot. LMAO!

    3. Anonymous5:46 PM

      Notice it says Bristol Meyer.
      Say, we know that The Chin doesn't work except when she wants to - does anyone know what DUHkota does for gainful employment? He supposedly sold his share of a construction company in KY a few months ago.

    4. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Whoah.....if she is having a hard time about turning 26, sounds like she is not so happy with her life. Hard to believe that a happily married person would regret a birthday at least prior to the "big" three-oh.

    5. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Keep houding her about missing dakotfart fatty and soon a pic of dakofat will be out.

    6. Anonymous6:36 PM

      That parking lot looks pretty empty, guess her nonexistent job has none existent patients as well lmao

    7. Anonymous6:44 PM

      5:02 PM 5 comments, but Sarah will beg her family to post comments.

    8. Anonymous6:58 PM

      >>>You guys are great and a hard fought for love is more valued. Happy Birthday. Bet it was the best ever.<<<

      So Track and Jordan must be golden then?


    9. Anonymous7:56 PM

      I thought Brizdull worked with the Exotic Russian Marina. Where is her bd wish?

    10. Anonymous9:42 AM

      My thoughts exactly 6:08! Also, too, I think Bristol SHOULD be very happy to put as many years as possible between herself and the shameful treatment that Sarah put her through in 2008.

      Bristol, remember how it felt to be pregnant (and also postpartum)... paraded around to "prove" that Sarah and not YOU gave birth to Trig?

      The numerous pregnancies, some hidden. The court cases against Levi and MOH. Brawlin' in the street. The constant lies about how hard you work at Dr. Jack-Me-Off's.

      Let's not forget Bristol's awful and ignorant TV shows with Tripp and her laughable and embarrassing DWTS performances.

      Really Bristol, you want to stay in the past? Can't say you lived "vibrantly" there!

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Kinda sexist to claim she has Dakota "kitty cat whipped" but then, you're a sexist guy.

    1. Yep, that's me alright.

    2. Anonymous6:35 PM

      I'll say it like Donald would, "Mr. Bristol Palin is pussy whipped!".

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      @4:41 PM Is that sexist like Bristol posting that she was going to kick Track in his balls for telling on her years ago?

    4. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Did Sarah Asswhip Stein And Stambaugh in that step aerobics class?


      Maybe Asswhip isn't the right word. What is the word?

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I wish G would change his wording to "pussy whipped." Today is the anniversary of my cat's death. She was with me for over eighteen years. I hate that this day is at all connected with Palin trash. I so wish G would change the "kitty cat" to the real term.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      If anyone thinks that the big bad MOH isn't pussy whipped on the dead lake, take one long look at Tawd and substance abuser Track.

    2. My condolences on the loss of your cat 4:52

    3. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Thank you! She was the best cat and in my life for so long.

    4. I have a 14 yr. old calico and cannot imagine how I will feel when she is no longer with us.
      I am glad that you had her in your life for all 18 years and treasure that.

  8. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I saw earlier today that there was something online about Barstool, but I just couldn't waste my time reading the article--she is such a nobody and bore, and she is going to have to come up with something pretty good to make people pay attention to her again.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      She shook her wares.
      'Murika said, "No, thank you!"
      No matter what she does, she's toast.
      Including MOH.

    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      I saw it but didn't read it either. Boring. Hardly any comment either there. That's because when abstinent Bristol isn't brawling or has everyone trying to guess who the next father is, she's just plain boring.

    3. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Exactly. Yet for the sake of the children, I'm glad she's not getting drunk all the time like before.

    4. Anonymous1:57 AM

      7:54 Well, not that WE know of. I doubt that she is staying sober, though. I am positive Duh can not live without booze.

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    As Meg Staplemouth would say ... the world is Bristol's oyster. We can hope it is a contaminated one.

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM


    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      That's a name I haven't heard since forever. I wonder what has become of old Staplemouth.

    3. Anonymous6:12 PM

      Paid off to shut up.

    4. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Well let's see, she appears to be going by Meg Steenburgh these days, (still married to Eric the PT) of Rebound Physical Therapy. She adopted another kid in 2013 going all the way to China to get him (guess our own in-need kids, likely of color, aren't Meg's minority of preference.) https://www.instagram.com/p/BLt6Vg1hyFC/?taken-by=bsmp2&hl=en

      She supported JEB! to the tune of $2700 this selection season http://www.campaignmoney.com/political/contributions/meghan-stapleton-steenburgh.asp?cycle=16
      Bet THAT! galls old $arah.
      Her grandmom died - sincere sympathies on that.

      But evidently Meg is still shilling, this tiem fro some charter school:
      From: Meghan Stapleton Steenburgh
      To: Rep. Bill Stoltze; Rep. Alan Austerman
      Subject: Testimony for HB278
      Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 10:39:47 PM
      Thank you for the opportunity to speak before the House Finance Committee
      Tuesday. Please accept my testimony, in written form as well, and attach it to HB
      278. Thank you.
      House Finance
      Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
      My name is Meghan Steenburgh.
      Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your support of the state's public
      charter school system. We understand that you don't want to throw money at
      education. But we have been doing a lot more with a lot less for more than a
      My motivation for speaking to you today is six years old; Isabella is a first grader at
      Aquarian Charter School.
      Committee Members wondered aloud, earlier today, why charter schools think they
      are not treated equitably: charter schools have been operating with roughly half the
      dollars of the neighborhood schools, and, from that one academic budget, also
      paying rent, maintenance, utilities, and insurance. Simply put – no other school must
      do that.
      There is nowhere else to cut. Our math blocking naturally creates efficiencies
      because our art teacher, librarian, gym, and music teachers all teach math. This
      year, we did cut technology; unfortunately it’s the one area the entire world is
      strengthening. The district would not let us cut day-side janitorial service to save
      even more.
      We certainly don’t waste money. For those who have not visited Aquarian, we don't
      have a shiny building. Our classrooms are portables connected by ramps. The fullydepreciated
      building has already been condemned once by the district. But we pay
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent and maintenance each year – instead of
      using that money in the classroom.
      That is why we cannot emphasize enough that the single greatest barrier for charter
      schools is the facility’s expense. We propose a state-funded per pupil facilities
      allowance because it is a successful model in other states.
      Many charter schools are at the breaking point now. Inaction with regard to a
      facilities allowance will lead to the dissolution of many charter schools sooner rather
      than later.
      And that would be a burden on neighborhood schools - for those who carry that
      Charter schools truly provide common ground for politicians. For Democrats, charter
      schools strengthen public schools with union teachers; for Republicans, charter
      schools provide choice in education at a fraction of the cost. Charter schools are for
      fiscal conservatives as these schools do so much more with much less and with
      great results. But it’s just not sustainable to the same degree anymore.
      Please don’t take charter school opportunities away from our children - because a
      lack of state-funded per pupil facilities allowance will do exactly that – at least in
      Thank you for your time today and your thoughtful consideration of our children’s
      academic future.
      Thank you,

    5. Anonymous6:50 PM

      >>>Our math blocking naturally creates efficiencies
      because our art teacher, librarian, gym, and music teachers all teach math. <<<

      JEEBUS! There's an idea! Don't need no special skils or nowledge to teach math do ya? Let me know how this all turns out.

    6. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Aquarian is a really nice charter school, very desirable, long waiting list. Meg doesn't mess around ;-)

    7. Anonymous8:24 PM

      Meg's charter double talk malarkey is full of shit.

      OH, and MAed and MLIS so I think I know a bit more about education than she does.

    8. A whole hell of a lot more! Good for you.
      It does mot surprise me that Meg the proverbial Mouth, would support Jeb!
      They appear to have the personalities of doorknobs.

    9. Anonymous1:57 AM

      Voting no in my state. I listen to the Educators. BTW, I'm thinking of getting my MLIS!

  10. Anonymous4:56 PM


  11. Anonymous4:58 PM

    The Palin kids all need to have a "L" tattooed on their foreheads.

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      The "Palin" on the driver's license and court documents takes care of it!

  12. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Swear to God, when this first appeared on Yahoo early this morning (yeah, I'm old, get up with the birds, and still my home page), it started with "Bristol wants you to know...." Then they changed the intro.

    Does anyone think that E Online keeps track of birthdays like Facebook reminds you of your friends'? Hell no, another publicity stunt by a washed up 26-year-old, and her equally so mother, that will never amount to anything except selling her diet shakes because she's too damned stupid to do anything else.

    Dakota Meyer?! If that's their long term plan, good luck with that because ANYTHING associated with them is going to fail. One would think they would have learned this by now.

    When you achieve MOH under false pretenses and are now a part of the Palin "brand," kiss your @ss goodbye. The military knows it, DC knows it, and we get to watch them dance again to be made fun of again. PLEASE pay attention to us. Pathetic.

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Sarah knows Trump is going to lose. The Palins are now banking on TrumpTV Network you betcha!

    2. Anonymous7:34 PM

      What absolutely stupid people.

  13. Anonymous5:01 PM

    After 8 yrs of being the town slut, producing 2 bastards, the Ho actually found someone dumb enough to marry her. Congrats Barstool!

    BTW does anyone know when Sara Palin's next bastard grandchild is going to be born or are they going to try and hide that one also?
    What's the "rill" count on bastard grandchildren? Is it at 7 now or 8?

    1. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Isn't it Willow's turn yet?

    2. Anonymous3:49 AM

      Ummm, Beefy's had more than 2 bastards....

    3. Anonymous8:42 AM

      5? For the Barstool.

    4. Anonymous8:43 AM

      How many palin whiteouts?

  14. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Trig's great aunt announced his birth. Charlie's birth was announced by his uncle. That was sweet.

    Bristol would not want the spot light off her day. She will say nothing about this new baby. Too many bastards in her family. They must be waiting for a wedding before they can love the kid.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      What, the "fathers" don't make the announcement and you think that's cute?

      Class is the father (as the head of the family) making the announcement, doing the interview or whatnot, being photographed bringing his wife and new baby home from the hospital... you know, the way English royalty do it. Random non-immediate family members doing it is just fucking weird- but so Palinawkward.

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM

      I do believe that started with Creepy Chuck and Sally's picture of the $arah's gift from God above, Trig, and those with a brain said, "bullshit."

      Since then, so many bastard babies, think they're proud? Hell no.

    3. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Who is Charley's uncle? TriG?

    4. Anonymous3:10 AM


    5. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Fabulous, now Sarah's kids have whelped two more illegitimate grandchildren in less than a year.

      Do they do nothing but fuck?

    6. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Cousin Trig,Bristols kid.

    7. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Tanner? you mean the real estate kids?

    8. Anonymous11:43 AM

      or is it the one with a baby on the way?

    9. Anonymous9:21 PM

      oh well now if that don't beat all 1143!

      That E X P A L I N S a lot doesn't it?

      So that hangun? Can it be used on ya'll?

  15. Bristol?

    Is she still famous?

    Was she ever, or is someone mistaking that word for "notorious" and "distasteful"?

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM


  16. Anonymous5:21 PM

    haha! happy birthday tundra twat! how's it feel to have more baby daddies, runs ins with the police and court proceedings than those who are 50 years your senior? what a loser!

  17. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Poor Dakota, it looks like he's already shacked up at a motel.

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Yep and I heard he was talkin very close to someone pretty. Oopsy...

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Maybe he'll get lucky and upgrade to a hot blond with blue eyes, you know, like Levi did. . .

    3. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Anything is an upgrade from barstool. Live and learn,Doughboy.

  18. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Haven't heard anything about Track and Jordan's baby specifically. Has it been born, does anyone know?

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Yes, Charlie arrived. But you won't hear that from Sarah or Tawd. Or the sisters for that matter. Hope the first thing he learns to do is not giving his parents the finger and yelling "shit shit shit.' Although, that appears to be brilliant behavior to the Palin clan.

    2. Anonymous2:04 AM

      Maybe he will learn to say "Go F**K yourself" like Aunt Bristles does?

  19. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Where's that old crone Alicia to slurp Bristol's aging liposucked ass?

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Alicia has been awol lately.

    2. Good! Maybe James and Linda committed her.

    3. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Her twitter account is @broadwaykewpie. Awwwww, it's been suspended. Maybe the internet police showed up at her house again and gave her a choice - be arrested or check into a hospital lol.

  20. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Happy Birthday Brissy! Must be nice to be able to celebrate your birthday on the actual day! Not so much for all your kidlets

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      November 4, 2015.

    2. Anonymous7:43 PM

      There was another November birth. The one in 2007, right Bri?

    3. Anonymous9:55 PM

      7:43, this one?


  21. Anonymous5:50 PM

    So where are the lovely comments on e-online for her b'day? lol

  22. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Love her class. At any point, she could've easily defended herself against lies from lowlifes. And she kind of did in a smaller way than many would've. The people many ignorant libs treat as saints are FARRRRRR from civil and nice. Gryphen knows that but he can't not defend lowlifes because it has a sociopathic motive that feeds his selfish needs and bullshit.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Alicia's off her meds!

    2. Anonymous6:14 PM

      We are still waiting for her explanation for her 2010 DWTS pregnancy and the disappearing bastard baby. Have any of Sarah Palin's offspring been married before pregnancy?

    3. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Butt ugly bristool is a rat. Boy you are uts.

    4. Anonymous6:39 PM

      @5:50 PM Lowlifes hide babies after giving birth.


    5. Anonymous6:51 PM

      You haven't a clue Briskota.

    6. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Where is the DWTS baby?

    7. Anonymous9:01 PM

      Yep, nothing says class like two bastards by two different baby Daddies, and then needing DNA tests to find out who the baby Daddy is.

  23. Anonymous5:51 PM

    There's nothing wrong with what they printed.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      As long as you're cool with self serving bullshit that only tells part of the story.

  24. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Famous? hahahahahahaha. Does anyone of those cluelesstards have any idea of how short the millennial attention span is as a generation. Anyone under the age of 30 likely doesn't have a clue who she is.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      She is butt ugly and may be known for chinny chin chin.

    2. Anonymous7:13 PM

      College age kids likely would not know who she is as they were only 10-14 when she whelped her first bastard for her mother.

    3. Anonymous7:37 PM

      College kids will guffaw!

  25. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Hate to tell you, Brissy, but at the ripe old age of 26 you ain't seen nothing yet! You sure as hell better grow up and honestly make something of yourself. On your own, and not off coattails.

    Know why? Because when you look in the mirror, you're a nothing, and it will weigh on you the older that you get.

    1. Anonymous10:41 PM

      5:57 -- Rilly - I can't wait to see the skin sag around BrisDull's chin implant. She'll look even more like a ventriloquist dummy. LOL

  26. Anonymous5:57 PM

    What I find funny is Bristol has years worth of threatening things from people who portray themselves as civil. bristol hates fighting but she will defend herself if people are pieces of shit. Gryphen is too immature and ignorant to know that.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      You are too stupid to be a Palin attorney, so you must be the Chief Palin ass licker. Pieces of shit are located in Wasilla, Alaska
      where begging for OPM is their job. If you don't like what Gryphen writes, go elsewhere, Palin troll.

    2. Anonymous6:13 PM

      YOU DO NOT KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous6:14 PM

      What I find funny is you constantly pretending you know this person. STALKING DOESN'T COUNT, MISS RESTRAINING ORDER!

    4. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Give her liquor and maybe she'll fight... hshahaha brawl.

    5. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Bristles drew 1st blood. Many times. She is no super hero.She is more akin to Sara the idiot.
      More like Superfluous. Eh?

    6. Anonymous6:21 PM

      I do not threat, myself. What I DO is know that as long as that tribe is involved in anything politically, I'll say what I want as a voting citizen. The problem with that is yours, not mine.

      Politics, sweetie, and she made herself available to everyone when Mommie Dearest hit the national stage. If she doesn't like it, tough. She can take it up with who got her there, and I will not be silenced.

    7. Anonymous2:11 AM

      A good start to her "living vibrantly" would be to STOP contacting the tabloids trying to keep her name in the public. Nobody cares about the PayMe clan. Losers, who keep reproducing, minus weddings. Trashy, ignorant people. Where is DUH?

  27. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Well gee whose in Rehab right now? Sorry I hung up!
    Guess that was kinda rude...but glad to hear your in the shop getting fixed...can't drive a car that needs to be fixed or you end up walking...Alaska is HUGE!

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      What the ? ^

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Well, 5:59: WHO? If you know, why don'tcha spill the beans?

    3. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Local humor I see! It basically sounds like a rehab number called someone! Now this is Warsilla so who do we know that is in rehab? lol

    4. Anonymous12:33 AM

      Compleat Rehab
      Lou Ann Isenhour
      Specializes in Lymphedema

    5. Anonymous2:13 AM

      Well, Trick/Track, Duh, $carah, Taaahhd, Willow, or even Piper Diaper? Maybe the whole clan gets a family discount?

    6. Anonymous10:56 AM

      What is Lymphedema anyways?

  28. Anonymous6:03 PM

    If you keep talking about things you have no right to, about people you don't know (you know none of them), you will continue to ensure BP has every justification to continue thinking her once slandering ex is still an immature jerk. YOU, G, a third party who has no ability to see things objectively, cannot change the poor decisions of the people you irrationally defend. Get over it. Get a life. Leave ALL these people alone.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      You don't know her either, Alicia. She can defend herself.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Damn, the troll can't stop posting. Pull your panties up, nobody wants any of that putrid stuff. The Wasilla Town bicycle has been ridden too many times.

    3. Anonymous2:15 AM

      Tell them to stop contacting tabloids keeping their names out there, then.

    4. Anonymous9:03 AM

      If palins weren't desperately falsely representing themselves,and others at every turn for media attention,we wouldn't be here. Fuck off,troll.

    5. Anonymous9:06 AM

      So tell your "homies" to Quit calling the fucking press,and there'll be Nothing to talk about!!!

  29. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Gryphe clearly cannot let the people he blindly defends take responsibility for their fucked up actions.

    Leave everyone you stalk alone, and get a life. <-To all liberals. You all KNOW NOTHING REAL. And never will because you're too close to bullshit.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Alicia, step away from the computer. Get better role models. And stop saying liberals. It's a dead giveaway.

    2. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Ha ha ha you're so funny stalking Gryphen, a blogger. What are you so afraid of?

    3. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Bullshit like this? Another Palin Bastard disappeared?


    4. Alicia you dont know any of the Palins.

    5. Anonymous6:50 PM

      @6:08 PM Linda and James Mangelsdorf are registered Democrats, why are you still living with them, moocher?

    6. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Gryph isn't scared of anything.
      Guess who's still standing.

    7. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Did you lose your 'happy pill' again?

  30. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Haha gag bags haha butt ugly bristool job. Bjob person she is. Ask palmer guys and wasiller guys.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      yeah let me suck on something you pee out of all the time.

  31. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Where's the beautiful new made from love grandchild? -sjp

  32. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Where is this baby and when was it born?


  33. Anonymous6:27 PM

    This is how I see things going down. Trump only ran for president to increase his brand much like the same reason Sarah quit being governor to increase her brand. Increase Brand = Getting Rich & Famous.

    Trump will lose the election because the end game is "take over the world" and beat Fox News at their own game by creating the alt-right Trumpbart TV Network.

    Sarah got used by Trump in the beginning so he could grab her supporters and then told to sit down and shut up for now. But he DID say that there is certainly room in his administration for her. Well his "administration" will certainly have a spot for Sarah in his TV network if he doesn't ruin his brand before then. THAT is what Sarah is sitting by for. Not a place having anything to do with a presidential cabinet but another big paying spot on TV. What better way to get back at Fox News for dumping her because she's no longer "hot". At least she's hopin' and prayin' and wouldn't blink if asked.

    If she doesn't get a big role..well there's her young up and coming power couple she created - Mr. and MRs. BArstool tah dah. She's probably told them just have patience and no more brawling. We're all gonna hit paydirt with TrumpTV!

    Looks like the plan to me!

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      >>>much like the same reason Sarah quit being governor to increase her brand.<<<

      Sarah (and some other Alaska Republicans and folks like John McCain) thanks you for repeating the party line excuse as to why she quit.

      Let me state my opinion on this:



    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      I can totally see this. Mr. and Mrs. Barstool's take on the world having done NOTHING worthy of their political opinion?


    3. There will always be a place for Sarah on Trump-Barts network.
      The guy selling Sham Wow! car washing rags dropped dead.
      I am sure she will wear them well and absolutely shine.

    4. Anonymous6:20 AM

      @laurensd1: The man who never makes good on his contracts and promises is going to pay big bucks to a woman whose ventures have never been anything but spectacular commercial disasters? Okay then. Let the games begin.

    5. Anonymous8:37 AM

      AHA! I THOUGHT the Clintons killed Mr. Shamwow and that OxiContincleaner guy also too~

  34. We should take up a collection for Brissypants and buy her a nice BD present!!! Send her our love and make sure she knows how important she is to so many adoring fans!!

    I just threw up ....

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      We could send her a box of condoms but hey now that she's supposedly legally married and she and Duh have disagreements several times a week I bet she's abstinent now!

    2. Anonymous6:22 AM

      6:45 I bet she's abstinent now! Hehehehehe
      I bet you're right.

  35. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Bristol sold herself out when she got that god-awful chin implant to wannabe Kardashian. So much for anything about she says about God anymore.

    "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." -- Psalm 139:14. Fearfully means respectfully, but it wasn't good enough, was it, Bristol? What's next.

  36. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Perhaps when MOH ever takes the stage, they can play Rod Stewart? "Are you pussy whipped?"


    1. Anonymous7:54 PM

      I suggest something from the Butthole Surfers instead.

  37. They are actually the first couple that I've heard of who were already suing each other before they got married.

    I'm actually surprised that it's lasted this long.

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Yeah, let's call off the wedding of the century, with the lone picture of $arah's finger in front of his nose of the "reception," litigation up the ying in court, fake "we got married" pictures of supposed honeymoon in Hawaii, and now they've found true love??

      I can't believe the stupidity of people who take this schlock as truth.

  38. Anonymous7:25 PM

    So Dakota does not appear to me to have anything that a successful high level politician might have going for him.........brains, looks, charisma, experience, money, finesse, etc.

    What position would Sarah and Bristol actually be supporting him in, Wasilla City Council?

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Wasilla would't elect him to anything, let alone statewide. Kentucky? Brissy is too immature to leave home and always will be. "I want my Mommy" at 26 years old. Already proved that; had to move home.

      Anything that tribe does blows up in their face. I lost track, no pun intended, of what round this is.

    2. Anonymous10:38 PM

      Where, oh where, is $arah?? Not invited to be on the campaign trails of Trump, or her "dear friend" John McShame?? No interviews on FOX or any other media outlets?? Not even $pew's Facebook rantings are making their way to any media. And say -- have their been any sightings of any PayMe's at a place of worship over the past 8 years?? Anyone?? lol

  39. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Sarah is getting old and tired of being responsible for someone else's baby. Will Trig be reunited with his mother? Sarah raised her kids and should be relaxing at home alone.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      $arah is a dipshit and if only she would realize it.

    2. Anonymous8:56 PM

      Sara isn't raising Trig, nannies are. He'll be institutionalized in a few yrs.

    3. Anonymous4:33 AM

      No, remember she has tight abs and she was taking said baby around three days after that birth. She is very healthy.....hahahahahaha

  40. Anonymous7:45 PM

    As the famous (smh) daughter to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin celebrates her birthday Tuesday, it's impossible not to highlight

    THE PAST YEARS that have been filled with milestones and memorable moments alright.

    Lied to mama and went camping and fuc_ing in a canvas tent while still in high school instead of going to her girlfriend's sleepover.

    Had MONO, wink wink, while in high school was sent away from home to live with her aunt so she would not infect her siblings. Don't know why she was sent away, didn't the aunt have children of her own?

    Climbed into boyfriend's window and was drilled so hard the uncle had to go into Levi's room and tell Bristol to shut the hell up the entire family watching tv can hear Bristol moaning

    Went through trial husbands like a girl goes through panties.

    Overnight trips to the Happiest Place On Earth (no not between Bristol's thighs) with Gino the Joey

    Crying in her blog for a lumbersexual who smells like wood

    Her memories with Dylan, Levi, Ben, Levi the Reunion, Gino, Joey, Duh and Duh the Reunion

    Her memories of Levi marrying the beautiful Sunny which meant Levi was off limit.

    The embarrassment at the "Sarah Palin I THOUGHT I Finally Found Someone To Marry My Runaway Daughter WEDDING/ BBQ memories?

    Memories of Duh who wanted a DNA test before he start paying childcare. I guess he wasn't confident he was the sperm donor?

    Memories running away from her wedding to go camping with her hefty Russian wannabe exotic former friend model

    Memories of her numerous abstinence day

    Memories of selling trinkets in boxes, shakes and sweatshirts on her blog

    Memories grinding on the DWTS dance floor in front of mommy, daddy and the world.

    Memories wearing her gorilla outfit on DWTS.

    Memories of her ever growing belly on DWTS. Since day one of DWTS, everybody lost weight except for Bristol. No Mirror Ball trophy for that stat.

    Two babies, two baby's daddy

    Two babies born and never been married.

    Memories of her mouth realignment which produced a Jay Leno type of chin.

    Memories of her family getting their asses kicked on Todd's birthday.

    Memories of getting dragged during the Sarah Palin Family Brawl and losing her sunglasses

    Memories of Bristol crying and ugly faces on Life's A Tripp

    Memories of the internet blogs and comments that her baby girl looks biracial

    Having the relative of the former groom slamming Bristol in the media.

    So many memories

    Such great memories for Bristol and Sarah

    Now I could be wrong on some recollections but I'm positive on a lot of them.

    1. Anonymous10:34 PM

      7:45 - Oh, how I hope you posted the same on the stupid E site!!

    2. Anonymous2:26 AM

      Whew. Exhausting to go through that whole litany - again. What a used up skank. She has "reached her peak" at 26. Nowhere to go but down (well, isn't THAT where she started - going down on any guy available? Give up the dreams of stardom, Bristles. It is OVER. Too bad you had no talent. Sleeping around is NOT a talent, anyone with a vagina can do that, though decent females do not.

    3. Anonymous5:43 AM

      We are looking forward to the good news about Track and his wives.

      It is about time they can tell their true life story. No one can do it for them.

  41. Anonymous7:49 PM

    So why isn't the Daily Mail doing a pictoral on Track Jr? He & Jordan could use the money. . .

  42. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Bristol can go live her life vibrantly in privacy as trolls say she wants to. She never will and, God help me, I cannot fathom what she thinks is so damn special that she shouldn't.

    1. Anonymous3:50 AM

      The ONLY reason she got the DWTS, plus the "reality" shows was because of her mother. Bristles has NO talent, nothing special to look at. Popping out illigitimate babies every two years is NOT a talent, it is pure stupidity. Where is the gushing b'day greeting from her "husband" Duh?

  43. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Gonna be hard for her to lie about her age later when she's publicizing her birthday every year.

    1. Anonymous8:55 PM

      Well she is alredy lying about her age, Sara added a year to her age before she dropped Tripp.

    2. Anonymous10:27 PM

      How old was she when she had "mono"?

  44. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I didn't even have my first baby until 27 and married. Still married to the same man, with grandkids. HOW many babies have you had by different fathers at 26, Bristol?

    You know, there'll come a time when those kids know just what you were. "This is my aunt/uncle/grandparent/cousin by whom?"

    1. Anonymous2:28 AM

      Maury Povich will be able to run an entire season of his show, just with Bristles grown kids DNA testing different Alaskan, Las Vegas and LA guys to find out who their father is. So sad, so trashy because their mother is a slut.

  45. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Finally! Some PayMe coverage. That's what this site is famous for. Yum!

  46. Anonymous4:20 AM

    There much not be much Kardashian news for E!Online to waste so much space suddenly on Bristol Palin! That must really have made her day!

  47. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Ssrah didnt post about her losr daughter?

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      ? ? Sarah's fav combat vet son's sex partner had a baby. She named it Charlie or one of the Heath Palin names.

      She did not continue to hide the last bastard, Sailor Grace. Why is she hiding this one?

      Where are all the happy aunts, grandparents, great grandparents and the pictures?

      No picture of Aunt Piper with Charlie?

      Now Sarah is forgetting how the family celebrates birthdays?

      Something is wrong in that family. It is very fishy.

      Suspicious of the rock throwing incident when Sarah was planning a wedding.

      Are the Palin lies catching up with them?

      Thank heavens Bristol has that lucrative career with her on-line store at Instagram. She can support them all on her enterprise as the wife of a MOH that now advertises everything on the internet. That is her only job?

      What happened to Dr. Jack Meoff? I hear no one has seen her there. She no longer has any other job? Only internet sales? Facebook? Does she sell there? Is it legit or is she faking it again? Has anyone seen any documentation about who she actually is. I've heard Bristol Palin and Bristol Myer both. Which is it? If she uses the MOH name, how did she come about that? Why? So people believe one of her lies?

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Maybe Charlie's from the old boyfriend.

  48. Anonymous5:31 AM

    It is funny this town slut and her retarded mother kept on taking shots at the president like the where equals. The man graduated from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Sara faked being a college graduate, and bristol is g.e.d recipient that was 4.97 away from honor roll. Please Go the fuck away palins nobody likes you

  49. Anonymous6:36 AM

    He is the best daddy.

  50. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Happy Halloweeen!

  51. Randall8:24 AM

    I understand she has all these little round bruises from where guys have touched her with 10-foot poles?
    Is that true?

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      didn't Sarah post one of those on the side of her head? when it actually happened is open for debate since she was seen at Wasilla SBS.

  52. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I think the ups and downs is why Bristol is where she is, a two time mom.


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