Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Female Trump supporter shows up to rally with misspelled sign attacking Paul Ryan.

So what do we think?

Is she accusing Ryan of trading baseball cards, stocks and bonds, or his integrity for votes?

Yeah yeah I know, she was trying to spell "traitor" and she was just a few brain cells shy of sealing the deal.

Seriously though considering that this is a Trump supporter I think we should simply be impressed that she showed up fully clothed.


  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Rick Ross is not the only deplorable person to be invited to the WH.
    I HATE that ALLLLL of Trump's selfless deeds are being erased. Esp when the Clintons have ZERO reported selfless deeds. Name one.

    Jessica Chuckran:
    "I have wanted to avoid posting anything political on social media, but it appears politics have come to me. Sunday I was contacted by USA Today about my experience at Miss USA in relation to the comments about Donald Trump being backstage. The reporter asked me on the phone if Donald Trump did anything inappropriate my year at Miss USA. Donald Trump did not attend the Miss USA pageant my year, however I met him in New York at Trump Tower. He was a extremely cordial, gentlemanly and kind to me - I have been around many men who have tried to abuse their power, wealth or position and make unwelcome advances - and nothing in Mr. Trump’s professionalism suggested anything other than his genuine appreciation for my intelligence and achievement. I also told the reporter that backstage at any pageant there are dozens of hairstylists, makeup artists, staff, and security, male and female, surrounding us at all times, leaving it impossible to be secluded or private - most of the time you duck behind a clothing rack to change. The reporter said a number of other former contestants told him the same thing. I am sure our stories will not get any press, which is why I am sharing it here.

    It appears that these reporters are digging deep to find actions to match the words released in the 11-year-old tape, which seem surprisingly unsubstantial considering that Mr. Trump has been surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world for years, and compared to the long list of our former President Clinton’s actual actions. I did meet former President Clinton this summer, where he took the opportunity of standing next to me for a photo to slide his hand down my back and touch my butt. It was completely different interaction than my interaction with Mr. Trump, and even more deplorable since I met Clinton in a professional setting and was objectified, in contrast to meeting Mr. Trump in a pageant and being treated with respect.

    For those of you saying that Mr. Trump’s words were inappropriate, I agree and do not condone them in any way. His apology, however, was more than the Clintons have given the American people. We can’t even get an admission from them of the illegality of their acts. They act as though they are above the laws of decency, and above the laws of our nation. To those associating Mr. Trump's words with rape I disagree. There have been guy friends of mine who have joked about much worse and actually acted it. I believe what Mr. Trump said was more in the spirit of joking rather than intentionality. Not to lighten what he said, but there is again the glaring hypocrisy from our establishment. I find it surprising that our First Lady will slam Mr. Trump yet invite artists like Rick Ross to the White House, whose lyrics include “Put molly all in her champagne / She ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that / She ain’t even know it” - umm excuse me, but does that not spell date rape? Yet this person is touted as a role model by our White House?

    I am angered how the media warps our perspective of people and leads us like sheep. So I will end by reminding everyone that everything is not as it seems, and beware of those who love power more than they love our country."

    1. Anonymous5:15 AM

      Blah Blah Blah.
      Still not voting for that prick.

    2. You didn't actually think anyone was going to read past the lie, "there is no record of a Clinton doing a selfless deed", did you? What a waste of your time. Go over to Breitbary where summertime won't gloss over your bullshit.

    3. Anonymous7:01 AM

      It's hard to get work as an aging beauty queen,you have to take paying jobs where you can get them.

    4. Anonymous7:14 AM

      2:46 Where have you been for the last two, three hundred years? You're just learning about the power/control/money trip NOW?

      Lead US like sheep? US? Maybe you allow yourself to be led around like a sheep. I do not. You are the only one you can blame for your ignorance. If you're being led, that's your problem.

      This country has always been full of low down, double talking, back stabbing, dirty dealing, must control everything at ANY cost, lying, nasty, yes, even murdering bunch of assholes. The bought and paid for lawyers, judges, corporations, and of course politicians.

      It is what it is. I can't believe you didn't know this.

    5. Anonymous8:10 AM

      This is all well and good if you're talking about just some famous asshole. But this guy Trump wants to be president of the US. No. Sorry. Not gonna happen. And one of the reasons, just ONE, is that he's a sexual predator.

    6. Anonymous10:55 AM

      The only thing I'm going to add is hair stylists and make-up artists have a right to be backstage as they are doing their JOB.

      It is not the job of the owner to "inspect" or ogle the contestants. That's trying to justify him peeping on unclothed women like he owns them and has some sort of right to violate their privacy.

      It also proves he can turn it on and turn it off when he wants. So when he turns it off, it's intentional and he doesn't give a damn.

    7. Anonymous3:40 PM

      A foolish dope chimes in at 02:46.

  2. Anonymous2:51 AM

    She's a moran.

    1. Anonymous5:50 AM

      I was going to suggest that the Morans guy might be happy to see someone else step up to take over for him. Still, eight years as the poster boy for dumbasses is quite an accomplishment given the rigorous competition he's faced.

  3. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Yep out and out nut bags. Maybe the constitutional sheriffs and volunteer club will calm themselves and volunteers down and quit their paranoia and gun fetish. It is time for REPUBLICANS to grow up and get out of the gutter.

  4. Anonymous2:57 AM

    LOL.. What does Ryan trade in? Stocks, commodities, slaves? ....LOL..The illiterate cow.

    1. Well, there IS his insider trading, but he voted to legalize that.

  5. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Breaking news

    Donald Trump has officially begun his search for a new breeder errr.. wife. Melania Trump has received her first AARP mail at Trump Tower.

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM


      AARP starts at 55. They might be reaching out to 50. But she's not there yet.

  6. Anonymous3:50 AM

    What a "Moran"......

  7. Anonymous3:59 AM

    The US education system is in part responsible for the people who follow Trump -- they are obviously incapable of critical thinking, never mind spelling. No wonder he has proclaimed his love of the poorly educated. For Trump it's like taking candy from a baby and he fully intends to monetize their idolatry in the coming months.

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      I would blame it on individual states, not the fed govt. Either way, low education voters suck big time.

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      The Republicans have been "cutting the fat" on public education for over 30 years. You reap what you sow. If you plant bad seed, you get a poor crop.

    3. Anonymous12:27 PM

      One little problem with the education argument....most of these idiots are 50 years and older. They went through the education system at a time when quality was still present.

      Unfortunately, some people are simply too stupid to be capable of learning much less thinking critically. They end up voting republican and attending trump rallies.

  8. Anonymous4:15 AM


  9. Anonymous4:39 AM

    1% on the other end. Omg, where did she attend jr high?

  10. Anonymous4:55 AM

    And also"ain't no gubmint gonna tak mi Medicate! "

  11. Anonymous8:15 AM

    We are heading into scary times. Reminds me of a scene in Resident Evil where this woman and her men tried to entice Alice in a sweet way but were just out to kill her. That's the vision I got when I saw that woman with the misspelled sign. Scary times.

  12. Anonymous8:55 AM

    She knew...saw her interviewed...she was snarky and kind of witty about being 'Catholic, unemployed, under-educated, etc etc Deplorable'...implication being that Ryan was engaging in 'Free Trade' that would lose American jobs etc etc.

  13. WA Skeptic9:29 AM

    Were her shoes on the right feet? That's points for her, too.

    As to her spelling--I'll reserve comment.

  14. Sarah9:33 AM

    What a moran

  15. Crystal Sage9:48 AM

    Did anyone bother to check out the beauty queen's story regarding the meeting with Bill Clinton? Did they meet this past summer?

    This goes under the heading of "I know what you are but what am I?" (Peewee Herman)

  16. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Check to see if she has her shoes on the right feet.

  17. Anonymous2:34 PM

    "Get a brain moran." Remember that sign??

  18. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Oh come on now, you expect her to write and spell correctly at the same time !!!


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