Saturday, October 08, 2016

For those still thinking about voting for Gary Johnson.

I swear I think that if the majority of the people who dislike Hillary Clinton actually knew the truth about her, instead of gobbling up the steady stream of bullshit about her online, they would not only vote for her but volunteer to work on her campaign.


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    The Washington Post asks

    If Hillary is responsible for her husband's behavior then why isn't Melania Trump responsible for HER husband's behavior?

    And Brett responds:

  2. Anonymous2:49 AM

    What burns me is the people with zero moral authority are the loudest critics here. Sure, he's unfit for office. Most people know this. But holy Christ people, the alternative is a woman who bullies and threatens her former president husband's abuse victims. A woman who cheated Haiti out of millions to finance her friends, brother, and herself. To scoff at the mention of that (and more) disgusts me, especially when I too have heard loads of similar remarks, from men and women alike. How many comedians make horrifically disgusting jokes? Hollywood outlets say they have loads of footage on him, yet it's an open secret there are well-respected people in film who molest young actors, "pass them around." If I see Hillary looking smug one more time, I will find a way to confront her. I have connections. I will asked her about specific stories and documentation. A video was released days ago showing Bill groping a woman in public.Actually doing it. And hes able to not because he looks like Orlando Bloom. Hillary is a traitor to her gender, and the world. Trump is just an immature pig with bad business ethics. The clintons are truly pieces of shit. And I'm done. with everyone right now.

    1. Anonymous4:01 AM

      You're nuts.

    2. Anonymous4:15 AM

      Oh you will, will you? Pardon me if I'm not shaking in my boots awaiting your "confrontation." YAWN.

    3. Anonymous4:25 AM

      "I have connections."

      Honey you need better connections if those are the best drugs you can get your hands on.

    4. Anonymous4:45 AM

      2:49: I have sister who sent that same laundry list to my liberal mom last night. She insists that Trump 'was bragging about himself" 10 years ago, and Hillary is MUCH worse because Bill really did things to women. Oh my. Hillary acted like any spouse would. She tried to protect her marriage. Bill never raped anyone, especially a young girl. Hillary loves him. She wanted to make the marriage work. He strayed. Well, some men do that. Trump didn't just array. He bragged about it, bragged about seeing women as his personal playthings. That is totally different, and too bad you think it's the same. It also is not Hillary's doing. That's like blaming Trump's multiple wives for his actions. He's slime. They are victims. Hillary never strayed. That counts for something to me.

    5. Anonymous5:23 AM

      You're worse than a fucking liar, you're a boring fucking liar.

    6. Anonymous6:00 AM

      "And I'm done."

      Good. It's called democracy, sweetheart, build a bridge to nowhere and get over it.

    7. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Those women were consenting adults. You keep yakking Hillary bullied those women over and over and over again, yet you still have not shown us the proof!!!

    8. Anonymous9:38 AM

      You have been posting the same ramblings over and over for months now. Obviously you cannot process facts or logic. Nor do you present any evidence of your claims.

      Go right ahead and confront Hillary, you might need those connections after the secret service arrests you for threatening a candidate for looking what you call smug.

      “And I'm done. with everyone right now.”

      Promises Promises. By the way, Obamacare covers mental health issues, try it you might like it.

    9. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Wow, you ate mentsl. Check yourself into the nearest mental institution. Bring tapes smd all your data.

  3. Anonymous4:02 AM

    One day I'd like for someone to explain why such a large percentage of citizens in America who are eligible to vote aren't even registered to vote. It can't be as simple as they don't want to be on a jury. I'd also like to understand why people make the time to vote then vote for a third party candidate or write in none of the above or even leave the choice blank. Why bother even showing up.

    On a question that can be answered why do so many people still pick on Millenials when polls show a higher percentage of their generation will vote for Hillary than any other generation?

    Just things that make me go hmmmmm

    PS - I wish Hillary had been elected president in 1992 instead of her husband.

    1. Anonymous4:39 AM

      In 1992, the mouth-breathers in the USA were having brain meltdowns over the fact that Hillary Clinton wore pants in public. The Religious Rightards needed a fainting couch over the fact that Hillary went to colege.

    2. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Hey, don't forget that Hillary wore a headband in 1992. Republicans practically wanted her arrested for it.

      Hillary Hate was instantaneous and it has never let up. Freaks like the one above have been hating on her for decades, making more and more shit up as the years go by. Hopefully they'll die out soon.

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      5:29; you're right, the Hillary Haters took one look at a strong, accomplished woman and promptly shit their pants in terror and have been trying to take her down ever since. And still she rises.

  4. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Breaking news:

    Mike Pence to resign as Trump VP nominee, Sarah Palin to assume Pence VP slot. 20 million Republicans finally admit Trump is mentally unfit for office.

  5. You're just boring these asshole Johnson voters with facts. That being the case they might as well vote for Trump!!


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