Thursday, October 06, 2016

Former Trump tax attorney refutes his "brilliant" use of the tax laws, and bankruptcy lawyers say they used to visit Trump in pairs due to "lying."

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Donald Trump’s longtime tax accountant on Tuesday rejected the idea that the Republican nominee deserves any of the credit for employing complex strategies to lower his tax bill and those of his companies. 

“I did all the tax preparation,” Jack Mitnick told “Inside Edition” on Tuesday. “He never saw the product until it was presented to him for signature.” 

The interview followed a damning report Saturday by The New York Times, which obtained part of Trump’s 1995 tax returns showing that the businessman declared a loss that year of more than $900 million, a loss that tax experts said Trump could have used to avoid paying income taxes for nearly 20 years. 

Rather than deny the report, Trump and his advisers claimed that not paying income taxes was proof of Trump’s “genius.” 

Yeah it takes a real genius to sign on the dotted and then take credit for all of the work.

However we should not be at all surprised.  After all according to Trump's former bankruptcy attorneys they had a policy to only meet with him in pairs due to his constant lying.
Courtesy of Raw Story:  

Donald Trump’s own bankruptcy lawyers testified that they had a policy of not meeting with the real estate mogul alone because he had a “problem” of constantly lying.

In one document, bankruptcy attorney George Miller reveals that when meeting with Trump, “it’s always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don’t have a problem with people lying.” 

Miller calls Trump “an expert at interpreting things. Let’s put it that way.” 

“We tried to [meet in pairs] with Donald always if we could because Donald says certain things and then has a lack of memory,” he says in the deposition.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Seriously how much more of this can his candidacy take before it simply collapses under the weight?


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    When your bankruptcy lawyer needs a witness when he talks to you because you're such a liar.... ugh.

    I wonder how many people took a psychiatrist to a meeting with that hairy orange fuck.

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      that's not hairy, that's a massive orange fuk combover ..

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Pence lying for Trump during the debate spoke volumes about Pence especially after Pence expressing his religious convictions which ought to include blatant lies.

    3. Anonymous7:02 PM

      I live in Indiana. That Mike Pence is one smooth motherf#cker who lies with such ease that it makes your skin crawl. He practically bankrupted the state and he was going to lose his reelection next month so he hitched his wagon to Donald Trump. I hope he goes down never to be seen again!

  2. many hits? More than Sarah has had, because 8 years on & she is still getting quoted on the internet, she still has contributors to her SuperPac, even got mentioned by Obama. Good press, bad press, it's all the same to her.

    It's gonna take WAAAY more hits, revelations, lawsuits and allegation (of rape of a 13 year old) to shut up Trump.

    His supporters either 1) don't hear of these negatives, 2) think they are Liberal lies, 3) don't understand the implications, 4) think he's smart to not pay taxes, and "speak his mind", or 5) think he's the Annointed One and therefore perfect, no matter what he friggin' does or does not do. This is what mass hysteria looks like.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      I just spoke to someone who is convinced the news (and even Hurricaine Matthew warnings) are merely sensationalism to scare people. Her mind is made up like just for fun there are warnings and concerns that a Trump presidency would be disastrous. She needs to believe rational and factual warnings are made up stuff.

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Absolutely nothing will derail trump - the repugs in power will vote for him because he's promised them everything they want - and of course supreme court judges - his followers admire anything and everything he does - including cheating on his taxes - they don't want to pay tax either and somehow believe he will lift them up and they can be rich too (make america great !) and keep them safe too from all their imaginary boogey man fears -- there is no cure for the stupid out there

  4. Just read this: In devotees’ progressive narrative, even epic failures can be “written off” as steps toward Trump’s ultimate success: the White House.

    Stumped by Trump’s Teflon Popularity? 10 Reasons Fans Want a Faux-CEO in the White House
    Trump’s mystique lies in how reality TV conflates fact and fictitious people.

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Yep, his "ultimate success" will be the WH. He's dying to get there and he really seems to see having a residence in DC as meaning he's made it all the way, no matter how he gets there. At Hofstra he made this comment:

      “We’re just opening up on Pennsylvania Ave., right next to the White House, so if I don’t get there one way, I’m going to get to Pennsylvania Ave. another,” he quipped.

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    The Trump brand is now toxic. I can't imagine who would consider doing business with him anymore. In addition,

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Trump didn't go broke through his casino bankruptcies because he owed so much to so many banks that to the banks, he was worth "more alive than dead. Dead meaning in bankruptcy".

      After this election debacle, he (and his heirs) will no longer have the Trump brand's reputation as a billion dollar asset. Things could get pretty bad for him and his family if the banks decide his brand is toxic to them.

  6. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Trump will lie and say they made this up.

  7. Anonymous3:14 PM

    This will not affect him in the voting booth. So many in this country despise the government that they applaud him. Keep in mind those two "yikes" in red who think he's God sent to them. VOTE.

  8. Anonymous3:48 PM

    None of this matters to his supporters. All they care about is that he validates their hate of blacks, mexicans, muslims, gays, women and liberals (and especially liberal women).

    1. Leland11:37 PM

      You left out his/their hatred of intelligent people who see through him/them.

  9. Hedgewytch3:51 PM

    The Trump supporters will always be Trump supporters. Very few will change their minds. And very few who are still on the fence will be persuaded to vote for him with his continuing gaffs and blunders. Trump supporters may be vocal, but they are still a minority. So while I don't believe that Trump will win, I also don't think we should be overconfident either. The Millennials that need to be educated and pried away from their iphones to go and vote.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Yet another reason to despise Trump:

  11. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Well, Hillary is gaining in Nevada, Florida and North Carolina. Ohio is slightly in the blue and Iowa is just flipping to pale blue. That's a solid 323.

    The only light pink left are the single electorals in Nebraska and Maine and the state of Arizona. Everything is pretty solidly red.

    I think it would be awesome if Arizona flipped to blue at the last minute.

    If all that happened she'd have between 334-336 electoral votes. That's a goodly landslide in my book.

    I want Trump beaten so badly that his "brand" is permanently shit and no one will do business with him ever again. Plus all of the banks and "others" call in their loans. I want him evicted from Trump Tower, the tower bought and renamed. I want him penniless and everything he's built/licensed to be renamed or removed/replaced.

    Unfortunately he has solidified his place in history books. But I want to experience the joy of schadenfreude as I watch his empire collapse after the election.

    BTW, I predict he will not concede and he will not offer any sort of speech congratulating Hillary on her win. Wouldn't be surprised if Mike Pence pulls a Palin and ends up doing it. His last act cleaning up after Donald's messes.

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      I long for the day that Mike Pence is sent to the ash heap of history. Long live Roe v Wade! Women CAN choose what's best for themselves!!

    2. Anonymous8:28 PM

      @3:57 - You said it well. However, I think business dealings will be hard to come by for Trump Organization as the exposure has to be harmful to Trump's businesses.

      It is just his supporters that are a basket of deplorables, either not bright or have their head up their ass, including the Republicans voting for him, Ryan, Priebus etc.

      Banks won't loan to him and anyone in business who doesn't want to come up the loser will not deal with him. Bringing in illegal immigrants will be about his only option for projects or employees because the word is out that you may not get paid for work done and materials purchased.

      Further we do not know what is in the tax returns from 1995 forward and I am guessing, since he refuses to reveal them, that he is probably close to dead broke, or so far in debt (owed Deutsche Bank $640 million in 2008 and fought it in court) presently has loans from Deutsche in the 100's of millions. Trump owes China $650 million and owes Russia millions. The Saudis bailed him out more than once.

    3. Anonymous1:35 AM

      Deplorables - this not a scientific study as I do not know many people. The ones I know do not have a stable job. I read earlier about racism used as an excuse for personal career failure. Look at Trump! He inherited everything. He played at work at his Father's business but did not increase, build, or succeed. He is a complete fraud. Why not blame non white people? It's easy! Also, strong women who do succeed in their careers.

  12. Anonymous4:15 PM

    If you're in business, and your own accountant wants someone with you because you lie, why should voters trust you? Pence did you no favors and your surrogates are digging you a deeper hole.

  13. Anonymous4:35 PM


    Donald Trump is something else.

    Trump's children plus Tiffany are probably telling each that it took daddy one presidential election season to destroy the Trump name.

    Damaging info from Trump's tax lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, a Miss Universe, contractors he hired, people conned by Trump University, minority workers, the illegal use of their charity, Donald himself, on and on and on destroyed the trust and honesty consumers and countries expect when they do business with the Trump company.

    I compare doing business with Trump is like playing Three Card Monte with the street hustlers on the Vegas strip. Go ahead and take your chance and see if you can find the Queen. It's a fools game.

  14. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Hannity"all Trump has to do is turn to her and say ‘why did you deduct your old underwear?"
    little dick SICK FUCKERs

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      What about Hannity? Did he depreciate the loofah sponges in his shower? Or was that Billo The Butt Clown?

    2. Anonymous10:25 PM

      @6:42 pm
      It was Billo the Butt Clown.


  15. Anonymous6:15 PM

    How about

    ● THE 1995 TAX BIRD

    💪😆 Donald Trump wants everybody to believe his taxes were prepared to take advantage of the laws because he knows taxes.



    🙈🙉🙊 The New York Times article indicates Trump's own tax accountant found him inattentive, and nothing that Trump has said in public has revealed a deep knowledge of the tax code.

    🙈🙉🙊 💣 Mitnick, however, told the TODAY show Tuesday that Trump was "not at all" involved in the 1995 filing.

    😁 💣 "He was interested in the bottom line, not the detail," Mitnick said.

    "Staff under my supervision did his returns -
    😠👎👎👎💣 he had no involvement in the preparation."
    Trump's tax lawyer said


    💣 "He understood that he had to rely on us to generate the returns, that it was beyond his knowledge."😲


    Melania's webpage:
    💪😊 At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in 🤓design and 🤓architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was...

    😲😠 💣... several media outlets published stories claiming that 🤓Trump had lied 😲 about her college degree. The GOP Convention program stated that 🤓Trump attended "University in Slovenia" where she obtained a degree in 🤓architecture and design:

    😢 Shortly afterwards, the site was scrubbed from the Internet, and the domain was redirected to the web site for the Trump Organization ( That corporate site contains no mention of 🤓Melania's purported degree, or any other biographical information about her.

    😲 💣(Snopes) There is no "University in Slovenia," nor is there a "University of Slovenia." The country contains several colleges, including the University of Ljubljana, which other news outlets have reported (without citation) was where 🤓Melania obtained her degree.

    💪😁 But while the claim that she possesses a degree in 🤓Architecture and Design appears on several web sites, these reports lack specific details, such as the year she graduated.

    😁 (pulled a Willow Palin but Willow did get her GED😊):
    A wide-ranging interview published in GQ in April 2016 reported that Trump did gain admission to the the University of Ljubljana by passing a "notoriously difficult" entrance exam, but left after just one year
    (😠 can't get an architecture degree in one year 😠)

    🤓Melania Trump 😲 didn't receive a college degree in design and architecture at the university in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which her biography in the Republican National Convention program claims she had obtained.

    🙈🙉🙊💣 CBS News has checked the official public records of the university, and 🤓Melania Trump is not listed as having graduated from there with a degree😲.


    The 😉Tax Bird and the
    🤓Architecture Bird could be telling the truth but they need to convince the media and the world

  16. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Me thinks Donnie did not give the tax lawyer any hush money?

    He'll learn next time.

  17. Anonymous6:55 PM

    In 1995, Trump's losses as reported on his tax returns WERE 2% OF ALL LOSSES IN THE ENTIRE USA.

  18. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Don't collapse just yet, watching "death by a thousand cuts is too much fun!

  19. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Trump's debate prep is a joke.

    "Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday held a rare town hall event in New Hampshire that looked a lot like a trial run for Sunday’s second presidential debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    But the softball questions selected from a Trump-friendly crowd offered little practice for a nominee who desperately needs to overcome his widely panned performance in last week’s debate."

    "The event lasted just over 30 minutes, and the questions, selected from an invitation-only crowd, were complete softballs, bearing little resemblance to what he will encounter from moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, and audience members during Sunday’s debate."

    "Based on his rambling answers, Trump did not appear to use a two-minute countdown clock that would have helped him prepare for Sunday’s town hall format.

    If he wanted to lower expectations for Sunday, he succeeded."

    Next up, Kellyanne (Is she still working for him?) will tell us how awesome Trump will be, the Mickey Mantle of Town Hall meetings. Or something.

    How many think that after his drubbing on Sunday, Trump will find an excuse to ditch the third debate? I mean, there is every indication that after Sunday Clinton's odds of winning may be over 80%. As is, there is no path for Trump to win. Surely someone must have explained that to him in small words and short sentences. Repeatedly. With graphs maybe.

    Does he really think there are enough "secret" voters that will come out to put him over the top?

    If he gives any concession speak at all, it is going to be a hate-filled, conspiracy theory laden, blame-fest of outrage and denial. Perhaps he'll drop yet another innuendo of assassination. (At which point I hope the Secret Service *does* finally arrest him.)

    Then his businesses will tank, his loans will be called, hopefully he will have to sell Mar a Lago and perhaps even Trump Tower. I want him penniless, his Foundation seized and dismantled and him to lose everything he has to creditors and the IRS. I wouldn't dismiss prison time either.

    I want him so destroyed that the name of Trump will be avoided for decades.

    I want his sons to change their names back to Drumpf to avoid association with him.

  20. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I want him locked up for his remaining days.


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