Monday, October 31, 2016

Harry Reid's letter to James Comey accuses him of sitting on "explosive" evidence of ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

The pugilistic Reid, who plans to retire after finishing out this term in Congress, penned a blistering letter to Comey Sunday, accusing the FBI chief of holding back “explosive” information about Donald Trump’s close Russian ties while possibly violating the Hatch Act by reviving the Clinton email investigation. 

“Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another,” Reid wrote, adding that through Comey’s “partisan actions, you may have broken the law.” 

The Nevada Democrat went on to insinuate Comey’s violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits “activity directed towards the success or failure” of a candidate by executive branch employees. 

“[Y]our highly selective approach to publicizing information, along with your timing, was intended for the success or failure of a partisan candidate or political group,” Reid wrote. 

Damn! You go get 'em Senator Reid!

If true that Comey has evidence of ties between Trump and Putin, ties that he has kept to himself, then it makes it much harder NOT to see him as a partisan operative.

And if that was not enough to make that case there is also his decision not to confirm the Russian hacks.

Courtesy of CNBC: 

FBI Director James Comey argued privately that it was too close to Election Day for the United States government to name Russia as meddling in the U.S. election and ultimately ensured that the FBI's name was not on the document that the U.S. government put out, a former FBI official tells CNBC.

In the end, the Department of Homeland Security and The Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued the statement on Oct. 7, saying "The U.S. intelligence community is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of emails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations…These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process." 

According to the former official, Comey agreed with the conclusion the intelligence community came to: "A foreign power was trying to undermine the election. He believed it to be true, but was against putting it out before the election." Comey's position, this official said, was "if it is said, it shouldn't come from the FBI, which as you'll recall it did not." 

That statement put out by the government, which  FBI Director James Comey refrained from participating with since it was so close to the election, came out on October 7th.

The letter that Comey sent to the Senators about the POSSIBILITY of emails on Huma Abedin's computer came out on October 28th, three weeks closer to election day.

You know if it walks like a partisan operative, and it talks like a partisan operative, well then you go ahead and draw your own conclusions.


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    can we start a petition to read all of FBI Director Comey's emails?

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Excellent letter!


    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      The "$tar"
      Teenage Boys?<$ara? No...

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    "The oligarchs are constantly looking to funnel their ill-gotten gains out of the country, and it turns out purchasing Trump properties was a favored way to do so. It makes sense – they are all men cut from the same gold cloth. They are self-entitled narcissistic materialists who care for nothing but increasing their own personal wealth."
    I would call that a "BAwDyhou$e".

  4. Anonymous2:32 PM


    Reid will say anything for the party. He doesn't care about the truth and he is not running for reelection.

    Please push this issue Democrats, please. Comey is like a boy scout when it comes to doing the right thing. He has pissed off many a Republican in his time too. He would not stick out his neck like this without good reason.

    If Hillary is elected, it may well be a Nixon replay.

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Yes ha ha indeed, what a good little troll you are to get the talking points from little fingers Donnie.

      I hate to tell you, but neither you nor Donnie have a clue about Nixon and Watergate otherwise you wouldn’t make such a stupid comment.

    2. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Okaaay 2:50. You must be right.

      When Hillary is impeached and/or resigns, you will still be right lol.

    3. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Two Clintons, two impeachments.

    4. Anonymous4:03 PM

      Read and learn troll, of course if you were really interested you would have already googled Watergate, but here is a simply version for simple minds:
      Guy Who Did Watergate Says Hillary Clinton’s Yoga Emails Actually Nothing Like Watergate
      ..... Dean explains in the New York Times, first by dropping a dollop of #HistoryKnowledge about what Watergate actually was:

      The Watergate scandal, for the record, began on June 17, 1972, as a bungled burglary by men working out of Nixon’s re-election committee, who were arrested in the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex in Washington. […]

      [T]hese investigations revealed astounding abuses of presidential power by Nixon, which included other illegal break-ins and burglaries; illegal electronic surveillance; misuses of agencies of government like the I.R.S., C.I.A. and F.B.I.; the practice of making political opponents into enemies and using the instruments of government to attack them; and then employing perjury and obstruction of justice to cover it all up.
      and also debunks another lie Trump has been telling, about how Hillary was “fired from the Watergate Commission.” History-splain us, John Dean, you lovable Watergate crimer:

      [T]here was never a Watergate commission (presumably he means the House Judiciary Committee), and she wasn’t fired — I know, because I asked the man who supposedly did the firing.

      This is more than an innocent mistake. The idea that Mrs. Clinton was fired from the committee during its impeachment inquiry of Nixon is a mainstay among right-wing conspiracy-mongers.....

    5. Anonymous4:03 PM

      One DRmpc, one dropkick!

    6. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Lol. What part do you not understand about a Nixon replay 4:03?

      If Hillary is forced to resign because of her shenanigans and lies, that is a Nixon replay.

    7. Anonymous4:34 PM


      A Trumpanzee.

    8. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Maybe the troll @2:32, 3:11, and 3:12 would enjoy the movie "Dick" which is a lighthearted film based on Watergate. Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst star in the movie. ABBA music at the end of the movie: Dancing Queen.

    9. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Awwwe 4:36 thinks using 'troll' is still a thing. Cute.

    10. Anonymous8:43 PM

      Comey is like a boy scout when it comes to doing the right thing

      Exactly why they chose him to do his dastardly deed. Bannon may be crass and a shit load of dark, he is not entirely dumb. Repubics and the instigators picked Mr. Likable Innocent for the crimes. Who suspects a nice guy? Perfect crime.

      Watergate was over 40 years ago. Why would a few knuckleheads have wet dreams over that? They are so misdirected and ignorant.

    11. Anonymous12:40 AM

      That is fine, lets not compare it to Watergate. Lets call it, "when Hillary had to resign because she broke the law." There, no Watergate comparison.

    12. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Hillary hasn't broken any law, now why don't we list how Trump has broken the law, oh we need a whole posting for that one.

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Does anyone think that Trig's birth certificate might turn up?

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Nope. Nobody cares about Trig or any of the Palins anymore. We've all moved on so Sarah can have her sad life with little Trigger for the rest of her natural life as he gets older and stronger.

    2. Anonymous8:34 PM

      I care about Trig. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

      It is Sarah Palin that does not care about Trig.

      No one cares who you care or don't care about. Sorry, that's life. No lumps have to care about all those that do care about Trig and the Palins days are numbered. Not that anyone cares about them. I know plenty that do care about their crimes. You just stay away, I would not want you to learn any information that will come out. Just keep your own emails in order and maybe they won't end up on some creeps computer and you wondering how did that happen?

    3. Anonymous12:36 AM

      lol 8:34 went too deep in Palin myth and never came back.

  6. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

    This spring, a group of computer scientists set out to determine whether hackers were interfering with the Trump campaign. They found something they weren’t expecting.

    “I have an outlier here that connects to Russia in a strange way,” he wrote in his notes. He couldn’t quite figure it out at first. But what he saw was a bank in Moscow that kept irregularly pinging a server registered to the Trump Organization on Fifth Avenue.

    More data was needed, so he began carefully keeping logs of the Trump server’s DNS activity. As he collected the logs, he would circulate them in periodic batches to colleagues in the cybersecurity world. Six of them began scrutinizing them for clues.

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Verry Interesting!!!

    2. Anonymous4:55 PM

      "I do have a relationship with him"


    3. Anonymous6:30 PM

      The FBI might also want to look into Ivanka’s relationship with Putin’s girlfriend. They recently went on vacation together,who knows what information was exchanged.

      Also Putin is ex-KGB and you can’t tell me he doesn’t have his girlfriend “watched”.

      Wouldn't it be something if Traitor Trump is charged with treason after the election is over.

    4. Putin's girlfriend is ALSO Rupert Murdock's ex wife.

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Vote for Hillary Clinton - far and above the very best candidate to become our next POTUS! I've already cast my vote for her via absentee ballot!

    Trump would be a horrid disaster and lead us into WWIII and a dictatorship form of government!

  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    FBI opens investigation into ex-Trump campaign manager Manfort’s foreign ties

    The FBI is in the process of conducting a preliminary investigation into Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s foreign business connections, reports NBC News.

    News of the investigation comes just days after FBI Director James Comey disclosed that investigators are examining a new batch of emails connected to an aide to Hillary Clinton.

    Notice of the investigation follows Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticism of Comey’s Clinton letter and where the Demoicrtaiuc senator stated the FBI has “explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government.”

    Full report here.

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Outstanding letter, Harry Reid. You've done an outstanding job for our country with all yours years of service.

    You are a true American!

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM

    New Word for Me: Pugilistic = Fighter, go get em sort of guy.

    Harry Reid is not afraid to say what needs said.

    Urban Dictionary: pugilistic

    ... the drop of a dime. A pugilistic person will show up at any occasion including church, court, work, and funerals with the attitude ' Let's Get Ready To Rumble".

    (I just realized that could apply to the Palins in a bad way. Birthday brawl, anyone?)

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Palins appear to be classic shit talkers.

      So drunk you can't spell your last name, missing your sunglasses and underwear, that's a losing bet every time.

  11. Anonymous2:56 PM

    O/T Laugh of the Day, brought to you by Donnie “Little Fingers” Trump:
    Donald Trump is claiming that Hillary Clinton is not a good role model for his 10-year-old son.
    Trump, campaigning in Michigan on Monday, said, "She's a terrible example for my son and the children in this country."

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Does Donald Trump think that this one is a better role model for their son?

    2. Anonymous4:50 PM

      @3:27 ;-P

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    James Comey Wouldn’t Want To Hurt Russia’s Feelings This Close To An Election! No, For Real

    K, know what? Fuck this guy ten ways from Sunday and right up to next Tuesday, which happens to be the day of our U.S. American election.

    As we all know, Russia was indeed named as the perpetrator, and as CNBC notes, that statement was signed by the Department Of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, because we guess they’re not craven pussies like James Comey.

  13. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Cummings’ shocker: Americans don’t ‘have a clue’ how hard the GOP pushed the FBI to attack Clinton

    Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is furious that the FBI is caving to GOP pressure without giving the same treatment to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    In a Monday morning interview with CNN’s “New Day,” Cummings admitted he was shocked by the letter that FBI Director James Comey sent to his committee.

    “I was surprised that the director who has told our committee on several occasions that his number one concern is his reputation that he would issue a letter that, number one, was so vague,” Cummings began. “And that, basically, gave Donald Trump a softball to hit over the fence. And he knew, I’m sure, that this is exactly what Donald Trump would do. He would exaggerate.”

    Cummings went on to call the letter vague again, saying that it leaves so many facts out of the equation. But given the pressure Comey was under from the GOP, he’s not shocked it happened. “We don’t know how many of these e-mails are duplicates. And we don’t have very much information at all. But the fact still remains that — it doesn’t surprise me, though, in a way that he did this. Because I don’t think the American people have a clue as to how hard the Republicans, particularly on my committee, have been on the FBI.”

    According to Cummings, the GOP loved Comey, but when he came to them in July recommending no charges for Hillary Clinton they turned on him.

    “So, you know, and now what they’re doing is trying to get every note,” Cummings said of the committee attempting to get every ounce of information from the FBI. “They’ve gotten the interviews of the FBI and everything involved in the investigation. Now, as I told director Comey at the time of the hearing back in July, I said to him, ‘Sir, they are now going to investigate you and your agency.’ That’s exactly what they’re doing. He asked me, in a way, was I surprised? I wasn’t.”

    Cummings doesn’t think that Comey released the latest information for partisan reasons. Instead, he believes the GOP has pushed Comey to the actions he took.

    ...He continued, saying that the fairness is missing in the FBI because it has left Clinton unable to defend herself while Trump gets to make wild accusations based on zero information. He wants to see the FBI give Manafort and Trump the same treatment.

    Check out the interview below:

  14. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Holy Fuck, Read the story at Slate!

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Amazing! Trump was discovered to have a Moscow bank dedicated server and when a reporter asked him about it he shut it down and installed a new one.

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    3. Anonymous6:10 PM


      Bet you these folks already have both Christie's deleted Bridgegate emails AND Trig's birth certificate.

    4. Anonymous8:24 PM

      O fudge. He can shoot someone dead in NYC and get by with it, he knows that, they are not going to expose him for some server and connections to rich Russians or banks. Comey will protect him and the Russians. He'll be damned with America and what is good for us.

  15. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Today, Erick Erickson posted an essay called, “Is Your Daughter a Whore?” that tackled the costumes he sees as irrefutable proof of a “society in decline.”

    Obviously, he got a lot of pushback on that, especially since the point of the essay was how distinctly un-whore-ish his 11-year-old daughter is. He was called out on various blogs and on Twitter for even using that word when talking about his kid’s peers, for insisting that it’s too hard to find a costume for his daughter that doesn’t show her “butt crack, butt cheek, or cleavage” when other parents have reported no such issue, and for writing about whether parents will “dress their kids up as whores” without giving any agency to the kids themselves.

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Watch the South Park episode entitled "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset". It features a cartoon Paris Hilton and a bunch of 4th grade girls wanting to be a stupid, spoiled whore, just like she is

      This was created 12 years ago, and with the advent of the Kardashians, it's gotten even worse.

      Society is in decline when the Hilton whores and the Kardashian whores are worshipped by little girls (and boys) whose parents simply don't care enough to educate them.

      Face it, it's these people that are misspelling our names on our coffee cups at Starbucks. It's these people that can't figure out how to count back change when required. It's these people that are going to have to keep America running as it is because they are too stupid to actually be part of improving it.

      Thank goodness that there is an equal portion of our young population that is actually becoming educated and making a difference, but damn, we're always going to have to deal with the stupid whores, and they are tiresome.

  16. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Just now on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Matthews is talking to a Newsweek editor about Trump companies destroyed emails. Chris asked Kurt Eichenwald if Trump has destroyed emails and digital records against court orders. Kurt said yes. Chris asked is Trump an honest business man and Kurt said no. Chris asked if Trump is a deadbeat doesn't pay his bills, Kurt said yes. Kurt must know something if he's not worried about getting sued. I hope Gryph is able to watch this segment.

    1. Sarah6:12 PM

      And people keep askin' me why I endorsed Trump?

      Its' unflippinberlievable!

  17. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Also talking to Kurt Eichenwald, he talks about a server that Trump companies said doesn't exist under oath but later on when other information turned up, they said the server exists but there are no more emails on it.

  18. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Trump threatens to sue women who accused Trump of sexual assault and threaten to sue the media if they publish these stories about sexual assault but yet Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald is not afraid to go on a syndicated news program and bad mouth Trump's business ethics.

  19. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Watch the Purple Heart Video:

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      I salute.
      A salute is a gesture or other action used to display respect.

  20. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I love how Harry Reid is going out like a lion!! I'll miss him as a senator, but he's served for many years and has gone through so much with his health (which reminds me that Trump joked about his eye and losing his other eye--Trump is such a pig) and deserves time to just enjoy his life with family.

    Keep reading HuffPo, too. The articles on Trump's and his circle's Russia crap just keep adding up. And the Comey details keep coming out. I'm thrilled the Dems are showing Comey's hypocrisy. I'm thrilled Hillary's been on offense since the Comey stuff broke and is fighting. Give 'em hell, Hill.

    1. Anonymous6:13 PM

      October Surprize!

      Donald's a regular Jethro Bodine double zero forrein agent.

  21. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Is anyone going to throw Comey and Trump in jail? No. The Republicans have been committing covert crimes for so long, everyone's just numb to it. Won't be surprised if it is Putin who takes oath if Trump wins. That's how bad this horrible real show is.

  22. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Whatever is happening with Trump and Russia I know Palin can see it from her porch or her Dead Lake, somewhere like that. She is in the thick of it with her medal Meyer catch.

  23. Anonymous7:46 PM

    what part of the Trump Organization owing Russian/Putin cronies of hundreds of millions of dollars did people not understand?

  24. Anonymous8:06 PM

    "New Russians"

  25. Anonymous12:26 AM

    About time Harry Reid grew a backbone. He was a whimpy Senate Majority Leader. It's a shame he waited until the very end of his career when he was essentially a lame duck to finally get touch and kick some butt. While that letter is a good start, it's way too mealy mouthed polite. He's retiring. What is he afraid of?

    We had a VP at one of my middle schools that asked that we send every student that failed to return or pay for text books to her office. She said she was going to withhold end of year activities and seniors wouldn't get to walk. I told her that was illegal. She said "I don't give a shit. I'm retiring. What are they going to do to me?" We got more books back and fines paid that June than ever before.

    1. Anonymous4:54 AM

      Well, I've done a lot of complaining about Harry Reid in the past but I'm very happy that he wrote and made public his two Comey letters. They exposed the FBI director's hypocrisy and partisanship for the world to see. And schooled the media for its eagerness to jump to conclusions at the same time.
      Beagle mom


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