Sunday, October 30, 2016

How the conservatives see the world.

You know maybe if those football players would strap on an AK-47 they would finally get the respect that they deserve.


  1. I just finished reading a phenomenal book titled "The Fifties." Dealt with hundreds of subjects from that decade.

    I already knew from old videotapes, etc., that the "negro" got a really bad deal back then.

    Multiply what you previously thought by 20. I'm ashamed to be white.

    All I can say is that white people are SO lucky that the black man has a surprisingly calm temperament.

    Anyone reading the details of this book, will wonder why there weren't hundreds of gangs of angry blacks, raiding the homes of whites and skinning them alive, across the nation.

    Instead, we see even in today's world, nothing but KNEELING as a form of protest for having white law enforcement continue the tradition of the obscene slaughter of innocents.

    Count your lucky stars, folks.

    1. Scared white racists think "the blacks" have the same hate in their hearts as they do.

      I am continually touched and astonished by the grace of African-Americans to put up with this escalating shit year after year. Obama is the epitome of their greater understanding and forgiveness of one's fellow man, whatever color.

    2. Anonymous6:03 AM

      I am always amazed at the grace of people like Rep. John Lewis.

      After everything that's been done to him throughout his life, even after being spit on as recently as 2010, he STILL works to serve this country and make it a better place for all of its people.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    NODAPL water protectors could only wish for the same treatment as these scumbags got.

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    "You know maybe if those football players would strap on an AK-47 they would finally get the respect that they deserve."

    Unless they are black.


    1. Wait, are you suggesting that there is some kind of racial component to the 2nd Amendment?

      Shocked, that's what I am, shocked!

  4. WA Skeptic8:07 AM

    As an onlooker in the '60's, I remember when the Black Panthers DID arm up. They stood on the Capital building steps in Sacramento, armed as allowed by the 2nd Amendment. Result: Gov. Reagan signed a very restrictive anti-weapons bill overnight.
    Then, over the next few years, their organization was systematically destroyed by the Oakland PD by actually ambushing them during the night, killing some men in their sleep.

    Yeah, tell me there's no racially-oriented sub-judice actions.

    Sad that this is still going on in the 21st century.

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Kaepernick will likely be traded to anywhere the 49ers can dump him as a backup QB after this season is over. If he is lucky. It is entirely possible that no team wants him. In other words, his career, his income, his fame, is about done. It is too bad the NFL felt it was in their best interest to be PC and to let it play out until they can dump him. They lost a lot of money due to his selfish ego.

  6. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Cliven Bundy (the "dad") is actually a MELON FARMER on his 160 acres, acquired about 1948-1954. He has chosen to run his unimmunized, unfed, uncared for cattle on OUR (the taxpayers) land. All other ranchers have paid the minimal cost charged by the BLM for the privilege of running cattle on OUR land--ol' Cliven did for a while, but hasn't for years--running up a bill of over a million dollars. It's been to court MANY times and Cliven has never won. Hopefully, that will also be the case when Ammon, Ryan, Cliven, etc. are brought to NV for trial--CONVICTED!


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