Sunday, October 30, 2016

Massachusetts police officer's wife fakes robbery blames it on BLM.

Courtesy of CBS News:

The wife of a Millbury, Massachusetts police officer is accused of faking a robbery and vandalizing the couple’s own home, CBS Boston reports. 

 Police say on October 17 Maria Daly reported a burglary at the family home, saying jewelry and money had been stolen. She also reportedly said her house was tagged with graffiti that appeared to reference the Black Lives Matter movement. 

According to Millbury Police Chief Donald Desorcy, investigators have determined the entire account was false.

The woman is only being charged with filing a false police report and misleading a police investigation.

Gee, good thing she is white or this might have been considered a hate crime.

You know I just don't understand why these Black Lives Matter folks are always acting so defensive.

I mean it's not like they are constantly being blamed for things they didn't do, while the police treat them like suspects for no good reason, right?

And you know the thing is that this shit has been happening for years, where African Americans are used as a scapegoat for all kinds of criminal activity, and nobody every publicized it to give the average American a peek into what it is like to be a black person living in this country.

So now we are seeing it all of the time, and for many non-minorities the information is almost too much to absorb.

I know, too fucking bad right?


  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    When you use foul language as freely as you do, it diminishes the impact of your message.

    1. Anonymous4:56 AM

      No, it doesn't.

    2. Anonymous5:26 AM

      @Anonymous 4:20 AM

      It's Gryphen's blog and he can talk the way he damn well pleases.
      You don't have the right to come on someone's blog and tell them how to talk, or what language to use. GET IT?

    3. Anonymous6:04 AM

      I'm don't totally agree with you, but I think I understand what you are saying. It can be difficult sometimes. I struggle more with the GRATUITOUS hate, speculation, and most important, the intolerance in the post responses. But Gryphen knows it. OTher people have said so.

      It is his blog, and his rules. Some people seem to have a problem with expressing an opinion about his rules. It's probably not everyone.

    4. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Give it a rest, 6:04. I know you're also 4:29. You sound like Trump ..."some people say...." You don't belong here and someday you'll figure that out. In the meantime, maybe you can learn a few things from Gryphen:

    5. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Quite frankly, sometimes foul language is all that will suffice. Lighten up, Francis!

    6. Anonymous9:42 AM

      When you are up at 4:20 AM, your senses are clouded, troll.

    7. Anonymous12:35 PM

      To the troll at 9:42 - that is Alsska time, not necessarily the time of the poster, Dumbass.

      Funny how people criticize Bristol for telling somebody to "Go fuck yourself" but the gratuitous, unprovoked profanity by Gryphen is excused and justified.

      I agree with the original person. More importantly, this blog often makes me embarassed to be a liberal.

    8. If one blog on the internet could make you embarrassed to be a liberal you would have to have the most tenuous grasp of liberalism that one could imagine.

      And then one would have to wonder how you felt about such liberal icons as Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and George Carlin.

      Words are but tools to inform, inspire, and agitate.

    9. Anonymous7:59 PM

      It's used for effect.

      It's not just thrown around willy nilly in laziness or shock value.

      Call it vernacular or expletives. Since Gryphen is an atheist he neither curses nor profanes since that would involve a god.

      Foul language? Now you're just being a Puritan pussy.

  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    The miserable cow. White women have been doing this kind of shit for ages.
    ONE example comes to mind right away. Remember during the Obama campaign of 2008 when a Pennsylvania white woman carved a B in her forehead and lied and said a black man did it? The police got the truth out of her. She was lying. She was trying to start a race war, she did it to herself.

    1. Oh I forgot about that one.

      The one that has always stuck in my mind was the Susan Smith case.

    2. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Didn't she also carve it backwards because she used a mirror and didn't reverse it?

      Wasn't this very thing (white women using black men as scape goats) what To Kill a Mockingbird was based on? From Emmett Till to Travon Martin, we've advanced so very little and now seem to be drifting back.

  3. Anonymous6:01 AM

    New Poll: Clinton Up by 4 Pts in Alaska

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Splody heads sploding in Wasilla.

    2. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Not according to Nate Silver.

      And she's still down in Arizona, Iowa and Ohio.

      But holding on to Nevada, North Carolina and Florida.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM


    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      “technologically updated versions of the medieval preoccupation with scrutinizing female genitalia for signs of sin and witchcraft, and of nineteenth-century forensic medical campaigns to detect promiscuity and homosexuality by examining the shapes of lips and penises.”

  5. Anonymous8:22 AM

    FUCK FUCK FUCK "Two fans at Saturday night’s University of Wisconsin football game wore a costume featuring President Obama in a noose, with Donald Trump holding the ROPE " The other person wore a Trump mask and held the noose to give the appearance Trump was hanging either Obama or Clinton."
    “the overwhelming understanding is that ‘hate speech’ is constitutionally protected in the United States… Indeed, that protection makes this country different from most other countries in the world.”

    1. Anonymous8:05 PM

      That's not hate speech. It's more like a threat to the president. The case could be made. Only they're not black, they're probably white so, you know, BUNDY.


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