Sunday, October 09, 2016

I love the tiny hands.

And you know those tiny hands might be the key to all of this.

After all when you are insecure and trying to compensate, these are precisely the kinds of behaviors we would expect from you.

That and constructing giant phallic building with your name on them.


  1. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Poor Donnie - still and always the "short fingered vulgarian" -

    1. Note that T has never objected to being called a vulgarian, it's the "short-fingered" that stuck in his craw for thirty years!

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Vulgar, lewd, crass, uncouth. I'm sure he's heard them all.

      Now, of course, he is simply a DIRTY OLD MAN.

      And an unindicted sexual predator.

  2. Anonymous2:58 AM

    The only difference between Trump and the millions of sex addicts is that Trump hides nothing about himself. Bill to this day hides his private life, for it to be discovered by anyone who cares to look.

    You're all just upset that EVERYTHING Trump said 11 years ago is true.

    If it weren't Shaq's conquest number wouldn't be in the 1000s. Bill wouldn't get 22 yr olds to rub his feet. Even Hillary would get her lezzies.

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      You are all upset sarry did grice 20+ years ago, did not birth trig, ... all true.

    2. Anonymous5:04 AM

      You are one delusional crackpot!

    3. Anonymous5:24 AM

      You must be very upset that even the GOP is distraught about the most recent Trump disclosure. How sad.

    4. Anonymous7:00 AM

      @Burrhurt 2:58 AM Posting while drunk on Trump kool-aid CAUSES YOU TO LIE. There is much more exposure coming for your conman hero Trump.

      Do you want more, Trumpanzee?

    5. Anonymous7:14 AM

      You're one of those "deplorables" aren't you?!?

    6. Anonymous7:15 AM

    7. Anonymous8:03 AM

      "Trump hides nothing about himself"? Tax returns?

    8. Anonymous3:33 PM

      2:58 Wants Hillary so bad, she's projecting. You do have good taste in women, but she's taken already.

  3. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Little Fingers Donnie’s latest excuse: that wasn’t me, it was the Tic Tacs talking !!!!!

    Totally rigged, got bad batch of tic tacs. People are telling me tic tacs made in foreign country, totally rigged, tic tac’s support women, totally out to get me. I am going to sue tic tacs.

  4. Anonymous3:21 AM

    If so many people are outraged by Trump's (true) words?

    Who the hell bought 80 million copies of 50 shades of grey?

    Buck of ladies. Don't be weak assholes. Females objectify men a lot. Every day I see women say no to a good man because he has a belly etc.

    And in reality, I would defend a man over a woman 85% of the time. Sorry, but it's true.

    Doesn't mean I defend comments that degrade people. I'm just saying, women are not exempt from engaging in similar behavior. Get off your high horse.

    Elections are about plans and safety. Hillary is THE most corrupt polician. A rackateer.

    1. Anonymous4:32 AM

      Oh, Chuckie Jr., are your feelings hurt because women reject you everyday?

    2. Anonymous4:55 AM

      It is not just words. His actions have defined his character. He is clearly an abuser of both man and woman. Yes and trump is not alone. The basket full of deplorable supporters have the same problems.

    3. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Equating people reading a book as the same thing as a man sexually assaulting a woman is assinine! Fifty shades of gray is a FICTIONAL book you asshole! Big difference between fantasy and having some man grab your crotch. You seem to really hate women and have an ax to grind.

    4. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Hillary Clinton is neither a "corrupt politician" nor a "racketeer." This is not about Hillary Clinton so put aside your unfounded attacks on her. It is about the GOP's presidential nominee, Donald Trump who is, and always has been, a very sleazy human being.

      My only gripe is that all of the outrage over the latest example of Trump nastiness should have been there when he was spouting all of his other nastiness - on the campaign trail. The media and his fellow GOP members should have gone after him relentlessly for suggesting that every country have its own nuclear arsenal, for threatening NATO, for praising Vladimir Putin, a Stalin wannabe if there ever was one, for constantly degrading anyone around him (except for his own offspring, that is); and on and on. For two years we've been subject to Donald Trump's extreme inappropriateness and the GOP forgave him everything until the straw came along that might or might not break the camel's back. .

    5. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Oh boy the confused trump troll is back, your comments @2:58 and 3:21 make no sense.

      Go back to go, do not collect $200.

    6. Anonymous5:25 AM

      You are so clueless, I am speechless.

      Comparing fiction to reality, what world do you live in?

    7. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Your hatred of Hillary and Bill is pathological and not based on facts.

      This is real life, not a fictional novel, I do not have to buck up and permit that Trump’s vulgarity becomes acceptable behavior. It is criminal.

      You can excuse his pattern of behavior and his lack of character, ethics and morals, but I do not !!!

      CNN’s John King: ‘People go to jail’ for the type of sexual assault Trump brags he commits

      .... CNN host John King went beyond the vulgar language to point out that Trump was confessing to a crime....

    8. Anonymous6:51 AM

      @3:21, hopefully your misspelled words are from lack of sleep. You uneducated trolls seem to enjoy posting comments in the wee hours.

    9. Anonymous7:05 AM

      What is it in your pea brain that does not understand we women will NOT “buck of ladies” to sexual assault?

      It is not only Trump’s disgusting comments but also his actions; he physically assaulted women because he had money (or so he says) and power over them.

    10. Anonymous7:12 AM

      If a woman goes up to a man and grabs him by the crotch,she just sexually assaulted him and should be prosecuted.Don the Con admitted to doing it to women,women have stated he did it to them,and he should be prosecuted. But I don't know any women who have done this.

    11. Anonymous7:45 AM

    12. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Oh good lord. You write like a Trump supporter.

    13. Anonymous8:01 AM

      @3:21, read this and STFU:

  5. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Don is the typical dirty brat guy that you do not date or marry. He is foul mouthed, a bully and lousy lover. He must insult lie and cheat to win at everything. Poor old guy does not know how to love or be loved and has a lifelong untreated emotional and mental illness along with a possible genetic mutation or two. What a spectacle and drama queen he is. His foul mouth began with his first words and nobody corrected him.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      Who knew have a micro penis could cause so much havoc.

      Also being white trash and not accepted by "old money" added to his problems.

    2. Anonymous2:02 PM

      That's because he was born into wealth.

      Had he been born into poverty, he would still be in prison on his fourth, fifth or sixth conviction.

  6. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Obviously our courts, judges and agencies have given this man a pass for over 50 yrs.

  7. Anonymous4:42 AM

    @258 & 321
    Very wise words, my friend(s)

    I too believe that women are awful and that of them have actual girl cooties. Ewww! Right, guys??

    For this reason, I am urging many of Mr. Drumpf's rabid supporters to vote for him on Election Day. Let's show that bitch we love our tiny-fingeted douchebag!! I also urge some of them to vote for Librarian Gary Johnson. Others I urge to write in Mike Pence's name. Still others should choose random Christian conservatives like the duck guy, or the current grand klaxon of the Klan.

    Let's be creative, wingnuts!! Vote for yourself if you're handsome, male and white and think YOU could easily be a better president than the Kenyan born Muslin who stole the White House from White people in 2008!!! And again in 2012!!

    By voting for many different people to be president - and not Crooked Hillary!! - we can be certain that some of us will vote for the right person! And isn't being RIGHT the most important thing?


    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      Anon at 4:42 am. Go stand in a corner and stomp your feet while you're at it. Presidential elections are not games. They should not be messed with by people who may be old enough to vote but who surely lack the maturity to do so. Casting your ballot in any election but especially in a presidential election should be seen as an affirmation of our system of government.

    2. Anonymous7:03 AM

      I am alarmed at the many, many ignorant (can immediately know if it is a rwnj typing as they cannot spell, grammar is incorrect and word usage is wrong, maybe home-schooled or a drop-out?) and bombastic Drumpf supporters who seem to have no understanding about how our democracy works. Their sources seem to be Limpballs, wife beater and sexual deviant O'Really and liar Megyn Kelly. How did so many thugs become the loud, shouting, punching, band of idiots running the GOP? Family values? No. Preservers of our Constitution? No. Brain-washed deplorables? Absolutely!

      Vote blue all the way down the ticket! We must take our country back from the deplorables for the safety of ourselves and our daughters and sons. The reporters exposing Drumpf and the 15 year old who spoke at HRC's rally are receiving death threats and other hate-filled rants from the GOP's supporters. Sick, sick, sick, when the supporters make those kinds of threats.

      Remember when they fuss about HRC's emails that Rove and G W Bush destroyed over 22 million emails off the private servers at the White House that were connected to the RNC. Romney took EVERY computer, every hard drive and so did his staff and destroyed the contents, when he left Massachusetts as governor. Powell used a private email as Secretary of State. Jindal and Jeb Bush used private servers. HRC is the target, though, really? See the skewed minds here? That is the GOP.

    3. Anonymous8:01 AM

      6:21 & 7:03-- very good responses, but I'm pretty sure 4:42 was just hyper-sarcasming.

    4. Anonymous9:14 AM

      And no records are available for huckabee's 12 year stint as Ark gov because the computer hard drives that once contained them were erased and physically destroyed by the Huckabee administration as the governor prepared to leave office and launch a presidential bid.

  8. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Poor trolls. On another note, I don't expect kellieannie to loudly resign from the campaign but if she has ANY respect for herself and her children she will find a way to slink quietly from the campaign and never be seen on TV until after the election.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      That idiot blond has screwed herself royally by supporting Trump 'no matter what'!

      I've always thought her to come across cold as hell when interviewed - never showed emotion - didn't smile - cold, cold, cold!

      Have no clue why anyone would hire her for their campaign in the future. She'll never be able to wipe off the stench of being so supportive of Trump. Plus, she's a 'woman' that stood by him when he's on record for calling women pigs, fat, ugly, etc.! Friggin' amazing and not smart on her part!

      But, perhaps Trump paid her well and she'll retire never to be heard from again. Hopefully, as to the latter!

    2. Anonymous7:43 AM

      7:02, Kellyanne Conway is a motormouth. That's about it.

    3. Anonymous2:13 PM

      I doubt Kellyanne is going to be with Trump much longer. May even have already left.

      She isn't going to want to be associated in any way with him now as he's a career killer. Plus, unless he is paying her in cash up front, she can expect she won't be paid now that the RNC has cut off his funding.

  9. Anonymous5:00 AM

    2:58, 3:21
    No this isn't normal. If you think it is, you need help. He was not objectifying. He was boasting about physically assaulting. That is wrong. No, most people don't do that.

    3:03,my guess is those women aren't saying no to your big belly, but to your twisted view of the world.

  10. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Trumps actions, stupid supporter, he has made himself money, he has family, ... what? Finally jobs, jobs for minorities. Look at actions. Donnie has done way more hahaha. She doesn't make sense. Hills bungled her job like what, specifics. Omg, stupid.

    1. Anonymous5:53 AM

      jobs for minorities

      And yet they never ask why he has created all those high paying :) jobs for aliens on visas and not "real" Americans.

    2. Anonymous6:26 AM

      5:33: Are you a keyboard-sitting housecat?

    3. Anonymous8:09 AM

      @5:33, Take this:

  11. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Reagan on Gary Hart, 1987:

    "Boys will be boys. But boys will not be president."

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Boys can talk dirty any time they want. So can girls. It's a free country. JUST DON'T RUN FOR PRESIDENT if that's what you're about.

  12. Anonymous6:25 AM

    lol. The psychology seems way too easy with this, doesn't it?
    Maybe he has a micropenis and even his mommy laughed at him.

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      "But the experts we spoke with are concerned that such attitudes and language can perpetuate violence against women.

      “The language that Trump used was typical ‘bro talk’ in which men talk to other men about women as if they (women) are sex objects rather than fully human,” Sarah Gervais, PhD, associate professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, tells Yahoo Beauty in an email. “When you describe women only in terms of their sex appeal or reduce them to their sexual body parts, you render invisible their humanity.”

      She points out that the tone of Trump’s “banter” may also be harmful to female self-confidence. “Research from our lab shows that when women are treated in objectifying ways, they start to see themselves as sexual objects and feel more body shame, heightened anxiety and safety concerns,” says Gervais. “Seeing this type of behavior from our leaders (even if they say that it is only ‘locker room’ talk), reinforces the notion that women are and should be treated as sex objects. It is highly problematic for the way men see women as well as how women see themselves.”

      Experts went as far as saying that this sort of language, when used by a leader, could potentially contribute to attitudes of violence against women."

      Trumps language dehumanizes women. He even refers to them as "IT" on occasion. He reduces them to body parts, legs, tits, crotch, face but not as a living thing with a soul and personality.

  13. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I always thought small 'fingers' indicated a small penis on a man - not hands!! Trump has short fingers!

    Trump is the most insecure man I've seen in my life! He objectifies women, only relates to them as sexual objects (to include his daughter) and I'm glad he belongs to the Republicans! They nominated him and are going to pay for having done so in the upcoming election!

  14. Anonymous7:41 AM

  15. sniffers row7:46 AM

    Here is the Palin picture that you need to see. Why all these young future Trumpsters drooling in Sarah's presence? Is it the high heels that have their little wee wee's all wee wee'd up? Or is there something else about Sarah?

  16. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Sounds like Trump’s “winning strategy” for the debate is to call Bill Clinton a rapist, is he going to man up and do it during the debate, giving Hillary a chance to respond or do his usual cowardly way and hide behind twitter?

    Pence better think twice before dropping out, cuz Trump is ready to ruin him, but Sarah may get her chance again and just think the VP debate is over, no pesky gotcha questions to answer. Crotch grabbing runs in the family (Bristol and Toad) so she is fine with that kind of behavior.

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Pence won't drop out. He's counting on Trump dropping out or being removed and then moving up to replace him.

      But Pence is no longer defending Trump. He isn't campaigning for him either, witness his withdrawal from the Wisconsin debacle with Paul Ryan.

      Trump says he'll take down the GOP if they take him drop him but I think it's more likely he'll drop out on his own due to lack of money and staff. The RNC has cut him off completely. Trump cannot afford to support his own campaign.

  17. Anonymous8:21 AM

  18. Luckovich is awesome. I knew him in High School in Eugene, OR. He was a great guy with a lot of smarts, a quick wit and no tolerance for bullies or posers. In the 30+ years and 2 Pulitzers years since, he hasn't changed a bit. He's in the tradition of Nast, Mauldin, Herblock and Oliphant. Very proud to know him.

  19. Anonymous2:51 PM

    You know more damaging stuff is going to come out, showing a pattern of sexual predator behavior. Married or not, this boor is a lecher.

  20. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Alec Baldwin did a great job on SNL, even though his fingers aren't short enough.


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