Saturday, October 08, 2016

Early endorser Sarah Palin finally comes out of hiding to confront the Trump controversy. And look it only took her 24 hours!

"Sexualized behaviors? What would I know about sexualized behaviors.?"
Courtesy of Dora the Endorser's Facebook page: 

Crass Heard 'Round the World 

Disgusting, shameful, totally disrespectful "locker room" garbage, privately shared between two Hollywood playboys over a decade ago, is now made to be "the crudeness heard 'round the world." The old Bush and Trump braggart comments were beyond abhorrent and offensive, though both boys apologized for them. 

Oh my God! Has Palin, like numerous other GOP women, finally reached the end of her patience with Donald Trump and is now willing to condemn his actions and withdrawal her endorsement for the good of the party? 

Please, just who do you think we are talking about here?

As offensive, however, is media obsession with a very old conversation between non-political figures when we're in a crucial time facing earth-altering shifts in our future. The Supreme Court, international tinderbox relationships, global security, and our entire economy hang in the balance. With the question of what kind of country we will leave our daughters and sons unanswered, I wisely look at today's candidates' positions and what they have accomplished, while being well aware there are no perfect candidates. I encourage all to quit putting faith in flawed human beings. 

You first lady.

Going around media filters you clearly see one candidate offering a bold vision with solid plans to build a stronger, safer, greater America (Wait, "one candidate offering a bold vision with solid plans to build a stronger, safer, greater America?" Is she getting ready to endorse Hillary Clinton?), while the career politician in the race offers only tired, sad, unsustainable, illogical ways of the past that will leave our children unsafe, broken and abused. 

 Oh I forgot, in Palin's world everything up is down, and everything down is up.

In today's Presidential race, it's only telling which candidate participated in cruder past conversations if both candidates' communications were all exposed, but alas, that won't happen. (Oh so since the completely imaginary possibility exists that Hillary has said things just as shocking as what Trump said on that tape, we should assume that one is no more guilty than the other? Oh yeah, there's some logical thinking for ya.) This, despite the fact that just one of Hillary Clinton's leaked conversations told us all we needed to know about her respect for a woman's life. Tellingly, there was never an apology for this.

At this point Palin links to that completely discredited You Tube video of Hillary supposedly laughing about getting a rapist off during her days as a public defender. It is yet another sad attempt to create a false equivalency, and it fails completely.

It's undeniable that it's only politics allowing characterization of Trump's old comments as more outrageous and offensive than Hillary's comments, as she's caught on tape gleefully defending a child rapist, laughing behind the victim's back, bragging about her disgusting, shameful, totally crude act in defense of a man's worst perpetration of evil on a little girl.

Damn she went all out at the end there. I think she even managed to dredge up some faux outrage. 

Palin then used this image to illustrate her post.

 Well I could not agree more.

In fact I guess we should all have expected that the wife of a man accused of pimping women out for the sexual pleasure of men, and the mother of a man who drunkenly beat his future wife so badly that he was hauled away by the cops, would have little difficulty coming to the defense of a man who has sexually harassed women for over thirty years, and who once raped his own wife in anger over the fact that the procedure he had to reduce his bald spot hurt his big orange head.

For the record Sarah, there is NOTHING supported by the facts in Hillary or Bill Clinton's past that even comes close to the disgusting nature of what's on that tape.

And when you add it to all of the other despicable things we now know about Donald Trump (Twitter rants, fat shaming, lies about his wealth, racism, sexism, links to Putin, etc.) our choice for the next leader of the greatest nation on earth becomes clear.

Though to be fair that actually became clear for most of us on the day that you endorsed him for president.


  1. Sarah obviously is upset because Donald never grabbed her hooha, even though she spread it out for him on several occasions.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      My thoughts exactly!

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Why do Trumptards always deflect, project, use false equivalencies and shoot messengers?
      It’s because they have NOTHING. No one with a functioning brain can defend the indefensible. So they change the subject away from Con Man Don.
      Dishonest Donald really is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Christian Hypocrites for TRUMP 2016!!!

    4. Anonymous4:47 PM

      If Sarah was raised by a Sally Sanduskey mother and a father that is a perv and never appropriate with girls. This piece she wrote or he wrote for her, her behavior is typical. I doubt she is the only Republican in her position.

    5. Anonymous5:22 PM

      the wife of a man accused of pimping women out for the sexual pleasure of men, and the mother of a man who drunkenly beat his future wife so badly that he was hauled away by the cops,

      the wife of a man accused of pimping women out for the sexual pleasure of men, and the mother of a man who drunkenly beat his future wife so badly that he was hauled away by the cops,

      the wife of a man accused of pimping women out for the sexual pleasure of men, and the mother of a man who drunkenly beat his future wife so badly that he was hauled away by the cops,

      Trump is a fucking 70 year old man running for president you IDIOT WANBABE!!! And he was 60 years old in the tape!!!

      Now STFU and go help Todd sell some women to make up for the pathetic losses you have made with your PAC!!!!

      You are a DISGRACE to your vagina!

    6. Anonymous5:22 PM

      He kicked her out and she still defends the orange anus? Makes sense given her husband is a pimp, her son beats his girlfriends, and her Barstool sleeps with anything. Great. Family. Values.

    7. Anonymous5:34 PM

      She is both afraid of Trump. He has never been afraid of turning on people and he could a lot of damage. And....she is hoping for him to throw her some scraps.

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    It Goes To Character, Sarah. You like Trump have NONE!

    1. laurensd15:46 PM

      And for that reason alone, you will never win. Never.
      You will be locked up and so will Trump. No one will protect you.
      Because the powers that be will turn on you in a dime and find you.

      Be afraid. You are good at that.
      That's all for now. Chipmunk Cheeks.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I hate to say this, but my sister sent my mom some comments very much like this last night. It is amazing how blind, deaf and dumb right wing women are. I guess Palin will be thrilled if Donny ever grabs Piper somewhere. She is sick. And the comparison to Hillary is just despicable.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    "I wisely look at today's candidates' positions and what they have accomplished, while being well aware there are no perfect candidates. I encourage all to quit putting faith in flawed human beings."
    Oh lard, what would Jesus say?
    Hey Sarah, where was the locker room Trump and Bush were in? They were conversing on a bus with an open mic, not very bright, just like you. Todd got the gun you got the rack Remember that? Ding bat? You thought Donald would grab you there, but he doesn't even mention you, wanna know why? You're yesterday's newspaper, good for wrapping fish, but not much else. "I wisely look at" yeah, right, moron.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Yes, these were alleged to be two professionals on the way to a job.

    2. There were fourteen people on that bus, and both Billy and Donnie were miked and knew it.

    3. Anonymous6:46 PM

      "Wisely looks." hahahaha

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Am not surprised in the least that Sarah Palin is able to forgive Donald Trump. She still has her hopes that maybe Trump will offer her a fancy job in his administration. There must be a few Cabinet slots that will not be filled by his offspring.

    1. Anonymous7:42 PM

      She still thinks he can win?

  6. Nicole Hernandez4:24 PM

    Jordan is Track's future wife? Do you know something specific that has not been revealed?

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Jordan got knocked up. They claimed it was Track that did it. Now it appears the child is born and another birth certificate that will remain secret. The child may be named Charlie Loewe and the Palins don't want to tell the truth.

      If Track is happy to pose for pictures later, he can look like he is the father. Who knows?

      Why would they be secret about a baby everyone knew was coming?

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      two Hollywood playboys

      What an ass that Billy Bush is.

    3. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Nicole, Sarah brought up wedding plans last August.

      She had a head injury and did not make much sense. Who would be planning a wedding? Sarah, for Jordan Loewe and Palin's only son (birth).

      Nicole, who were you asking?

      I only know specific what I saw. Yes, there is kind of an announcement with cute pictures and some of the grandparents. It is up to the Loewe family to get the happy news out. If they are not happy, that's another story.

      Gryph and those that live in Alaska can break the story.

      If Sarah wants to control a story, she will be the one to announce it. If Charlie is her grandson. Now I am thinking they know Charlie is not a Palin.

      Think back to the time Track Palin was arrested. He needed to get out of that whole legal mess. That may be why they went along with the part about Track was having a baby. It had to do with manipulating Jordan. They wanted her to do as they say to help Track, so they went along with she is having Track's baby.

      Now Track took care of the legal mess. Now they need to get rid of whoever this baby is.

      We know there is no wedding and we know they are hiding Charlie, his birth and everything about him.

      If Track had a baby that would be happy family news and they would make the announcements. Not even the local press is up to date with announcing this birth.

      May be one day they will have an announcement with a lie about when he was born.

      I hope people send the media the first announcement with the birth and date. That way if they report a birth date that is a lie, we will know the press is in on the lies.

    4. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Track is not the daddy of Charlie.

    5. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Why did Sarah and Bristol pose with Track's knocked up girl friend on Mother's Day if he is not the daddy?

    6. Anonymous1:02 AM

      7:23 Because they waited until the baby was born to do the NDA test?

      Hard to say what the Palins are up to or why they do what they do. Or don't do what they don't do.

  7. Randall4:27 PM

    Sarah Palin said "I wisely looked..."
    and I started laughing so hard I had to stop reading for a while. HOOOO boy...
    "I wisely..."
    HA! (tears in my eyes...)

    Sarah at one point seems to suggest that if we could somehow hear some tapes of Hillary in candid moments we'd learn much more about her. How about...

    Hillary's emails are online - you can read them yourself. I've read a few and they're pretty boring.
    Wouldn't it be fair to see all of Donald Trump's private emails, too?

    The Clintons have released 20 years of tax returns.
    Wouldn't it be interesting to see the past 20 years of Trump's tax returns? (The major reason for NOT releasing one's tax returns is that it might trigger an audit. So the audit excuse is bullshit)

    The Clinton Foundation's IRS 990 tax information is available on the internet for anyone to see. (It is a PDF file and it's a BIG one)
    Wouldn't it be fun and interesting to see the Trump Foundation's form 990? You know - so we can see where the money came from as well as where it was spent? You know... like you can with the Clinton Foundation?

    I mean... fair is fair, right?

    Tax returns for tax returns.
    Emails for emails.
    Foundation taxes for Foundation taxes.
    dollars to dollars
    doughnuts to doughnuts

    1. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Sarah must know there are no tapes of her that would make her look creepy. Good thing she did not laugh when the woman in Alasks she did not like had cancer.

    2. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Trump Foundation 990s online:

      I looked at these filings a while ago. IMO Trump was seriously considering running for President by 2011 or earlier and the Foundation donations to other "non profits" reflect this.

      Seriously- $100,000 donations to Citizen's United Foundation in both 2012 and 2014 IIRC?

  8. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Isn't that pic above of Palin from the night that Dakota Meyer introduced her?

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Yes. It was an early indication that Dakota bought into the clown outfits and all the crazy criminal Palin crapola.

      He also told the more honest people not to laugh at the clown. He was working on his authoritarian way of being with the public.

  9. Anonymous4:31 PM

    The Sarah curse is working. Donald is going down hard and Glen Beck is right behind him.

    McCain must be immune to her curse.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      McCain. The curse is saving up to give him a bigger come down. He treasures his legacy. The curse may be waiting until right before he dies and can do nothing about any of it.

    2. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Sarah Palin has been poison to anyone she's endorsed throughout the past ten years! They tend to lose big time!

      She is the 'kiss of death' and is to Trump. Albeit, he has done himself in before Sarah got to him! He didn't want her endorsement - which was a real blow to her! She thinks she's so 'wise' and important.

      It's way past time she realize, or accept the fact, that she has zero influence anywhere in the country - especially when it comes to the Republican party! No one wants her in Alaska's Republican party or on the national level of the party.

      She doesn't take 'no' well at all!

  10. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Sarah Palin, your defense of Donald Trump is tantamount to the Catholic Church protecting pedophile priests. Your chanced of a Cabinet position have been pissed away in the wind. for once grow a spine and stop defending the Alt Right Movement.

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      They were not 2 Hollywood playboys.

      Trump was a new married man.

      He was going to a job in the entertainment business and they were not near a locker room. Both men were professionals and they know about mics, they knew where they were. They knew where they were going to be on a show.

      New married men don't talk locker room unless they are trash.

    2. Billy Bush has been married since 1998, and has three daughters, alas.

  11. Anonymous4:42 PM

    The old Bush and Trump braggart comments were beyond abhorrent and offensive, though both boys apologized for them.

    Creepy 51-61 year old boy?

  12. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Sarah, if a bear farts on Facebook does anyone hear it?

    When Facebook is the only way to get your story out you are a total LOSER.

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Such A pathetic, brainless soul. She is disgusting.

  14. Anonymous4:47 PM

  15. Anonymous4:50 PM

    So basically, she's telling us to let it go. Like she lets everything go. Like Katie Couric.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM


    2. Anonymous12:12 PM

      As soon as she atones or 'confesses' her crimes and goes and does some jail time!

  16. Anonymous4:51 PM

    They weren't "boys" - they were grown men and Trump was 59 years old for crying out loud -- his personality and personal behaviours have been baked in for decades. This is the man who thought it was intelligent conversation to be a regular on Howard Stern's radio show. The MAN who gave Stern permission to call his daughter a piece of ass. Some father. Some protector of women -- crap he can't even protect his own daughter and has participated in conversations with Stern about her ass, her breasts and on and on. Sicko sicko sicko. And his followers say "hey, no problem - he's just like me". Well folks, we need a president better than most of us and The Donald isn't the guy. He's more the loser guy you meet in the bar and pretend you're both hot stuff ranking the women who walk into the place. Ugh.

    1. Anonymous5:59 PM


  17. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Dance, little sister, dance.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      One of her most pathetic dances yet.

      She did mention the latest Trump controversy.

      When can she mention that she is a grandmother? A new grandmother, again. Track Palin's second child.

      When can she mention the announcement?

      You would think that was a joyous occasion and they have all said their well wishing and all.

      Totally cray cray she mentions Trump controversy before her happy news. Which would have been 2-3 weeks ago when it happened and everyone would have been so happy.

      Bristol and Dakota would mention the happy news. That is if they are free.

      If they are just idjits working for the fraud business Palin, in that case they will do what Sarah Palin does or tells them to do.

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Ahh she cant mention Track because if she did her so called so religeous nut followers may ask are they married and then she would have to admit that her family is really just po dunk small town trailor park trash who would be living off the food stamps and paid for housing if Mama cut off Tracksters money.

    3. Anonymous5:18 AM

      I doubt she could get Trackmarks sober enough for a wedding.

      Now I am convinced the 'rock running' was a lie. That bloody mess was just another family dispute. What? Trackmarks did that to her? Ms. Trackmarks?

  18. You can't expect Palin, an extremely sick woman, to go against a misogynist or predator like Trump. Its her thing. She learned it early on. The more disgusting the predator--the better for Palin. Of course, accusing men of going after her daughters is her thing too. So basically Sarah needs to STFU.

  19. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Why the random cartoon lions? I don't get it.

    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      It's a pic from The Lion King. Mustafa the dad is talking to Simba.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      It is a meme. Sarah is stupid and has nothing to say. Someone told her this will make a point about hypocrisy.

    3. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Mom with wayward adult son. "FU_K THEM."

      Not when you're in politics and just like them, Queen Heifer! Again, she projects as always.

    4. Anonymous7:50 PM

      Look its a penus

  20. hmmmmmmmmmm been wondering if scarah might have signed an NDA~

  21. Anonymous5:27 PM

    "I wisely - - - " she says!!! Give me a friggin' break, Sarah Palin! There isn't a damned thing 'wise' about you! Never has been. You are a major embarrassment to yourself and your family. AND ALASKANS!

  22. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Palin wants everyone to let it go when the faux Trig birth comes out to the masses. Poor Sarah just has to wait every day and see if it's the day.

    So Jordan's baby does have a different dad after all. Lucky kid. Charlie dodged a DNA bullet.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Check the birth announcements in St Louis area.

      Ask the Missouri media about the story.

      Jordan's family is media fabulous with their charity and popularity in their town. They are not going to screw up their family announcements.

      The traditions are old school and they will not change just because some old has been was once thought of as a politician.

    2. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Let go of what you did to other for YEARS?
      You have to be kidding Sarah...
      No. We are going to talk about this!
      All of it my dear!

  23. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Love that meme.

    Track: No, YOU are Mom, and how I got to this point.

  24. Anonymous5:39 PM

    People should go to CNN's website. They have several tapes where Trump was talking to Howard Stern. It gets really, really disgusting. It makes the first tape look like a couple of choir boys.

  25. Anonymous5:40 PM

    She's still clinging to the idea he will be elected and there will be something big in it for her. She is amoral (morality never developed in her narcissistic childlike mind) so her posts are always about what's in it for her. She, like Trump, is an infant.

  26. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Sarah the name dropper. She is a very sick narcissistic bimbo. She wants to pretend that anyone gives a shit about what she has to say.
    She is very calculating in what she chooses to pontificate and defecate.
    She has no soul , only selfishness. Of course stupid as a post.

  27. Anonymous5:57 PM

    That picture of Scarah. Why is she wearing a slip in public? Is she so retarded that she doesn't know that you wear a slip under a skirt or dress?

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Actual skirt. The funnier picture is of her climbing the stairs to the stage trying to navigate her Louis Vuitton heels and her fake padded butt! Cracks me up to this day!

    2. Anonymous8:37 PM

      My favorite photo-- looks like a cartoon!

    3. sniffers row8:59 PM

      Here is the Palin picture that you need to see. Why all these young future Trumpsters drooling in Sarah's presence? Is it the high heel;s that have their little wee wee's all wee wee'd up? Or is it something else about Sarah?

    4. Anonymous5:12 AM

      hilarious 8:59 PM

    5. Anonymous10:39 AM

      She bought the cheap clown butt suit. The lumps are weird. It just looks like cheap rubber. No wonder when Meyer saw that, he had to warn peeps not to mock or ridicule the fool.

    6. abbafan5:03 PM

      Ol' Ms. Rubber-Ass looked like she was getting her jollies turning on the old white geezers who are her "base". She thinks she's a real hot prick-tease - forget it bitch, you are nothing but a washed up cold turd!!

  28. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Yet she called for a boycott of a comedian that made a sexual joke about her daughter.


    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      She didn't approve of his remarks. She just knows Hillary is no prize.

    2. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Hey, troll 6:38 PM, she only wishes she was as accomplished and lashes out at anyone higher than her 83 IQ. Thin skinned as they come!

    3. Anonymous11:43 PM

      Sarah Palin knows nothing. That's why she has been banished to Alaska and nobody, repeat nobody, wants to have anything to do with her. She is history, Trump will never look at her again after she embarrassed him in front of the nation and then wasn't able to draw a crowd and rev it up.

      I knew if I goaded her enough she'd deposit a big turd on Facebook. HAHA

      And Sarah, you dead fuck? There is no tape of Hillary Clinton doing anything that you claim. THAT's why America moved on without you, you're always so full of .... what's the word...[hey Trig, what's your favorite word?]... oh yes, it's bullshit, Sarah. Bull. Shit. Hillary Clinton has never told lies about you, in fact she doesn't tax tax your imagination by even thinking about you.

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM


  29. Anonymous6:19 PM

    " I encourage all to quit putting faith in flawed human beings. " Sarah Palin

    Sarah we can agree. You need to quit.

    The flawed ones that must go to prison, get the ball rolling on that. ASAP.

    1. Anonymous11:31 PM

      Are those your words are is this another BOUNCE of words Sarah? that all ya got? Roll over...zzzz

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM


  30. Anonymous6:26 PM

    hey red cross scam, f you

  31. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I remember when he had first married
    Melania they both attended a red carpet
    ceremony and he introduced Melania to
    the lady or man with the microphone.
    He said that she is a great asset to him
    because he has memory problem . She whispers in his ear the name of the
    person walking towards him and she helps
    him in his work because of the same
    problem. Researchers could go back to
    when they were first married and check
    out the different award shows and I bet
    they could find that red carpet interview.

  32. Anonymous6:37 PM


    1. Anonymous6:59 PM


    2. Anonymous7:38 PM

      I wrote that because Sarah has never been in hiding.

    3. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Does anyone in the MatSu Valley see Sarah? Does she go to the market, gas? you know she is from a small town. They have to all know about the birth of her latest grandbaby. Who doesn't know how proud she and Todd are? They must be the talk of the town. I don't see how any of the Palins can hide.

    4. Anonymous5:10 AM

      Sarah, the facebook reporter. is hiding the announcement for her baby that was born in September. Who has noticed she is buying diapers? Are they for Todd?

  33. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Rudy Giuliani to Replace Both Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus on Sunday Shows

    Yep, Trump is in deep chit.

    It only took Sarah Palin 24 hours to confront Trump controversy.

    It is taking her weeks to confront the fact her combat son's first boy was born.

    What's the delay?

    Who is going to have that scoop?

    Mama Grizzly and the babies. How to raise a family. Wonderful vibrant family on birthing traditions.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Tee Hee.

      Is Kellyanne fired?

    2. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Kellyanne came out of the Tower. Said something about Trump is not a quitter.

      Palin is a quitter, not Trump.

    3. Anonymous8:51 PM

      Kellyanne is being replaced with men who will stand up for tRUMP just like tRUMP would.

      What good is it having Kellyanne on these interviews now that the pressure is on? She is unable to offer to demonstrate the size of her manhood by offering to show her penile goods to anyone who questions the Orange Groper's suitabilty for sainthood.

      Rudy Ghouliani knows that Dubya kept us safe and that the l;egendary Ghouliani peen is larger than most womens peens! Rudy has a divorce and an affair or two to brag about too!

    4. Anonymous11:49 PM

      Pence fainted, Kellyanne fainted, and now even Reince Priebus fainted. And nutty old Rudy the Teeth Model has picked up the reins... Sarah Palin can't be far behind.

      I wish Sarah would come out of the closet and make her presence felt in this campaign. Nothing short of a national tour would satisfy me.... all those opportunities to fuck everything up just like the good old days of 2008. I think Trump should give her a gig. Her 2008 campaign is still right up there with the comedy classics.

  34. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Sarah is a LOSER and she proved it the day she endorsed Trump. She sold her soul to the devil. Hope it backfires on her and the next time she bends over with that tight skirt on, it rips up to her padded ass!

    1. Anonymous8:20 PM

      She was a loser long before she endorsed Trump.

    2. Anonymous11:51 AM

      She was a loser in high school - faker!
      That basketball game she boasts about?
      She had the ball but passed it to Heather.
      Heather made the winning shot to Finals!
      Not Sarah - she is a fake and a fraud!

  35. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I don't care what my children grow up to be as long as it's not a person who comments mean shit on blogs.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      As long as she is still in the political realm of next-to-no importance, it is my right as a voting citizen of this country to say anything I want to when she opens her mouth.

      That you don't like it is YOUR problem.

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      @6:59 PM You are a prime example of uneducated children trying to raise uneducated children. Any Mother who knows that her husband, and her children have emotional problems, but refuses to get them professional help is a sorry excuse for a human being. That would be Sarah Palin. She has faked her way through most of her life, and now that she has to work for a living she is lost. Bastard grand babies all over Wasilla, a worthless husband, and a mentally challenged, drug addicted woman beater for a son is not what the Republicans consider to be FAMILY VALUES. It is no wonder that Sarah has been ostracized by the RNC.

    3. Anonymous7:32 PM

      You don't have kids, alicia.

    4. Anonymous7:51 PM

      You equate "mean shit" with reality.I care what my children grow up to be. You see that's why i pushed higher education. It's why parents who know we will not always be there raised their kids to take a moral stand what you perceive as mean is calling out fakes and liars making money off of fools. Stating principles is not being mean. It is teaching your kids to not settle for a low life who thinks of women as chattel. Teaching your kids to stand up for human rights.

    5. Anonymous11:36 PM

      Whose words are you bouncing around baby?

    6. Anonymous11:52 PM

      You'll never have a child, Alicia. And thank the Lord for that.

      You'll also never have a man.

      In fact you'll be lucky if haven't done prison time by 2018.

      And as far as mean shit goes, you are an ugly human being inside and out and you tell sick twisted lies about people you'll never meet.

    7. abbafan10:41 AM

      fat alicia, isn't St. Augustine under water right now? Did your liberal parents find a transport tire tube big enough for a life ring? Still worshipping at the palin altar! Give it up moron, you don't fuckin' know them!

    8. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Sure it ins't one of Sarah's personalities?

  36. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Why would i listen to a woman who has used her looks all her life to sell herself.

    She played into every stereotype of what a males idea of what woman should be. Her daughters have never gone to college and i have no hopes for Piper going to college either. What does she think of chubby Piper? Is she on her every day to look hot?Her responsibility as a Mother is to make her kids the best they can be well we have all seen what a big fail she is at that. A punk son who beats women and she is fine with that. A major pussy for a husband who sits on his ass as long as Mama gives him his toys.

    A daughter [ Barstool] who was taught that looks are the key to get noticed. I am not surprised that she still backs Trump because she has no pride and she calls herself a Christian. No self respecting woman would make excuses for the shit that is Trump.

    It's like calling women niggers and approving of it! I bet she hates blacks too. There is no excuse for any woman to condone this kind of attitude from any man let alone someone running for President.

    You Sarah may place your Daughters on a low scale but real women do not. And we real women stand up to this bullshit. Go take care of your family it's a mess. You are a failure as a Mother.

    I pity you because your own husband looks at you like "The Bank Of Sarah" and so do your non achieving sell stupid shakes kids. You think that is power while your own family has no respect for you. Tell you Son In Law to get a damn job while your at it.

    1. Anonymous7:38 PM

      You're talking about a woman who has 3 happy, independent kids (as soon as they graduated). All 3 are homeowners. 2 are great parents. None wasted money earning pointless degrees and all have respectable employment. NO ONE here has a right to talk about them or just them. We don't know them personally, but the above it 100% true.

      And did you REALLY just call a good girl whos never been fat chubby? YOU Are despicable!!! Sarah doesn't push looks. Her son doesn't beat women. She would NEVER be fine with that. He husband has NEVER been lazy.

      Have you seen any of them defend Trumps remarks?

      Since you support Hillary, do you defend Hillarys attacking and bullying Juanita, a rape victim?

      You sound jealous because Sarah is a successful mother. But good to know you think Sherry J is a shitty mother. HER TWO kids took FOREVER to grow up and get jobs.

      And her family respects her. They were pissed at the lies in Game Change but they also laughed at the stupidity of liberals who rewrite their lives pretending they lived them. Because high self esteem.

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      I sure as double hockeys don't listen to her. She's a fraud through and through.

      24 hours response time proves she reads IM. Usually she waits three days to see how the tide is turning, bandwagoner that she is.

    3. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Yeah, 7:38 PM, right. Because nothing says "high self-esteem" like getting your face all cut up before you're old enough to buy beer, like Bristol did. Totally normal, healthy behavior!

    4. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Have you seen any of them defend Trumps remarks?
      She endorsed him. Nuff said.

      Her son doesn't beat women.
      Bull. Court records prove otherwise.

      NO ONE here has a right to talk about them or just them.
      We'll just them anytime we want to. So there.

    5. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Wow. that was a rambling rant7:38.

      Struck a nerve? How do kids making minamun wage and going on vacations make enough money to buy their own houses. Not in the real world. but then again Palins don't live in the real world.

      Keep contributing to SarahPac her kids thsnk you.

    6. Anonymous10:35 AM

      8:17 PM One of the most tragic parts of Bristol and what they post for or about her is that she has no self esteem.

  37. Anonymous7:35 PM

    As Aaron Sorkin wrote in The American President, it is *all* about character. Every we have documented of Trump's from the last 30-40 paints a very clear picture of his character. What it reveals is a crass, crude, uncouth bully, a serial adulterer, a compulsive liar, a cheat, a sociopathic narcissist, an immature spoiled brat who has never been held accountable for his transgressions, who suffers from undiagnosed ADD, can't focus or concentrate, refuses to study or practice who projects every one of his weaknesses and transgressions on to others, is petty and vindictive and who has threatened and bullied himself to be this close to the White House aided and abetted by a sick and dysfunctional Republican Party that only cares about winning at all costs, no matter the damage to the country or its citizens as long as they can personally profit.

    We don't just live in interesting times, we live in quite ugly times, fed by this racist, bigoted, misogynistic fucking asshole.

    Who to blame?

    Start with Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus. John McCain gets double blame for endorsing this fucktard plus laying the groundwork for Trump by unleashing Sarah Palin on the country, for which he still has not apologized and begged forgiveness.

    Yes, it is ALL about character. Trump has none.

    1. Anonymous3:53 AM

      It's in large part because the GOP couldn't come up with a slate of worthwhile candidates for the presidency. And let's add a good dose of blame to the US media too which delighted in Trump's inappropriate behavior all t through the primary season. Trump livened things up for them - made headlines and brought in viewers or listeners. Now the whole country has had to pay for it.

  38. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Ivanka Trump just hung up on me when I asked her for comment

  39. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro's rant against Donald Trump. What foul words he used against a presidential nominee. cont'd

    1. Anonymous3:49 AM

      I'm not in the acting fraternity but I think that Donald Trump deserved every word of Robert DeNiro's rant.

  40. Anonymous8:06 PM

    The people at Trump Tower today, per mulitiple sources...

  41. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Sarah - The best is yet to come. Sweet dreams.

    As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng
    Bill Pruitt

    1. Anonymous10:30 PM

      I bet he's on camera mooning the crew!

  42. Anonymous8:36 PM


  43. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Biden is exactly right.

  44. Anonymous9:15 PM

    You built it!!!!!
    Bwahahahaha....GFY, Sarah

  45. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Alec Baldwin OUTRAGEOUSLY Returns to Roast Trump’s Audio Leak: ‘I Can Do A Lot More Than Just Grab It!’

  46. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Pretty sure this Yellville Arkansas is Trump country.

    YELLVILLE -- Six live turkeys were tossed from an airplane Friday as it flew along Crooked Creek, two blocks south of the Yellville square, which was packed with about 400 people at the town's annual Turkey Trot festival.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Crooked Creek song is perfect for Sarah and Donald - hurry up Sarah! go save him!
      Drunkers Dream if I ever did see one!

  47. Anonymous12:00 AM

    We may get a bonus from the Lewd Dirty Old Man's pussy grabbing.

    A GOP senator told Reince Priebus to get Trump off the ticket or RESIGN HIMSELF.

    So Rinse may get his Pubis flushed down Trump's golden toilet.

  48. Anonymous3:18 AM

    We wonder how the trump mother and sisters were respected in the fred trump household? Who influenced mr d trump? who was the adult that taught him to disrespect human's? Was there no love or compassion in that house? Gee Whiz, I feel bad for some peoples kids. No one knows what causes a human to become so shallow and narrow unless we look at what formed them. A cold loveless beginning is hard to correct. And no excuse for the harm to others caused by their upbringing. A brain and heart is all that is needed to understand right from wrong.

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Didn't the father send Donald to military school between 12-18? Something sure ain't right with that one.

  49. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Sarah, stealing the lion king poster? What is it about copyright law you fail to comprehend? Wasn’t one lawsuit enough, SarahPAC may not have the funds to pay for another.

    PS. The pink barbie outfit worn to the Today Show was more fashionable than the black , you should wear it more often:)

    1. Anonymous7:33 AM

      The wprst part was, it looks like a giant phallic symbol at first, so it took me time to figure out what I was looking at. No lie! I'm so used to Palin using sex to sell herself, I saw the Lion King as a set of men's equipment. Sad.

  50. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Sarah may have been waiting for the Presidential Debate to announce the birth of her grandson that was born in September. She knows the media will be all over the debate news. No one will be thinking of Track Palin, the media will skip or barely notice any baby announcements. If she waits for the next debate the baby will be walking, lol.

    Gryp, what are the acquaintances and friends in Alaska saying? There must be thousands of tongues wagging. Everyone would know. What are they saying? Track? Jordan? Who is the father? Can Track ever sober up? Sarah/Trump and PTSD?

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      I think that Gryphen is the only person up here that writes about them and only a few of us Alaskans seem to come to this blog to read about them.

      They seem to keep to themselves because they have so many family dysfunctions they are afraid to let to many outsiders in.

      They are not "people of note" here in AK; they don't attend the theatre, they don't attend charity or political fundraisers and they don't engage in any of the community-organized activities here in the Palmer/Wasilla area.

      Sarah, even when Governor, was only tangentially associated with the wider political populace as she mostly kept to herself and with her hand-selected "inner circle"; she was never part of the wider political picture as she was always considered and outsider.

      This is precisely why she and her family have been able to craft these elaborate fairytales that permeate their lives, i.e. Trig's birth, because they are a "sealed unit" and very much keep to themselves, too much weirdness there to allow anyone to get too close.

      Why do you think they had to crash the birthday party a few years ago? Because they weren't invited, that's why, no one wanted them there.

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      The Hartz, Loewe, Bliss family are going to announce the birth of their baby. They don't care who the father is. It may be Track or the other boyfriend.

      The birth of a baby is more important to family then who the father is or if it could be from a crime family of Alaska.

  51. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Stupid sarah.

  52. Anonymous7:27 AM

    The Evangelicals have forgiven Trump's sexual assaults. Let's not allow it to divert from his crooked misuse of "charity" funds. Most working people are familiar with the intense pressure to donate and raise money for charities by their employers. I say, let's blow the entire charity scam wide open. Celebrities so smug, collecting free money and praise for operating these.

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Those Evangelicals are also used to money scams since that is all organized churches scams.

    2. Anonymous11:58 AM

      And I have known some preachers who would only accept free labor for those in need!
      Goes both ways in the God Industry...

  53. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Saint Louis.

  54. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Well, if saying and doing bad things don't deflect from their messiah, nothing will. Donald at this point could shoot someone on fifth avenue, and his fans would not blink, Sarah included. He is their hate filled savior who is about to take them to where evil lives. Gather your' children and head for the hills if Donald ever wins. They'll all be comin' to get you and yours. Sarah will be their with her pitchfork cackling. Yikes!

  55. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Tsk! Tsk! Shady Sara! On Sunday, hours before the debate, the number of 'likes' for your own official Facebook page had steadily dwindled in recent days to 4,697,264. On Sunday the number miraculously rose by the neatly round amount of 6,650.

    Someone please note October 9th when the next SarahPac statement is due. How much do 'likes' cost?

  56. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Edit - my phone would not allow me to edit at the end - Sara's 'likes' had dwindled to 4,690,614.

    Those shiny new 6,650 'likes' resulted in the larger number.


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