Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last night Samantha Bee addressed misconceptions about abortion and the negative impact that religion has on women's health and it was epic.

(Samantha Bee's abortion public service announcement starts at the 20 second mark.)

If that was not satisfying enough Bee then went on to address the insanely dangerous impact that Catholic hospitals have on women's health.
It is extremely gratifying to see a presidential candidate who understands what women's health is all about and understands the importance of having control over your own reproductive organs.

Hillary Clinton clearly understands both, and Samantha Bee is the unapologetic pro-choice advocate that we need to explain why that is important in this election.

This was a damn good show and I thought that Samantha Bee was really in her wheelhouse while explaining this topic to her audience.

Let's face it neither Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, or even Jon Stewart could have handled this topic nearly as well as Samantha Bee just did.

Which I guess also goes to show why we need more female hosts taking on controversial topics and explaining them to the American people.


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Gryphen, here's an excellent basis for a post, burning up Twitter right now.

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  3. sdfasdfasd5:37 PM

    MM's Trumpland is awesome

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      A good use of an hour, that's for sure.

  4. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Government should not fund any essential public service entity - schools,, hospitals, etc. - that apply religious doctrine to services provided or withheld. Religion belongs in churches and should be applied personally and publicly with taxpayer dollars.

    1. Anonymous1:22 AM

      Buying up hospitals has been the Catholic church "go-to" to get around Rowe v Wade. There needs to be a law about them foisting their religious beliefs on their patients.

      I'll be these self same hospitals have a vegetarian option on the menu. They might even have a Kosher option.

      But when it comes to women's reproductive rights, they can't FOLLOW THE LAW!

      Yeah, I hope Hillary signs some sort of executive order on this. Right after Merrick Garland is confirmed.

  5. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I propose we switch to saying "pro-choice" and "anti-choicer" rather than letting "pro-life' slip in there. Because no one is pro-abortion or anti-life. It;s just a question of whose life we are talking about, and who makes the choice.

    1. Anonymous7:16 PM

      I agree!

    2. Anonymous8:19 PM

      I've never called them anything but anti-abortionists. All their names for themselves are twisted- and they are very definitely not 'pro-life'.

    3. Anonymous1:25 AM

      Pro-life is a misnomer. It's to try to push their idea that life begins at conception. A position neither the medical community or the church (until recently?) has recognized.

      So I've always said Pro-choice and anti-abortion.

  6. Crystal Sage6:36 PM

    The Right grabbed onto the abortion issue as a means of getting the evangelicals behind their ideology. They truly do not care what a woman goes through facing the decision to abort. Many of the anti-choice people are hypocritical about the issue as evidenced by the number of abortions that were performed in their own families.

    No one should interfere between a woman and her doctor regarding a pregnancy yet the Right talks about less government except when it comes to a woman's right to privacy and choice.

    Thank you, Sam Bee for stating it so perfectly.

  7. Anonymous6:46 PM

    That was just awesome!

  8. Anonymous6:56 PM

    "We All Knew About the Trafficking"-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1)


    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      Trump Models seemed to be borderline human trafficking,"Seth’s disgust was evident as he wondered aloud if the prospect of Trump harboring sex slaves in his proverbial basement would be enough to make voters sour on his candidacy.
      " The reality of fashion is it’s an illusion by design, intended to both trick the customer into thinking they need the items being sold, and to sell the lifestyle and glamour of being a model to vulnerable young girls. "Hugh Hefner was able to mainstreamed the objectification of female bodies in a way that had never been done before. He made porn fashionable-and it was only a matter of time before fashion embraced this approach as well. " 'Chester the Molester', a cartoon which depicted Tinsley's character, Chester, sexually abusing prepubescent girls. In 1989, Tinsley's own daughter testified that he molested her, and he was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter as well as having sexual contact with another 13-year-old girl, whose accusations originally led to his arrest. He continued to draw and publish his comics from prison. In 1980, Brooke Shields became the youngest model to score the cover of Vogue. She was 14 years old. "John Casablancas, a marketing genius, would somehow be able to use those high profile tragedies into good publicity-his agency became the object of fascination, Donald“I don’t think anybody had more sex than I did. Sex was all over the fucking place”.
      The craziest part is he didn’t have to spend a dime marketing himself. The press followed him wherever he went, and became obsessed with every detail of his life.Despite all of his efforts, by most accounts he was never really accepted by the Manhattan social crowd. No matter how many buildings he put his name on, or how many millions he was worth, he was still always seen as a bit of a joke. Over time his resentment grew, and simmered into anger-and his actions became increasingly fueled by his need to settle scores.
      Such was the sexual magnetism of “The Donald” in the late 80’s, early 90’s-to hear him publicist John Barron say it." the big gamble he took in Atlantic City was, by all accounts, failing miserably-a direct result of his jaw droppingly awful business practices and general incompetence. Recall that he would report an almost 1 billion dollar loss on his 1995 tax returns, according to the copies obtained by the New York Times. Indeed, the early 90’s were not a very good era for Donald Trump. In light of this fact, it’s worth noting that the sexual assault allegations against him are all clustered within this very time frame."
      Tiffany Trumpfs 2 daughter>
      Over a decade later, in one of his few public acknowledgements of her existence, he would smirk as he admitted to Howard Stern that he had urged Marla to abort her.
      The fact that the largest spoils went to the very men who were caught on hidden camera laughing about raping underage girls didn’t matter. . It involves oligarchs and diplomats, tax evasion, and trafficking of drugs, weapons, and human beings. "it’s the most telling when it comes to the character of the man who wants to be president. The ages of the girls he preyed on is not all that far off from the ages of the boys that Jerry Sandusky abused, and we all readily acknowledge that’s wrong."
      Casablancas also developed a cyber-model agency, which he called “Illusion 2K”, which utilized the internet to facilitate global scouting. The program also featured computer-animated model, designed around what was considered an “ideal woman” at the time, named Webbie Tookay. Her greatest attribute, Casablancas said, was that she would never complain. the results would be nothing short of devastating for many of the young lives caught in the balance, girls from Iowa to Slovenia and Brazil. And Donald Trump was in the center of it, just as one might expect he would be, all too willing to reap the rewards."

    2. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Yep, 9:02 pm, that is the biggest joke, that Trump was pro-abortion for his own convenience. He did not want to raise a child from an unplanned pregnancy. And now just because someone said he is anti abortion for everyone else, smh. The sheer stupidity of it.

  9. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Nasty woman power! Ivanka 100Million down the shitter!


  10. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Trump doesn't care about the babies. Not even if they're female. He doesn't care about the mothers either because, you know, they've been pregnant.

    They're just "it"s. They're parts. Tits, asses, legs, lips. Things.

    "Trump, who was 45 at the time, was with Maples at a Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, when he walked into a dining room where contestants were eating pizza and demanded, “I want to see the bodies that won the swimsuit contest,” People reported at the time."

    He wanted to see the bodies. BODIES.

    Not the girls, not the women, not the ladies, not the contestants.

    He wanted to see the BODIES.

    That's all women are to him.

    I imagine men are simply competition or resources he can tap.

    Everyone is something that can provide something to him.

    Women can provide sex and men can provide money.


    It's no wonder his children have turned out the way they have. I'd *almost* feel sorry for them but not quite.

    Hopefully he will divorce Melania soon and she'll get custody of Barron. There might still be a chance for him. Tiffany turned out better than her siblings. Melania better get a big settlement up front in cash and invest it well because any monthly alimony will stop the minute Donald dies and his assets go through probate. Once everyone has been paid off there won't be anything left to inherit.

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      I do not feel sorry for Melanomia one bit. I am sure she has a wonderful business relationship with donnie. He got the bimbo trophy wife and she got the life of luxury and US citizenship.

      I also sure donnie has set up his estate so it doesn't go through probate, evade more taxes.

  11. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I like Samantha Bee however, your posts that go on and on about what a feminist you are would be a bit more convincing if you weren't quite so proud if your days spent protecting the girls of the local strip club. Feminists simply don't work at or patronize sexually oriented businesses that prey on women like a common Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      What, are you a time-traveler from 1950? What part of working in the adult entertainment industry is inconsistent with being a feminist?

    2. Anonymous9:33 PM

      Love it when liberals eat their own.

    3. Anonymous11:28 PM

      All of it, 8:30pm

    4. Anonymous11:48 PM

      Love it when trolls eat sh*t.

    5. Anonymous4:23 AM

      I was a cage dancer at an awesome dance club back in the early 90's.
      I CHOSE to do so, and I had a fucking blast!!
      NOBODY touched me that I didn't want. We had great security(prob. like Gryph's), and I made BANK, baby.
      I had a great body, I loved to dance and could do so all night. I danced all weekend and put myself thru school.
      Now, if i were to have to live under your confined patronizing ideals none of that could've happened for me. I don't have college debt loans because that job paid so damn well(& college was way cheaper then), and I still am in good shape for an oldster because of years of dance.
      Take your fucking pedestal you want alll us women on, and shove it.
      If a woman should choose to be a sex worker, that is HER choice. She should get full protection of the law and be under no stigma. The shame is YOURS, not hers. Sex work is real. Been around since the beginning. Since 'cage dancer' MUST automatically lead to prostitution in your feeble little brain lemme just say I never wanted to hook so never I did, but SEEE THERE...that's MY CHOICE.
      Nobody should be forced to do ANY job they don't wana do. Idiot.

    6. Anonymous5:41 AM

      7:33pm, nice faux concern. No one's falling for it. Women are allowed to be strippers, dancers, escorts or porn actresses AS LONG AS THE CHOICE IS THERES AND NO CREEP IS MAKING IT FOR THEM.

    7. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Awesome. So then all you liberals must agree that Donald Trump is pro feminist and pro women with all his support of models and strippers over the years. That is great!

    8. Anonymous12:20 PM

      8:54 am Donald Trump is pro abortion in the case of convenience. This was well known.

  12. Anonymous7:37 PM


    At long last Sheriff Joe is gonna go.

    "The longtime sheriff of metropolitan Phoenix was charged Tuesday with criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring a judge's order in a racial-profiling case, leaving the 84-year-old lawman in a tough spot two weeks before Election Day as he seeks a seventh term."


    "County taxpayers have spent $48 million so far to defend Arpaio and his office in the profiling case. The cost is expected to reach $72 million by next summer.

    The contempt violation led the judge to order the creation of a taxpayer-funded system for compensating Latinos who were illegally detained when Arpaio ignored the order.

    Maricopa County officials have set aside $1 million for funding the system.

    A Dec. 6 trial has been scheduled in Arpaio's criminal contempt case."

    If I lived in Arizona, I'd vote for Paul Penzone for the simple reason that Joe Arpaio is costing the taxpayer too much money.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Make Joe's uniform a pink union jack type underwear with velcro for easy access. And no styrofoam head for your toupee either!!!

  13. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Here is southeast Mi the right to lifers are running ads stating the next president will appoint many supreme court justices, vote for the pro life candidate, without mentioning trumps name, so they can over turn Roe vs Wade.

    It is 2016 and every election they bring up abortion, enough war on women.

    Vote !!!!

  14. Anonymous8:53 PM


    How Roger Stone, Trump supporter and friend of Alex Jones, is organizing his voter intimidation at the polls.


    "Stone said that unlike the model currently run by Vote Protectors, his group would “ask each poll worker to sign a sworn affidavit that the information they turn in for tabulation is true based on interviews.”

    These affidavits, Stone told radio host Alex Jones Tuesday, could then be used by the Trump campaign to contest the election results."

  15. Hedgewytch9:17 PM

    Here's another reason to elect Hillary Clinton as POTUS and secure the Senate, we'll finally get universal health care. And we'll get the old white men out of our uterus.

    1. Anonymous1:29 AM

      Michael Moore's Trumpland is free on Youtube. I just watched it. Hurry before they pull it. It's quite good.

    2. Anonymous10:37 AM

      A member of my family is a consultant (sounds lucrative, definitely is not for non profits) in a state with only one insurance company left. Next year her premiums will be $700 with a $14000 deductible. Medicare for all!

  16. Anonymous11:19 PM

    O/T David French is on CNN interviewing w/ Don Lemmon

  17. Michael Moore summed up this topic succinctly on a TV talk show, God bless him. Gryphen needs to be attentive and self-aware so he can potentially stop endlessly flogging his biased personal demons around abortion and other feminist issues. It hurts so deeply in so many ways. We get it, believe me, but you have to let it go and move on.

    If you're anti-abortion, don't get one. If you're pro-choice, you can be trusted to make your own best decision. That's it.

    Pax et bonum

    1. Anonymous4:27 AM

      How magnanimous of you, Jude.
      So why you tryin to stomp Uncle G's balls, huh?

    2. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Jude, How about you stop telling people what to write on their own blogs?

  18. Anonymous2:22 AM

    A medical D&C is a procedure used for several reasons. A D&C is used after miscarriages, to treat endometriosis and vaginal cancer, and used to terminate unwanted pregnancy, it is a medical procedure and covered by insurance. It is a health decision between dr and pt. not you, gov, church, state, ins. It is between dr pt family period.

  19. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Samantha Bee is a treasure. There are some issues, especially those that directly affect women, where her point of view is vital. I was proud that Hillary Clinton explained clearly that there is no such thing as "partial birth abortion." Would that be the same as "partial death abortion:? And that she gave a very clear example of late-term abortion and the agony that leads a mother to make the decision. Having endured a difficult pregnancy (with a good result, fortunately) I have understood the emotional stress involved. Pregnancy and abortion are not issues for outsiders to meddle in. If, as someone above has written, you are against abortion, then don't have an abortion. Leave the rest of us alone.


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