Monday, October 24, 2016

Let's take a peek at Twitter to see how the Trump meltdown is progressing shall we? Update!

"The THE Trump?" Good lord he stutters when he types too.

By the way those "phony polls" he is referencing are all of the most accurate polls that cannot be skewed by Trump's crazed supporters voting multiple times to give him the lead.

Really? He's winning?

Yeah he's wining so much that CBS is now calling deep red Texas a "battleground" state.

 And he is winning so much that even Karl Rove is now saying that he has no hope of winning.

Are we sure that Trump is not Charlie Sheen in disguise?

Update: This is Trump today complaining that the system is rigged and the bad pollsters are only polling Democrats and that is why it looks like he is losing.
So much cognitive dissonance, so little time.

Update 2: Here is Trump trying to enrage the crowd against the media covering the event.
That shit is very dangerous and has forced law enforcement to protect reporters from some of Trump's supporters in the past.

I hope that if any journalist is ever injured at one of these events that the news agency they work for sues the crap out of Donald Trump and that the police pursue criminal charges against him for inciting violence.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Sounds like Trump's been hitting the "Tiger Blood" again.

    1. Anonymous12:40 PM

      :-o Gulp!

  2. Take a trip over to the PeePond to see some bigly insane Trumpettes who are convinced that Trump will win and then will anoint Sarah 'Queen of America'.
    You can't fix stupid!

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Someone also posted about hearing from their pastor today in e-mail concerning this election.

      Said it before and I'll say it again:

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    He keeps misspelling "whine" as "win" for some reason. SAD!

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    NOTE #8: "they live in a fantasy world" (and #9 feel no remorse)

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    1. Pathological liars know just one thing… lies. Any situation they are in they lie. These guys use their verbal skills to good effect in different situations. Yeah, a large number of pathological liars are smooth talkers.
    2. Pathological liars love to create a comfort zone for themselves. In a bid to get there, they cook up tales and stories with manic conviction.
    3. Pathological liars love attention and may go any length with their lies to get it. These guys are aware of the fact that lies and deception get them a fair deal of attention and so they seek refuge in lies all the time. A pathological liar takes pride in grandiose acts achieved through fake sentiments and lies.
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    15. A pathological liar loves to have the last word. These guys love to prove their point even if they know they are wrong and the other person is right.

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Now look up Narcissist and Sociopath.

      He'll score high on all three.

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Amazing that trump crucified his accuser because she worked in Melania's field of work. I think he may regret doing this. I hope he has sprung a trap.

    Interesting, politico has an article about russia seeing trump as a useful idiot.

  6. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Yes...cluck cluck. Beady tiny eyeballs with giant pupils....he is awful nasal and anal today waving his tiny hands and fingers about. And gargling snot, pus, and mucinex screaming and spitting at a few confused folks. bucking like a devil

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      You've said it! So much about him is physically repulsive. One of the most repulsive things is how his inner eye skin has gotten so pinched-shut looking over time and his eyelashes are completely colorless, and then around this is the untanned skin that is his real pink skin.

    2. Anonymous1:10 PM

      LOL. Between now and election day I expect flames to emerge from his mouth, eyes, ears, and ass all at once.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Imagine that thing touching you with those tiny paws. Or touching your daughter. With him it's about domination, not lust. So, your son is probably at risk too.

  7. Anonymous11:33 AM

    He is so ugly vulgar and toxic.

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Senator Warren with HRC Today!<<<---------xxX
    "Well, I got news for you, Donald Trump! Women have HAD IT with guys like you. And Nasty Women have REALLY had it with guys like you. Get this, Donald. Nasty Women are tough. Nasty Women are smart. And Nasty Women VOTE. And on November 8, we nasty women are gonna are gonna march our NASTY feet to cast our NASTY votes to get you out of our lives FOREVER."
    Read more at:

    1. Anonymous3:41 PM

      to cast our NASTY votes to get you out of our lives FOREVER."
      best line of the day!!!!

  9. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Explains everything. I guess she deserved it?

    Trump on porn actress who accused him of misconduct:

    'Oh, I'm sure she's never been grabbed before'

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Did Melania deserve it?

      Nothing against her but couldn't he find a woman not needing a green card? What a price to pay to get into US.

    2. Anonymous3:57 PM

      So he just admitted to grabbing her. Proceed, dufus....

  10. Anonymous11:42 AM

    If trump won, he would shun her. Like he does now. He stole her people. He doesn't need her.

    I am watching him without the sound on. Yes, he does move rigidly and with vitriolic body language.
    The Republicans must be so embarrassed to have a candidate that lost only because of sheer viciousness rather than on different ideas.

  11. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I would imagine poor sweet Kelly anne is crawling on floor like Nicole about now.

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      I noticed that she's been adding in hair extensions. Wonder if her thinned hair has thinned more since taking on his campaign.

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      She is NOT sweet. She is a huge phony and a horrible person.

    3. Anonymous3:17 PM

      She looks like she's aged years since she joined the Trump campaign.

    4. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Bet she has yet to be paid!

    5. Anonymous8:30 PM

      The Mercers (hedge funders)pay Kellyanne Conway and have been for a while. She does not lose $$$. Her obvious agenda is simply to get the airtime and power and presence on media to present herself as a consummate and accomplished liar for 'conservative' take our country back to the 'moral majority' theocrats. That it contains much alt-right rhetoric does not matter to Kellyanne at all.


  12. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero

    By Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake
    October 24 at 10:51 AM

  13. Anonymous11:58 AM

    You guys act like you wouldn't do him. If he offered you $5 million to do him are you saying you wouldn't?

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      He wouldn't pay.

    2. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Never. Ever. I would throw up. No amount of money could prevent that reflex.

    3. Anonymous12:34 PM

      So what you're saying is that you would? Go for it,of course after he would call you a disgusting pig and tell you it wasn't good enough so he doesn't have to pay.

      When I was young I spent some time as a cocktail waitress.I had many propositions for what would have been large amounts of cash at the time. I turned them all down.
      I would not only turn Trump down,I would laugh in his face.

    4. Anonymous12:53 PM

      @11:58 You OBVIOUSLY WOULD do him! You are a WHORE male or female!

    5. Anonymous1:05 PM

      No, we are progressive liberals, the intelligent party. Go ask those dim witted alt right women, they'd probably do it for a cut rate bargain price.

    6. Anonymous1:06 PM

      You insult women just like your boss, eh?

    7. Anonymous1:10 PM

      I'd make sure to record the proposition and get it on TV! I wouldn't even run it past Melania--she had her chance for my sympathy.

    8. Anonymous2:09 PM


    9. Anonymous2:31 PM

      I would easily do him for 5 million. Seriously that is enough money to live for a decade without having to work for it.

      How many times do we do our husbands or significant others while truly not wanting to just to keep our lives on an even keel and living the lifestyle that we desire?

      Everything is a trade off and sex often means nothing so fucking Trump for 5 million would just be another nothing.

      Bring it on fatty, I'll lay there and compile my grocery list in my head for the 3 minutes it takes you to get off :-)

    10. Leland3:08 PM

      11:58, I would suggest you change the crowd with whom you associate. You obviously have a low opinion of women.

    11. Anonymous3:14 PM


      While I would love $5 million dollars I wouldn't take a penny from him.

      I'm not even sure he has $5 million. He certainly can't get it in cash. Anyone that would take a check or just "his word" is an utter fool. I'm sure even his written contracts are worthless given his history.

      If he made any such deal with anyone, he'd take it from his foundation and disguise it as "charity" because Donald only uses other people's money.

    12. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Nope. I don't need the money and I doubt he would pay as promised. He probably won't pay his campaign staff. He is not really rich, he's just a brand. The tv show was his bread and butter.

    13. Anonymous3:54 PM

      You guys act like you wouldn't do him.
      I didn't know that Trump was gay!!! Well that explains a lot.

      OK men, would you do him for $5 million?

      Not that donnie would pay up, but my suggestion is take cash only, his check would probable bounce.

  14. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Well, he only has two weeks to collect more cash to be squirreled away somewhere safe. If he concedes already, no more mortgage payments and gas bills ignored for The Donald. I recall in 2012 that Hillary was begging for money for months to pay down her campaign debt-wonder what Trump's debt is. I would bet most of the people whose venues have hosted his hate storms have not been paid.

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I think that's why he's continuing the pretense. So he can pocket as much as possible. He's making a nice profit from flying the Secret Service around in his own plane. I'm sure he's making money on overcharging for having his campaign offices in Trump Tower.

      Plus I'm sure he's continuing to solicit donations and squirrel them away.

      He's stopped spending money as much as possible. No ads on TV, no print and mailers, he never had much in the way of offices in states and I'm sure on Nov. 9 there are going to be a lot of people finding that instead of a paycheck they're going to have some sort of "thank you for volunteering" note written by yet another unpaid lackey.

      After this election is over, look for Trump being sued by all sorts of staff and vendors for FAILING TO PAY.

      It won't be as fun but the sideshow will continue for a little while.

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Remember all the "self-funding" talk? The sh*thead loaned money to the campaign. You can bet your bottom dollar who will be the first creditor paid with the campaign $$$ they brought in.

  15. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Nothing would make me happier that Hillary taking Texas. That would be the ultimate blow to Trumpies ego!

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      I think Texas is out of reach. Probably Georgia too.

      But I think she has a chance of taking Arizona.

      I also think John McCain has a chance of losing his re-election bid. Now *that* would make *me* happy. And I don't even live in Arizona.

  16. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Make sure you know Scion Hotels are really Trump Hotels by another name. Sorry Trump family, we got your number and as far as I'm concerned it's ZERO. Re-branding won't change what you represent.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      They make their money using their name to market stuff. Their own stuff and other people's stuff that have paid to brand with the Trump name.

      That is ALL gone now.

      No one in the Trump family will be able to market anything since we all know their faces now. Even if they don't say the name Trump, we know them now. So they can't use the name and they can't show their faces to market anything. Zero worth.

      That will pretty much finish them.

      Women avoiding Ivanka's crap is spilling over to women avoiding the stores that stock Ivanka's stuff.

      Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy's, T.J. Maxx. There is an entire list of stores that carry Ivanka or Trump or both that women are avoiding like the plague. They're also writing to the stores and telling them they're boycotting and why. Basically as soon as you drop Trump and Ivanka we'll return to shop.

      Macy's made a big deal out of dropping Trump's stuff, which they did. But they still carry Ivanka's stuff. So they are included in the boycott. We'll see how the bottom line goes. They may be one of the first to cave and ban her stuff too when whatever contract is up.

  17. Anonymous12:29 PM

    conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
    Like THIS>
    Legitimate Presidential Election!
    Take Him Down> VOTE HRC!

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      I can't tell you how many threats to Hillary I've seen in comments around the internet. It's terrible and frightening. Christians my ass!

  18. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I do not know why I feel some shock about this rant about the media being corrupt since he has already pronounced them as liars. It seems as if he can not tolerate being the greatest winner and rage blaming people. Trump is de compensating and escalates doing what disqualifies him to the majority of citizens. It is revenge time for Donald who is never accountable for what he does or says.

  19. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Make sure you read the press release for the Trump hotel re-branding effort.

    "Scion, which means “descendant of a notable family,” is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand developed in response to the boom in social clubs and the “we” economy."

    Notable all right, just not for the right reasons. Notorious is more like it LOL

    “Trump Hotels has long been recognized as home to the most iconic and luxurious properties, where guests are treated to meticulous service and unparalleled experiences. Scion will bring the same ‘never settle’ philosophy to a new and different type of guest in more locations around the globe.”

    Instead of "never settle" try "never stay". Go away Trumps and take your garbage offerings, be they dresses, shoes, ties, golf courses or hotels with you.

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      He got into bed with the lowest of the low, for votes, the "base", the nastiest of the GOP ignoramuses and now he expect to be able to preserve his "brand" that caters to the upper middle class and wealthy?

      He should just rebrand all his fucking hotels with a NASCAR theme and charge only $75/night or better yet, charge by the hour with "you pay for clean sheets" because these are the people he has attracted as "Donald Trump the Presidential Candidate" and quite frankly those that can afford to stay at his admittedly luxurious accommodations really don't want to be associated with his "brand" any longer.

      Face it, his current group of supporters don't even have a credit card to unlock the mini-bar in one of his hotels, and if they did, they'd be really fucking confused when they didn't find it stuffed with cans of Budweiser.

    2. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Pretty ironic, just the other day, Trump Taj Mahal closed it's doors and many people lost their jobs. The real Taj Mahal was once called the largest erection a man built to honor a woman.
      Soon he'll be replacing "make merica great again" hats made in china, with drool rags made in china.

    3. Anonymous3:58 PM

      His places are crap and you will feel duped. Go to the Willard or 4 Seasons in DC.

    4. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Pretty funny that the majority of his supporters can not afford to stay in one of his hotels, talk about reality check.

      Their yearly salary might cover a couple nights stay.

  20. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "Schwartz said Trump’s vocabulary is tiny ― evidenced by how he ad-libs his speeches with phrases like “believe me.”
    “It’s a 200-word vocabulary, so as soon he gets beyond that, you know that he’s reading someone else’s words,”

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Yep his vocabulary is bigly tiny, and when I say bigly, I mean bigly. And he gets his advice from watching retired generals on Fox News. I dare Trump to go on Foxworthy's show, "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?"

    2. Anonymous4:03 PM

      I thought I read Donnie doesn't read anything beyond a twitter comment.

  21. puckpuckpuck12:40 PM

    "Without the media, Hillary Clinton would be nothing."

    ...says the guy who got famous largely because of a crappy reality show.

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      And far far far too much attention by the same media during the primaries. My gawd, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski couldn't get enough of the guy on their show - he was calling in daily. Oh Donald we love you so. Well bad on you for giving him so much adoration. And now why in the world would your opinion mean anything to me when you'll do anything for attention/money just like your idol Donald.

    2. Anonymous1:23 PM

      @12:55 Ménage à trois<phone $ex daily..
      Mika, can i call you Joe? and little donnie drumpf
      boys cream dream...

  22. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Over at the pee pond there has never been any doubt that Trump will win.

    There was never any doubt that Sarah Palin would run in 2012 either.

    These are genuinely sharp political minds, folks.

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      There is still a little hope over there, also too, that Mrs. Todd Palin will run for POTUS in 2020. . .

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Don't they get it that he discarded palin. Maybe palin can be attorney General.

  23. Chenagrrl1:00 PM

    Forget Charlie Sheen. Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman in a body suit.

  24. Anonymous1:01 PM


  25. Anonymous1:09 PM

    EGO one-upmanship > the terminator > RIGHT?

  26. Anonymous1:19 PM

  27. Dinty1:31 PM

    He's got to do this. If he doesn't the donations dry up and his base won't get out the vote. I imagine he's also getting some pressure from the RNC to do so to help down-ballot candidates, but what I heard from him regarding down-ballot candidates was far from convincing, more dismissive, really.

  28. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Who would've known pornstars have sex partner standards. Evidently Trump dangling $10,000 to one wasn't nearly enough. Honest Donny, it wasn't the money, it was you! Damn that has to burn his ass!

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      Right? I mean these women fuck anyone for a buck but the buck stopped at Trump's big fat ass! Too funny, whores won't even whore for him!

    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      But explain Melania reason to stop making "tasteful" girl pornography?

  29. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Lots here he "boasts about having poured a whole bottle of wine down Marie Brenner's back after she wrote a story on him that hated." Trump was still boasting five years later:Trump told him he'd gotten even "by pouring red wine down Marie's dress at a charity dinner." "I didn't even notice it was happening, because like everything with Donald, it was a stealth maneuver. It came from behind."

  30. Leland3:16 PM

    NPR had an interesting show this evening. Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal interviewed someone who has studied the market during elections and is stunned that THIS year even the market isn't reacting normally to Humpty Trumpty.

    The title is "Tracking market reaction to the 2016 election". It's found on this link:

    I couldn't help but laugh while listening to it!

    1. Anonymous4:41 PM

      I was a victim of a corporate downsizing 12 years ago and while I was only in my mid-30's I decided to work seasonally doing what I love and spend the rest of the time managing the large 401K that I had accrued during my 12 years with the company, investing the very sizable payout they provided me during the downsizing and investing in multiple IRAs and generally playing the market on a daily basis. (my father is a fund manager so he does provide a bit of input, but most of my luckiest investments have come on my own, some even from blind luck)

      I've been amazed at how the markets are maintaining during what many people see as an "unsettled" time in America.

      For us investors it's been a great 8 years, especially this year. Since last October it's been a "can't lose" kind of environment.

    2. Anonymous10:01 PM

      While the market would tank if Trump were elected, looks like investors are so confident he'll lose they are basically ignoring the election.

      I would like Mattel to do really well this Christmas so I can dump it. They own "Barbie" and I was hoping they would be doing better.

  31. Crystal Sage3:45 PM

    When Trump loses, it will be interesting to see how much he scams out of the GOP or who sues who over unpaid bills or how soon Trump declares another bankruptcy. In addition to the already ill-fated Trump media empire, we can look forward to seeing Trump's name often in regard to lawsuits and trials like the Trump University case or the rape of a thirteen-year-old case. But, we also know he will never sue his umpteen sexual assault accusers.

    Trump will be like Palin, a continued failure, but somehow newsworthy thanks to his friends at The Enquirer. he will continue to be a short-fingered vulgarian until his earthly demise.

  32. Anonymous4:02 PM

    The party of whine, bitch, and moan. How did the Republicans become so naggy? It's non stop.

  33. Anonymous9:55 PM

    You know what? They should just stop covering him. Stop reporting on every crazy ass thing he says. Sure, report if another woman joins the lawsuit or if another videotape comes out with more repulsive language. But stop covering HIM and his speeches. He feeds off it so cut him off cold turkey.

    Yeah, his polls might go up as a result.

    But he's like a media vampire. He feeds off the attention and is attacking the very thing he wants most. So....withhold it. Deny it to him. Don't make him the center of the universe.

    He will go freaking NUTS.

    Since he's already accusing the media and his worshippers already believe it, the media has nothing to lose.

    If it's an equal time thing, then they can stop covering Hillary too. She doesn't need it.

  34. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.
    In this case it won't though Donnie boy.
    If you think you can incite riots when you lose, remember there will be more of us than youse guys...unless youse guys have ak 47, then there may be some tough times but we will still prevail.

  35. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I will wish them all wellness on November 9th. But lets cut the crap and fat out. This was a lifetime in the making for him. Nobody made up his portfolio of achievements and loses. What on earth did he think was going to happen?

  36. Anonymous6:58 AM

    It is heartbreaking to hear children describe this election and the behavior of some adults. I hope the counter measures to heal America from the damage that the republicans have caused will work quickly after this dose of t rump dung.


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