Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Teachers continue to report on the "Trump effect."

Courtesy of Peoples World:

Classroom teachers report that during this political campaign season an alarming number of students have been mirroring Donald Trump’s bullying, disrespectful behavior. They also report a rising level of fear and anxiety among children whose races, religions or nationalities have been Trump targets. 

The teachers are calling it the “Trump effect,” National Education Association (NEA) President Lily Eskelsen GarcĂ­a said in a media call yesterday. “The harm the Trump effect is doing to our students is bigger than politics,” she stressed. 

“I was heartbroken when a 14 year old girl in my class sobbed that if Trump is elected she’ll be sent back to Peru,” Joy Bock, an Ohio middle school social studies teacher, said during the media call. “She was born in this country, but her parents had said that if Trump is elected the family wouldn’t be safe.” 

Several months ago in Iowa, white students rooting for their high school basketball team held up pictures of Trump and yelled “build the wall” to taunt Latino students playing on the opposing team. The same thing happened in Indiana. 

Muslim children across the nation as young as eight or nine years old are being called “terrorists” by other kids. At several schools, bullies are pulling hajibs off the heads of Muslim girls and yelling “Trump! Trump!” 

These are not isolated cases of bigotry. The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a survey of approximately 2,000 K-12 teachers called The Trump Effect: The Impact of the Presidential Campaign on Our Nation’s Schools. Among the teachers asked, more than one-third have observed an increase in anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiment and more than half said they’ve seen an increase in uncivil political discourse.

Gee usually Republican politicians have to actually be elected before they start screwing up the country. 

However Donald Trump is a menace whose negativity will not be restrained nor contained by a mere election.

He must be stopped, period.

By the way you may remember that Hillary Clinton pointed all of this out almost two months ago.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    What about the Black Lives Matter effect?

    ATLANTA — A friend of a Georgia woman who was shot and killed on Sept. 25 said the woman’s husband had placed the gun in his lap as they drove through Atlanta, because they feared Black Lives Matter protests, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Or maybe it's an example of the Second Amendment effect?

    1. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Or a husband murdering his wife and blaming a hot button issue. Hope the cops aren't buying his story, because it stink to the heavens.

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Bullshit White Guy excuse for killing his wife. Always blame the black guy even when there aren't any there.

    3. Susan Smith blamed a black male carjacker for making off with the two little boys she killed in South Carolina. The song remains the same.

    4. Anonymous3:36 AM

      @MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel 12:52 PM

      ''Susan Smith blamed a black male carjacker for making off with the two little boys she killed in South Carolina. The song remains the same.''
      There are SO MANY cases of that happening, where white people committed a murders/crimes, and blamed it on Blacks.

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Wow. It looks like Matt the hurricane may make a direct hit on palm beach florida. Its gonna get windy at mar logo.

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      As the Republicans like to say, maybe God is sending a message to the Donald.

    2. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Perhaps the storm will takeout his palace which would be a gift of God to many!

    3. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Great, he is going to use OUR tax dollars to rebuild.

    4. Anonymous5:56 PM

      I don't usually believe in supernatural but I do believe in miracles.

    5. Anonymous3:33 AM

      @Anonymous 5:56 PM

      '''I don't usually believe in supernatural but I do believe in miracles.'''
      Miracles ARE supernatural.

  3. Hedgewytch11:47 AM

    Last night I attended a meeting at my son's jr. high school about internet safety and security. Our kids will receive their own laptops to use throughout high school. The topic we spent the most time on? Cyber bullying. Our school also spends a lot of time on that subject in general. We have a lot of kids coming from other states/countries. It's so damn discouraging to work so hard to try to change the tide of hate and ignorance and then have those traits celebrated by a major political party and figure. It makes the job of trying to get kids to be kind and accepting of diversity that much more difficult.

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    It's going to take generations to heal this mess. If it ever can be healed.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Teachers are not into the Trump Effect? If the mother is okay with daddy and daughter, why should the teachers care if daddy is too close to their daughter?


    Don't being that Trump Effect to any school.

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    If people take the time to read history they will know that the Nazis used this technique where they wore you down over your race so when the time came you were so worn down you lost all fight. It is starting again thanks to Herr Trump. The Nazis had many many techniques and Trump and his followers are using them. It's subtle to blatant on his worst days but it's there. The Nazis are not a political entity but a Religious one. Just wondering what Trump gleaned from Mein Kampf. Whatever it was, he's doing it all. Also, reading a book about how the Nazis were (are) an occultic group. They had rituals and worships to the guy downstairs. Wonder who Trump worships in the dark of his basement. We are letting all this happen because we are unable to pinpoint just what is happening and those that come out with the direct accusation are called paranoid. Did you know that Hitler purposefully started WW two to camouflage his plan to exterminate Jews? And the Germans were ordinary citizens who were brainwashed very subtly over the years to believe in Hitler's Aryan race plan. Just saying do we call it what it is now, or look away again.

    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      You are right. I used to always wonder how the hell Hitler came to power, but seeing what trump is doing now it all makes perfect sense. I really fear that he will get into office, I don't have that much faith in this country. I think the trumpists might outnumber the people with actual functioning brains. A scary thought.

    2. Anonymous3:41 AM

      @Anonymous 12:21 PM

      Your comment is spot on. I have read many books and saw many documentaries on WWII, and Nazi Germany.

  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Trump is mentally unbalanced. I knew he was mentally unbalanced when he go obsessed with bringing down our legitimately elected President Obama, with that birther dogma. That is NOT the behavior of a sound mind.

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Trump is little but a Koch Bros sponsored Trojan Horse to get Pence in office. They can control little Mikey P but no one can control Trump, not even Trump.

    The Kochs tried with Scott Walker but he was such a wanker he turned off everyone, including the gopers.

    If the GOP can rig the system and get their ticket elected, that old gal in Wasilla will be out of luck. She's a bit too tacky and flashy for the Kochs and Pence despite his being as much a fake as she is.

    1. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Palin is flashy? Have you seen her lately? OMG!! She's nothing any other woman in Alaska or the country would ever want to be or emulate!

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I live in a rural Ohio town that I've dubbed (privately) Trumpistan. In an adjacent town, recently, an event occurred at a high school football game that caused quite an amount of discord in the community. One of their black football players began exercising his first-amendment rights to dissent by kneeling during the national anthem. His family began getting threats, his own *teammates* threatened him, the school was received ugly letters and former friends got at each others' throats over each others' opinions on the matter. The administrators settled it by having *all* the football players OFF the field when the national anthem is played. No one in the stands is offended if a player doesn't stand for the anthem. How the coaches are handling it I don't know. But I said this on other threads and I'll say it here; it's just as patriotic to exercise your first amendment right to dissent (as long as you are not harming anyone) as it is to stand for the national anthem. That is one of the rights that our troops fought for and are continuing to fight for.
    On the subject of bullying, when we have one of two contenders for leader of the free world who is now openly known, and proud to be, a bully, is it any surprise that there is an upswing in the number of bullying episodes in schools now? I bet the bullies' parents are Trump voters and that they actively encourage this behavior. And it will not be going away after the election. Whether Trump wins or loses, the children and the "adults" will behave just as before...and that's what frightens me.

  10. Anonymous12:59 PM

    If Donald Trump is elected president next month, the nation and the world might have to learn to ignore things that are normally given great weight when they come from the leader of the free world: his actual words.

    Or so said his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, when confronted in Monday night’s vice presidential debate with statements the Republican nominee has made over the course of the campaign.

    “You know, the words don’t always come out exactly the way he means them,” Pence said.

    ...John Weaver, a top adviser to 2008 GOP nominee John McCain and then to Ohio Gov. John Kasich in his unsuccessful run this year, said the party’s cavalier attitude toward it’s presidential nominee’s statements is unprecedented.

    “We’ve never had anything like this before, frankly. Words matter,” Weaver said. “For the running mate to say, ‘Well it doesn’t matter, because everyone, including our adversaries, will know he doesn’t mean it’ is extraordinary.”

  11. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble, Judging From Post-Debate Polls

    Donald Trump dropped in the polls following the first presidential debate, allowing Hillary Clinton to open up a significant lead. History suggests that the Republican nominee will not be able to recover.

  12. Anonymous1:00 PM

    One thing this presidential election campaign has revealed is who in their right mind would do business with the I love my daughter Trump, the your word is your bond wife, the surrogate wife and her two siblings Hans and Fritz? If I had money to stay on certain $$$ floors or on any floor at any Trump hotel, I wouldn't do it. Who knows if there are any nanny cams or whatever is in those room.

  13. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Election Update: How Big Is Hillary Clinton’s Lead?

  14. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Some photos of The Donald are just horrific (as is the one above)! He is frightening for children and teens to see and hear throughout the country and world.

    He needs to be put out to pasture in November and hopefully we'll never hear from the asshole ever again!

    He's a bully, liar, fraud, racist, anti-women, egomaniac, warmonger and blowhard which can ALL be proven and are factually proven!

  15. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Clinton is trouncing Trump among Asian American voters

  16. Anonymous1:12 PM

    NRA to spend $6.5 million boosting Trump as a defender of guns

    NRA out with biggest ad buy yet to boost Trump

  17. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Donald Trump is running out of time

    Four days until the next debate, the Republican needs a jolt to rebound.

  18. Sarah Falin1:19 PM

    My heart soars!

    The family that drinks together and kicks ass when our $300 sunglasses are stolen we now what family money is for!

    It's for bailing out the little grizzlies when they get caught.

    That's why I was so happy to read that Donald's dad had his back when he choked on his silver spoon! Another tax bombshell: Daddy #Trump had to set up $38 million slush fund to bail Donald out prior to 1980

    No shit! More and more like us Falin Palins every day. Just watch my PAC sink like the Tightanic!

    No one is more ready to fix what's fucking real 'Murricans over than Donald!

    Bankruptcies, bailouts, draft dodging, imported chinese steel and tax dodging!

    Now the voters of 'Murrica should do just like that commie FDR did- Hire a crook like Joe Kennedy (Securities and Exchange Commission bitchez!) to stop the cheaters and stock market scammers.

    Donald Trump is our man!

  19. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Don't believe Pence

  20. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Nader: Trump is a Freeloading, Pontificating Empty Suit Who Has Cheated on Everything He's Done

  21. Anonymous2:34 PM

    This is OT but still about Trump. I don't golf but that didn't matter as I read this interview. Given how familiar we are with everything Trump now, you'll cringe at the asshole's behavior:

  22. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I have written before here about how G W Bush, Rove and RNC destroyed 22 million emails, had private server etc. Here is HuffPost article which should have been the HEADLINE article but of course Drumpf has the top of the page as usual. Send this to all you know:

  23. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Is anyone surprised? when the so called adults in the GOP have been disrespecting the office of the president for years without any consequences and now have a bully, racist candidate who spends all his time insulting others with no consequences.

    How can you expect children to act anything different than what they see adults doing?

  24. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Teachers are now in a tizzy over their young little Hitlers bullying minorities, girls and Gay students? Wait till they graduate high school and join the skinheads.

  25. Anonymous4:33 PM

    This is the downside of kids becoming active in politics. There was a fund raising event in our neighborhood for a family with a sick child, I was shocked at how many pre teens followed the debates, but their parents watched with them and explained that one candidate has a lot of money and needs to deflect attention from his own flaws by bullying others first. Trump isn't fit for office in any manner at all and not deserving of respect.

  26. Anonymous6:02 PM

    The Dept of Education head in Arizona recently used the website to endorse don trump. Shen now must resign for her complete ignorance and poor management of Arizona education system.

  27. Anonymous6:04 PM

    FEC should immediately remove trump from the ballot. He is a disgusting disgraceful example of presidential candidate.


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