Saturday, October 22, 2016

The new Hillary Clinton ad featuring Khizr Khan is brutal!

Courtesy of CNN:

An emotional Khizr Khan asks Donald Trump in a new Clinton campaign ad whether his son, a US solider who was killed in Iraq in 2004, would "have a place in your America?" 

 The ad is part of Clinton's closing message, one that her top aides hope will be uplifting and hopeful, offering an implicit contrast to the combativeness that the Trump campaign has turned to in recent weeks. 

Khan, who was thrust into the national spotlight after he excoriated Trump in a speech at the Democratic National Convention, is seen at his home in the ad, looking at keepsakes from his son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan's, life. 

"In 2004, my son was stationed in Iraq. He saw a suicide bomber approaching his camp. My son moved forward to stop the bomber when the bomb exploded. He saved everyone in his unit. Only one American soldier died," Khan says as video shows the father holding the flag that was draped over his son's casket.

That does not only hit you in the feels. It takes those feels and stomps them into a bloody mud hole. 

You know if this election were solely based on the effectiveness of advertisements Hillary Clinton would be leading Trump by double digits. 

Oh wait......


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I'm not going to watch it again, I saw it yesterday and cried, then watched Martha and Sara twice and cried twice more.

    The Khizr Khan ad is gut-wrenching.

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    12th woman accuses trump and lawyer says there may be more coming forward

    1. Anonymous1:49 AM

      So much for him trying to intimidate current and future accusers by saying he's going to sue them all.

      He never did file agains the Post or the Times and they never retracted.

      That's how you pull a bully's teeth. You stand up to them.

    2. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Salma Hayak also has a story. No kissing or groping.

      Trump made friends with her boyfriend to get Hayak's number. Once he had it he kept calling her for a date but she refused. So Trump called the Enquirer (as John Miller?) and told them Trump wouldn't date Hayek because she was too short. Then after the Enquirer runs the story, Trump calls her up and says, this is outrageous. Go on a date with me to prove them wrong.

      She still didn't.

      BTW she's married to a REAL billionaire.

      I'm sure Trump, the never loser, has twisted this into he never wanted to date her and even uses the "she's too short" excuse he originally tried to use to get her.

      Can he be worse than a douche? Worse than a dick? Worse than a bastard or a dildo or a prick? Can't we create some words bad enough to describe him?

      Stubby fingered vulgarian just isn't doing it for me.

    3. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Salma was on one of the late night shows and was asked what she would say to Trump, she took out a book American Constitution for Dummies and offered to lend it to Donnie.

      I was surprised he didn't start a twitter attack, but maybe he knows not to mess with her.

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Very powerful. I am crying right now.

    Unfortunately Trump and his ilk don't have any empathy so it probably won't work on them, but maybe a few of his supporters will be impacted by it.

    Very effective and beautifully filmed. Shows the true cost of war.

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      "he has no respect for anybody or anything"
      "including democracy itself"!

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    OT: drumpf should get something ...

  5. Anonymous6:49 PM

    My Husband was a Vietnam infrantry vet. First Cav. His butt was saved by a Muslim Dock.

    As far back as that is before all Muslims were considered the enemy. The only saving grace war has is that you are united in one common cause. Black, Muslim, Jew or Christian you are a band of brothers.

    It's sad that it takes something so bad to make people realize that we need to put that shit aside. Trump plays on hate and anger.

    This is the stuff that devides America.Fear that some Mexican is going to take your job and if we just kicked them out we would have high priced jobs again!.

    In Pheonix AZ. there is a corner where Mexicans stand and are picked out to get hired , hired by US citizens to do tile work or have their houses cleaned because they will do it for less.

    Palin would be the first in line to take advantage of it. If you don't like illegals than tell Trump to quit hiring them on temporary visas.

    Tell him to buy his steel from US Steel and not China.Two faced liar that he is.

  6. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Isn't it time to do away with hyphenated-Americans?

    Seems it's used only to identify people thought to possibly maybe one day cause trouble or want special treatment or who aren't political favorites at any time.

    e pluribus unum and all that

    1. It seems the people who object to hyphenated terms are the ones who object the most to anyone using the term "American" who doesn't fit their definition of American.

      Trump's followers are the ones who are focused on pointing fingers at anyone who they don't deem worthy of being called "American." How odd that those who do not want people to use hyphenated terms reserve the right to point out the otherness of people they disapprove of.

      It was Trump who referred to "the African-Americans" and "the Latinos" as though they were outside of "Americans." They were "others", not real Americans.

      There is a big difference between pride in one's heritage, especially in the face of those who do not want to recognize your heritage or who want to condemn it, and "people thought to possibly maybe one day cause trouble or want special treatment or who aren't political favorites at any time."

      No one ever objects to Irish Americans or German Americans.

  7. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Sorry Gryph, but I am off topic as usual. Got so excited, had to share this. I watched this movie two time before since it came out but now it seemed to fit in with out times. I imagined this is how it was schemed up to promote Donald and his television. The movie is with Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall, William Holden and Peter Finch. It was weird to see art morph into life in this decade. Coincidence?

    1. Anonymous8:08 PM

      "Network" right?

    2. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Boys will be boys "The Trump staffers of course have every right to enjoy themselves however they like in their off hours, even if that means stuffing dollar bills into sex workers’ g-strings, but the inclusion of media personnel in the excursion raises ethical questions."

  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    What's the name of the movie 7:27 PM?

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      From the list of stars sounds like "Network" to me. It's a dark comedy that is rather predictive of the ridiculousness of today's media.

    2. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Yeah, it's Network. I just think that it is weird how an eighties guy like Trump is here to haunt American and then there's this movie that depicts the condition of Networks and why the Donald got promoted in the first place. Because, no one can deny that it was the media who brought Donald up, and now they realize it so they are busy bringing him down. I am not for Trump so don't jump on me. I am just mentioning this because it surprised me how life imitates art and visa versa.

  9. Anonymous8:06 PM

    johnnie mcShame> Look in the fucking Mirror"Senior GOP figures, like John McCain, are enraged at the damage he has done to the Republican Party."broader fear is of a post-election political Chernobyl"

  10. Cesar Davila8:06 PM

    I'll always vote Trump!

    1. Anonymous10:53 PM

      Alicia, you ridiculous troll, stop using other people's names, take your meds, and crawl away.

      You're like a slug, creeping around leaving slime behind you wherever you go. I hope somebody throws salt on you very soon.

    2. Anonymous2:08 AM

      Even if you have to climb a wall?

    3. Why? Please tell us. We will listen.

    4. Anonymous2:13 PM

      always vote trump?

      you only get one chance unless you are the one committing voter fraud that donnie keeps yakking about.

  11. Anonymous8:10 PM

    7:27 PM is probably referring to the movie, Network.

  12. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I'm glad Gryphen posted the ad. It is beautifully done. I saw the ad with Mr. Khan on Lawrence O'Donnell's show when Michael Moore was on, and I just loved how Moore described it.

  13. Trump is not fit to command.

    Trump is not fit to clean the boots of Captain Khan.

  14. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Donald Trump forcibly raped 13 year old girl in 1994, eyewitness claims.

  15. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Boy, does BB have it out for Ryan, or what?

    The Hill: Breitbart ‘Escalates War’ on Paul Ryan

    He’s With Her: Inside Paul Ryan’s Months-Long Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton President

    1. Anonymous10:56 PM

      Those Far Right Extremists are always focused on trying to hurt somebody, they're never focused on trying to help their country. But they think they're the patriots, for some strange reason.

  16. Sharon11:56 PM

    There is a good reason this spot makes you tear is real. This is a real father still mourning the death of his only son while his pride for his bravery makes him so very proud. I wish someone in the press would have reminded us that Trump got how many deferments? I think 4 for Vietnam. Needless to say our congress and senate, except for Joe Biden, have no family in the military. This captain saved the lives of his entire unit and he knew it when he stepped up to that truck.

    I think most of us here watch Rachel Maddow so her show a few nights ago has stuck with me like none other. It was an interview done in 2004 with Justice David Souter, who was nominated by Poppy Bush and retired quickly to return to private practice. He explained the importance of "civics" to our democracy. How did Rome fall? It was the failure of the populace to understand who was to blame for their problems and having one person (Augustus) coming forward to say he would fix everything. It is so scary to relate this exact scenario playing out a democracy dies. I have been complaining for years at the dumbing down of this country, helped along with Dubya. I know when I went to school civics was as mandatory as math, English, history, gym...the understanding how government works is critical in a self governing democracy. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite when you turned on the news at 6 and you could believe what you heard.

    While I am at it...I am also sick to death of the equivalency of Trumps crimes & lies to Clinton e-mails.

  17. Anonymous2:00 AM

    There are several delightful Trump hit pieces out. It's hard for me to pick a favorite.

    The Gettysburg Address parody is quite good.

    "Four score and eleven nasty, lying women ago, my father brought forth in Queens a new corporation, conceived in debt, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal, believe me. But a lot of people were doing that, as far as apartments, and we settled the case with zero admission of guilt. Zero.

    Now we are engaged in a tremendous civil war — and I love war, and I know more about war than the generals, believe me — testing whether our nation, or any nation, can have a rigged election with the corrupt media and a candidate who never should have been allowed to run and dead people voting and still endure, or have the stamina to endure, and as for me there’s absolutely no problem, believe me...."

    This guy has perfectly analyzed Trump and his predictions ring spot on.

    Donald Trump's Fine Art of Losing.

    It's a fascinating read:

    "How does Donald Trump lose?

    The answer, apparently, is that he never does. At least not in his own mind. To review his life and talk to people who have watched him for decades is to realize that he has never once seen himself as anything but the victor. And that realization both explains much of his 18-month campaign for the White House and gives hints as to what might happen should he lose on November 8.

    “He’s never imagined to himself or conceded to himself that he’s lost anything ever,” says Harry Hurt III, author of “The Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” — a title Hurt says Trump reportedly “can’t stand because it implies he’s a loser.”

    In a series of conversations, more than one of Trump’s biographers noted that he regularly calls others what he fears himself to be — the obese man calling women fat; the man who works hard to hide his balding scalp insulting women who aren’t a 10; the candidate who visibly tires near the end of long debates calling other candidates “low energy”; the man who is on tape describing his own lewd behavior toward women saying it’s his opponent’s husband who is a “sexual predator”; the businessman who makes questionable use of his private foundation and the U.S. tax code, then calls his opponent “crooked” for months and then says she’s the one who’s been “nasty.”

    But “loser” is the jab he uses most. “His deepest insult is to call someone a loser, his deepest fear is him being regarded as a loser, because deep down he knows that he himself is a loser,” Hurt says."

    And lastly, a 14 chapter game plan rant from the Daily News on why and how to take Donald Trump down.

    "To take full stock of Trump must be to understand the urgency of barring him from the White House, as well as to reckon with how an authoritarian fabulist has gotten so close to leading the globe’s beacon of democracy.

    History will mark the presidential contest of 2016 for demagoguery that distorted America’s electoral process from a competition of ideas into, on the one hand, a reach for power based on a cultish thirst for vengeance, and, on the other, a bipartisan drive to save the American presidency itself.

    Herewith, we fervently pray, is the political obituary of Donald Trump and all that he stands for."

    14 chapters. Really. Oh. And there are fabulous political cartoons for every chapter.


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