Tuesday, November 22, 2016

According to Donald Trump's senior advisor Sarah Palin is not in line to get a cabinet position.

Courtesy of the New York Post:  

Sarah Palin’s isn’t in the running for a cabinet job in the Trump administration — at least as far as the senior adviser to his transition team is aware. 

“I know that they’re close and that she’s been a great, loyal friend and adviser to him throughout the campaign, but I haven’t seen her as part of the cabinet mix,” Kellyanne Conway told Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Monday night. 

Conway quickly added: “But that doesn’t mean that she’s not.”

Okay I think that last bit was a CYA move on Conway's part. But if she is not hearing anything then it is unlikely that there is any talk, which is essentially what I have assumed all along.

I just don't see Palin as wanting to do anything that requires so much work on her part.

Plus of course there is the confirmation process.

However I do think that Palin expects to be compensated by Trump is some way, and I would imagine that it would come in the form of a TV gig or a role as some kind of spokesperson.

Conway also added that Palin would have Trump's ear and that he might seek out her counsel, so there's another terrifying thought to keep us awake at night.


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Sarah's never asked him for anything and he's said there's no strings attached. They're just respectful people who want true, good change that doesn't hurt hardworking people.

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      LOL...You're joking right, Sarah/Bristol? Trump will do nothing but hurt hard working people.

      And there is nothing respectful about you, or Trump, Sarah.

    2. Anonymous4:41 PM

      You know Sarah was expecting a cabinet post in that circus. She prostituted herself for Trump.

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Now THAT is funny! From a dumb broad that hired her work done FOR her. You are some kind of stupid!

    4. Anonymous4:50 PM

      @4:31 PM You must be a Palin, because no one else is stupid enough to believe that an unemployed quitter does not want an easy job. Sarah Palin has been kissing Trump's ass ever since she was chased away from that Veterans' demonstration in Washington D.C. where she was kissing Ted Cruz' ass.

    5. Okay, Bristol, we hear you. Now go back home and cook supper for Dumbkota. You can cook can't you?

    6. Anonymous5:08 PM

      She totally expected a position. We all know it.

    7. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Hardworking people are going to be very hurt, and soon. For a start, they're having their Christmas raise cancelled by Republicans. Nice going, moron.

    8. Anonymous5:45 PM

      This works out good for Quitter because she can't afford to move to DC.

    9. Animal Control8:58 PM

      sounds like Kellyanne flipped Sarah off…oh now Sarah is going to “stump” for another bellow in my bourbon Retard I mean Republican…hey speaking of…so hows that “grand scheme plan” going? oh John Boy couldn’t do much and now “this is all you got” Sarah…gee why don’t you talk about WHO you terrorized in Alaska with all those Minions? hmmm?
      It’s HUGE is what Levi said…now the President says “Potentially Huge”…
      Gee Sarah what ever could they mean? Giggle…this is gonna be goood

    10. Anonymous7:40 AM

      True, good change? Really, you are just the DUMBEST person who posts on this blog...

    11. Anonymous6:38 PM

      true, good change
      HA HA yes and I have some beach front property in AZ to sell you !!!

      Trump’s cabinets and advisors are lobbyists, Wall St boys and Washington insiders.

      Big change. He conned you and his supporters.

      How’s that swampy changy thing goin’ for ya?

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    "he might seek out her counsel'

    Welcome to the Idiocracy.

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Hey why not. Shit, let's have Chump make Sarah the next Supreme Court nominee. This is up the down staircase time, we may as well go off the cliff at full throttle.

      Long live Thelma & Louise, er I mean Chump & Stealin.

    2. Animal Control9:18 PM

      speaking of someone from the Middle East – did you know WHY Sarah hates anyone different than her with “let Allah sort it out” comment?
      Could it be Assad’s daddy screwed around and fathered a child and the mother is well – from England shall we say – lol – anyways – Palin found out and let Todd and his Heathens go after her – the half sister of Assad…and.
      all that money that BP I mean England invested in America…HUGE $$$…
      apparently the UN, Iran, China and Russia are aware of all this data…
      makes for a merry meeting in January in Geneva to “discuss” Syria…
      I will be able to breath when I stop laughing…I hear it will a teachable moment! lol…some of the best teachers in the world don’t have degrees…

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    So are people going to criticize CALI for wanting to exit the US like a group i Texas does?

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM

      "CALI" wants to secede? No, a small group of dopes in California want to secede. These fools exist everywhere. Who calls it "CALI" anyway? That's like calling San Francisco "Frisco." I hear clueless tourists use those terms.

  4. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The only bright spot in this election is daily reading at c4p. I avoided the site until the new orange glow wore off, but now it is a hoot. Reality is hitting a few of the dimwits, but they are quickly reprimanded that Beloved Leader will not disappoint them and that since he was chosen by God and more importantly, Palin, he is their true salvation.
    But, with each new day and each new leak, panic bubbles up again and again.
    It is one of the few pleasures in these dark days.

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      VG is assuring the pond scum that he heard directly from Chuckie Jr that Sara has been offered a cabinet position and is debating accepting it...YEAH, RIGHT!

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Another schism is definitely on the way... right after we hear reports that once again Sarah has put her family first (just like she did in 2008) blah blah blah and won't be going to DC. Sarah Palin is lucky to have that family to continually blame for her chicken heart and failures.

      Sarah Palin is a loser and the Trumpanzee knows it.

    3. a. j. billings6:39 PM

      The Pee Pond is filled with idiots who don't remember all their prophecies about "Queen Esther", how they knew god picked her for great things.

      Then she lost, and then she quit, and they made 100000 excuses about Todd, the kids, etc

      Then they were sure 2012 was it for the Wasilla Idiot, and DD3 made it known the prophecy would be tru.

      Failed to run, failed to get ANY JOB except bolting on fake tits and screeching at CPAC and Faux news.

      Then she even failed at Fox, didn't run again even in Alaska in 2016, and their hopes were killed again.

      Now they cling to a thin hope that Orange Cheeto will ask Idiot $arah to do something in DC.

      Ain't gonna happen twerps, so suck it up, she's a 100 failure

    4. Anonymous7:28 PM

      "The new orange glow"lol. Thank you I needed a laugh been so depressed since the election.

    5. Anonymous7:38 PM

      How can VG have any insider information about Sara from Chuck when he can't even communicate online? Does Chuck now call VG personally to give him insider information? Sure he does VG, sure he does...
      Gotta keep the tubes donating to your gofundme account, you pathetic beggar.

    6. Anonymous8:30 PM

      @7:28, I know. I have this same conversation with friends and family daily.
      Just remember, our country survived slavery, civil war, racism, segregation, fighting for civil rights, the Vietnam war, draft protests, race riots, Kent State, Watergate, World Wars, the McCarthy era, asassinations, the Cold War,etc.
      We will survive trump. But, we have to take a stand. We are the majority and we need to let the alt right know that we are not in silent agreement with them. Anyone who ever wondered why good Germans remained silent will now have to take a hard look at themselves.

    7. Lol. She knows the fail-safe preventing her is out there. Luckily she's too lazy to actually work, so it doesn't become a problem.

    8. Anonymous1:32 AM

      Who's VG? Want to share a potato?

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Anyone that remembers that speech of endorsement (picture), also too remembers the looks on Trump's face as she went on and on. Egads! So much so that when she moved on to Oklahoma, he watched her from off stage, then went home and then "too far to travel," his own words.

    Think we're stupid, $arah? Not by a long shot. Even Herr Fuhrer doesn't want you. THAT
    is the epitome of dumb. Have a nice life, babe, keep pulling your face. I giggle.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      I love remembering that idiotic speech while her son was in jail.

      Then she went to Oklahoma and blamed Obama that her miscreant wife-beating kid was in the slammer.

      And both times Trump looked like he'd push her right off the stage if he could.

      The stupid was wonderful. Nobody entertains like Sarah. Recently I was reminded of that time the Fox reporters were in the back room during her screech, where there was a live mic....

    2. Anonymous5:58 PM

      What I think is so sweet is that after those two appearances Trump said she wouldn't appear at the convention because "alaska is so far away", but we all know that he was told to keep her away.

      Then after that snub she was just begging to go back on the trail and shake her pom poms for him in the back of a pickup truck in godforsaken Michigan!

      She's so desperate for attention, which makes me smile.

    3. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Not only was her useless son in jail, her daughter was having a very public court fight with Baby Daddy #2... blood tests and everything, oh my.

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    You heard this news from me first.

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Palin is a lock for a Professor position at Trump University.

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Great comment!

  8. Don't give up, Sarah . . . keep the faith . . . stay close to the phone . . . after all, reports from Trump's transition team say Ben Carson is being considered for HUD Secretary.

    If Sleepy Ben is a candidate, can Sarah be far behind?

    Some pundits are comparing Trump's cabinet to the book about Lincoln's cabinet, "A Team of Rivals."

    I think a more accurate description comes from the novel "A Confederacy of Dunces."

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Carson and Education? Holy shit - we are going to continue being a dumber and dumber nation.

      Educate your kids at home parents - the public school system will not be where you want your kids.

    2. a. j. billings5:48 PM

      Ben "Mr Dementia" Carson, who said he wasn't sure about accepting a cabinet post BECAUSE HE DIDN"T HAVE GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE".

      Yet the dumbass ran for President???

      Irony meter just broke into 1000 pieces.

    3. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Any comparisons to "Team of Rivals" is meant jokingly. Lincoln was brilliant to build his cabinet from his presidential rivals so that the cabinet would represent many views and better represent the entire population. I recommend reading the book - it is very interesting.

    4. Anonymous5:55 PM


      Carson for HUD secretary, Jerry Falwell Jr. for Education.

    5. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Maybe trump will go to the theater.

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    The "I haven't seen her" instead of "I don't see her" is awkward, but Conway's very careful in what she says and she gets in little digs at people this way, too. Like when she says that Trump "might" seek out Palin's counsel. Here, Conway would like to say "I don't see here" and make it clear that no way in hell would she let Trump let that idiot have a position, but she has to watch out and gently get across that there's no way the idiot can be in the admin (unless really behind the scenes and in a basement office).

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      It's odd how Trump can have Bannon on his cabinet, and not Palin. Means what? She's full of hot air, and Bannon's not. And that's not a good thing.

  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I believe it's not Sarah Palin's lack of competence that's the problem (it hasn't been for any of the other names), it's that Sarah is considered to be [quote] high maintenance [unquote]. I don't know what that person meant by high maintenance but it was certainly not meant as a compliment. I'm taking it to mean she's a pest.

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      She's a whiny, entitled, dumb liar who loves to play the victim. I think those personality flaws together = high maintenance.

    2. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Plus, she's not a team player and they couldn't trust what she'd say or do. Ask John McCain!!! She's known to be a loose cannon!

    3. Anonymous7:50 PM

      She's psycho and manic and would require always having someone around to talk her down and from running her mouth off.

    4. Anonymous8:56 PM

      I'm pretty sure it is her lack of competence. Everything else is just an added deficit.

    5. Anonymous6:05 AM

      From his other appointments/nominations, competence doesn't seem to be a requisite--only loyalty. $arah's behavior at those first appearances embarrassed the Donald. Do that, and you're "disappeared", e.g. Melania.

  11. She has no clue what Drumpf will do. She contradicts him constantly. He does whatever he wants and changes his mind more often than the weather.

    In other news....Barack Obama is totally fucking with Donald Drumpf.

    Today he gave out Presidential Medal of Freedom honors to 21 recipients and Lorne Michaels was one of them. That's right. The producer of Saturday Night Live went to the White House and the President gave him the highest civilian honor in the nation.


    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Yeah, I loved that SNL touch!

      The intros BO read were really well done, and I enjoyed BO's extra touches and clever little jokes.

  12. Lindsay5:28 PM

    2 narcissistic sociopaths are NOT going to get along long term. Sooner or later one will turn on the other and it will be a major shit storm. That will actually be pretty fun to watch!!

    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      This is exactly what is already happening with some of his close advisors on the transition team.

    2. It's happening already.

      Reince Priebus may or may not have lied to Trump to get him to cancel the meeting with the NYT because he didn't think Trump was ready for it. Trump tweeted he was backing out. The Times said they didn't change any agreed upon conditions. So then the meeting was back on.


      " But pretty much everybody in Trump’s inner circle, from Kellyanne Conway on down to Steve Bannon, has every incentive to clip as much off of Priebus’ wings as possible.

      Priebus, the chief of staff, commands a central position within the organization structure as gatekeeper to the president. Priebus’ main power is in whom he lets in and whom he doesn’t. The less that Trump trusts Priebus, however, the more he’ll sidestep the gate and lean on other advisers like Bannon."

      I'm wondering if Bannon and Conway are sabotaging Priebus because Conway wants to be Chief of Staff.

  13. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I seriously doubt Donald Trump is going to have time to seek her thoughts once he is sworn in. He'll be seeking the input of only those closest to him that he has already selected.

    Plus, I'm sure he already knows that she is not bright and lent nothing to McCain (except racism!) when running w/him - thank God they lost! Plus, look at all her baggage with Todd (prostitution) and her delinquent adult kids!

    Sarah Palin has no input w/the National Republican party much less the one in Alaska. She's done and needs to get a real job as her funds are depleting as we speak!

  14. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Joy Reid tweeted she's filling in for Maddow tonight.

  15. Anonymous5:44 PM

    As stupid as Trump is I do believe that some of his more intelligent advisors are reminding him that she is dumber than him.

  16. Anonymous5:50 PM

    One day I will tell ya'll the whole story.

    And Screechers--"J" says you can go fuck yourself--how you thought you'd worm your way in huh! Oh and how you've been waiting for that call. Well here it is--served up ice fucking cold right in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas bitch!!!! You know how I work overtime to make sure you get NOTHING.EVER.AGAIN :) :) :)

    1. Anonymous7:10 PM


    2. Anonymous7:45 PM

      ~Canuck~=the Kid. Our resident crazy who likes to pretend to have insider information and claims she is part of the Russian royal family, among others.

    3. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Yep, sure--whatever you say bud :)


    4. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Sounds like someone else that got BURNED by ol Sarah and her coked out crew! hahaha

    5. Anonymous1:46 AM

      Can Nuck: you sound inneresting...who are ya...? We've missed you glad you are posting again...tell us something and not hints soon ok?

    6. Anonymous8:25 AM

      that's not the Kid! that one has 4 jobs!
      how many jobs does the Palin Clan have?

  17. slipstream5:54 PM

    Of course she will not get a Cabinet position.

    She is not an old rich white guy.

    1. Anonymous4:58 AM

      Goes w/o saying.
      What would Screechy spend most of her time doing if given a position of any regard? Not a trick question!

  18. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Sarah "I SO DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO ALASKA" Palin doesn't have a Trump administration cabinet position?

    Sarah Palin has to go back to her dysfunctional Wasilla Hillbilly family in Wasilla?

    Wanna know why?

    Sarah was too busy kissing Trump's ass to be a Secretary of Something and didn't know she also had to kiss Ivanka's, Donnie's and Eric's asses. That was a big no no.

    1. That quote, featured in HBO's "Game Change" movie. I've watched parts of it twice in the past few days, and I'll bet The Donald has, too.

      I'll also bet "going rogue" Sarah as played by Julianne Moore impressed The Donald negatively, too. In his administration only ONE rogue is allowed, and it ain't Sarah Palin.

  19. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Sarah who?

  20. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I live right next door to your best bud Putin, can I at least be Ambassador to Russia if I can't have a cabinet position? I'll kiss Ivanka's and the boy's asses this time.

    Give me something.

    Throw me a bone.

    I can't go back to Wasilla in disgrace again.

  21. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Loser Mrs. Hanson
    Loser Mrs. Menard
    Loser Mrs. Rice
    Miss Wasilla
    Miss Loser Alaska
    Loser sports reporter
    Loser mayor, hired a town manager
    Loser governor, had to have Toad as he co-governor
    Loser wannabe reality show star
    Loser FOX whatever they called her.
    Loser vice-presidential pick
    Loser breasts
    Loser mother
    Loser grandmother
    Loser Christian
    Loser wife


    Don't cry or feel bad for Sarah Palin, she is used to returning to Wasilla a loser. Just can't find a way out.

    1. abbafan6:57 PM

      Loser rubber-ass!

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Can't be in the Cabinet, but we'll let you spend a day in the barrel!

    3. Anonymous9:19 PM

      She lost Miss Alaska twice. The year after she came third she entered again but didn't make the first cut. No surprise.

  22. Anonymous6:18 PM

    What is Sarah's next project? Todd, Sarah and the Alaska Independence Party can now go back to getting Alaska to secede from the union.

    1. Anonymous7:47 PM

      And, they have many cohorts surfacing across America. Part of the plan.

  23. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I wouldn't put it beyond her and Todd to be looking for a way to use their 'friendship' with Trump to curry a deal or two for their own benefit.
    M from MD

  24. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Dumb is probably planning on making Dumber ambassador to Israel. OMFG!

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      At least she has the gawdly bangle necklace.
      Go right ahead, $arah, not hard to match a Star of David with boots.

      Did you notice that Ellen Degeneres was one of the recipients of the "Medal Of Freedom" today? I'll bet that yanked your chain as well.


    2. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Israel, I heard that's Huckabee's gig.

  25. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Per the SarahPAC FEC Pre-General report:


    Her receipts were only $8037 between 10/1 - 10/19/16.
    In an election year! (Spent $18,847 in the same period.)

    Next Post-General report is due December 8.

    1. Hmmmm. She started out with $154,347 on hand.

      In 19 days (10/1 - 10/19) she received $8,000 and spent $18,000 -- this translates very roughly to monthly income of $16,000 and monthly expenses of $36,000.

      Projecting to the next quarterly report, she'll have around $94,000 cash on hand at the end of the next reporting period.

      I see she gave $5,000 to Tarkanian for Congress (Nevada), the only candidate support she handed out. He lost.

      Meanwhile, where is Jordan and Track's baby? Is the kid really Track's? Has Jordan gone to live with her parents and dumped Track? Has Sarah washed her hands of Track, Jordan, and baby?

    2. Anonymous10:05 PM

      Pertinent questions redneck.

      Pertinent for strange people that have no lives and stalk d-list celebrities, that is.

    3. Lol, she's more broke than Virginia Gentleman

  26. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Mark Cuban and Bannon have meeting at hotel

  27. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Don't USED $arah to appeal to the dumbest among us. Plus, he thought $he was pretty hot for an old pussy. Guess 'up close and personal' disabused him of that notion. Not to mention all of $arah's family baggage. Bet he'll leave her out in the cold in Wasillaville.

    Oh, and fuck Mitch McConnell.


    1. Anonymous7:54 PM

      If he picks her for anything, the world will guffaw. Remember the "Sarah Palin of Australia?" She was shut down in a heartbeat. The world laughs at how stupid we are. Please proceed, Donald. Holy crap.

  28. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Ambassador to Russia

  29. Anonymous7:41 PM

    How jealous do you think Sarah is of Kellyanne?

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Kellyanne may be nuts but it looks like she is a hard worker. Something a Palin will never be.

  30. She looks like she expects that that "the Donald will kiss her hand.

  31. Anonymous8:04 PM

    "Don't mention a person's past mistakes when they are trying to improve their future. That's like throwing rocks at a stranger's face when they're rock climbing. It also makes you look like a fool."

  32. Anonymous8:07 PM

    When it comes down to it, not a more pathetic family as role models than the Palins.

    Even Michelle Bachmann went away,

    1. Anonymous9:59 PM

      The campaign lawsuits and arrest were a hot mess.

  33. Anonymous8:11 PM

    She does not look like that anymore - as to the above photo. The evilness of her soul has caught up w/her outwardly appearance. She's evil through and through!

  34. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Since the election, for my own sanity, I have minimized my intake of media. But I do peek in on this blog. The news people are going crazy over Donald taking over the world. They are over analyzing all his moves and I am sure they are enjoying ratings. He's giving them what they want. And he probably will benefit greatly from business deals all over the world, and be made king of the world. It's happening. After Jan. 20 there will be no turning back. We live in the world according to Donald.

  35. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Well there's always a silver lining, isn't there.

  36. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Here's Tina Fey's endorsement of Trump. I forget how horrible Sarah's screech was. No wonder Trump doesn't want her around.


  37. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Questions for Sarah!

    Where is Trig's birth certificate? (Will he be deported?)

    Why did you quit on July 3, 2009? (Does Donald Trump know the real reason, and does that have anything to do with why you aren't going to be in his cabinet?)

    1. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Still stuck on Palin eh?

      Those old questions have long lost any relevance pally. By many years now.

      Palin is not looking to work anyways, so she doesn't owe you jack.

    2. Anonymous3:42 AM

      "Palin is not looking to work anyways, so she doesn't owe you jack."

      $arah's never been looking to work, just grift.

      Oh, and fuck Mitch McConnell.


    3. Anonymous7:11 AM


    4. Anonymous6:47 PM

      so she doesn't owe you jack.
      Au contraire, she was a public official and the real reason she had to QUIT should be public information.

      Taxpayers were paying her salary plus all the goodies she managed to steal. They are owed the truth.

  38. Of course Palin hasn't been important for years, and never will be again. Hopefully this blog can bloom with questions that are more relevant in the future.

    Through some anomalous set of circumstances, never to be repeated, Sarah Palin ascended to the second spot in a national election ticket. She acquitted herself with a depth of humiliation most of us can't imagine. Sarah, go to bed and pull the covers over your head forever. Nobody cares about you except Gryphen.

    Since then, she's grasped and fallen, grasped and fallen, again and again. Nothing has worked for her. Whatever dark miasma she accessed in exploiting an innocent Down Syndrome baby has paid her back in coin, exponentially. This is in spite of a failure of specific explanation of the charade. Almost everyone screamed with derision at the Wild Ride story. The details don't matter to anyone except the innocent child and his birth parents. God grant that they suffer no more.

    Abject Palin failures, including those of her misbegotten kids and grandkids--relevant only because she tried to exploit them--have only made her CV worse. The best thing for her children would be to break free from their toxic upbringing. All the public knows is that the sad pattern continues.

    Evil as they may be, the people Trump is considering have accomplishments in education (Ivy League or equivalent), military experience (minimum field grade officers, of course--uneducated enlisted swine need not apply), and previously proven political chops. Sarah has nothing.

    No doubt some Trump voters are feeling buyer's remorse. Too late now. Those on Medicare who were looking for someone who would "shake things up," wait and see what's he shaking up in your financial and medical security. See how far the little voucher sent to you by Paul Ryan/Donald Trump goes toward buying good health care for you.

    Trump voters, it's all downhill from here, thanks to you.

    For anyone with a literary bent, please read Provide, Provide, by the hard-nosed, practical New Englander Robert Frost. And if you haven't provided for yourself, you're doomed for the next four years to the tender consideration of a sociopath who cares only for himself.

  39. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Perhaps the frustrated wasilla housewife has finally figured out that it was much easier to bamboozle a few folks in AK with claims of a degree than an actual serious vetting by a panel of educated pols.

    She had 'winged' it with her push-up bras and tight skirts for many years so I guess she thought she could just whoosh into the WH as veep and someone would magically provide her some on-the-job training. She could cover her ass later with some sappy sad tale of having a big family and no funds to get an adequate education for a high level job. She's a masterful con artist on so many levels but got a lot of competition from the yam's surrogates which made her hokey folksy look more second-rate than ever.

  40. Trump has his token woman.

    "President-elect Donald Trump is picking South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to become his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, The Post and Courier has learned."

    "The planned nomination to the cabinet-level post, confirmed by multiple sources with knowledge of the decision, is likely to raise questions about Haley’s qualifications for a major foreign policy role since she has little diplomatic experience as state lawmaker and governor.

    The 44-year-old’s chief foreign work centers on negotiating with international companies seeking economic development deals in the state and leading seven overseas trade missions as governor."


    And Drumpf is still trying to find a place for Ben Carson. Why he insists on keeping that sleep walking dumbshit in his cabinet, I have no idea. Why he doesn't make him Surgeon General, I don't know. Anything Carson does will be a disaster.


    "President-elect Donald Trump has offered retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson the position of Housing & Urban Development secretary, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

    According to the report, Carson, who also ran for the Republican presidential nomination and has no background in housing policy, will consider the post over the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Trump had tweeted earlier that he was mulling over selecting Carson to lead the department, which oversees affordable housing, fair housing laws, funding for development projects, homelessness initiatives and other programs."

  41. Anonymous1:09 AM

    *fingers crossed and worth trying !!!***
    CALL THE DEPT OF JUSTICE (be polite) - number below - your voice is needed to have them investigate voting discrepancies - Votes are only "slightly" off in 3 key states - evidence shows machines may have been tampered with - we the people need to demand the votes be counted and confirmed.
    Article - Hillary Clinton Has Grounds To Challenge Election Results, activists say voting machine tallies in key states show discrepancies that hurt Clinton. - "A group of computer scientists and election lawyers are urging Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to challenge her election loss, saying they have evidence the results in three key battleground states were compromised."
    Call The Department of Justice 1-800-253-3931 (press 5) or 202-353-1555 (leave message) Just ask your name to be added to the list requesting the investigation.
    The Department of Justice is tallying phone calls regarding those who want the 2016 Vote audited. A shift of just 55,000 Trump votes to Hillary in PA, MI & WI is all that is needed to win. They are starting to recognize there really is something off about the election results as they come in. Considering everything that is at stake, a vote audit should be done. The point is to provide the DOJ with numbers so they can say X number of Americans want an injunction. I called the 800 number and a nice woman answered and was very polite. SHARE THIS WHERE POSSIBLE. COPY AND PASTE. SPREAD THE WORD. Also, the audit liason line is 202 514-0469

  42. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-conflict-of-interest_us_58349547e4b09b6055ff367d?ifouefrqr1away8pvi

    "President-elect Donald Trump told The New York Times Tuesday that laws around conflicts of interest don’t apply to him, and he can simply keep running his businesses from the White House.

    “In theory I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly,” Trump said, according to tweets from New York Times reporters interviewing the president-elect Tuesday. “There’s never been a case like this.”

    He is technically correct on both counts.

    Federal conflict of interest laws do not apply to the president of the United States, and the obvious conflicts of interest created from his ownership of a global real estate empire are unprecedented in the nation’s history. Just because the federal laws mandating other federal officials to place their assets into a true blind trust run by an independent trustee do not apply to the president, does not mean that Trump’s conflicts of interest are not real.”

    There are two sections of the Constitution that deal specifically with bribery and they do pertain to the president.

    One is the emolument clause and the other is in the articles of impeachment. Bribery is mentioned specifically.

    "The clause in question specifically states that “no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”"

    "The simplest definition is that an emolument is compensation for services or from employment or an office. It has also been said to mean “advantage” or “benefit.” The word comes from emolumentum, which is Latin for “profit” or “gain.”

    Which brings us to the Constitution and Impeachment.

    The Constitution, Article II, Section 4:
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.


    "Laws against bribery most certainly apply to the president. Another thing that does is the emoluments clause of the Constitution. It states that no government official shall receive favorable payment from a foreign government, foreign government-owned company or foreign official without the consent of Congress. Trump owes millions in debt to the Bank of China, which is owned by the government of China.

    He also owes hundreds of millions in debt to Deutsche Bank, a private German bank that is currently in settlement talks with the Department of Justice over its illegal mortgage abuses. He operates a hotel in Las Vegas currently in a labor dispute.

    He owns a government lease for his Washington, D.C., hotel even though the lease states that it could not be held by a government official. The D.C. hotel held an event the week after his election to sell foreign diplomats and dignitaries on staying at its expensive luxury rooms to curry favor with the president-elect."

    "On Monday, the Times reported that Trump spoke to British political figure Nigel Farage, the former head of the right-wing UK Independence Party, about opposing the construction of offshore wind farms in the UK. Trump has long protested the construction of offshore wind farms near his golf course in Scotland. He claims they would sully the view and lower his property value. Farage appears to have gone ahead and denounced those offshore wind farms.

    “I might have brought it up,” Trump sheepishly admitted in the Times interview."


    Trump met with a representative from Japan in Trump Tower in a private meeting and accepted as a gift a $4,000 golf club.

  43. Anonymous1:13 AM

    We need to get Democrates in the congress to push this forward and call for impreachment for corruption !!! (even before he is sworn in!)

    Possible way to stop trump for corruption
    Here’s the obscure Constitutional clause that could sink Donald Trump’s would-be presidency
    After two hundred and forty years, one might expect that every last nook and cranny of the Constitution has already been put to the test in defining fashion. But as it turns out there’s at least one Constitutional sentence that’s remained obscure because it’s never been seriously tested by any President. It’s called the Emoluments Clause, and it’s what Democrats in the Senate may be able to use to deliver a body blow Donald Trump before his would-be presidency can even take off.
    Everyone who still remembers their high school civics class can probably recall the most famous portion of Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution: “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States.” It’s the part that makes it impossible for the President to declare himself King, or to hand out royal titles as favors. But while we’re all relieved that Trump can’t legally name himself Emperor, it’s the rest of that same sentence that may matter most: “And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”
    In other words, as has been laid out by CNBC in a rather convincing legal argument, the Emoluments Clause means that it’s unconstitutional for Donald Trump to be conducting personal financial business with foreign leaders while he’s meeting with them about United States foreign policy.
    Donald Trump has already violated this clause at least once in the past week, when he had his daughter Ivanka – whom he has said will run his business interests while he’s in office – sit in on what was supposed to be a meeting of heads of state between himself and the Japanese Prime Minister. This is the kind of unconstitutionally illegal behavior that Congress could impeach Trump for, if the Republican majority had any conscience. But even in spite of that, Senate Democrats have the numbers to stage a filibuster in order to force the Republican majority to deal with the issue. After all, the Constitution says that Trump can only do this if Congress specifically gives him permission.

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Finally some good news!!!

  44. Anonymous2:01 AM

    That rigged outhouse stinks. And that rigger rump is too big for it.

  45. Anonymous2:06 AM

    satan said...The Art of the Deal. Bribe Extort Divide Conquer. Yep. How to get the goods on anyone and then get what you want. The USA.

  46. Randall2:52 AM

    Sarah Palin...
    I'm watching for Palin to call Trump out on his 'crony capitalism' for appointing insiders and lobbyists into cabinet positions.
    OH, and also, too --
    for rebuilding infrastructure by using tax breaks for his 'cronies' rather than the usual borrowing at record-low interest rates, thus, allowing his buddies to reap billions instead of We, the People enjoying new roads and bridges without paying tolls to Trump's friends.
    How 'bout it, Sarah?
    What Trump is proposing is textbook 'crony capitalism'...

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Ironic isn't it.

      She'll just ignore these facts and keep yapping on facebook about crony capitalism blah blah.

  47. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Looky there, Clem, they're bringing back your favorite show.... Donny and Marie. Playing the part of Marie today will be Donny Trump.

    Sarah's putting out feelers for quitter in chief.


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