Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hey look, another troubling tweet from Donald Trump. It must be Wednesday.

So exactly how is a former neurosurgeon qualified to serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?

And how does loving people make him somehow more effective.

Next he will choose his Secretary of Transportation based on a their vast Hot Wheels collection. 


  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Wow. MSNBC must do something about the morning show. The drunk azz clown con job is way too much. What a big giant lying azzhole.

    1. Anonymous5:46 AM

      Absolutely cannot watch Joe and Mika - hypocrites and liars. I just don't understand why that show continues. They are drooling sycophants.

  2. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Moaning blowhard, another drama queen and meka says, "give trump a chance"!! Really? After all the divide and conquer? Insults and rigging? Really? NOPE. Hillary should challenge the election results and take her rightful place. She won fair and square and an abuser stole her win.

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM

    The clown show is trying real hard to act like decent adults. Liars and Riggers in charge will make America shine again in their eyes.

  4. Anonymous3:15 AM

    OMG, this is going to be a disaster

  5. Anonymous3:25 AM

    To answer your question about how, in Trump's mind, a neurosurgeon is qualified to run HUD .... Carson is from an inner city doncha know. Ergo, he can fix the inner cities LOL

    Of course when the DOCTOR was considered for Health & Human Services he declined stating that he had no experience running a government department.

    Well then, I guess experience growing up on the mean streets makes all the difference. LOL

    Welcome to Trump World.

  6. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Offering secretary of Housing and Urban development to someone who was running for president is all about humiliation. This is Trump lording it over a defeated opponent.

  7. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Trump really is setting up an idiocracy.

  8. "So exactly how is a former neurosurgeon qualified to serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?"
    That's easy. pretend you're trump's brain:

    "HUD? Uh, Health, uh, whatever! Health, doctor, yeah, Ben Carson!"


    "HUD? Housing, Urban... Urban! Black, yeah, Ben Carson!"

  9. Suspect Pence is just waiting to take control -- citing the commander "unfit for command", like something in Star Trek.

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      ding ding win the thoughts are they are setting Trump up son Pence can take over and the real scary shit begans

  10. Ben Carson says he lived in the inner city as a child. So--you know, HUD. Hey, if Palin could pick a buddy to run Alaska's state run dairy (because the woman liked cows). . . . .
    Must be a insanely ridiculous republican thing.

    1. Anonymous6:04 AM

      That's the first thing I thought of also, too!

  11. Anonymous4:53 AM

    They are much troubled at the pond this morning.

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Those poor people have been troubled for years. Sad.

  12. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Ugh fat troll under the bridge. He is mental. Bipolar. He is so psycho. Not my pres

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM

      My utter loathing of him knows no bounds.
      Not my pres indeed'

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Completely agree. He is a horror. That has not changed. I don't care if he's going with a few Cabinet picks who aren't severe right and he's willing to pick some people who opposed him on the campaign trail. I don't care if he's learning something now and realizes that he knows little to nothing. All that hate he ran on--all that pure unadulterated hate speech--came out of him, was real. He's despicable. He will never be pres in my eyes.

      And while all these people are floating on air with how Trump has seemed to become more moderate, there's no mention being made at all about abortion rights and I can see him lowering the boom later. He has to reward his fans and ending Choice is their #1 priority.

    3. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Every day, I wish he would die. I was listening to someone on TV this morning talking about why people have heart attacks about four hours after eating their huge Thanksgiving dinner. It's about the cutting off of blood. I hope he pigs out tomorrow and keels.

  13. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Wow. Now the election is over they don't know what to do with the black guy. Stick him in HUD. And they said Hillary pandered. The level of hypocrisy keeps elevating.

  14. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Some posters have called it. Ben Carson is black and lived for a time in the inner city. That makes him qualified. HUD is so complicated and always a headache for whoever's in charge. Carson would resign after one day. It goes to show just how uncaring trump is. He made blanket statements about the inner city in all his rallies but at least claimed then that he was going to solve the problem. Now he decides he wants Carson for the job. This shows both how completely out of touch he is and how he has contempt for those who live in the inner city. If they were not people he judged as unworthy and if they had voted for him, he'd not be considering idiot Carson.

  15. Anonymous8:14 AM

    How? Because when Donald thinks of public housing he thinks of BLACKS. Therefore Carson is qualified! Kind of a slap in the face to Carson though so it will be interesting to see if he accepts.

  16. I guess that meeting with the networks and the Times didn't go well.

    Looks like Drumpf is bypassing the "crooked" media altogether and using Twitter and Youtube.

    "In his first address to the nation since election night, President-elect Donald Trump released a video on YouTube, laying out his agenda for his first 100 days in office. ABC's Janai Norman reports."

    That's right. He's addressing the nation on YOUTUBE.

    Well, that's fine with me. I'd rather not have to see his fucking face on every single TV channel. Let him blather on YouTube. Then I don't have to watch it.

    I don't do Twitter so his rants won't bother me there either.

  17. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Was Carson promised a position in exchange for being the token black?

    trump’s mind: HUD, inner city, give it to the black guy, they all live in the ghetto and it is a disaster !!

  18. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I'm sure Ben Carson can connect the neurons in Trumps Brain that put the only man of color as the head of HUD. Someone, jab Dr Ben in the ribs to wake him up, give him the reader's digest version.


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