Sunday, November 13, 2016

Also could be titled "What happens when an insecure blowhard meets a truly powerful man?"

This picture has been passed around on the internet for a couple of day now, and folks have been having funny creating funny memes for it.

But the truth is that Trump really was intimidated during this meeting with the President, and in fact afterwards somewhat backed off his plan to do away with Obamacare completely.

In short he caved.

Now in the short run it might be helpful to Americans that Trump is a candy ass who buckles when facing off with a tough minded political opponent.

However this man also has to face tough minded leaders in other countries.

And not just Putin, who has already made him his bitch, but also Iranian leaders, Chinese leaders, and that is without even mentioning the actual terrorists.

Yeah, we're fucked.


  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Obamacare was the deciding factor for many of the people who supported Trump. He'd be a fool to back off on his promise to destroy it. That is a recipe for a short honeymoon. Not that he understands that. He's an idiot, but the Democrats created the climate in which he could be elected and ran the wrong candidate against him.

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      Stop with the blaming democrats bull already. And Hillary won the popular vote.

    2. Anonymous7:35 AM

      The Democrats should have nominated a 2:07 AM Troll, right? We should have consulted you for your intelligence, right?

  2. Anonymous2:38 AM

    There is only one way out!!!!. Never accept the results of this rigged election. Demand the FEC charge the trump campaign with treason, espionage, fraud and crimes against America and Americans. And don't let up. DEMAND A NEW ELECTION TO REPLACE THE FRAUDULENT ELECTION. Americans did not elect don j trump.

  3. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Don said it was rigged. And it was. And now we will create a NEW RULE AND REGULATION that will remove the RIGGER.

  4. Will Arizona and Oklahoma follow through on their pledges?

    "The National Popular Vote interstate compact would not take effect until enacted by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes—that is, enough to elect a President (270 of 538). Under the compact, the winner would be the candidate who received the most popular votes from all 50 states (and DC) on Election Day. When the Electoral College meets in mid-December, the national popular vote winner would receive all of the electoral votes of the enacting states."

    Yeah, they haven't hit the 270 minimum yet.

    But what would happen if Arizona and Oklahoma went ahead and awarded their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote? Right now that is Clinton by 630,877. As the absentee and provisional ballots are counted, that number is growing. No, Trump wouldn't win. But it would sure be a wake-up call to the problems with the electoral college and a way to work around them without having to change a Constitutional amendment. The States can decide. Isn't that a big Republican talking point?

    To me this is an indication you should NOT vote mail in. Florida lost a bunch of absentee ballots; people didn't receive them. These absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted. 4 million in California. How many in other states? (And are there enough outstanding to flip any really close states?) Who knows if all of them will be counted? I'd love to see some of the really close races flipped once all of the absentee and provisional ballots are counted.

    Perhaps this is something the new leadership of the Democratic Party can work on so that it is in place by 2020.

  5. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I very much dislike Trump and he will NEVER be my potus. I have zero respect for the man - check out his life folks - it's all out there for review!

    He's a self-declared racist and has already divided our country! Fuck those that are trying to make him look like he 'could' be a good leader for America (the media has changed their tune drastically)! He won't be!

    Get prepared as I think we'll be in a civil war in the not too distant future. And WWIII wouldn't even surprise me because he's on record for having said 'he likes war'!

    Once Trump has taken the oath - he'll bring out the military and cops (in war gear) to 'combat' the protestors. I so worry about deaths of those protestors once he is IN!

    May God protect us from Satan!

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      If there is a God? He welcomes the fight with satan and his irk and the rest you may read if you so desire. Satan is destroyed and his irk jailed.

    2. Anonymous7:21 AM

      .....i think you mean ilk, not irk...

    3. Anonymous10:36 AM

      His "irk"? Possibly you mean "ilk"?

      You mention reading. I think you might benefit from a little more.

    4. Anonymous11:44 AM

      3:52 AM is referring to Trump as 'Satan'!

  6. Anonymous3:56 AM

    It's not just him we need to worry about. It's who he's bringing in with him and who he is empowering.

    1. Anonymous6:23 AM

      Exactly. If only American's would wake up and read. If only the media would get out of bed with the global bullies. The words Take Our Country Back finally has meaning.

    2. Anonymous8:05 AM

      3:56 +++++

  7. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Seeing Ryan, McConnell and other gop members looking so pleased is frosting on the cake. THAT will change in a hurry once the reality of a tRump presidency takes hold. Ivanka, Uday and Qusay will be go-betweens for them, since tRump will be hiding somewhere. This bastard KNOWS he is not qualified for the job and NEVER will be. He bit off way more than he will be able to chew, and it shows. I imagine little lumpy McCain is seething, having a creep like tRump become president, when the POW "Hero" failed!! This euphoria will have a short lifespan for the gop. People overseas are amazed, they thought the gop hit rock bottom with Dubya, but tRump is even worse. If it was not so pathetic, and damaging to us all, it could be amusing.

    1. 66gardeners8:56 AM

      You and I are totally on the same page. Trump is a sociopath. Nothing else matters.

    2. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Because he's a narcissistic sociopath, it's a certainty he does not believe he's not qualified for the job or bitten off more than he can chew. He's definitely not going to be hiding out letting Pence et al call the shots. We know his history: micromanaging his companies and reversing decisions by his executives. He'll let Pence do a bunch of leg work for him then do his own thing. Anybody who thinks he's going to be anybody's puppet, including Putin, doesn't understand narcissistic sociopaths. Don't underestimate him.

  8. Sure, he caved and groveled in Obama's presence. But Obama can't stand over him the entire time.

    Once Obama is gone he'll return to his nasty old self and gut everything. He'll destroy the U.S. His puppet masters, children and minions will force him to.

    He'd do anything for some approval. He won't be getting any for four years so we are going to be seeing a desperate man panicking, angry, vindictive.

    Wouldn't be surprised if yet another tradition was broken and there was NO White House Correspondent's dinner for the four years he's in office. (Or until he resigns, dies or is impeached.)

    1. Anonymous5:38 AM

      NO White House Correspondents. Never mind dinner.

    2. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Can anyone imagine Donald Trump following President Obama at the next Correspondents Dinner?

      I absolutely can't because the guy is not smooth, doesn't have a sense of humor and cannot take criticism (even as a joke) about himself.

      Plus, he does not speak well or read well! He'll be a disaster AGAIN! It will be interesting to see if it's actually held under the 'short' rule of Trump!

  9. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Thank you for sharing that photo and capin.
    I found this article by a professor of political science and international affairs informative. The author is clear that he is using what Trump said and that there is no political job history of Trump. IMO his history of rhetoric using words as tools and weapons to tear others down, de legitimize them to falsely allege and accuse is his business history as well as mdus operandi campaigning. I believe it is reasonable and prudent to expect more of the same due to his life long pattern of I win you lose plus destroy what anyone had prior to. Tump's predation.

  10. Anonymous5:11 AM

    When Trump met the Mexican President he had bobby pins in his hair. What a pussy.

    The other world leaders will laugh at this clown.

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      The opening segment on "CBS Sunday Morning" today was Ted Koppel in West Virginia, in a town/county that was formerly a big coal mining area, where population has dropped from 100,000 to 19,000. These people are in desperate need and they believe that Trump can help them, and that no one else would even try.

      They voted for him 4 to 1 over Hillary because they see him as their last hope. They think he will get rid of regulations and bring back the coal industry.

      I was in tears when it ended. They are so in need, and are counting on him. He won't deliver, not ever.

      This is a man who has paid NO personal taxes for years; a man who uses his foundation's money for personal bills and pays nothing into that foundation (so, he uses other people's money to pay his bills); who donates no money of his own to charity; etc, etc.

      Why would anyone expect such a man to go out and help those who need it. He has never done that, not ever.

      These people, and all the others like them in the country, will be devastated when they finally realize how he manipulated them and then ignored them.

      I see a ripe opportunity for Hillary's future -- use the Clinton Foundation to actually help communities in the US who have been devastated by the loss of their local industries. Go in and figure out other industries that could come and help revive them. Put the brains and assets of that foundation to work in our country creating jobs. Do what Trump has promised but will not deliver.

    2. Anonymous7:20 AM

      You haven't seen poverty until you've been to Appalachia.

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      The Clinton Foundation has already helped people in America as well as around the world. And, of course, the fucking Republicans tried to tear apart the Foundation and spread lies because it concerned Hillary and she was running for POTUS!

      Damn, but I wish she had won! Brings tears to my eyes just thinking what is ahead for minorities and the poor under the Trump dictatorial rule.

      We are going to need to provide help, in some manner, from the 'other side' of all those deplorable.

    4. Anonymous3:58 PM

      He has already backed off on the jobs for coal country, they are the ones that will be crying next.

      Who knows maybe it will be his supporters that start to the "revolution" to oust him.

  11. Anonymous5:54 AM

    "But the truth is that Trump really was intimidated during this meeting with the President"
    Oh come on, that's silly coming from someone who's in the past seemed pretty savvy about narcissists and sociopaths. Narcissists have absolutely zero self-doubt. His faux humility and gravitas is Narcissistic Manipulation 101: when you're in an unfamiliar situation, seek to draw in people you can manipulate then kick them to the curb when you've gotten what you wanted/needed - money, knowledge, power. What he said about seeking Obama's counsel? Sure he'll to try to suck out of Obama and the current WH staff as much as he can about what they know. Did you see how bored he looked when he was in the meeting later with Ryan? Re-read "The Sociopath Next Door" and recalibrate yourself. It's a big mistake to underestimate Donald Trump. Yoooge even.

    1. Anonymous7:15 AM


    2. Anonymous7:25 AM

      ^ true. And the Sociopath Next Door was a great read.
      If you guys want to see Donald show genuine "emotion," it'll only be toward the children he deems as an acceptable extension of himself.

  12. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Trump will talk all kinds of trash behind your back but to your face, well, that's a whole other story. He choked when he met with the President of Mexico and he's oh so nice and complimentary to the Clintons now. Even saying he might call Bill for advice -- hmmmm .... will he get Juanita Broderick to make the call for him? Trump is a big phony and he used his reality show chops to hoodwink people. He knows NOTHING and depending on who has his ear, that is the way things will go. Right now, I don't think it looks good. He's the weakest, least qualified President in the history of the country. And I believe he has a serious personality disorder that will create more problems on top of all else.

    1. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Classic example - currently Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader, has his hand up Trump's back and his mouth is saying negative things about the British Prime Minister Theresa May. You just wait until he meets her face to face -- oh my oh my the praise and admiring statements will just flow from his lips.

  13. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I will miss the blog, "thjeobamadiary"; I will miss the HGTV show about White House holiday decorations because I will never accept the Trump family as the new residents. Even more, I will miss knowing that the country is inching in the proper course - forward to the future and to a better life for all, including the planet itself.

    1. Me too, Beaglemom. I also will miss the black Chevy Suburbans trying to look unobtrusive in our neighborhood, knowing they were taking the Obama girls to school.

      This First Family shopped, ate, and walked in our communities. Shortly after taking office, the Big O stopped at Ray's Hellburger, just over the bridge in Virginia, steps from Mr. B's office. The POTUS carried shopping bags of lunch for his staff. Univision interviewed, in Spanish, the young Latina woman who was overcome to have cooked the First Burger.

      Shortly afterwards, Ray's expanded into two adjacent storefronts and hired a bunch of people. Good for Ray: he makes a great burger.

      Every year, the Obamas went holiday shopping at the District's best independent bookstore. The cameras were there; no probllem.

      Can you imagine... No. No. It's still unthinkable.

      It appears the White House will have only part-time residents. Unfortunately large-scale damage is imminent.

    2. 66gardeners9:02 AM

      Some of you may know that I have stated I believe Trump has dyslexia.

      This is what I can see from my porch: Trump reads nothing. He depends upon Pence to tell him everything he needs to know to decide whether or not to sign legislation.

      We are screwed because Trump DOES NOT READ enough to know what in the hell is really going on. Add the fact that his personality is pathological, and you can easily see why.

    3. Anonymous4:00 PM

      OMG, Trump does not read because he is ignorant.

      He does not have dyslexia.

    4. Donald is lazy, incurious, and has a gnat's attention span.

      Why he doesn't read is far less important than the fact that he rarely does.

  14. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Donald J. Trump does not have firm ideas or convictions of his own. He will ALWAYS suck up the ideas of the people around him, then spew them as his own.

    Unfortunately, the people around Donald J. Trump are evil and vicious hypocrites that are overjoyed at their pliable little puppet.

    I'm hoping we can hang on to Roe V. Wade, but the outlook is more grim each day.

    Hug the young girls of your family. They might not even have access to birth control in their adult lives.

    1. Anonymous6:46 AM

      Horrifying that this probably also spells the end of Planned Parenthood as well.

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Republicans are spreading the message pregnancy is punishment for enjoying sex. Sounds wonderful for all those babies. Girls won't have the Money and support and more children than ever will be in foster care.

    3. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Women who seek an abortion do it not because they want to, but because they HAVE to...

      Now, we resort to back alleys and coat hangers. Thanks, President Drumpf.

    4. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Don't kid yourselves, folks!

      Republican women are having abortions somewhere in the US today, will have one, or have had them! And, Republican women DO use contraception!

      I can name three that I know that decided on abortion. And, it was because they felt they had no other recourse.

      They have lived w/their decisions and, still to this day, think they did the right thing for their particular situation.

      I would never question a woman deciding to abort. It's their decision, it's legal to have one across the country and I'm sure all who have them do a lot of soul searching prior to actually undergoing the procedure.

      I helped a young gal obtain one years ago and when we discussed it about five years ago (she brought it up) - she thanked me for helping her and wanted me to know she had no regrets. She felt she had made the right choice for her!

    5. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Donate to Planned Parenthood!

      I have used their female services. It was years ago (more than once) when I could not afford going to a regular doctor.

      They do examines, PAPS, breast exams and provide care for the various sexual infections and diseases too. They don't JUST handle abortions!

      Plus, they are an outstanding group to use across our nation! Keep them going even if the Dictator tries to shut them all down across the nation.

      They will still be able to operate - perhaps underground, but that is okay. They operated that way before and can do it again if need be!

      I also think good care will be obtainable as to abortions and NOT the kind that killed girls years ago.

      History has taught us a lot when it comes to women's health issues.

      Republican white men do not rule our bodies! These are not the 1960's!!!! No man in my lifetime has ever told me what to do in that regard. Don't let any of them do it to you! You are in charge of your body - you and you alone!

  15. Anonymous6:40 AM

  16. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Don't just post, tweet, or drink. ACT. Reach out to your state Democratic party and volunteer to help local candidates. Donate time and money to causes you believe in.

    We didn't lose because it was rigged. We lost because we didn't show up at the polls in 2010 and 2012.

    We have to take back the states to stop voter suppression. Many governors will be elected in 2018. Make sure they are Democrats so our right to vote is protected.

    Get Democrats elected across the board at state and local levels.

    This is a great place to vent. But don't confuse venting with action.


    1. Anonymous8:19 AM

      How does a conservative in California feel? Does that one voter believe their vote will turn the state red?

      How does a progressive in Alabama feel?

      If we get rid of the Electoral College, those individual votes would make a difference; otherwise, they're piss in the wind.

      Also, we need to vote electronically, with polling places for the few without internet access. This can easily be done if each registered voter has an account ~ much like how you pay your phone bill online.

      The issue is that even though we know what to do, the new administration will have none of it. That's what we have to figure out how to overcome.

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      I noticed on MSNBC today that a female announcer (have no clue who she was as I've never watched or seen her before) kept stating Hillary's popular vote count to be much lower than the millions she has already gotten.

      It was so damned blatant, I found it amazing!

      I recommend watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC as she gives accurate information and is one sharp cookie! You can also learn a LOT about our government from her. She has her doctorate, although she doesn't refer to herself on her show as "Dr. Rachel Maddow". Find she doesn't have a huge ego either which I find extremely refreshing.

  17. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Trump is my President. So happy to see the Kenyan Muslim Marxist removed from the White House

    1. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Read the Constitution. 2 term limit for a President. President Obama is not "removed" any more than George W. Bush was "removed.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      OK. Just know that the resistance is smart and is NOT going to normalize having a sociopathic pedophile as a sitting potus along with his numskull administration.

    3. Anonymous10:48 AM

      I refer to Trump as the sexual deviate! I'll bet his wife can't stand him touching her - especially now - due to all the crap that has been disclosed about his adult life prior to her time with him - of which she was probably not aware!

      You couldn't pay me enough to lie next to that white, flabby assed, obese man that thinks himself sexual and appealing to women! My goodness! I find him terribly unattractive - inside and out!

      And, to think he is suppose to be our leader January 20th! To my mind he's not earned the position, is in no way qualified to take it and will never gain the recognition or respect of the majority in our country no matter how many days he actually holds the office.

  18. Anonymous7:34 AM


  19. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Saw a quick glimpse of p. PUKE and family,
    I think as an ad for 60 Minutes show.
    p. PUKE , Melania and Ivanka in front,
    and the rest of the kids in back. Why
    is Ivanka sitting next to the Melania
    and not in back where she belongs.
    Melania is in an orange outfit.
    Talk about creepy!

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Ivanka is in the front because she's his favorite child. Think like a narcissistic sociopath. It's easy to see how he ranks his children. First by a long shot is Ivanka and her husband. Ivanka's the one he deems most acceptable to him/ maybe even what he sees as the reflection of his best self. We know it's been that way since she was a little girl. I think people mistake the closeness when she was younger as some sexual creepiness. I disagree. I think he sees her as his better-than-himself-mini-me creation. That elevates her husband because his perfect creation chose him.

      Next is Jr., then Eric. Poor Tiffany is sucking hind tit. And Barron is too young to tell yet but he got to stand right next to his father at the acceptance speech, so Trump may have high hopes for him. I've also noticed how much Barron resembles Ivanka. This may get him big mini-me points.

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I cannot imagine my family ever admitting to their entire family which child of theirs was their favorite! It would never occur in most families throughout America!

      It is sick! It's no wonder his sons have huge egos - they are as insecure as their father. All they have is money - (that is in question too!) and you couldn't pay me to live their lives. Cannot imagine having Donald Trump around me on a daily basis. It's bad enough seeing him on TV before I switch the channel!

      Trump is one mess and not qualified to be the leader of our country. I find him to be a mental mess - ego driven and not the brightest lightbulb out there!

  20. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Face to face Drumpf always caves. He has no spine, just a potty mouth and small hands for groping any woman within his grasp.

    Caved at the pastor who confronted him, a woman pastor, and many other face-to-face meetings others mentioned here. Weak in all ways and a plague on our country.

  21. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Melanoma will NEVER be my First Lady.

  22. 66gardeners8:52 AM

    Trump choked.

    Hope Trump picks Steve Bannon as chief of staff so we know the war within is still ongoing.

  23. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Traitor Trump has a meet and greet with “the founder of ISIS”.

    Said he is a good man.


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