Friday, November 18, 2016

As much as we may be hurting right now, at least it appears that our future is bright.

Yes I recognize that as these young people get older they may become more conservative, but I firmly believe that our trajectory is toward more progressive policies.

And as they say on the X-Files, "I want to believe."


  1. Anonymous2:37 AM

    So after the republicans take the vote away from minorities and women, they'll raise the voting age to 30.

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Hillary is winning! The MSM is not reporting it!

      The electoral college is the only thing that stands in her way.
      If she gets that...she wins! FUCK TRUMP and TRUMPSTERS!

  2. I hope they mobilize quickly. We have 2 years till midterms and no one can be lazy.

  3. Leland2:51 AM

    "And as they say on the X-Files, "I want to believe."

    So do I, but we have to survive the current POS we will be having in the Whitehouse first!

  4. Anonymous2:58 AM

    I want to believe too. I want to trust and believe. I also know that sometimes you don't know what you had until its gone.

  5. Anonymous3:08 AM

    ''Yes I recognize that as these young people get older they may become more conservative, but I firmly believe that our trajectory is toward more progressive policies.''
    I'd rather stay on the positive side, and believe these young people will NOT become more conservative. I am a optimist my nature, and I will remain optimistic for our progressive future.

  6. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Both parties are the problem. Liars are the problem. Lack of respect, truth and ethics are the problem. Teach your kids manners, morals and respect. Give them the traits and gifts of human decency towards others.

  7. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Just rig an election and accept it.

  8. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Sneaky riggers and small liars running the show.

  9. Anonymous3:19 AM


  10. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Let us hope that the young voting adults in the future will honor our great History and prosecute the liars that have caused America and Americans harm sway no spin no con no way.

  11. Anonymous3:47 AM

    O/T: House Republicans are already working to undermine the Iran nuclear agreement -
    Yeah, they're all about jobs. But as usual, they're all about killing jobs and getting us into another war. Besides the short-term impact on Boeing and Airbus, it could give Airbus reason to pull their ops out of the US permanently.

  12. Anonymous3:56 AM

    How many of your pearl-clutchers have been disparaging the youth of our country since the primaries? Too many to count.....

  13. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Nice map! Now I'd like to see the same thing done with the group of people 26-35 years old and another of the entire Millenial Generation.

    As the "Greatest Generation" continues dying off and the Baby Boomers start checking into long-term assisted living facilities (think Alzheimers) the true test will be to watch how quickly the governorships and legislatures return to Democratic control.

  14. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I don't think age is going to save us. Trump won 3,084 out of 3,141 counties in the US, and not all young people live in cities.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      This data was presented by Breitbart without any explanation, and as per usual, peering into the data a bit deeper leads to a totally different interpretation than Bannon published at Breitbart.

      These days it pays to research each and every news article that you read.

    2. Anonymous2:36 PM

      Aww, hiya Mom!

      Actually I did read the " deeper data" and yes, if you tally counties won, Trump did unfortunately win many more than Hillary. I was not talking population, but counties won.

    3. Leland4:51 PM

      I'm going to have to inject a serious call of BS on this.

      What you are saying is that even though Hillary is gaining more and more of the popular vote - and almost two million so far - and that aside from that, the two of them were pretty close in vote numbers, she won a grand total of FIFTY SEVEN of the nation's counties?

      Those would have to be some seriously populated and over-crowded counties! MUCH larger than states!

      Where the heck were you looking for your "deeper data"?

  15. Anonymous5:56 AM

    From the moment I saw Dakota saying we need to stop acting like muslims are bad people and saying he has good friends abroad who are Muslim, I had hope for the future. That and people in their 20/30s are awesome. People born between 1965-1970 meh

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Millennials? You must be joking. They are the a completely self absorbed and self unaware generation. Selfish. An entire generation that will develop spinal problems from arching their necks down into their phones 96% of the time.

      Can only hope that generation will grow up.

    2. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Millennials, I know heaven forbid they actually have a conversation with a live human being.

      Besides the spinal problems, add eye problems from reading small print all day on their phones.

  16. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Otis it?

  17. Anonymous8:25 AM

  18. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Gonna be too late for many of us who have lived through horrible wars, disastrous elections, and the whittling away of our rights. And who have the intelligence to vote for our best interests. Many of us will die from lack of medical care when Medicare is eviscerated.

    I wish the world inhabitants good luck going forward.

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      People will still receive care even if they gut medicare and what that will do is push the unpaid medical debt through the ceiling of sustainability; hospitals will go bankrupt when unpaid care costs soar, and eventually some sort of solution will need to be found.

      First of all, though, I'd like to know where the government is going to find the money to pay all of us back the money we've invested in medicare.

  19. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I want to believe, too, but
    1) Personally, I'm still stunned and in shock from our Red Wedding of an election.
    And 2) Yes, these young people tend to grow more conservative as they get older and start to pay taxes,
    Finally, 3) How many of these young people out of the whole, actually *voted*? I hear that many of those outraged protesters out there (more power to them , FTR) actually never voted when they could have made a difference.

    1. Leland10:40 AM

      With approximately 47% of eligible voters NOT voting, it's not surprising we are having problems with getting good people. Of course, there is also the fact that WAY too many people don't bother to fact check, so....

  20. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Do you ever vet anything?

    Obviously no one can know how an age group voted. The graph has to be based on a survey. A 30 second google search would tell you the map is based on an October SurveyMonkey online survey. It's lovely, but it's almost meaningless. Jesus Christ you've gotten lazy.

  21. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I wouldn't bank on there being election in the future...At least one that included women or minority's. Just white men over 45

  22. This is the hubris of the Democratic leadership that lost the election.

    If the Democratic Party doesn't turn itself around real quick those 18-25 voters of the future are going to be voting for the Republicans because the Democrats never identify what they want and even if they do, they never follow through on the promises made. That's why Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin turned. That's why the Democrats lost Florida and North Carolina.

    And if they don't do something really fast, they'll lose Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

    This map is tantamount to that map they posted if only women voted the entire U.S. would be blue. And we know that is NOT what happened.

    You know what happens when you just ASSume.

    If that is the trajectory the Democratic Party wants to take the nation, then they better DO something to nurture it or over the next 10 years those 18-25 year olds are going to say FUCK you and vote for the next Donald Trump.


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