Saturday, November 19, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham laments the millions "wasted" researching the origins of life. Yeah, it's all in the book right?

Yes let's just imagine how much spare time scientists would have on their hands if they just accepted the fact that "God did it."
Does he mean like discovering how diseases evolve over time in order to invent better treatments to prevent them?

Because if true I have some bad news for him.
You know you would think that a guy who built a park celebrating a Biblical bedtime story would have a firmer grasp of the word "religion."

Science ain't religion.

It is probably not fair to target Ken Ham after all this guy is a special kind of stupid, but for anybody who listens to his bullshit if might be helpful for them to learn that studying evolution has provided invaluable insights into how our bodies developed the means to overcome dietary restrictions and to fight diseases, and also how many diseases evolved to overcome those developing defenses.

In fact the study of evolution and biology has provided so much data that now we are seriously discussing the possibility of immortality.

Which I would assume is yet another reason that Ken Ham hates science.

After all without impending death it is kind of hard to scare small children into fearing Hell, now isn't it?


  1. Leland4:11 AM

    First off, I definitely would NOT want immortality! Too easy for boredom to set in, causing more pain and suffering than we have now.

    Second, I couldn't help but laugh at an article on the BBC web site: Pence was booed at the musical "Hamilton" last night!

    It's a good, relatively brief read.

    No word yet about Pence's reaction to the booing and the letter read to him from the cast and crew.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Imagine all the starving children in third world countries that could have been fed instead of building a monstrosity celebrating the genicide of the human race except for 1 incestuous family.

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Think of all of those billions of dollars that fake xtians have drained for... what? Mansions, cars, expensive clothes, private planes?

    These fakers, like Hambone, worship money and control, at any cost. Especially control. My way or die. THEY are right and YOU are wrong, period. That's it, there is no more.

    They have been pulling this shit here for over 300 years. And the willfully ignorant are still eating it up by the shovel full. Had enough yet?

    1. Leland4:49 AM

      300 years, 4:32? Try since the myth began. Power such as they exercise almost always corrupts. And with corruption comes pain and suffering.

      Of course, the entire history of religion has been one of control, so....

  4. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I've never stopped laughing at Ham's "special stupid" that he leaves behind like a slimy slug-trail. The very foundation of his museum, dedicated to the belief in a 6,000-year-old earth, was literally built in a 23-million-year-old fossil bed that was once a sea floor.

    1. Leland1:44 PM

      Oh, but don't you know, 5:16, that his God is so powerful he knowingly created those fossils just to show his power?

      Yeah, right.

      Hamm is too stupid to be capable of recognizing a contradiction when he sees one. So stupid, in fact, that I would be willing to bet he has trained himself to NOT see them. Now THAT is sheer stupidity.

      He needs to be stripped of all modern clothing, whether it uses man-made materials or not. (He can't use cotton because without science we wouldn't have our modern agriculture.)

      He needs to have no shoes unless he makes them himself, using ONLY natural materials he can find and work himself.

      He needs to have any and all medical equipment removed from his body if he has any, and never be allowed anywhere near a doctor and/or the medical fields Man has developed.

      He needs to become a true Luddite and totally avoid ANYTHING Man has created using science. And that includes insulation and heating and air conditioning.

      And most especially he needs to be kept from using microphones and any other form of man created communication systems.

      The most important one, to me, would be keeping him from the communication systems he uses to get his ignorant messages out because that way we won't have to listen to the ignorant bastard.

  5. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Wonder if he's ever taken antibiotics. Or had a vaccine. Or had surgery in a sterile environment.

    Still think it was a waste of money, Mr. Ham?

  6. Anonymous7:32 AM

    If Ken Ham believes in all this shit, he needs to walk everywhere he needs to go: no cars, no fancy aeroplanes nor bicycles; nothing. When he gets sick, he just needs to pray that Salmonella or Leukemia away. How much fucking science was needed to build that eyesore 'ark'? Engineers just don't -guess- how long a cubit is: they had to measure it with SCIENCE. Numbnuts make me sick.

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    So, Hammyboy, since your god knows all, why did he allow the spawn of satan to win an election?

  8. Randall8:27 AM

    The Church and the whole
    bullshit had its turn: it was called
    The Dark Ages

    Go home, Ken, you suck.

  9. Anonymous8:37 AM

  10. Anonymous12:46 PM

    A special kind of stupid is right. You hit that nail on the head.

  11. Don't laugh. Ken Ham may be the next Secretary of Education now that Ben Carson has turned it down.

  12. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I lament Ken Hamm talking out of his ass again. Does he lament clergy abuse? Religious schools getting public money/vouchers/tax free status?


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