Monday, November 28, 2016

Donald Trump has stated that he does not intend to go after Hillary Clinton because of her e-mail server, but that does not mean he is done punishing her yet.

Courtesy of the New York Post:  

Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances, as many are already turning off money spigots to the scandal-scarred group, The Post has learned. 

A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the US ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments — and suggest they probe its ­financial dealings. 

Trump said last week that he would not order an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server or her role in the foundation. 

But Trump’s statement didn’t preclude the backroom moves to investigate the group. 

“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” said the source.

So I guess when Donald Trump said, “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people,” that was just one more lie to add to the pile?

I think just like the Benghazi investigation and the e-mail kerfuffle this will turn out to be a great big nothing burger.

But once again it adds stress to the lives of the Clinton family, and very likely endangers the survival of the Clinton Foundation.

Wasn't it Omarosa who said that Trump was keeping a list of his enemies?

Why yes it was.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    You can't believe a word this orange jerk off says.We have to figure out a way to make him go away before he starts ww 111. He'll trash the foundation and go after Hillary anyway.Scumbag.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Trump is the biggest fucker on this planet! I detest the man and will never refer to him as 'you now what'! He sucks - is internally and outwardly ugly as sin - and is pure evil!

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      I call it the thing.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      I prefer "IT"! Perfect!

    3. Anonymous11:48 AM


  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    "I'm not saying LOCK HER UP OK? I'm just saying that people- believe me I know a LOT of people-- many, many people are saying LOCK HER UP. All I know is what I read on the internet. I'm just saying that people are saying LOCK HER UP. That's all I'm saying, ok? If SHE REALLY DOES NEED TO BE LOCKED UP that would be big problem. Maybe I'll take a poll at my huge holiday parties to see if people are still saying LOCK HER UP. Very sad!"

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Read Jim Wright's FB post about David Petraeus being suggested for Secretary of State. I copy it below:

    Reports this morning are that Donald Trump is courting David Petraeus for Secretary of State
    Leaving aside the part where we have a proposed Trump administration with both Mike Flynn and David Petraeus because apparently there are no generals available who weren't fired, after a year of listening to Trump carp endlessly about Hillary Clinton's email we're now looking at a Secretary of State who plead guilty to compromising classified material for a piece of ass.
    Irony is dead.

  5. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Conway: Clinton Better Watch Out Or Trump Will Lock Her Up

    Kellyanne Conway's sinister suggestion on CNN's State of the Union this morning seems like something that needs greater scrutiny during Senator Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing.

    During a conversation with Dana Bash, Conway made it plain that if Clinton wasn't going to play nice with regard to the recount, that prosecuting her for imagined email crimes might be back on the table.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      Conway needs to be strung up in D.C. for the country to see! Her comment about Hillary Clinton takes the cake and is absolutely ridiculous.

      What a horrid individual! Trump sure knows how to pick them, doesn't he? He has folks around him that no one in their right mind would want to befriend or want the company of, under ANY circumstances!

    2. Anonymous8:43 AM

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Texas Elector Resigns: Trump Is Not Qualified And I Cannot Vote For Him

    A member of the Electoral College representing Texas, Art Sisneros, wrote on Saturday that he will resign as an elector because he refuses to cast a vote for Donald Trump.

    Sisneros had previously spoken out against Trump, telling Politico in August that he was considering voting against Trump even if he won the electoral college. But in a blog post on Saturday, Sisneros wrote that he does not want to be a "faithless" elector and cannot bring himself to vote for Trump, so he decided to resign from his role as an elector.

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Good for him! Finally, someone from Republican majority TX has done something good for our country!

    2. Well, that doesn't help.

      They'll just replace him with a mindless Deplorable.

      Not the way the electoral college is supposed to work.

  7. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Bannon Said Curbing Black Vote Wouldn’t Be ‘Such A Bad Thing'

    ...Writer Julia Jones told the New York Times in an interview that Bannon, who was recently named as Trump’s chief White House strategist, would occasionally claim that some people were genetically superior and once suggested that the vote should be limited to property owners.

    Jones said she told Bannon that such a policy would “exclude a lot of African-Americans.”

    According to Jones, Bannon replied, “Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”

    Jones asked specifically about his longtime executive assistant Wendy Colbert, who is black.

    “She’s different. She’s family,” Jones said he replied.

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Squirrel! Shiny object! Look over there... ignore the man behind the curtain! Any time the Oompa-Loompa goes on a tear about something, it's because he's trying to deflect attention from his own misdeeds (which are usually what he's accusing someone else of doing).

  9. Anonymous7:34 AM

    NBC News: Donald Trump Will Claim Success Without Needing to be Successful

    "So there's your Trump presidency in a nutshell. Thin-skinned rants. Feuding aides. Conspiracy theories. And all a distraction from the bigger issues out there."

    ...It is easy enough to see Tur’s point: Trump can say anything he wants, claim any success he wants, while doing absolutely nothing, or worse, claiming success while failing spectacularly, just as he claimed a popular vote win while losing badly.

    As Tur warns, it should unsettle us. What will result is an administration with no accountability for its actions.

  10. "scandal-scarred"
    The shame of it is that the foundation was accused of scandals, but did not actually commit wrong-doing. "Scandal-scarred" is a very misleading phrase.

  11. Anonymous7:55 AM

    CHESS MOVES? Now he is the best at chess>>
    “Trump is several chess moves ahead,”
    "“Trump loses it whenever he feels vulnerable, which is often. Must recognize reality: We have a president-elect who is mentally unbalanced.”
    he has come to see that Trump is a master of reading the national landscape and manipulating it to HIS own ends. “He is concerned that weeks will drag on with discussions about the legitimacy of his presidency. ... So once again he changes the discussion.”

    "the Pew study was speaking about people who die or move into new states. It recommended modernizing registration systems. It did not state that illegal immigrants were voting."

  12. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Everything that drops from that orange, anus shaped pie hole can be considered a lie or projection.

    Does this remind anybody of Germany nearly a century ago? Same tactics, same speech cadence, same NASTY supposed human being.

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      drumpf DNA hitler comparison?

  13. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I wish the Trump klan would focus on the GOOD that the Clinton Foundation has done around the world.

    Trump is an idiot and proves so more and more each day! The people that cast a vote for the racist and mobster are the ones that are going to be extremely sorry! He will not do a thing he promised them throughout his campaign.

    Kellyanne Conway needs to be fired! Her physical appearance is deteriorating every day as we see watch spout her crap! Hope The Trumpster is paying her well!

    Trump will not help the poor or middle class and we're going to become a third world country. There will be fights in the streets with neighbors killing each other - mostly going after Republicans is what I foresee. Be secure fellow Americans!

    Trump better hide in his tower and not go out in public. He is going to have so much hate, disrespect and disgust thrown at him and his family - he'll not know what hit him! Hence, staying is his tower and ruling/dictating is what I see him doing. Bottom line - he's a 'chicken' and afraid someone will hurt him!

    Can you imagine what his swearing in ceremony is going to be like? Will he be brave enough to do it outside and in public? I seriously doubt it. Demonstrations against him will be the bottom line and he knows it! Oh my! What will he do? Going to be fun to watch!

  14. Anonymous8:10 AM
    dated 11/2/16
    "it has only been 11 days people. 11 days. I have listened to your shit for 2863 days and I never said “you lost, get over it” despite the number of times I thought it.
    So, near as I can figure, I have 2852 days to say and do whatever I want in regard to Trump before I break even with you, let alone surpass you. So when you tell me to get over it, I have just one response for you….

    N0.< with this person
    Ps"I am not going to get over it
    As a matter of fact">

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      11>"After the FBI Director tried to mislead the public into believing that he was investigating Hillary Clinton just eleven days before the election (a false claim which he quietly walked back nine days later)"

  15. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Media Helps Boost Donald Trump’s False Claim That ‘Millions’ Voted Illegally

    Newsrooms are still coming to grips with a soon-to-be-president able to distract and distort on Twitter.

    ...On Sunday afternoon, Politico editorial director for digital Blake Hounshell rightly pointed out that President-elect Donald Trump’s claim that he actually won the popular vote, because “millions” of Americans had voted illegally, isn’t true.

    “Trump claims, falsely, that millions voted illegally,” Hounshell tweeted, along with a Politico story on the matter.

    The headline for the Politico story, however, lacked a key word: “falsely.”

    But the rush of stories on the president-elect’s “millions” claims highlights the media’s tendency ― now on show for nearly 18 months ― to immediately churn out articles based on Trump’s latest unsubstantiated claims or unwarranted attacks on Twitter.

    There’s A Method To The Madness Of Trump’s Tweets. Or Maybe Just Madness.

    Trump’s unsubstantiated claims renew fundamental questions of what’s behind the president-elect’s erratic behavior.

  16. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Watch This>

    Great History Lesson.

  17. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Whoops, it looks like the Dump mafia got to them!

    The Battle Begins As Wisconsin Denies Jill Stein Request For Statewide Hand Recount

    The Wisconsin Elections Commission has denied a request by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for a hand recount of all ballots.

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Snott Walker is the governor.

    2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    3. Now you KNOW they're hiding something.

      Can't say I'm surprised.

      Watch how Michigan and Pennsylvania will follow Snotty's lead and also deny.

      I hope she moves to recounts in Florida and North Carolina.

  18. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Trump is like Sarah Palin. They don't forget the people they felt wronged them and Palin's list includes bloggers

  19. Anonymous8:38 AM

    White 'privilege'. Disgusting. Vile. Despicable behavior.

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      WOW, the epitome of a Trumpanzee...paranoid, projecting, unhinged, pathologically angry, entitled, abusive, stupid, nasty, and even uses the tRump hand gestures.

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

  20. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Trump aides spoke to Politico anonymously saying that the recount effort spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein has seriously gotten under the president-elect’s skin and he can’t let it go.

    Another aide said that Trump believes that “the Democratic establishment will try to steal” his victory in the electoral college.

  21. Anonymous8:55 AM

    GOIN'ROGUE! Shades of Pissant Palin!

    ...Sources at the top of the Trump transition team confirmed to MSNBC that they spoke to the president-elect today and that Donald Trump was 'furious' at Kellyanne Conway's comments on Sunday suggesting Trump betrayed his supporters by even considering Mitt Romney for position in his cabinet. Kellyanne went ROGUE at Donald Trump's expense at the 'worst possible time' a source familiar with Trump's thinking said. Trump's top aides said they were 'baffled' by Conway's comments and suggested that it feeds into a growing concern inside the campaign that 'instead of driving Donald Trump's message, she's pushing her own agenda. One top transition aide said quote it's dangerous.

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Well, guess who was watching her “Morning Joe” this morning? Kellyanne Conway, of course! She was OUTRAGED that everybody was being so sexist at her, by saying it’s wildly inappropriate for her to be out there yelling about Romney in public. Who is being sexist? The Trump transition leakers who said Donald’s all pissed off? Joe Scarborough? Mika Brzezinski, for reading the words on the television? Stop sexism-ing Kellyanne right now, Mika!

      Check out the “Morning Joe” kids, as they were getting pissed off text messages from Conway this morning:

    2. Anonymous10:41 AM

      I was watching Morning Joe, too, and was glad that they called out Conway for what she has been doing re the Romney matter. As well, they were adamant that Giuliani is an ass for continuing to plug himself for SOS and he is completely unfit. Agreed. Both these people should be quiet when it comes to certain topics. Seriously, they look like amateurs. (The only way they wouldn't be if if they've actually been playing some head game per Trump's orders.) Now, Joe also said that he heard from a credible source that Conway is mad b/c she's not been offered a position. I recall her saying a couple times right after the election that she had been offered a job but hadn't yet accepted.

      QUESTION. I hope someone answers! I had to pull a work all-nighter. I turned on my TV at 3 PT to catch the first part of MJ and watched for a half-hour. Later, at about 5, I checked out MJ again and they were playing the same stuff I had watched. It was a repeat. Have they been doing that? I used to watch MJ more often and I'd see three live hours. When did they start cheating viewers out of all three hours? Or might this have been an irregular broadcast because of what happened at OSU today?

  22. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Shame on her.

    Trump Supporter Goes Nuts, Calls Black Workers ‘Animals’ in Grocery Store ‘Discrimination’ Rant

    “I voted for Trump, so there,” the woman shouted. “You want to kick me out for that? And look who won.”

  23. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Once again, Trump lucks out b/c the media is all-consumed by another story. The OSU incident is all anyone's talking about. They should be talking about the latest on trump's madness and the recount and so on, but instead are devoting every single second to another campus attack and one with injuries, not deaths. And because he's Somali, they are absolutely terrorism-obsessed.

  24. This is so much hot air. More like scalding farts.

    He's going to ask the very nations that benefit from the Clinton Foundation to investigate it? Yeah, like that's gonna work.

  25. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Using the office of the president for to take revenge on his opponent. Umm what law is that breaking?

    Unfortunately for traitor trump, Bill Clinton is very well liked and I am sure he only has to make a phone call for these foreign leaders to understand that trump is mentally ill.

  26. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hope the Clinton Foundation sues the ambassadors' asses off if they personally commit slander or libel

  27. Nikogriego6:38 PM

    So now our president-select is considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State? That sounds about right-he was having an affair with his biographer and disclosed top secret information to her, and was given a misdemeanor conviction.
    That has it all in one nice package-the stuff for which he excoriated HRC-revealing classified information-and for which Petraeus is now a criminal, and also cheating on his wife. Nice. Par for the course for DJT.

    "Petraeus said he spent about an hour with Trump, and he praised the president-elect for showing a "great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there."
    "Very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here," he said. A former CIA chief, Petraeus pleaded guilty last year to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information relating to documents he had provided to his biographer, with whom he was having an affair."


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