Saturday, November 19, 2016

Donald Trump settles Trump University case for 25 million. Oh yeah, nothing guilty about that.

Courtesy of NBC News:  

Donald Trump has reached an agreement to settle the lawsuit against Trump University for $25 million, New York's attorney general said Friday. 

The settlement likely means that Trump will avoid becoming possibly the first sitting president to testify in open court. 

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called the settlement "a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university." Lawyers involved in the cases say the settlement applies to all three lawsuits against Trump University including two cases filed in California. 

The trial for one of the cases had been scheduled to start Nov. 28. 

The $25 million figure will be split among the students who sued, minus the legal fees. 

Trump will also pay up to $1 million in penalties to the state of New York, Schneiderman said.

Wasn't Donald Trump also the guy who said this:  

“I don’t settle cases,” he told MSNBC, later adding, “You know what happens? When you start settling lawsuits, everybody sues you.”

Except he does in fact settle lawsuits, saying he doesn't is just another one of his never ending stream of lies.

Of course he has another lie to cover for his settlement as well.
Yeah, if you think Donald Trump is going to do anything for the good of this country you would have to be one of those simple shits who voted for him.

Nah he settled it because he was going to lose "bigly" and he knew it.  And he knew that with all of this press attention that everybody would see it happen and he would be humiliated.

Settling this case is as good as an admission of guilt, and a signal to all of the other people with lawsuits pending against Trump, of which apparently there are 75 or more, that the candy store is open and that Trump will pay big to deflect from his legal problems.

More troubling is that it is also a message to America's enemies that Trump is a blowhard who talks tough but folds when directly challenged.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    i KNEW that would be his response.

    bill in belize

    1. Does DT even HAVE $25 million in liquid assets? I'm surprised!

    2. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Trump settled because it will cost him less. We know that and Trump knows we know that.

      His rationale will only delude the gullible (of which his faithful follwers are many).

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    So, he just had to tweet again about the case. The only thing he regrets about winning the election is that he can't enjoy a lengthy trial? Hah, and he actually refers to the non-university as Trump U still. What a joke:

    The ONLY bad thing about winning the Presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    In his tweet today about regretting not being able to go through a long trial, he's sticking his middle finger out at all those people he ripped off and who had much and sometimes all of their life savings taken from them. And of course his fans had no sympathy for their fellow citizens before, so this tweet will not make them take pause.

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I will enjoy watching how Drumpf handles (and pays for!) the MANY lawsuits still coming his way.

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      I wonder if the American people can bring a lawsuit against him for already violating the law against nepotism? The Trump kids are running his businesses supposedly, and they are also helping choose his cabinet. And he wants security clearance for him. Ivanka went with him to meet the Japanese prime minister. So many violations, and it hasn't even been two weeks since he was "elected!"

    2. Anonymous10:42 AM!

  5. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Oh, the grossness of it all. His DC hotel has been a bust with Americans but he's making up for lost revenue now with foreigners.

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      This is just the beginning.

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      This isn't about making up for lost revenue this is about favors to foreign diplomats/countries.

      It will be easy to keep tract of, anyone staying at his hotel will get benefits.

      Corruption and conflict of interest and he hasn't even taken office yet.

      Corrupt Trump.

    3. Only if he blackmails them into staying there.

      I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to put out the word that if you don't stay in the Trump hotel, the president isn't going to be receptive to whatever you want.

      Trump is all about pay to play. He made no secret about it. Bragged about it.

      Have they opened the pools over how long it will be before he's impeached?

      Is January 21 too soon?

  6. Anonymous10:00 AM

    So just five posts ago, you say that giving Hillary a blanket pardon, is NOT an addmission of guilt.... but Trump settling a case IS definitely an addmission of guilt lol.

    Backwards universe of Gryphen and his own spinning and made up truths.

    1. Hillary Clinton was not asking for that pardon, big difference.

      If you are looking for "made up truths" just check out Donald Trump's Twitter account.

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      10:00 AM Would you part with $25 million dollars if really thought a case against you had no merit? I didn't think so.

    3. Anonymous10:41 AM

      10:00 AM Is this your classy first lady?

      How much will Donald Trump pay out to make this go away:!

    4. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Well it is easier to part with 25 million if that is what it will cost in lawyers and time 10:11. He is going to be President, it is the best option.

      A blanket pardon for Hillary does not imply guilt lmao.

    5. Anonymous11:24 AM

      @ 10 am
      Bush/Cheny took the pardon, so they must be guilt according to your universe.

    6. Anonymous 11:24 AM wrote: they must be guilt[sic] according to your universe.

      You write that as if you don't agree. …

    7. We just have to wait to see if Don the Con uses the Trump Foundation to settle the debt.

  7. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Trump still has more to pay to make this go away:

    Here are seven connections between Trump and Epstein's sex slave endeavors that you need to know about:

    1.Trump himself has said that Epstein is “a lot of fun to be with,” adding that he admired the sex offender's affinity for beautiful women “on the younger side.”

    "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump once said about the convicted sex offender. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

    2. Trump was named in Epstein’s “little black book.”

    Epstein’s “little black book” was stolen by a former employee in 2004. The book, nicknamed "The Holy Grail" by the employee, revealed the name of Donald Trump and listed “14 phone numbers including emergency numbers, car numbers, and numbers to Trump's security guard and houseman.”

    3. Trump has allegedly flown on Epstein’s private plane — a hot spot for under-age sex orgies.

    “Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother, testified in 2009 that Trump flew on Jeffrey's private jet at least once,” reports VICE News. “Meanwhile, message pads [see below] from Epstein's Palm Beach mansion that were seized by investigators and obtained by VICE News indicate that Trump called Epstein twice in November of 2004.”

    Epstein’s private Boeing 727, according to one of his alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, was nicknamed the “Lolita Express.” Roberts recalled “unsavoury” sex orgies on the private plane when she was just 15 years of age with Epstein and his friends.

    4. Both Trump and Epstein are named as sex abusers in a case with an under-aged girl.

    Radar Online reports that a woman in California, “identified” as Katie Johnson, filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trump on April 26, accusing the real estate mogul of raping her when she was just 13 years old.

    Johnson “claims Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old and forced her to engage in sex acts by threatening to harm her and her family,” notes The Independent UK. “She claims the alleged abuse took place over a four-month period at underage sex parties held in New York City in 1994.” Epstein was also named for alleged sexual misconduct and threats.

    5. Epstein admitted to knowing Trump under oath, and curiously pled the fifth to Trump attending sex parties with underage girls.

    Back in 2010, Epstein admitted to “socializing” with Trump, but when a lawyer representing an under-aged victim of Epstein’s asked if he has “ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18,” Epstein curiously pled the Fifth. Per Vice News:

    Q: Have you ever had a personal relationship with Donald Trump?
    A. What do you mean by "personal relationship," sir?
    Q. Have you socialized with him?
    A. Yes, sir.
    Q. Yes?
    A. Yes, sir.
    Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?
    A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.

    6. At least one of Epstein’s underage sex victims was recruited from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago — which he frequented often.

    Virginia Roberts, an alleged victim of Epstein’s, "was recruited to perform a massage for Epstein while working as a $9-per-hour locker room attendant at Mar-A-Lago.”

    Roberts claims that “Epstein turned her into a ‘sex slave’ and pimped her out to various friends, including England's Prince Andrew. Over the years, the passengers on Epstein's jet, she said, included ‘a whole bunch of other girls, sometimes famous people, sometimes some politicians.'"

    7. Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein’s under-age sex slave rings. Trump has denied ever being served.

    In 2009, Trump was subpoenaed in a case against Epstein concerning victim Virginia Roberts. Trump's attorney Alan Garten said that the subpoena "never happened."

    1. Leland12:09 PM

      10:01, I would recommend that in the future when you directly quote and copy an article that has been published, you at least acknowledge that. Should you not recognize what I am saying, you can find the link in a reply sent to the poster at 9:52 above. That reply was timed as 10:42. The link takes one to the article you just copied and quoted.

  8. WA Skeptic10:04 AM

    I'm willing to bet he's not going to be paying out one dime of that settlement; whomever backs him via PACs, etc., will be paying it.

    Screw him and the Cheeto he's surfing on.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Exactly. You can feel what he was feeling, that smarminess and stubby-fingered outrage as he thought about things and how he'd make up for any lost cash. This is what he enjoys most in life, just like he did when he kept pretending he was spending his own money on the election.

    2. Anonymous10:46 AM

      He will take the money from his corrupt trump foundation !!!!!

      Besides, he keeps telling us he is a billionaire, 25 million is nothing to him :)

  9. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Good article on reasons why evil dinosaur Pence deserved to be booed at Hamilton:

  10. Anonymous10:16 AM

    While it's not the same, Michael Jackson settled and he wasn't a pedophile.

    1. Michael Jackson was never found guilty of being a pedophile. That doesn't mean he wasn't one.

      O.J. Simpson was never found guilty of murder either. Doesn't mean he was innocent.

  11. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Smart of him. He has good things to do as president.

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Yes he does,

      Bwahahahahahaha, what say you, Sarah 'drill baby drill' Palin?

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM

      keep trying to brainwash yourself into thinking that.

      face it trump is clueless when it comes to the presidency.

      Preschoolers understand the position better than he does, that is why he needs his children there to hold his hand every step of the way or else he will run home crying.

      He is not going to accomplish anything as president except create chaos.

    3. "He has good things to do as president."
      Except that he won't do good things as president. Except for himself.

      And shrewd is not the same as smart.

  12. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I want to slug the hell out of that fat, ugly face whenever I see the above photo! He really is obese and unattractive - physically, in spirit and in his hate and racism! He will never be my president or have my respect!

    I'm also glad to see he caved and paid the $25 million - good for the students that went up against the jerk and didn't stop their warranted case!

  13. Anonymous10:24 AM

    If need be, they'll file a lien against everything he owns (that might have to be refinanced at some point).

    The lien would have to be paid for the $25 million plus - before anything else was paid.

    They'll get him eventually and the fees and interest will continue climbing - all due to him being non compliant (as usual).

    He's such a fucking asshole!

  14. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Settling is one thing. Paying is another. Those poor people that were swindled will never see a dime.

  15. Anonymous10:34 AM

    To me, the bad part about his settling (which only the wealthy can do) is that none of it is then part of the public record. Just like all the theme parks that have accidents that injure or kill people: they settle out of court, so there is no record of guilt for the accident. Including for the little boy who was decapitated on the Schlitterbahn water slide in Kansas.

    But you and I could not do that -- unless we have a spare $25M+

  16. Anonymous10:47 AM

    According to his tweet he basically admitted he was shafted his “students” twice.

    For robbing them blind to begin with and second for not paying out as much as they should have gotten.

    I also read the attorneys for the plaintiffs worked pro bono, so all the money will go to the plaintiffs.

  17. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Journalists Warn That Trump’s Attack On Hamilton Suggests Plan To Suppress Free Speech

    Journalists are expressing concern that President-elect Donald Trump's tweets attacking the cast of Hamilton are a signal of how the next president intends to suppress free speech.

    'Trump's Hamilton tweet is a terrifying glimpse of how he could attempt to suppress free speech. It should be openly condemned, esp by GOP'

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      politicusa lol. When is the last time they have written anything that was actually factual or correct?.. oh never.

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      The answer, 11:06, is today.

    3. Leland12:21 PM

      You want another source, 11:06? How about going to the BBC web site. The same story is posted there today, along with quotes of the Tweets Humpty Trumpty posted.

      And BTW, it wasn't the CAST which booed. They actually asked the audience NOT to do so. The CAST politely asked Pence to stay and allow them to read a letter to him. They were completely polite and straight forward with him and even thanked him for attending the play.

      But, hey!, keep dreaming about and defending your wonder boy. It won't be long before your knight in shining armor will begin to tarnish so badly even you will be able to see it!

    4. Anonymous9:01 PM

      Hey Leland, how did that election go that politicusa had predicted for months lol?

      Yeah thought so. Now they are performing the backpedal and blame game mixed with fear lol. Morons that believe the crap they read. Crap in crap out.

    5. Leland5:22 AM

      A question for you, 9:01.

      What the hell are you talking about? That has literally nothing to do with what I posted! I gave you a SECOND place to check the facts you denied and it WASN'T politicusa. That's all I did.

      If you are so determined to NOT accept what happened - including video if you want it - then I want nothing to do with you.

      You're stupidity is approaching that of Humpty Trumpty.

      Now, you may begin your further attacks on me, but don't expect any response from me. You're trolling tendencies are beneath me.

      And I am fairly certain you may want to know what I mean by "trolling tendencies". You're going to get an explanation, even if you don't read it.

      You deliberately - and knowingly - tried to divert the suggestion I made to you about ANOTHER source than politicusa for the event that happened to Pence, preferring instead to try another stab at that source.

      Counter attacking while ignoring a reasonable suggestion. The certain mark of a troll who has no desire to possibly accept a contradiction to your thoughts. That and being insulting for no purpose other than hate.

      Bye Bye.

  18. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Donald Trump's infrastructure plan that some Democrats said that they might be able to support is not an infrastructure bill at all. Trump's plan is not to spend government money on job-creating projects but to give tax cuts to contractors and the construction sector.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      I think this should be payback time for the past 8 years, the Democrats should vote NO on everything !!!

      Obama tried to work with republicans and all they did was insult and demean him.

      I don't care if it sounds childish, the republicans didn't worry about it, so why should we.

      It is time to face the facts that the republicans are only happy when cheating and getting there way, the Democrats need to get a spine and tell them to go to hell.

    2. He plans to privatize infrastructure. That means toll roads, toll bridges, toll tunnels. Whatever needs to be built or repaired, an extra "toll" will be slapped on it.

      What do we pay our taxes for? So that the rich can get richer.

  19. Anonymous11:00 AM

    More troubling is that it is also a message to America's enemies that Trump is a blowhard who talks tough but folds when directly challenged.
    I am sure they have already figured that out. Traitor Trump is a bully and they always back down when challenged.

  20. Anonymous11:05 AM

    They're Coming For Medicare -- Be Ready

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Yeah. On MSNBC they said that Trump is now talking about modernizing it or something--I can't recall the exact word used--and that this was code for doing what Ryan wants. So many Trumpeteers are soon going to get stabbed in the back. Wish I could say that I can't wait--let them suffer--but too many good and decent people rely om Medicare.

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Just wait until those moranic teabaggers find out the government has their hands on their Medicare.

      good and decent people relying on Medicare is an understatement, we paid for this, the money was taken from our salaries just like social security.

      We could have been investing our money years ago, now they want to steal it.

      I think trump/ryan are going down for this one, seniors are going to rebel.

  21. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Congressional phones jammed by calls for Trump conflict-of-interest investigation

    If you’re trying to call the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, you might find yourself on hold for … the afternoon.

    The committee’s phones became jammed most of Friday after several Facebook posts calling for an investigation into President-elect Donald Trump’s finances started to go viral. The messages urged readers to call the panel to “support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest.”

  22. Anonymous11:14 AM

    President Trump’s Cabinet picks are likely to be easily confirmed. That’s because of Senate Democrats.

    1. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Who knows maybe some republicans might actual have a conscience and vote no.

  23. Anonymous11:29 AM

    If this guy won fair and square I would be more respectful. But sadly he did not win this way. So? He must resign or FEC must hold new special election to put aside the rigger doubt. Let it roll. If majority wins then so be it. But lets keep it real and legit.

  24. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Trump is back to speaking in code to rile up his supporters. He used "cameras blazing," which makes everyone think "guns blazing." He referred to the theater as supposed to be "safe." So his message was that everyone at the show was attacking Pence and he was in danger. Cameras and words are like guns and knives. Yes, to dictators the open communication of ideas is dangerous.

    And, too, Maybe Trump's doing this now because he wants to divert his ignorant voters' attention from all the selfishness and lies that are out there about him in regard to the "Trump U" cases and his Ford savior lie and his rich buddies and family members getting prime positions and having influence that will benefit them all. The little guys who voted for him, dumb as they are, will eventually have an eye-opened "duh" moment.

  25. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Good idea, it would drive him absolutly nuts if no one paid attention:
    Stop Being Trump’s Twitter Fool

    By this time you’d expect that people would have figured out when Donald Trump is yanking their chain and pay him the same mind they do phone calls tagged “Out of Area” by Caller ID.......

  26. He's like those mobsters that brag they've have 158 arrests and no convictions.

    I feel sorry for the students. Of course, not all 6,000 sued but if they did, that's about $1,000 each after the lawyers and NY get their cut.

  27. Anonymous6:30 PM

    So trump should be blaming his supporters for voting for him, if he didn't win the rigged election he could have won the lawsuit. HA HA


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