Friday, November 18, 2016

Donald Trump takes credit for keeping American jobs from moving to Mexico. Except they weren't moving to Mexico.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

President-elect Donald J. Trump claimed credit on Thursday night for persuading Ford to keep an automaking plant in Kentucky rather than moving it to Mexico. The only wrinkle: Ford was not actually planning to move the plant. 

Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter shortly after 9 p.m. that Ford’s chairman, William Clay Ford Jr., had just told him that Ford “will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky — no Mexico.” 

Minutes later, Mr. Trump wrote in a second post: “I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!” Mr. Trump won 62.5 percent of the state’s popular vote in the presidential election.

But Ford had not planned to close the Louisville factory. Instead, it had planned to expand production of another vehicle made in Louisville, the Ford Escape. And the change had not been expected to result in any job losses. 

“Whatever happens in Louisville, it will not lose employment,” Jimmy Settles, a union official, told The Detroit Free Press. “They cannot make enough Escapes.”

So apparently Trump's version of "I worked hard" means that he worked hard to make up to make himself look good.

This is our new norm by the way.

Donald Trump will tells some ridiculous lie, the press will report on it, and it will make mo difference whatsoever because the only people who will read it are people who still respect journalism, and that does NOT include Trump supporters.

And why would they?

After all Trump himself has told them that you cannot trust the press to cover him fairly.
I guess if facts have a liberal bias, then it behooves a conservative to dismiss them out of hand.

Which leaves Donald Trump free to shape reality as he sees fit, and leaves the press with little if any ability to correct him.

Welcome to Donald Trump's America.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I paid for a subscription to the NY Times yesterday just to spite him. Peaceful resistance is my new hobby.

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      +1000 I'm signing up.

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Meet tooooo. +1000

    3. Anonymous11:10 AM

      me 4~

    4. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Me 5.

    5. abbafan3:54 PM

      The New York Times announced today that it added an additional 41,000 subscribers during this recent election cycle! 41,000!! Yet new prez-fuck claims they are LOSING THOUSANDS of subscribers!

      Did this orange fuck-wad actually GRADUATE from Wharton??

    6. 3:54

      You know the NYT is gaining thousands of new subscribers BECAUSE Trump said they were losing them.

      This is the most dangerous thing about our new President Pussygrabber. You can't trust anything he says. This is extremely dangerous when it comes to foreign powers. In diplomacy, your word needs to count for something. Trump's word is a piece of shit.

  2. Are you kidding? This has been going on for years-the Bush administration actually admitted they were "creating their own reality".

    “We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating new realities ... we're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
    Ron Suskind quote
    I'm not sure what we do now, or how you deal with an administration that has no intention of following any of the normal protocols and procedures. Trump is purposely leaving the journalists out in the cold. By doing this, we have no idea what is really going on, and can only get information from Trumps tweets. This is a scary time people. Unchartered territory for this Democracy we love. Those of us who are ready to fight, it's time. Time for total resistance.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      I know a Trump supporter who will only keep repeating "Trump says what he thinks". It matters not that Trump lies.

      Trump supports do NOT care about truth. They want to hear how victimized they are and how Trump will fix EVERYTHING that is making (in their imagination) their (extremely comfortable) lives miserable.

      Trump supporters hear only what they want to hear. They remember only what they want to remember.

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Opinion: The sooner we end the characterizaton of addiction as a sign of immorality, the better the world will be.

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Lil Donnie doesn't lie, just ask him.

    All kidding aside. Can you believe this piss poor excuse for a human being? Is he a robot? No, really. Is he? Has anybody checked?

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! Donald Trump lied about something.... in other news, water is wet and the sun rose in the east this morning.

  6. Anonymous9:05 AM

    " that is especially prevalent in the United States—that of the spoiled, whiny, “emasculat[ing]” Jewish woman"quasi-in-joke, since Seidel himself is Jewish."

    “The Trump Team Is No More Anti-Semitic Than Democrats Are,”

  7. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Still waiting for Trump to sue his accusers.

    Lucia Graves ✔@lucia_graves

    Breaking: original accuser @jillharth states via lawyer if Trump sues accusers, she'll counter sue him for lost income & emotional hurt

    9:58 AM - 24 Oct 2016

    New York Times
    October 24, 2016 1:41 p.m.

    Donald Trump’s Original Accuser Threatens Lawsuit If He Sues the Other Women Who Alleged Assault

    Donald Trump’s original accuser Jill Harth has vowed to countersue the Republican presidential candidate for emotional hurt and loss of income, if he follows through on his recent threat to sue the many women who have accused him of sexual assault.

    Harth, a makeup artist, first filed a lawsuit against Trump in 1997, accusing him of groping her and sexually assaulting her in his daughter’s bedroom, a claim he has denied. However, since the release of a video in which Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, a number of other accusers have come forward. At a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump said that “all of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”

    In a letter from her attorney dated October 23, Harth wrote that she had kept quiet about Trump for many years because he settled her 1997 lawsuit, and that she only began speaking out about the harassment after he called her a liar several months ago. “If he sues me, I know that truth is an absolute defense, and I will countersue for the emotional hurt and loss income his attacks have caused me,” Harth wrote

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Don't worry, the lawsuit is coming.

  8. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Donald Trump doesn't own Mexican cars:

    5 of Donald Trump’s Favorite Cars

    Here are 5 of Donald Trump’s best-known rides.

    1. 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

    2. ’50s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

    3. Rolls Royce Phantom

    4. 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT

    5. 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

  9. Anonymous9:25 AM

    When is traitor trump going to have his own products made in the USA?

    I guess we will just have to assume everything he says is a lie.

    Just wait until the deporables in great state of KY figure out there will not be any coal jobs coming their way.

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      All the GOP seats in the House of reps had the red hats on them the other day. They finally had Made in America tags on them. One House member held the hat up and said it said this. He boasted in a way that came across to me like he had no idea that up until then the hats had been made in China.

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Funny how one's POV will change. Today Trump announced that he's headed to his NJ golf resort for "a working weekend." Yet Obama couldn't leave the WH without criticism and all sorts of exaggerations about taking vacays and not working.

    3. " They finally had Made in America tags on them."
      Where were the tags made?

  10. Anonymous9:35 AM


  11. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Always p.p.grabber now and in History, along with his" Hitler Goose Step"
    children and their spouses saluting the
    "KKK Orange God."

  12. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Sarah is gonna be pissed she can't rape the land and sea and crucify the wildlife at will.

    Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Plan for 2017-2022


    Considering the fragile and unique Arctic ecosystem and the recent demonstrated decline in industry interest, the Proposed Final Program does not include any lease sales in the Chukchi or Beaufort Seas. Based on consideration of the best available science and significant public input, the Department’s analysis identified significant risks to sensitive marine resources and communities from potential new leasing in the Arctic. Moreover, due to the high costs associated with exploration and development in the Arctic and the foreseeable low projected oil prices environment, demonstrated industry interest in new leasing currently is low.

    The Proposed Final Program includes one sale in the northern portion of the Cook Inlet Planning Area. Cook Inlet is a mature basin with a long history of oil and gas development in state waters, where existing infrastructure could support new activity. The design of this program area balances the protection of endangered species by taking into account the beluga whale and the northern sea otter critical habitat, with the availability for leasing of areas with the greatest industry interest and existence of oil and gas resources.

    1. The asshat in charge of the Dakota pipeline says they're not diverting the route one inch. He's going to wait it out as he's sure a Trump administration will be much more favorable to him.

      No shit.

  13. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The tweet starts with "Just got a call from my friend." Such a liar. He doesn't have any friends. Only users and takers, fake xtians and shakers.

  14. Anonymous10:22 AM

    It's "phenomenon" you president-elect idiot.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      His speech is so like Sarah Palin's. When they try to use a new word they botch it.

  15. Anonymous10:24 AM

    This is like being in a really bad movie. Really bad actors and producer. These people live in box in the city. Their life is not a real lifestyle. It is fake and empty. No comprende' no mas casa de pease.

  16. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Serial manipulator.....just like Scarah Payme.

  17. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Oh please please sign this Electoral College petition. The Constitution says it can work. Even if not, it supports other efforts. Pls sign and chain letter it to your pals.

    When they raise the goal amount (after 4.5M is reached), it might get more MSM coverage.

    1. None of the electors are going to pay any attention to this.

  18. Lindsay10:29 AM

    I really want to post a link to this article on the Trump statement that my old high school friend posted. But she is my mother's travel agent and our parents are good friends so I won't. Trump supporters are in for many rude awakenings. They think that their jobs went to Mexico or China and Trump is going to bring them back. The reality is, since then, one machine is doing the job of 100 people and a computer is running the machine. But try making a Blue Collar person understand that!

    1. I'll bet all the buggy whip workers that lost their jobs whined that FDR didn't bring their jobs back.

  19. Anonymous10:31 AM

    i just heard on msnbc that wsj says that ford wanted trump off their back and found a way to shut the fucker up. yeah, no jobs were going to be affected. there was never going to be a plant closing and some cars still will be made in mex. i get a lot of info from my dad b/c he's uaw and worked as a millwright for ford all his life. he and all his ford pals can't stand trump.

  20. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Sen. Cory Booker Takes A Stand And Speaks Out About Donald Trump’s Dangerous Nominees

    Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) pointed to an alarming trend in President-elect Trump's staff picks. Booker said that Trump is staff his administration with people who degrade and demean Americans, promote dangerous fringe ideologies, and threaten Americans' rights.

    ...Sen. Booker was correct. There is a clear trend in President-elect Trump’s initial staff choices. All five have been white men, and three of them have beliefs that are in line with white supremacists. Allowing Trump’s nominees a hearing could be viewed as beneficial to Democrats as they are going to have the opportunity to grill Sen. Sessions on his racial views.

    Republicans didn’t give Obama’s nominees a hearing because they knew that there was a significant chance that a public hearing might make the nominee more popular and undermine their obstruction of the president.

    For Democrats, the opposite is true. They should want all of the extremists that Trump is planning on installing in his administration to stand up in front of the appropriate Senate committee and the nation at large to defend their views....

    1. Or commit perjury.

      Either way it's a win.

  21. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Obama Suggests Meeting With Trump Wasn't All It Was Cracked Up To Be

    Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency
    Inside a stunned White House, the President considers his legacy and America’s future.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      I just spent a half hour reading the New Yorker piece last night and it was very well done and I think captured the POTUS's grace very appropriately. It was written on a freshman college level so I really doubt that many would be able to read and understand it but it is good reading for those with the acumen.

  22. Anonymous10:52 AM

    dick fucking cheney>

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Bannon>“I am,”( he says, with relish,)
      “Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors.”

    2. More like Goebbels to President Adolph.

  23. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Donald Trump’s First, Alarming Week as President-Elect

  24. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Good article on Trump having Ivanka around at that meeting with the leader of Japan.

    And yesterday the media was complaining about how Trump had stiffed the press and released this single photo--it does not suffice.

    BTW, I wonder if anyone went over proper etiquette with Trump before he met with him. I bet he was a bull in a china shop. At least he can claim it's his turf now, but overseas he will blunder and be seen as a buffoon.

    1. I can see Ivanka setting up a little shop at the White House. If you don't make a purchase you don't get an appointment. The more you buy, the longer a sit down you get.

  25. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Ok, someone fess up. Which of you was that "facebook lurker?" That person SWORE on their mother's life Bristol was pregnant in 2010 (she was not) among other things that were't true.

    Liberals are stupid and I feel shameful being one.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      >>Liberals are stupid and I feel shameful being one.

      Oh fuck you, you are no liberal. How stupid do you think we are? If you 'shameful' you can go 2nd amend yourself and I encourage you to do so.

    2. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Who could blame the Facebook lurker if a date was off - it would take a full-time detective to keep up with all the Bristol pregnancies and "wite-outs." We know of four live births.

      If you're ashamed of being stupid, do what us SMART liberals do: read, get an education, practice curiosity and listen.

    3. Anonymous1:55 PM

      She was awfully fucking fat to be dancing 8 hours a day, that's all I can say. No one else on DWTS has ever gained weight, and that's including Kirstie Allie who seems to gain weight by just looking at food.

      Pregnant or just plain lazy, which her dancing seem to exemplify, we'll probably never know, but damn she was so disgusting that they had to put her in a gorilla suit to cover her fatness, pregnant or not.

    4. We are discussing the future of the country, not some dim-witted moron's unplanned pregnancies.

      What is wrong with you. Oh, and you are not a liberal. You're just an obsessed idiot.

  26. Anonymous11:10 AM

    So I understand that teen sex has been declining since like 2004 and that the birth rate is down, but i still think everyone should have to undergo the greatest test: putting multiple (shit even 1) kids to bed without drinking. When I work late and my husband has bedtime duties, this text never fails: "holy god our children are assholes."

    This is why mothers drink wine. by the bottle.

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      This. Exactly why my brother and I decided to not give mom and dad any grandkids.

      There are so many more rewarding activities in life than raising kids. Sweet freedom, that's what I'm talking about, and sweet retirement funds, nicer homes and cars and again, freedom, great vacations and generally no worries.

      I and my brother will never understand breeders, even though we are both heterosexual and married, we all feel like we are the luckiest people in the world because of our good decision making :-)

      I feel so bad for you folks that wallow in diapers full of shit and lives full of angst and despair. Birth control, try it, you'll be happier!!

    2. Anonymous7:01 PM

      You do know that the diaper stage is a very small part of the kid thing, right? Today I get to have great conversations, with the future citizens and good, intelligent human beings my spouse and I created. I now that my stories, values and legacy will affect the world for a couple hundred years after I'm gone. Perhaps more widely and more profoundly as one appears to have inherited the leader gene.

      You and your brother's legacy? a headstone. Slainte.

    3. I have no kids. Never married.

      Retired and loving it. I go to water aerobics and watercolor class. I sleep in whenever I want. And I travel.

      My brother retired from the air force and is working his second career now. No end in sight for his retirement. But at least both his kids are out of the house. One in college and one already graduated and on his own.

      My sister isn't so lucky. Her deadbeat husband has been on disability for five years now. She is the sole means of support for the family. Both deadbeat sons still live at home although both are over 26 now. The one that took 6 years to get an AA from a community college finally got a job as a dishwasher at a brewery. The other one, the Valedictorian dropped out one semester shy from Berkeley, then dropped out of Coleman College shy of a degree with only a few certifications which are now out of date. He's got no job at all. They both live at home.

      I'm happy with my choice. Yeah, I'll probably die alone. But I'll have independence for a long time and I'll dispose of my property on my own terms and my will will not be leaving anything to the deadbeat next generation. I get no thank yous for gifts and their parents still sign their names ot birthday cards so no cards from them. I feel no obligation to fund their lifestyles with my hard earned money. I'm going to spend it on myself. If there's anything left, it will go to charity.

      Wealthy people should do that. Some of the robber barons had the right idea. Get your kids started with a good education and maybe a stake, then cut them loose. They fly or crash on their own merits. Let them amass their own fortunes.

      I'm pretty sure my sister's deadbeat husband has told his sons to suck up to Grandpa and they'll get a nice chunk of money in his will.

      They are not aware that he's told me the grandkids aren't getting anything. He paid for all of their college and he's done. That was their inheritance. If there's any money, it's just going to his own children, my self and my siblings.

      But I'm not counting on it. Stuff happens and word of mouth doesn't mean anything in court. So I made sure I planned for a comfortable retirement. I don't count my chickens. My nephews are already planning a coop.

    4. You are not a mother. You are not married. You nasty little quotes always insist that parents are hateful to and about their children.

      Get help. Or at least get on topic.

  27. Anonymous11:21 AM

    This is incredible. I am convinced the Trump policy is up is down, and down is up. Nothing this man says is true.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      My thoughts exactly. His campaign focused mainly on disparaging Hispanics and Latinos and Muslims. So he's just named blatant racists to help lead his administration. Will he name David Duke to some high post now? With Sessions as attorney general those racists in police departments around the country will have free rein to murder people of color on the streets or in their homes. With Flynn in a high security post, Putin will be able to get rid of his spies because he'll be informed "at the highest level." With Bannon near the Oval Office white nationalists will all have seats at the table. And it will go on. What happened on election day was not a "Trump phenomenon" [correction there for DJT], it was a disaster for the country.

  28. Anonymous11:31 AM

    The big problem facing journalists in this country is that the next President Of The United States spreads fake news while jeopardizing the rights of the free press. With the confidence in the media at an all-time low and an incoming president who actively undermines the Fourth Estate, journalists are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    The mainstream press failed the American people during the 2016 election.

    Passing the blame off on fake news sites or Facebook reeks of an accountability dodge.

    The reality that few people are talking about is that the nation’s biggest fake news problem will soon be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  29. Anonymous11:42 AM

  30. Anonymous11:46 AM

    WASHINGTON—The Obama administration is blocking new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean, handing a victory to environmentalists who say industrial activity in the icy waters will harm whales, walruses and other wildlife and exacerbate global warming.

    A five-year offshore drilling plan announced on Friday blocks the planned sale of new oil and gas drilling rights in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas north of Alaska. The plan allows drilling to go forward in Alaska’s Cook Inlet southwest of Anchorage.

    Fuck you very much Sarah!

  31. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Omg, and his naked wife looks like a man with long haired wig on abc news pic. A man!

  32. Anonymous12:22 PM

    "“You know where their United States headquarters is located? In this building, in Trump Tower.”

  33. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Silly tubbie, he met with a foreign leader with his family. Omg. What stupids, no cameras, no reporters. I will be paying taxes and I expect ipen everything.

    1. He doesn't want cameras or reporters because he doesn't want his FAILURE as a leader to be documented.

  34. Anonymous6:49 PM

    There's a reason it's called Kenfucky

  35. So, is this the first lie of his administration or do we have to wait until January 20?

    Does he 180 on the electoral college count as a lie? Naw, that's just a flip flop.


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