Friday, November 18, 2016

Jesse Jackson calls on President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton. Not because she is guilty but to keep the Republicans from hounding her.

Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press: 

Speaking at President Gerald Ford's alma mater, The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, just like Ford did for Richard Nixon. 

Stopping short of saying Clinton did anything wrong, Jackson told a large crowd of University of Michigan students, faculty and administrators gathered at daylong celebration of his career that Obama should short-circuit President-elect Donald Trump's promised attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for use of a private e-mail server.

"It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton," Jackson said.

"Hillary Clinton has not been tried, but there are those who want to drag her for the next three years. It will not stop until they find a reason to put her in jail. That would be a travesty."

Jackson used Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon as an example, but I left that out because Nixon was a fucking criminal and Hillary Clinton is not.

Which is why I think this would be a mistake, and that Obama will never do it.

I completely understand where Jackson is coming from, and that he really wants to protect Hillary, but it would instead destroy her legacy.

The conservatives are guaranteed to see this as the President admitting that Hillary Clinton was guilty, and that would give them cause for celebration and also provide political ammunition to use against the Democrats for decades to come.

Republican Rep. Jason Chavetz has already said that he is going to continue badgering Hillary so we know the Republicans will not end their vendetta against her.

But I also think that ultimately it will blow up in their faces.

I feel badly for Hillary, I really do. Nobody deserves this never ending barrage of false accusations.

But then again she is Hillary Clinton, and I have every confidence that perhaps more than anyone she will be able to weather this and in the end will be the one left standing.


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I want the blanket pardon so she can just live her life without the bullshit anymore. She shouldn't have to have a pardon on her record but Chaffetz is obsessed with her and so is the new CIA asshole Pompeo (who wrote a 48-page addendum to the Benghazi report and he insisted that Benghazi was a coverup so Obama would get reelected). Chaffetz surely expected Hill to win and then he'd resume his investigation--that's why the turn-around re his feeligs about Trump, as people at IM said then--and who knows if he will do it now that she lost (aka really won). I want Obama to do this pardon silently unless the GOP starts their shit talking about it, and if they do then I want Obama to make a very loud and clear statement that in no way does she require a pardon but he's doing it because of the worst elements of the GOP.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      that's why the turn-around re his feeligs about Trump, as people at IM said then--and who knows if he will do it now that she lost (aka really won).

      Umm... what? Please show me a bright side to this election 'cos sure as shit, I can't see it.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Democrats Must Do to Trump What Republicans Did to Obama: Resist Him at All Costs

    ...The response to this from the Left cannot under any circumstances be anything other than all out war. The Republican Party subjected President Obama to eight years of unprecedented obstructionism, and the Democrats must respond in kind. This isn't political retribution though -- it is a battle to preserve the basic functioning of government and American democracy. Trump and the Republicans are going to gut Medicare and Medicaid, wreck the lives of the working poor, and place the economy in great danger by rolling back vital regulations protecting us from the ravages of Wall Street. As Joy Ann Reid wrote in The Daily Beast, those who voted for Trump are about to find out that billionaires "who live in golden penthouses are rarely populists, and even more rarely heroic":

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Dems need to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct - as the Republicans did to President Obama! Turn about is fair play as far as I'm concerned.

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM


    3. Absolutely.

      Notice how the Dem leadership is one again NOT listening to the voice of the people but instead, mumbling about unity and healing and cooperating.

      Fuck that.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    What Rethuglicans had better be very careful and keep in mind that Hillary used to be a well respected Sec of State-- personally knows the who's who--most of whom are horrified by Don the Con as president.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    “Darkness is good,” says Bannon, who amid the suits surrounding him at Trump Tower, looks like a graduate student in his T-shirt, open button-down and tatty blue blazer — albeit a 62-year-old graduate student. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they—“ I believe by “they” he means liberals and the media, already promoting calls for his ouster “—get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I'm so tired of her having to bear this bullshit from the Republicans. I agree with you, Gryphen, I hope it blows up in their faces.

    Just look at the popularity vote she has gotten throughout the country (considerably more that Trump!) and that asshole is the one holding court from his Tower in NY City!

    God bless Hillary Clinton!!! She would have been much the better leader of our country!

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    this just in: Sarah Palin will not be getting position of any real regard in Trump's admin--too hated by the establishment for being as much of ignorant dumbass as she is. And they're men--they don't want to listen to screechy for the next 4 yrs.

    1. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Where'd you read that? I'd like to check it out! I bet she knew it, too, and that's why she went on that oil/energy rant the other day--she knew she'd not be listened to as a Cabinet member. Oh man, those hearings would have been fun! Great timing, too, b/c the Dept of the Interior announced today an order from BO that there will be no Arctic drilling for five years.

    2. Anonymous1:24 PM

      I was sure Trump wouldn't select Sarah Palin, but damn it would have been fun watching her undergo questioning at a Congress Hearing!!! Shoot-a-roo!

      She is not qualified for ANY job ANYWHERE! Not bright - doesn't like to work - quits - and doesn't have a good work resume' or ethic!

      Poor baby! Flunked out again!

    3. Anonymous1:28 PM

      There are more than a few articles that have bandied about her name but then they make it clear that she wasn't invited into the campaign trail until the very end, especially after her May speech for Trump which stole all of his "air".

    4. The hatred has nothing to do with it. They've nominated other hated figures.

      She is NOT a man is the biggest issue.

      She is stupid and they know it is more of an issue.

      Otherwise being hated and a bigot are pluses.

      The biggest issue is she has no money. They've got CEOs of oil companies that want the job. Donald Jr. really wants the job. I'm sure they're looking for ways to allow him to get it.

      If anything, she's not racist enough to suit them. If you can believe it.

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Grandchildren will die Young!
    The good, the bad and the ugly..

    1. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Do you mean Trump's grandchildren will die young? Like, a curse? He's gotten away with so much and nothing ever befalls his family...but maybe a curse will take care of things, eventually.

  8. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Michelle O grew up in Jackson's house. It is because of him that the arranged marriage of the Obamas came about.

    Why do you think Barack has give multiple stories of how they met?

    1. Anonymous12:14 PM

      World Net Daily bullshit. Yes, MO knew the Jacksons--intelligent people who care about the same issues often do know each other--but there was no "arranged" marriage.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      You, 12:08 PM, are full of ca ca! Caught ya! Research and get your facts straight before making a statement - that will make you look better informed to all the bloggers on this site.

    3. Hey, 12:08 you are one sick, twisted pervert. But you already know that.

      You are so jealous of a classy, educated, cultured African-American man and his classy, educated, cultured (and gorgeous) African-American wife that your stupid just leaks out all over.

      Too bad for you that the Obamas and their lovely children are superior to you in every conceivable way.

      You will never measure up to them. You are inferior to them and nothing can change that. After all, you can't fix stupid.

    4. Anonymous9:29 PM

      Michelle attended Whitney Young HS, a public magnet school, with at least one of Jesse Jackson's children. Why would this fact lead to 'arranged marriage' bs?


  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    OT, but Jeff Sessions opposed the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and wanted a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage plus he wanted that amendment to say that SCOTUS could not judge in favor of marriage equality. Last year he called the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of same sex marriage unconstitutional. After the COP convention this summer, all he said re same sex was that there should not be violent acts committed.

  10. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Try the corrupt criminal
    Hillary Rotten Clinton
    and then Lock her up

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      And fuck you too.

    2. Anonymous1:34 PM


      You sound a little nervous about helping to elect the New Hitler. I hope that he treats you well, although I doubt that is the case.

    3. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Bernie's raggedy white fans are going to need help. They're perfectly able to do something but they're so used to sitting on the sidewalks all day in places like the Haight and NYC just chilling out and expecting passersby to give them money, but eventually it gets old and they get cold and want more. Winter's here. I'll enjoy walking right past all those slackers now.

    4. Aw, gee, the illiterate drooler crawled back out from under its rock.

      Still jealous of your highly accomplished superiors, aren't you?

      What a miserable, pathetic loser you are, and always will be.

      The Clintons and Obamas are superior to you but you shouldn't let it eat you up inside as it obviously does.

      Go back to rolling boogers. It is probably the most intelligent thing you're capable of.

      What a whiny idiot.

    5. And *THAT* is why Clinton needs a blanket pardon. To shut up the whackos that will not let it go.

      I don't want to see Clinton spend four years going through investigations and hearings that, when they don't go the way the Republicans want, they just do it over again.

      Like Benghazi. Like the e-mails.

      They won't stop.

      So stop them with a pardon. Who gives a shit what it looks like.

  11. Anonymous12:36 PM

  12. Anonymous12:44 PM

  13. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Alt White Right>

  14. Anonymous1:09 PM

    At this point we can only hope that the electoral college has a conscience and Hillary is declared President.

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Not gonna happen but rest assured this will most likely be the last time that the electoral college figures into a national election.

    2. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Rest assured, the electoral college is going nowhere. Is this how dumb dems play, every time you lose you want to change the rules?

    3. Anonymous9:19 PM

      But Trump declared that it was rigged until he won. Dumb Trumpette ass licker.

    4. Don't hold your breath.

  15. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Republicans are assuredly proving themselves to be the meanest bunch of people on this earth!

    Hillary Clinton hasn't done a damned thing wrong, which has been proven time and time again! The Republicans have turned everything upside down where she is concerned - spending taxpayer's money - and can't come up with a darn thing that is illegal or against the law!

    Trump is the one that is corrupt, racist, anti minorities and wants to ship all Muslims out of our country! He's truly deplorable!

    He will be the worst potus our country has ever experienced! And, I expect to see him impeached within the first year of rule due to being caught doing something illegal!

    Thank you, Hillary Clinton for all yours years of service to Americans. You are loved, respected and appreciated!

    Check her popular vote count - way, way out in front of Trump! YEA!!!

    God protect our country with Trump as the leader (and I use that term loosely!) and his minions!!

  16. Feel the Bern1:43 PM

    Why don't we give her a pre-emptive prison sentence?

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM

      And maybe ole Bernie will kick the bucket as an early Xmas present.

    2. Because she hasn't done anything warranting a prison sentence, moron. You might want to read up on the constitution.

    3. Anonymous9:57 AM

      It is ok 1:43, she is living in a prison of lies and deceit spanning well over 35 years. It is why she is losing her mind, she trapped herself.

  17. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Maybe the good is pulling forth the creepy uglies in the swamp and gonna destroy them all in one fell swoop. You know anything is possible.

  18. Anonymous2:23 PM

    The 'Rev' lol. What a complete POS.

  19. Anonymous2:53 PM

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      He got into the Ivy league schools the same way Dubya did. Daddy made a large contribution to the school. The gop loves these low IQ people who inherit $$$$ and THINK they are so smart.

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

  20. Anonymous3:27 PM

    O/T : The Rude Pundit is so disheartened by the results of this election he is taking a break from his blog.

  21. Anonymous3:37 PM

  22. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I totally agree with you, Gryphen. But how do you pardon someone who has not been found guilty of anything? You have to have been convicted to be pardoned.

    1. It is a preemptive measure like the one that Ford used to protect Nixon.

      It does not require that anybody be found guilty.

  23. Anonymous5:38 PM

    For the past year minorities has been making fun of Donald Trump's skin color being orange.

    Now these people will get to see their savior Hillary in orange. Her orange prison jumpsuit. Obama best stay out of it, no pardons, or he will be sharing a cell with her.

    1. Anonymous8:46 PM

      But Drumpf's orange skin color is elective. One would have to be a dumbass to willfully promulgate orange skin.

      Oh, wait...

      And, you KNOW deep down in your heart of hearts that Drumpf is the projector-in-chief, meaning he knows goddam good and well that HE should be locked up and wearing orange.

      ... sorry 'bout your luck that you're on the wrong side of human rights history.

  24. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Obama pardoned George W and Dick Cheney and no one had a problem with it.

  25. I get how it would make her look guilty. But they think she's guilty anyway.

    I would recommend the President do it simply to ensure that they can't come after her. Why torture her with years and years of more hearings that don't go anywhere? At least with a pardon it would shut them up and get them to move on. It would put an END to it.

    I think he should do something about Chelsea Manning too. Enough is enough. At this point she is being punished for being transgender. What has happened to her is so out of proportion to others.

    But NOT Edward Snowden. Let him rot in Russia. Let "President Twit" pardon Snowden. Yeah, see if that makes him more popular.

  26. If offered, it is up to Clinton of course, and I don't pretend to know what her choice would be.

    But if I were in her shoes, I think I would not want the pardon because forever more the republicans would scream to the rooftops that I must have been guilty of something.

    Instead, I would be more inclined to tell the rat bastards to bring it on. It's not like I would have something else taking up my time.

    What an opportunity for useful sound bites and video clips for future Democratic campaigns.

    1. If I were here I would.

      Whether she is found innocent in every single hearing, investigation and even trial they put her through, it won't matter They will ALWAYS think she is guilty and just lied or got away with it. It won't end.

      The pardon would end it and she can move on.

      But it wouldn't shut them up.

      Look how many Democrats are still screaming about how Bush and Cheney were never tried for their war crimes.

      Look how many are still angry about all of the Wall St. guys who fucked our economy and not one went to prison.

  27. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Gryphen5:01 PM

    "It is a preemptive measure like the one that Ford used to protect Nixon.

    "It does not require that anybody be found guilty."

    Um, no offense, but this has got to be the stupidest fucking thing you have ever written. At least I hope so.


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