Tuesday, November 22, 2016

If it looks like a Nazi, sounds like a Nazi, and salutes like a Nazi, well that right there is a Trump supporter.

Courtesy of The Atlantic: 

“Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” 

That’s how Richard B. Spencer saluted more than 200 attendees on Saturday, gathered at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., for the annual conference of the National Policy Institute, which describes itself as “an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” 

Spencer has popularized the term “alt-right” to describe the movement he leads. Spencer has said his dream is “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans,” and has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” 

For most of the day, a parade of speakers discussed their ideology in relatively anodyne terms, putting a presentable face on their agenda. But after dinner, when most journalists had already departed, Spencer rose and delivered a speech to his followers dripping with anti-Semitism, and leaving no doubt as to what he actually seeks. He referred to the mainstream media as “Lügenpresse,” a term he said he was borrowing from “the original German”; the Nazis used the word to attack their critics in the press. 

“America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity,” Spencer said. “It is our creation, it is our inheritance, and it belongs to us.” 

You know I saw a few Trump surrogates making the point that these people do not represent the majority of Trump supporters by any means, but I don't think that's true at all.

After all Donald Trump came to national attention by calling into question the first black President's legitimacy to hold that office.

There are suggestions that his father was a member of the KKK.

Ex-wife Ivana Trump claimed that Trump slept with a collection of Hitler speeches by his bed.

And he has risen to power by targeting certain groups, in this case Muslims and Mexicans, and used hate to attract followers who are almost exclusively white and believe they lost this country to the immigrants and brown people.

So is Donald Trump a Nazi?

For all intents and purposes, yeah I think he probably is.

After all he is clearly the leader of the "Alt Right" and they have now revealed their true selves.

Welcome to Germany in the 1930's.


  1. And his paternal ancestors are German too.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Holy shit.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I think Trump is portraying a characterization of Hitler! He's read a lot about him and reenacted Hitler throughout the campaign and now that he has been elected.

    People need to pay attention to this and make the comparisons. The press and media need to be on top of it get him stopped in his tracks!

    Trump wants to rule Americans - he has no concept of the poor and middle class and could care less about them. He is a racist - declared himself to be - anti Muslims, Mexican (was going to build a huge wall!) and other minorities.

    There is even talk of gathering Muslims and putting them in camps (or deporting them) similar to what was done to the Jews, etc. during WWII.

    I fear for our country as to many others. We have to talk about it - many are even afraid to do that publically now.

    1. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Drumpf can't read. He must have Mein Kampf as an audio.

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Trump's camp can deny the Nazi connection all they want, but it is happening right in front of our eyes and he refuses to come forward and make a true statement--a long and clear response--in regard to all the neo-Nazi stuff and various hate crimes that have spiked.

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Sarah Palin wasn't picked to be a cabinet member? The Chump kids probably worried once Sarah gets another title then she will quit and keep the title for life.

    Why in hell does the media refer to Palin as Gov Palin? She quit on us to make Sarah Palin's Alaska. She's not a governor to us Alaskans so why would the lower 48 call her governor. Plain and simple, Sarah is a quitter just like Track is a quitter to his family and Willow is to her education and Bristol is to her abstinence and work. Todd has always been a quitter, he's living off of a woman.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Yes, by all means, focus on the trivial and stupid while your country is gearing up for a fascist government.

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Does Lord Almighty Trump thinks the media works for him?

    3:02 am - Media come to my office NOW! I'm going to chew your asses off

    3:08 am NO, I cancelled it.

    3:13 am I changed my mind again, be there @5 am

    3:14 am NO it's off! I changed my mind.

    3:15 OK, it's back on

    Bitch make up your mind. It's on, It's off, It's on, It's off, It's on

    We're not your freakin' escort girl, Melania or Ivanka.

    Fu@k off we don't work for you.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      He is whacked. What I love is that Trump had to go there, to the NYT. He's so used to people coming to him and groveling or not groveling but he tells himself it's groveling.

  7. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I used to take great delight in visiting c4p and giggling at how "off" they were. Haven't been there since the day before the orange anus was elected. I hope they're proud and have a wonderful celebration of Jesus' birth next month, of whom would not have stood for any of this. PERIOD.

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      Oh they are now onto making protest a crime, fighting with each other,collecting money for that moron VG, and awaiting their eejit queen's ascension in DC. Same old same old. Forever pathetic and if they are the Orange Anus's base, he won't be around too long. Kind of encouraging in an odd way.

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM

    "The meeting was off the record, meaning the participants agreed not to talk about the substance of the conversations."

    Why because trump would be too damn embarrassed if his NAZI style attitude and what he actually said got out to the world?

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      It is cumin out..

      'rather do the popular vote' WTF

    2. Anonymous10:42 AM


  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Trump went on a tantrum?
    Someone from the media should have said fat boy you work for America. The United States of America taxpayers are your employers. You answer to us. Next time you call us in you better have some news like you unconditionally surrendered to the KGB or this job is too much for you and you want the winner of the popular vote to take over.

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      The media isn't going to say jack shit.
      True journalism is dead.

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      I just signed up for a New York Times subscription: Sunday edition delivered to my door, and online access the rest of the time.

      Not that you need a subscription to read the NYT: but because it's the right thing o do, esp now, esp today, with that meeting. Only $4.50/week to do the right thing.

    3. Anonymous2:51 PM

      In the beginning CBS 60 minutes> aired a story that alleged that Bush went AWOL during his time in the Texas Air National Guard. The Bush administration charged that the documents used as the basis for the report were inauthentic, leading to an independent investigation that ultimately concluded that the piece disregarded “fundamental journalistic principles.” The documents were not, however, ever proved to be forgeries.
      “In the process of putting this together, those partisan political forces and ideological forces who found this a very inconvenient story – they couldn’t attack the hard-rock facts, so they looked, ‘Where is the story weak?’ So they concentrated on the documents and they succeeded,” he said of the investigation into the story. “They overwhelmed CBS – they overwhelmed us who reported it – by making the focus not on the hard-rock TRUTH of the story, but rather the process by which we arrived at that TRUTH.”“I’m very proud of the career I had. I’m a great believer that you are what your record is, and my record there is what it is,”


  10. From the article: Ex-wife Ivana Trump claimed that Trump slept with a collection of Hitler speeches by his bed.

    An instruction manual.

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Well, Drumpf must have been pulling an Edgar Cayce cuz Drumpf can't read and would have to absorb it through osmosis.

  11. Anonymous9:59 AM

    The bits and pieces coming out re the NYT meeting are so embarrassing. He talks like a 10-year-old. (And I don't mean Barron, who we've never heard speak. Too early to tell there who is more articulate)

  12. Hail Victory literally translates to Sieg Heil in German. This is a Nazi organization. Trump doesn't disavow them. They are here and their allies control the entire executive branch of our government from the president downwards. I hope we can depend on the Congress and the courts to tell them "no!"

    1. Anonymous10:16 AM

      Don't bet on it, Sarah.

  13. Anonymous10:15 AM

    He told the NYT people that he "disavow[s]" the neo-Nazis. He also said (can't recall exact words)he would need to look into why they support him, if it's true that they do. Yeah, right. He knows they do and why they do.

    Once again, the only words the whole public gets on this matter are bits and pieces from another source. He needs to sepak at length in front of the camera.

    Where's that press conference, btw?

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      I dread the upcoming SOTU speech.
      For the first time in 50+ years, not watching.

  14. Anonymous10:27 AM

    OMFG, in the NYT meeting Trump said he'd love to be the one to bring about peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. He also said this about Ivanka's real estate agent-turned-newspaperman-after-his-father-went-to-jail husband:

    "Jared Kushner could help make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians."

    Give me a break.

    BTW, if you google "Jared Kushmer apartments" or "Jared Kushner landlord" (and you'll see the name of his business listed, but at the moment I can't think what it's called) online you will see many articles and yelp reviews calling him a slum landlord. People have had to live with not getting repair calls answered forever and electrical dangers and trash piling up for months, rats, and no gas to cook with for months (in one building it was for five months and in another building it was for a year). He's always trying to pressure tenants to move out so that he can move new people in and jack up the rent. He's a real absentee landlord when it comes to doing what he is required to do by law and should do out of decency. Scum.

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Trump Just Laid The Groundwork For Corruption By Declaring Himself Above The Law

      President-elect Trump appears to be laying the groundwork for corruption on a massive scale. The Electoral College will choose Donald Trump, and it looks like the president-elect is preparing to pillage America.


    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Trump thinks because Kushner is Jewish that Israel will just fall over for him.

      Trump really has no idea what racism is.

  15. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Sign one or all of these petitions, and ask your friends to so do.


    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      The election was November 8th.

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      The Electoral College vote is on December 19th. Until that is over, and until it is ratified by Congress, the election isn't over.

      This article explains it pretty well.

    3. Anonymous 10:36 AM wrote: The election was November 8th.

      The popular vote was determined on November 8th. The electoral vote will be determined on December 19th. Apparently this commenter feels that the popular vote should prevail.

    4. Anonymous11:37 AM

      11:10, maybe you should get this thru your thick head, and no 'hold your hopes out' articles are needed... The Electoral College will provide Trump the electoral votes and the Presidency.

      Do you really want to be dissapointed twice this election? It is over.

    5. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Ohhh goody goody it is Ted interjecting with his oh so useful Tedisms.

      Ted, let us take a bet, who is going to be sworn in as President on January 20th, 2017?

      My guess is Donald Trump, because he won the electoral vote, based on the popular votes in each individual state.

      What is your guess Ted, as to who you think is going to be sworn in as President on January 20, based on your assessment of the election?

    6. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Your Lord and Savior Don the Con will be impeached within a year.The GOP would be happier with Pence any way,so they will do it.

  16. Anonymous10:35 AM

    "his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus lied to him because he feared that Trump was in way over his head."


    1. Anonymous11:17 AM

      politicususa lol.

      Great source for all your misinformation.

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM

      11:17 ,the source material is quoted,you can click the links and read for yourself.

    3. Anonymous2:05 PM

      Lol... the source material is quoted lololol 1:12...

      The quote provided above is from the skewed opinion offered by the goofballs at Politicususa, and how they choose to interpret information.

      Politicususa is a joke. I will gladly keep reminding you that you are reading heavily skewed OPINION pieces. You may like what you read, because it speaks to your fears and desires, but it is far far far from reality.

      Politicuusa lol.

    4. Anonymous2:27 PM

      @ 11:17, hate to disappoint you again but this information can also be found at other sources.

      Trump is corrupt !!!

    5. Anonymous2:41 PM


  17. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Herr Drumph and the First Czarina. Sorry, I cannot call her First Lady after seeing her sexy naked photos.

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Seriously. I mean, not only did we see her boobs but we also saw her waxed pubic mound. Ick.

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      She will NEVER be First "Lady."
      She knows it, also too.

    3. Anonymous1:11 PM

      I wonder if Baron has seen her photos on the internet?

    4. Anonymous1:39 PM


      Barron is special needs, face it at nearly 11 years old he doesn't even understand what it means that his dad is POTUS elect. We'll never see first-whore and her broken son in the whitehouse, which is a great relief to the country.

    5. Anonymous2:30 PM

      I thought trump told us during the debate that Barron is his go to computer expert.

      I googled Barron, autism and I still have not found a legitimate site that states he is special needs or autistic. He could be low IQ like his parents.

    6. Anonymous2:38 PM

      I thought trump said during a debate about cybersecurity that barron knows more about computers that Dept of Homeland security.

      I googled barron, autism and have not found a legitimate site that states he is autistic or has other special needs.

      Maybe he is just very sheltered or has a low IQ like his parents.

  18. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Good grief man

    Get a grip on yourself.

    Take some time off and work through the five stages of grief.

    In the meantime, welcome to the wilderness asshole.

    1. Well you got that wilderness part right.

    2. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Ah, the "wilderness" person again. Either it is daft or is one of the 1% that will benefit from a Trump regime.

      There are only two choices, you are rich or stupid, those are the people that like Trump. Everyone in between? Not gonna be a good few years that's for sure but he'll never serve a full term.

    3. Anonymous6:27 AM

      I am middle-class and am afraid of vaporizing into thin air.

      Walmart had trouble establishing in Mexico because people there are either really rich or really poor. There is no middle class to support that kind of store.

  19. Anonymous11:01 AM

    "What is troubling about Trump’s answer is that he justified conflicts of interest, and the president-elect is demonstrating a view of executive power that is ABOVE THE LAW."


    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      He hasn't even been sworn it and there is already a list of his conflicts of interest.

      Pence said trump is going to follow the law in this regard, the problem is there is no law.

      trump has been yakking he can run his businesses and the country at the same time with no problem.

      With whose interest in mind, his of course.

    2. Anonymous6:22 AM

      But just let Jimmy Carter try to keep his evil peanut farm, and all hell will rain down upon America!

      Right, neo-nazis?

  20. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Spencer has popularized the term “alt-right” to describe the movement he leads.
    I don’t think we should use his term.

    Nazi is more appropriate and this coward Spencer is trying to normalize and hide the real motives behind his group.

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

      Michael Nordine ‏@slowbeard Nov 21

      If Clinton had won we'd be discussing minimum wage and maternity leave. Instead we get to argue about the preferred nomenclature for nazis.

  21. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Be Forewarned!

  22. Anonymous3:03 PM

    8 year old:

  23. Anonymous6:23 PM

    The orange anus Spencer is heiling is the current day Adolph.

    Be ready to throw a Nazi salute whenever you are confronted by authorities.

    Took the country back to the 1930's - IN GERMANY. The German people are very fearful of what the deplorables did in the US. They remember...

  24. Peaceful ethnic cleansing? What the hell is that?

    I understand the Jews didn't resist on the way to the showers. Is that what he means?

    Fuck him.

    He can call himself Alt-right or a White Supremacist but I think *we* should go back to the original Germans.

    HE'S A NAZI.

    Start using it.

    Fuck political correctness.


    He's a Nazi. Bannon is a Nazi. They're coming out of the woodwork.

    Both Spencer and Tila Tequila have lost their Twitter accounts due to being Nazis.


  25. Anonymous6:15 AM

    William Gibson (Neuromancer, etc.) says we should stop calling them the 'alt-right' because it whitewashes the fact they are really neo-nazis.

    So, let's not legitimize or normalize those bastards by calling them a cutesy name that sounds like a keyboard combination. They're Nazis.


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