Sunday, November 06, 2016

James Comey releases yet another statement about the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server, that essentially says "Move along, nothing to see here."

That's right after turning this election on it's head two Fridays ago by suggesting that there was new evidence which might suggest that Hillary Clinton broke the law, NOW James Comey is saying, two fucking days before the election, that he was full of shit.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

FBI Director James B. Comey notified key members of Congress Sunday afternoon that after reviewing all of the newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails the agency stands by its original findings against recommending charges. 

Comey wrote that investigators had worked “around the clock” to review all the emails found on a device used by former congressman Anthony Weiner that had been sent to or from Clinton and that “we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July.” 

The conclusion from Comey provided one last twist to the 2016 presidential campaign and came just two days before Clinton will face Republican Donald Trump on Election Day.

Of course this comes almost too late as the damage from that first letter has already impacted this election in a negative way for the Democrats.

And the frustrating part is that if the FBI had just reviewed the supposedly "new " information BEFORE Comey sent that initial letter, ALL of this never would have happened. 

So for those of us who are progressives and Democrats it is up to us to get this new information out to as many people who have not yet voted as possible.

Tweet, Facebook, blog, do whatever you can to inform the voting public that, despite what the Republicans and Trump campaign have been saying, Hillary Clinton is NOT facing an indictment.

And for the record she never will.

However I hope the same cannot be said for FBI Director James Comey.

P.S. By the way does everybody remember when Donald Trump referred to Comey's earlier letter as "bigger than Watergate?" 


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    There never was anything to report! Bogus crap from Comey and the alt right hoping to damage Clinton. This email shit is bullshit. Always was. Like Benghazi. It's all they have.

    1. Anonymous5:25 PM

      Comey did a great Roseanne Roseanadana impression here, get everybody all worked up with incorrect information, then when it turns out he's wrong, he just smiles and says "Never mind"

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Comey's a fucking idiot and I hope the majority in America did not believe him in the first place!

    I never did have already cast my vote for Hillary Clinton and ALL other Democrats on the ticket! Felt so damned good doing so!

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    How many people voted by mail and early voted for Trump because of this ass wipe?

    1. Anonymous2:22 PM

      I voted early and voted for Hillary!

    2. Connie4:00 PM


  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I think it's time for jimmy to take time off, spend some quality time with the family, etc. etc. He made a mountain out of a molehill three weeks before an election. What a FINE american!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    She had her MAID print off classified things.

    The FBI Was threatened or paid off, or something.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      BULL SHIT.

    2. Anonymous1:09 PM

      And, how do you know that as a fact? Please look at your source before you state false innuendos. ✌️

    3. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Nice tin foil hat ya got there! Heard it will get Trump radio and tv when he loses Tuesday.

    4. I am shocked, shocked, that a high-level FBI employee, privy to the most closely held material regarding Clinton, is blabbing it all away on Immoral Minority.

      "The FBI Was threatened or paid off, or something."

      Ooh, "or something"!

    5. Pat in MA2:04 PM

      Sounds like you'd fit right in in WV, where some people believe the govt has 30,000 guillotines on order ready for Hillary to use-

      "Pack passed on another rumor, considered shocking if false: that the government has ordered 30,000 guillotines that Clinton, if elected, plans to use “to kill us — Christians and people who believe in the Second Amendment.”

      “All you got to do is pull it up on the Internet,” Pack said.

    6. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Whassamatter, Willow? Michigan cold and boring?

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I fully believe we need a two, three,multiple party system in government. That being said, I want the current GOP absolutely destroyed.


  7. Anonymous1:21 PM did the Michigan rally go?


    1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    2. Anonymous7:05 PM

      “Are you willing to make a prediction that Trump will carry Michigan this time around?”

      “There’s no reason why he wouldn’t,” Palin said. “Like I’ve said before, polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers. What matters is that two days from now, you know, the gettin’ out the vote effort and making sure these Regan Democrats and independents and Michigan Republicans get out their vote.”

  8. Anonymous1:27 PM

    HIllary wrote on IG: "Isn't it time to have a mom in the Oval Office? "

    Yeah, it is. But you aren't one. Chelsea, your sole child, had nannies. I doubt you even attended extracurriculars. Sarah did and does. Always. Also, Sarah attended/s teacher conferences, plans family vacations, and knows her kids.

    You have Huma, your only "kid."

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      You are disgusting person with such a sick soul I wonder how you get up in the morning.

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Well if $arah was such an exemplary mother, how come her kids are so fucked up?

      Oh, and fuck Mitch McConnell.


    3. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Sarah (not sure why she's relevant here) did and does what? Have nannies?

      Gryph, this person appears to be unhinged. Perhaps it's not a good idea to post the drivel of someone who is mentally ill and having a breakdown? Your call, of course.

    4. Well, that's some snotty bitterness right there. And stupid too.

    5. Anonymous1:50 PM

      Coo coo crazy.

    6. Dinty2:00 PM

      Chelsea has a college degree, a child from the man she married prior to pregnancy and a job. She hasn't been arrested for domestic violence, she hasn't been caught on tape screaming profanities, and hasn't been involved in a drunken brawl. Ms Palin's kids? Not so much.

    7. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Alicia, I bet your walls are covered with pictures of the Palin clan so you can fantasize you know them. Get psychological help now.

    8. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Hells bells, if I could have a nanny, I would have. Leave Clinton alone alt righter. Stop trying to bring her down. It's getting old and tired, and we need a divorce from you badly.

    9. Anonymous3:57 PM

      NONE of Sarah's children were raised by their mom in a loving and caring manner. They never received the quality nor the quantity of time that Sarah so hypocritically wrote about. FACT.

      Another FACT - Sarah's children actually hate her. Yup. The only reason any of them talk to her now is to take the money and chance for fame that she dribbles out.

    10. Anonymous10:45 PM

      @1:27 PM Your Nannies are your elderly Democrat Liberal parents, who have been supporting your unemployed fat ass since you dropped out of that theater arts school in Brooklyn, N.Y. You have been 'stalking' the Palins since 2008.

  9. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I think the first letter made people so enraged they couldn't think of voting for anyone but Hillary. Have you seen come of the exit polling numbers from swing states?

  10. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Crooked Comey...what an A-hole.

  11. Dinty1:53 PM

    Oh please, oh please let Trump get access to his Twitter account today!

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Obama's remarks today about Trump's twitter taken away were funny. Yet it is more sad than funny because it is true Trump lacks self control.
      I hope he takes his twitter back too!

    2. Anonymous4:53 PM

      If more people go out and tease the sh*t outta him, then BY GOLLY, he WILL take his twitter account back today or tomorrow!!!
      (PLEASE, all you Twitterers: go out and tease the Orange Don!!!

    3. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Yeah, sad to see when the old man has been pussy whipped like that. It's not his wife. You think he is one of those control freaks that crave being whipped and dominated by a dominatrix? His secret life.

  12. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Sp is not part of the equation; she's a fading blip on the radar.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Her past crimes are serious enough they need to be dealt with.

      She was better than Comey when it comes to influencing an election.

      Think of all the votes she got for McCain ticket due to the Trig part. No one has any clue about who he is or the deals about obtaining a down Syndrome child.

      No one has been able to care enough for the child to find the truth. Is his birth mother still alive or was she tricked? It can get brutal when someone needs a kid and they have to get one right away from the mother. People die in those situations.

    2. abbafan5:48 PM

      "Her past crimes are serious enough they need to be dealt with".

      Yes, the untimely deaths of Dar Miller and Curtis Menard need to be re-examined with a fuckin' lot more scrutiny, in regards to the shady dealings of the crooked palins.

      Also, the role that the McCain campaign played in forcibly removing the Johnston family computers, and scrubbing them clean. There is a lot of dirty shit that happened in AK during the palin reign of error; a much more detailed examination of all unethical and illegal misdeeds is warranted!!

      Furthermore, any role that the Pimp Toad had in her time in office needs to be investigated more thoroughly. He had NO fuckin' business being there, and being privy to sensitive state business!!

      The circumstances leading up to, and including $arah's hasty and nervous resignation as governor requires more closer scrutiny as well!!

  13. Anonymous2:03 PM

    read this! WTF?

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      I read earlier about just one of them - from WA State, of all places!

    2. Anonymous4:00 PM

      I hope, Bernie Sanders contacts both of these electorates personally and tells them to vote for Hillary, if that is the will of the people in WA State.

  14. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Come and the FBI staff who leaked information to the Trump campaign through Giuliani have brought further disrepute to the American election system. I sincerely hope that a Senate Judicial Review (or some other form of inquiry) occur to root out the problem in the FBI. The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from interfering or attempting to influence elections. Comey et al should have to sit through the same number of hours of haranguing and abuse as Hillary did through multiple Benghazi witch hunts. Only seems fair but the big difference will be that fault will be found with any FBI inquiry.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      The good old days of the American election system where idijis and crooks could mess with systems by strapping on an empathy belly or using a pillow.

      Sarah must feel so smug. Look what she got by with. Also, too, thanks to Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace.

  15. Anonymous2:09 PM

    @1:27 said Sarah went to her kid's extracurricular activities, teacher's conferences and so on as if she was an attentive mom.

    @1:27 it was Levi who raised her children. Levi made sure they had warm food in their bellies and made sure they did their homework. Levi even fed Sarah. Sarah would call down from her bedroom while watching her soaps and tell Levi to go to Tacobell and pick up Tacobell Crunchwraps and diet Dr Pepper.

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Levi was rewarded for taking care of the kids. Bristol took care of him if you know what I mean.

      Oh God oh God oh ...

      Shut up Bristol or I'll put a sock in your mouth

  16. Anonymous2:18 PM

    draft dodger poopy pants! Where is sara?:

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Again the rally is in red neck republican territory.

  17. Anonymous2:18 PM

    That sob Trump lies with impunity and never has to answer for all his lies!!! It is a maddening, upside down world where truth is accepted as a lie and vice versa. Press, do your damn job!

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      "Lying about lying to justify lying is sociopathic."

  18. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Well isn't that special, thanks FBI director, maybe you should keep your mouth shut until you have the FACTS!!!

    O/T Obama Taunts Trump About Campaign Taking Away His Twitter Account

    At a rally in Kissimmee, Florida today, President Obama took a moment to take a shot at Donald Trump and reports that his campaign took away his Twitter account.

    Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully — and often counterproductively — savage his rivals. But offline, Mr. Trump still privately muses about all of the ways he will punish his enemies after Election Day, including a threat to fund a “super PAC” with vengeance as its core mission.

    "If somebody can't handle a Twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes," Obama taunted.

    He went on. "If somebody starts tweeting at 3 in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can't handle the nuclear codes!"

    It's funny, but it's also not funny, because President Obama is right on the mark here. You should read that entire report. It's ridiculous. Trump has to be handled like an ADHD five-year old!

  19. Anonymous2:43 PM

    The election is rigged alright, seems like these ballots are not legal:

    Arkansas ballots have a shameful typo—the word 'liar' appears in Hillary Clinton's name

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      How god damned fucking juvenile! I bet some psychologist got paid a bunch of money to com up with that great subliminal asshat idea.
      Truly pathetic.

  20. Anonymous2:45 PM

    " the fact that a small fraction of the FBI’s workforce has felt free to take steps that could impact the election is profoundly alarming."Outside experts on the FBI say Comey has made a serious and perhaps irreparable mistake."
    “His actions were unprecedented, unethical, shocking, and have apparently led to chaos within the bureau, an unprecedented number of leaks, and chaos in our election cycle,”“It seems unreasonable to conclude Comey is directly behind them, but it is reasonable to conclude he has lost control over the FBI,” <Douglas

  21. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Melania Trump Reported To US Customs For Immigration Violations
    By Jason Easley on Sun, Nov 6th, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    After it was reported that Mrs. Trump worked in the US illegally before becoming a citizen, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee was reported to US Customs for immigration violations...

    ... The Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported Melania Trump to U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Sunday afternoon after reports surfaced that Mrs. Trump was paid to work while she was in the United States on a B-1/B-2 visitor visa, before she obtained a H-1 work visa ...

    .... Donald has called people seeking a better life in the United States murderers and rapists. And all the while, his wife spent time in this country as one of those illegal immigrants, seeking a better life.”


    Since Melania worked in America illegally does that mean she is a rapist and murderer?

  22. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump Gets Cozy With The KKK, FBI And Putin

  23. Anonymous2:55 PM

    OT Palin and Pence rally in two Michigan towns with combined population of 15,083. Breitbart wrote Sarah Palin to go rogue in Michigan. Well, she might help but can't do much harm.
    It was swell of Trump to invite her after she botched the first two.

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Palin has gained some weight and her hair looks like shit.

    2. Anonymous5:29 PM

      hahahaha is she faking a pregnancy again?

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Palin rallied the crowd of 300 standing above them in the back of a pick up truck.

  24. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Huffington Post:
    Lady Gaga, like many people who’ve been tuned into this ridiculous election season, isn’t here for Melania Trump’s hypocrisy.

    On Sunday, the pop star called out Donald Trump’s wife, who said in a recent speech that as first lady, she would make it her mission to combat bullying.

    In a tweet, Gaga pointed out the tone-deaf nature of Melania’s statements, given the fact that her husband “is 1 of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed....

    #VoteHillary ✔@ladygaga
    .@MELANIATRUMP to say u will stand for "anti-bullying" is hypocrisy. Your husband is 1 of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed.

    11:18 AM - 6 Nov 2016
    16,167 16,167 Retweets

    #VoteHillary ✔@ladygaga
    Young people listen up. We need to mobilize now, #VoteHillary and stop this dangerous man from continuing to divide and wreck our democracy.

    10:21 AM - 6 Nov 2016
    10,096 10,096 Retweets

  25. Anonymous3:02 PM

    So, Comey and his cohorts helped Trump a bit and saw that Hillary might win regardless so they are trying to save their own asses? Typical cowards. Trump is so desperate in these last hours we shall see more of this crazy stuff. But remember folks, if you vote him in, in four years he'll just kill himself like Hitler did because of his massive failures. On the other hand Putin will have a steady hand because he has conscience and death is his forte'.

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Fact is the election was influenced. He can't put the toothpaste back.

    2. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Comey's ass is toast.

  26. Anonymous3:17 PM

    How the Harry Reid Machine May Have Killed Trump’s Chances

    By bringing Hispanics out in droves in early voting, the Senate minority leader is trying to turn Nevada into a bellwether for a Clinton win.

  27. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Comey Let Clinton Off Hook Again, But Her Aides May Still Be in Legal Jeopardy

  28. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Hillary Clinton Appears to Gain Late Momentum on Surge of Latino Voters

    Hispanic voters in key states surged to cast their ballots in the final days of early voting this weekend, a demonstration of political power that lifted Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes and threatened to block Donald J. Trump’s path to the White House.

    In Florida, energized by the groundswell of Latino support and hoping to drive even more voters to the polls, Mrs. Clinton visited a handful of immigrant communities on Saturday and rallied Democrats in a town filled with Hispanic and Caribbean migrants.

    “We are seeing tremendous momentum, large numbers of people turning out, breaking records,”...

  29. Anonymous3:23 PM

    An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance

    ...He requires constant assurance that his candidacy is on track. “Look at that crowd!” he exclaimed a few days ago as he flew across Florida, turning to his young press secretary as a TV tuned to Fox News showed images of what he claimed were thousands of people waiting for him on the ground below.

    And he is struggling to suppress his bottomless need for attention.

  30. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Kelly Anne Conway is accruing really bad karma...

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Poor thing, bless her heart, she just doesn't get physics. And just like $arah, her karma is not my problem.

      Oh, and fuck Mitch McConnell.

      I just cast my first ever straight democratic ballot.


  31. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I mean can you believe that? Donald Trump expects to take command of our military when he can't even keep control of his Twitter account from Kellyanne Conway? Seems pretty weak to me. I mean sure, he can talk privately about creating a vengeance-based super PAC all he wants, but that seems like a lot of bluster. I mean, we know what makes Donald happy: railing against his enemies both on Twitter and in public speeches like a paranoid monster. A real leader would at least go rogue and go on TweetDeck.

  32. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Telling from a 8 year old> In Iran
    I saw a soldier coming at me and knew he meant to force me to submit. I spotted an American flag still burning, dropped to my knees, and grabbed the charred pieces from underneath a classmate's feet. As the soldier closed in on me, I ducked and ran, still clutching my charred pieces of flag into a crowd of civilians who had gathered to witness the commotion. The events of that day would come to define all that I have ever stood for—or against. In the USA
    Even at that young age, they had already mastered a veritable thesaurus of ethnic defamation, including "camel jockey," "sand-nigger," "raghead," "ayatollah," and ironically, "Gandhi" I remember that tingling in my chest when I first donned my Cub Scout uniform—all because of the American flag patch on its shoulder. Something felt so good about wearing it, a feeling I still had when I joined the military. It seems that the flag I tried to rescue in Tehran was stapled to my heart, or that's how I felt anyway as I wore my country's uniform." To this day, I have friends from elementary school, middle school, high school, and the military who tell me that I am the only Muslim they have ever known and that, had they not met me, their perspective on Islam would have been wholly subject to the prevailing fear-based narrative that has poisoned this country since September 11, 2001." in a country gripped by fear, I believed I was witnessing a shift, en masse, toward an American fundamentalism and ultranationalism that reflected a wanton lack of reason, not to mention fact. As a boy in Iran, I had witnessed the dark destination down which such a path could take a country." I still lay myself bare, as I did then. I give trust to gain trust, but always knowing that these days this isn't just a matter of niceties. It's a question of life or death. It's part of a battle for the soul of our nation."

  33. Anonymous4:21 PM

    If the press had spent even half the time investigating all the lies of Donnie Trump, it still would not even come close to the witch-hunt spent on Hillary.

    It is really incredible, how much he has gotten away with: the lies, no tax returns, no medical records, wife worked as illegal aliens etc.

    In the past, if Mc Cain or Romney had been elected, the USA would have suffered, but we would have made it through the 4 years, even with the nitwit as VP.

    I am not so sure we will survive Trump in the W.H, our standing in the world certainly will suffer, look how long it took Obama to repair the damage George W. caused.

  34. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Backing up a bit on the Comey new email fiasco.

    Maybe, just maybe, he did the original announcement about more emails to choke the FBI renegades and their leaking slanted "news". Then after the new emails weren't so new after all, he put these renegades under the bus, as far as believing them for leaks with today's announcement.

    Maybe, just maybe, Comey did the right thing all along and will get control of the FBI. This was the guy after all that stood up to Bush 43 et'al when AG Ashcroft was hospitalized.

    Maybe, just maybe, he's really the Good Guy in all of this.
    When this election is over, I'm willing to bet there will be a lot of FBI agents "retiring" or being "promoted" to some ice station in Alaska.

    1. Anonymous4:36 AM

      I don't want to say the 'e' word. It is the FBI fiasco, the Comey fiasco.

      Fact is he screwed up, he sent the Oct 28 letter to Congress and voting and voters were influenced.

      Influenced because of a dead horse that the 'e' word triggers. He would have used Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi if he could have.

      We need to know more about the intentional mission Comey was on when he had to know he was influencing an election.

  35. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Son-in-law I need you.

    Daddy in-law what can I do for you?

    Son-in-law, Ivanka is not here can you sit on my lap and stroke my face? It is soothing and calms me down

    Daddy-in-law okay.

    Daddy-in-law what is that? Feels like someone is knocking on my poop chute?

    Son-in-law can you bounce up and down like we're at a Beach Boys concert? Yes, that's it, so soothing

    New York Times
    Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance

    Donald J. Trump is not sleeping much these days.

    Aboard his gold-plated jumbo jet, the Republican nominee does not like to rest or be alone with his thoughts, insisting that aides stay up and keep talking to him. He prefers the soothing, whispery voice of his son-in-law.

    He requires constant assurance that his candidacy is on track. “Look at that crowd!” he exclaimed a few days ago as he flew across Florida

    Read more at NYT

  36. Anonymous6:29 PM

    If you’ve watched a Trump rally
    in the past few weeks you may have noticed a group of people who seem to get prominently placed behind Trump in the stands quite often, holding signs that say “BLACKS FOR TRUMP,” with a link to the website “gods2​.com.”
    If you go to the site, you’ll discover a rabbit hole of weird conspiracy theories and rabid hatred.
    “Hispanics for Trump, “Women for Trump,” and “Blacks for Trump” signs were distributed to those entering the arena to hear Trump on Saturday, prompting him to talk up his support for the black and brown community. directed mostly at Hillary Clinton.

    The ‘Blacks for Trump’ Guy Is a Former Member of a Murderous Cult Who Thinks Obama Is the Devil

    Blacks for Trump: It's a Real Thing

  37. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Trump Says The FBI Clearing Clinton Is More Proof The
    System Is.... (everybody at home)..... ‘RIGGED’
    -Huffington Post

  38. Anonymous6:33 PM


    Not Rigged


    Come on Donny pick one and stick with it.

  39. Anonymous6:41 PM

    See Hillary Clinton video.

    Love Trumps Hate

  40. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Cooper, Conway in tense exchange after Comey announcement

    (CNN) CNN's Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway got into a testy exchange Sunday in a discussion about the GOP nominee's repeated speculation over the FBI review of emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner.

    Hours earlier, FBI Director James Comey again cleared Hillary Clinton in the matter after saying late last month that the newly-discovered emails could be "pertinent" to the investigation into her use of a private server while secretary of state.
    "Is it responsible for someone who might be president of the United States to be, in your words, 'speculating' about an active investigation when he has no actual facts?" Cooper asked Conway, speaking on a special Sunday night edition of "Anderson Cooper 360."
    When Conway attempted to steer the conversation to Clinton's use of a private server, Cooper pressed on.
    "Right, you are not answering the question, though," he said, with irritation rising in his voice


  41. Anonymous6:53 PM


    Detroit Free Press:
    Sarah Palin says there's a 'monster vote' for Donald Trump in Michigan

    Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008, came to Detroit Sunday evening and predicted a "monster vote" for Trump in Michigan.

    .... About a dozen supporters came to the bar for the stop, but several people walking by started pounding on the window when they noticed her. One said "I have no respect for you." And someone sprayed some sort of substance into the bar from outside that had many in the tavern momentarily coughing.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Donny that was a waste of money.

      Sarah, Willow and Piper:
      3 First class tickets to Michigan,
      Room and board

      And Sarah spoke to a dozen white people that are voting for you anyway.

      Reminds me of the time Governor Sarah Palin went on a state trip and Governor Sarah said her kids were requested. (They weren't, Sarah lied)

  42. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Conway was so smug on TV last week when she said it didn't natter if there was to be any charges brought against Hillary and if there was no there there. She said: "The damage is done." And was so f'ing smug about it.

    Hopefully, she'll get what she deserves one day.

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      I think of Conway as a brain dead robot. I think her work life is done after all these mistakes.

      Care about what she wears and her hair when you want to be Conway relevant. She has nothing more to offer.

      I want to know who does her make up?
      Have you seen what she really looks like?

  43. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Just know Latinos in line to vote and choose whomever and you were already in line and not bused in to do anything sinister as trump claims. Vote.

  44. Anonymous8:23 PM

    As suspected, they were duplicates.

    Too little too late. Damage done.

    Kellyanne Conway basically said the same thing, while also refusing to apologize or deny the lies the Trump sons are tweeting about a Trump assassination attempt or that it was the Hillary campaign that set it up.

    It was a never Trump Republican that supports Hillary and he had a sign that said the same.

    But to hear Conway and the evil spawn Hillary was in the audience with a sniper rifle aimed between Trump's beady little eyes.

    I can't wait for this all to be over. I want to read how Conway is political poison and unemployable, Trump et al. are going bankrupt and Kaine and the Senate Majority are going to change the filibuster rules and seat Merrick Garland asap.

  45. Anonymous9:52 PM

    After Hillary wins, we deserve to rest. Donald put us through a rough year. If he wins, shit, that could be bad on our overall health as individuals, and a nation. And the whole world. What a yuge mama drama that man is. GeeZ!

  46. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Snowden says even an old laptop could have identified and sorted the duplicate e-mails in a matter of hours or a days at most.

    So why did the FBI have this laptop for WEEKS and Comey had to release a letter having not seen the e-mails or know anything about them?

    And why did it take over a WEEK to determine there was nothing there?

    Could it be to influence the election and then allow now time for a recovery in the polls after he claims "nothing to see here."?

    It stinks. It's going to get his resignation handed in on a platter with his head. And it's going to see the biggest purge of the FBI since J. Edgar Hoover.

    Maybe that will strike some fear into the Secret Service, who have done an atrocious job these last 8 years.

  47. Comey is an idiot...and he must feel pretty stupid.


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