Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lindsey Graham is calling for an investigation into the Russian cyber attacks on the presidential election. Wait, what, who?

Courtesy of CNN: 

A leading Republican lawmaker is calling for investigations into alleged Russian cyberhacks during the US election despite President-elect Donald Trump's repeated calls for warmer ties with Moscow. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and one of the chamber's most experienced foreign policy hands, said the attempt by a foreign country to interfere with the US voting process needs better understanding and a vigorous response. 

"Assuming for a moment that we do believe that the Russian government was controlling outside organizations that hacked into our election, they should be punished," Graham told reporters Tuesday. Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Graham added that, "Putin should be punished." 

Graham, who wants the hearings to examine all Russia's "misadventures throughout the world," has the support of colleagues on both sides of the aisle. As other Republicans issued warnings about Russian activities, the hearings could become a source of tension between the GOP and the new President.

Man I never could have imagined how hard it would be to type with my jaw sitting in my lap.

Lindsey Graham?

I mean I knew he was no fan of Trump's but Lindsey Graham?

I mean his side won, so why would he.....Lindsey Graham?

AND he has bipartisan support?

Well I never thought I would say this, but Lindsey Graham could be the hero we have all been looking for since the election.


Lindsey Graham?

I don't think I am every going to be comfortable living at the bottom of this rabbit hole.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Will Congress Investigate Russian Meddling In Election If We Call It ‘Hillary Clinton’?

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    If anyone is polling in the next few weeks I suggest asking “Who won the popular vote for president?” The results will terrify you.

    ...There have been eight presidential elections since 1984. In popular vote margin, Trump is 8th out of 8. In the Electoral College vote, he's 6th out of 8. This obviously wasn't just a careless mistake on Lewandowski's part.

    The Trump team seems to be hellbent on propagating the myth that Trump won a world historical victory last week. Is this just to soothe Trump's bottomless ego? Or is this part of a deliberate campaign to get his followers amped up into believing that Trump is a world historical figure? Is "Trump won big" the new "Iraq was behind 9/11"? You might recall that that one didn't turn out so well.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Because of the hacking, Comey, last-minute announcement about ACA increases (and some on this site provided that info today), and messing around with the people's ability to vote (tens of thousands not counted in places including MI and WI and NC), no matter what votes Hillary was going to lose on her own in misc states, she would have won but these things brought about the loss. It cannot be denied. I know she has her haters, mostly Bernie fans, but I am tired of people on this blog refusing to admit that there were others factors and attacking anyone who posts anything positive about Hillary. As well, these posters keep posting things about how Hillary and her supporters have never admitted to her own part of the blame for the loss. That simply is not true.

    2. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Those berniebro haters are pussies.

    3. Anonymous7:56 PM

      The rubes think he won bigly! There are so many fake news sites telling them this. I posted some shocking eye opening to them tonight on #Electoralvotes twitter.
      Meanwhile Kudo's to Linsey Graham for getting the ball rolling! I've been begging our Senate dems for wks to get something going about Russia! Our motto or what not need to change to "when they go low, we go lower, and bit their fucking ankles off"!
      At least the R's are good for that and glad one got the ball rolling. Damn, that is what I hate about dems! They are not proactive or whatnot.
      All this BS about him, his kids want security, Ivanka's husband wants it bla, bla, bla can you imagine if it was Hillary? So I'm glad Lindsay started it and maybe the dems will grow a pair, and go after the security, not staying in WHY and Bannon and everything. We shouldn't have to poke them with a sharp stick for everything damnit!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Trump considering Mitt Romney for secretary of state: NBC News

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Sounds like the Benedict doctrine reached ol Donny Boy 'hire someone smarter than you'...

    2. Anonymous8:00 PM

      You know what? I think Romney would do a great job. But I don't think he would take it. Its no secret he can't stand Trump. I have thought, if I woke up to Romney being potus I would feel bad of course, but not terrified like I am now.
      Right now I would take Romney over Trump any day.
      But Hillary is winning and continues to win the popular vote. That should count for something.
      It may have to be settled by the SCOTUS?
      Trump is insane and unfit and now we know why RNC let him go he is make Reince head of something. CLUSTERFUCK all the way around.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Trump will have a secret weapon to punish his enemies — and it’s perfectly legal

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Gay man attacked by Trump fan who warned ‘my new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now’

    The 75-year-old, who thinks he was targeted because of the pro-LGBT bumpers stickers on his car, parked in front of a neighbor’s house — and that’s when the other driver confronted him.

    The man, who he described as a Hispanic man with a beard, started banging on Redding’s car window and then attacked him.

    “He yanked the door open, dragged me out, ripped my shirt — I was on the pavement,” Redding said.

    Redding suffered cuts, bruises and abrasions in the attack, which the assailant linked to Trump’s election.

    “He kept saying, ‘You know, my new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now,'” Redding said.

  6. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Trump entering office as the most disliked new president in recent history

  7. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Isn't he pretty liberal

    1. Anonymous5:59 PM

      Sphash shouldn't you be working on your new hate website?

  8. Anonymous11:44 AM

    White supremacists set traps by hiding razor blades in racist fliers on liberal college campus

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      “This has actually been encountered by a number of campus faculty and students already (initially during the protests last Tuesday) who have been cut.”

  9. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Government Employees On Trump: "Everything. Is. Fucked."

    Across the federal government, career employees are reckoning with the prospect of working for a Donald Trump administration. Today, people from the CDC, NLRB, DOT, TSA, and other agencies speak very freely about their hopes and fears.

    This is the second installment of emails we’ve gotten from government employees sharing their thoughts on their new boss. We’ll have another installment next week.

  10. Anonymous11:47 AM

    the Lovely Lindsey finally comes through just when we need him. How about his buddy McCain. He's been awfully quiet.

  11. Anonymous11:51 AM

    “Repeal-and-delay would allow Republicans to enjoy all the benefits of the stance they have maintained since the debate began,” Jonathan Chait writes for New York magazine. “They would avoid responsibility for the real-world impact of their vote, since they could continue promising ‘something terrific,’ without any quantifiable trade-offs in its place.”

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Here's to hoping all people who lose their health care are republicans.

  12. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Glad to hear this. Too bad, though, that he's toeing the line when it comes to who Trump's considering for positions. He's saying all good things about them, as if they are qualified. That includes, of course, his fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley.

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      EVERYBODY else looks qualified when you consider Trump is president.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      I can think of at least ONE person who would never look qualified - even next to Trump. Name begins with S. Has 5 letters. Not Satan. Okay, IS evil but name is not Satan.

  13. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Megyn Kelly: Fox News Had to Explain to Trump Lawyer Why It Would Be Bad if I Were Killed

    Donald Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly was way darker than any of us knew. Kelly received so many death threats and so much harassment from Trump supporters after confronting him at the first Republican debate with a challenging question about his many, many misogynistic statements that she needed a special security detail for a year.


    “Michael Cohen, who is Trump's top lawyer and executive vice president with the Trump Organization had retweeted ‘let’s gut her,’ about me,” Kelly said. “At a time when the threat level was very high, which he knew. And Bill Shine, an executive vice president of Fox, called him up to say, 'You got to stop this. We understand you are angry but she's got three kids and is walking around New York.' ”

    “And he didn't much care,” Kelly continued. “And what Bill Shine said to Michael Cohen was, ‘Let me put it to you in terms you can understand: If Megyn Kelly gets killed it is not going help your candidate.’ ”

    Let me put this in terms you can understand. Cohen took to Twitter to call Kelly a liar and retweet people calling her a “snake” and a “psycho.”

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Political converts, one person at a time. Welcome aboard the sanity ship Megyn with democrats.

  14. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Trump’s Transition Team Is Straight From the Swamp

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I can't wait to hear what Sarah Palin has to say about this?

    2. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Wishing palin would choke on her snot ..

  15. Anonymous12:39 PM

    No, it is only to punish putin. Wow, p grabbers gonna go and punish putin now, telling other countries what to do. Omg, people need these doing work here in America and not around the world. But I see your point.

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Hard to see your point, however.

  16. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Trump embarrasses the party so he is hoping to get rid of the Donald. So Pence takes over and maybe more of a mainstream GOP administration.

    Although Miss Lindsey is also wanting to keep the fillibuster. He is trying to have some controls on Trump.

  17. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Keep grasping at straws.

    ""Vice President Joe Biden talked about why Democrats lost the presidential election - saying bluntly that the party had collectively overlooked key constituencies, particularly rural, working-class Americans.

    “We lost because of awful lot of hard-working Americans who live in areas where we did not pay much attention to,” he said at a reception celebrating a Hindu festival. “Barack Obama won these people. They are not racist. They did not vote for the Democrats this time.” ""

    Biden knows.

    Bubba knew too, he told Hillary's campaign staff they needed to work to win these people, as he did.

    1. Okay those are politicians giving political answers so as not to disenfranchise a segment of the voting public, that does not mean it is the truth.

      The truth is that this election was stolen, and a large number of people are waking up to that fact.

      Hence the large numbers protesting in the streets.

    2. Anonymous1:26 PM

      No Gryph, you are wrong. The protesting is mainly a bunch of worked up neophytes who don't understand the system and feel cheated and mad because they put all their faith in blogs like yours, as well as mainstream media and hollywood elites living in an echo chamber.

      Hillary lost the middle class. The same people who voted for Obama previously.

    3. 66gardeners1:33 PM

      Rural, working-class Americans have been overlooked by REPUBLICANS. The uneducated are easily manipulated to vote against their own interests.

    4. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Do you go by the name of alex jones ?

    5. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Gryph, I don't think you are wrong. This needs to be looked at. It undermines confidence in the whole electoral process and warrants an investigation. If necessary, a new vote - with paper ballots that can be scrutinized and recounted. Is that unprecedented? You bet. But how can this be allowed to stand?

      And no, I don't think this is just sour grapes. This is NOT the case where both candidates are somewhat capable and just differ on policy. In that case, if your guy loses, you aquiesce. If treason and outside influence has occurred, how can it be ignored and have things go on with all the further damage that can be done?

    6. Anonymous1:50 PM

      Uhhhhh... the irony, is people like YOU are acting like Alex Jones 1:41.

      Are you saying Biden and Bubba are channeling Alex Jones too lol?

      Keep crying and whining, smart and honest Democratic leaders are owning it and knows the DNC and Clinton campaign messed up big time.

    7. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Hillary may have lost the middle class but keep in mind it was those same folks obama tried to help and was blocked by congress.

    8. Anonymous10:54 PM

      Apparently Gryphen you pick and choose your own truths.

  18. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Don't believe Lindsey is part of the pussy grabin island club. Remember? Trump was a registered democrat for many years. The republicans are in shock that they own the place now. Americans are watching @@ them. And we still have our Constitution, laws and rules. Lindsey is thinking future. Rigging elections is a serious crime.

    1. Anonymous1:03 AM

      And so paranoid repukes claim protesting is a felony. Poor little liars and ball grabbers.

  19. 66gardeners1:21 PM

    Trump is a dyslexic sociopath. Those who know this and care about our country are not Trump supporters. Trump is only out for himself. Most people can see this. Here's to hoping for utter and complete chaos within the GOP x1000.

  20. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Dude. Bil Clinton spent 50 mil in flight travel in ONE year via CF.


    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Hpw many frequent flyer miles did he get?

    2. Anonymous2:28 PM


      Thanks for sharing but this info only comes from alt-right websites with absolutely no fact-check verification.

      Please, try harder next time. You brain dead retards are stinking up the place with your shit.

      I love, I absolutely love messing with you guys, but damn, you are making it so easy to bully you and make fun of you and make you look even more stupid than you are that it's just not even a fun hobby anymore.

      I fear that I'm going to have to revert to feeling sorry for you morons rather than bullying you, and that makes me very sad, because it's been a really fun week.

    3. You seem so proud of your ability to spell dude. You even repeated it in all caps!

      Clearly you want praise for this fantastic accomplishment.

      Okay. Good dog! Now run along and come back when you figure out how to wear your underpants. (Hint: not on your head.)

  21. Anonymous1:51 PM

    "Putin should be punished."
    How about punishing those inside the USA: RNC, FBI, tratitor trump campaign, traitor trump organization and traitor Trump.

    Yep, Traitor trump stole the election with the help of the Russkies.

    I guess Omarosa’s threats to Ms.Lindsay didn’t work.

  22. Anonymous3:24 PM


  23. Anonymous3:56 PM

  24. Anonymous4:15 PM

    No, he hasn't suddenly found ethics. He is afraid that they will now hack into the republican administration now that they are in power. And that all their dirty laundry will now be leaked or used for blackmail.

  25. Anonymous5:42 PM

    They need to look in to the hacking before they're exposed. Good news this week is Christie got the boot.

  26. Anonymous6:09 PM

    They just announced that newt has taken himself out of the deplorables jockeying for a job with trump.

    1. Anonymous7:44 PM

      Is this true? Even Newt does not want to be involved?

  27. Anonymous4:00 AM

    I don't trust Lindsey Graham or his little sidekick, John McCain. They'd do a GOP-style investigation of a GOP problem and end up blaming the Democrat. It would be an exceedingly rare event, and a show of real courage, for a Republican to find for democracy in an investigation like the one under question.

  28. Watch the qualifiers.

    "Assuming" they....

    "Attempted to"....

    Unless Lindsay Graham is willing to cross over the aisle and oppose any of Drumpf's most egregious nominees and proposals, it's just so much hot air. Probably to make him look good for re-election; covering his ass.


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