Friday, November 25, 2016

Okay I think it is very immature for us to keep comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, unless of course there is evidence that he stole his ideas from him. Oh, look here's some

Courtesy of Gizmodo: 

Neo-Nazis around the world have made it clear that they’re optimistic about what a Trump presidency will do for their cause. And while countless people have already pointed out just how dangerous Donald Trump’s rise to power has been, the historical parallels to other authoritarian regimes is still shocking. Take, for instance, this article from 1934. The author explains that Hitler was promising to make Germany “great” again. 

The article was part of a series on “Modern Leaders of Men” and was syndicated in newspapers across the United States in 1934. It showed up in places like Utah, Arizona, South Carolina, and Missouri. The screenshot above is from the Green Bay Press-Gazette in Wisconsin. 

The article tells the story of the rise of Hitler, first explaining that people thought he was merely a joke and “laughed at him.” But that he soon took advantage of Germany’s dissatisfaction with their lot in life.

We are always chastised for comparing politicians and others to Hitler, but what do you do when there is no way to escape the comparison?

I mean the only way that Trump could make this more obvious is if he grew one of those tiny ridiculous mustaches.

Well that's terrifying.


  1. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Here's one on Steve Bannon.
    How did we let these people sneak by...?

  2. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Fear not, now you don’t have to wait for the January White sale to buy the perfect gift for the hard to please racist.

    Instead of new white sheets, this year give the gift every NAZI will love: the trump Christmas ornament and say no to Happy Holidays!!!

    Not Made in America? What is trump’s cut?
    Trump Christmas Ornament On Amazon! Reviews Are Coming In & It's Pure Comic Gold.

    Gives new meaning to the term “Gag Gift”. Retails for $250. Product Description: Made of brass and finished in 14K gold. This ornament is sure to make any tree stand out. Reviews are hilarious as are the Questions. Happy Thanksgiving! At least we have something else to mock openly over this weekend. .....

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      I just saw that online and couldn't believe it. The guy is tone deaf. He sells everything about himself and that's ugly enough (and of course the ornament is ready the day after TG), but he wins (supposedly) because of white rurals who are mid--to-lower middle class and broke, but he comes out with an ornament that costs $149.00

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      @7:10 NOT WORTH $1.49 with FREE SHIPPING!

    3. Anonymous7:42 PM

      The ornament costs $250 not $149.

      Probable costs a nickel to make using child labor.

    4. Anonymous3:48 AM

      At least people are able to vent their anger using humor. Read the reviews on amazon !!!

  3. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Donald Trump is not fit to lead our country. He'll rule it! He's racist and evil. And, I have always compared him to Hitler. He scares the shit out of me and Americans should be prepared and ready to counter the jerk every step of the way - until he is impeached and brought down.

    It is said that history always repeats itself!

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Now there is news that Dirty Don intends on revamping a federal agency NLRB) that ruled against him about three weeks ago for violating federal labor laws. In the interim, instead of complying with the agency’s ruling and order, Trump’s lawyers are tying up the issue in court just long enough for a new White House administration to step in and overturn the previous ruling.

  5. Anonymous6:48 AM

    So too do the circumstances of Hitler’s rise to power seem familiar. The New York Times‘ Berlin bureau chief, Cyril Brown, covered Hitler for the paper, writing in a piece published on Nov. 21, 1922 that,

    “His program consists chiefly of half a dozen negative ideas clothed in generalities… He probably does not know himself just what he wants to accomplish.”

    Again, this sounds a lot like Trump. A half dozen negative ideas clothed in generalities really says it all. As does this:

    “He talks rough, shaggy, sound horse sense, and according to… public opinion, a strong, active leader equipped with horse sense is the need of the hour.”

    This is precisely how Donald Trump has presented himself and been received by his followers, and as with Hitler, his blunt talk has been mistaken for honestly, as though a pathological liar cannot speak bluntly.

    ...People can attempt to downplay the eerie similarities between Adolf Hitler and the man who, according to an ex-wife, sleeps with a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, but that’s all they can do, because the similarities are real, and possibly even intentional.

    And yes, people thought Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism was a put-on as well.

    Just as an aside, you might take something from the fact that while Trump hates Hamilton, he is a big fan of the play Evita, which is about the fascist Eva Perón.

    All the signs are there: The racism is real, the anti-Semitism is real, the conspiracy theory of betrayal is just as pronounced, and Trump and his followers have even given us the Hitler salute and personal oaths of loyalty.

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Over TG there was a split in the campaign as to whether to go w/ Romney as Sec. of State. Others wanted the gross Giuliani. Romney, of course, had said true things about Trump. Trump's people, and mainly Conway--she was tweeting against Romney this week--wanted someone loyal, since loyalty is how all their picks have been made. Of course Romney is the only figure for SOS that has been normal, that has looked like and acted like a statesman. But...the infighting. And that was still the talk this morn.

    Well, now on MSNBC it's just been said that Romney is going to come out and make a public apology about what he said about Trump over the year. Of course. That is how Trump always works. You are treated like a dog. You must grovel. You must be humiliated. You must be punished. You must be tested. And Romney's going to suck up and then get the SOS job. Pathetic Romney--what kind of man bows down like this.

    Man, I was really hoping Trump would have a Thanksgiving heart attack.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      I'll be shocked if Romney comes out and does that! How demeaning! Is being Secretary of State that important to him? It wouldn't be for me. How in the heck would he ever want to work with or for Trump? Do not understand it at all.

      This whole Trump deal is fucking amazing to watch....he'll be Hitler II and where are the Democrats? Why aren't they publically fighting against this asshole and dictator to be?

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      NO "REAL" MAN-only the little prick dick ones.

    3. After Romney is undermined by being forced to make a public apology, they'll announced they've picked Giuliani.

      It's how they work.

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Disgusting. Opulent, over the top excess with children literally starving in this country.

    Donald Trump's Thanksgiving

    NBC News reported Wednesday that the family's Florida Thanksgiving was guarded by a contingent of at least 150 Secret Service personnel. A Homeland Security official told NBC News that the cost to the taxpayer of that operation alone would reach $7 million.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      This is unbelievable if true! I have been saying on this blog for quite awhile that the taxpayer's were going to be paying a shitload to protect The Donald (who truly deserves zero protection from us as he can afford to pay for it himself!).

      He has already had more security around him than we have ever seen w/President Obama.

      Way past time we get rid of Trump and that he is not allowed to take the oath for potus. He will bring us more harm than most of us have even considered.

      I want Hillary Clinton as our POTUS!

    2. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Why does it take 150 agents to protect him?

      also heard they had boats cruising the canals or coastline.

  8. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I just took a look at Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter to see if she had responded to the backlash. There, I saw a tweet re a WaPo article by Cohen that had been edited before publication Tuesday. Originally, he had said in the article that Trump once asked if it was wrong to be more sexually attracted to your daughter than to your wife. Ivanka was thirteen at the time.

  9. Anonymous7:40 AM

    In other words, gutting Medicare and handing what’s left to Wall Street is on the table, and if Republicans have their way the program will be dead within the next four years.

    That means every senior citizen who relies on Medicare for their healthcare needs should start preparing for the higher costs, less care, and less government oversight that comes with handing large government programs that work to vultures. And while seniors may get a half-assed version of Medicare, anyone else who hasn’t reached retirement will get nothing but a voucher that isn’t worth shit.

    Frankly, if you are a senior citizen or a worker who has paid into Medicare in hopes that it will be there for you when you need it, you’re out of luck. And if you voted for Donald Trump and the GOP, you deserve the reaming you are about to receive.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Voucherizing Medicare Is a Death Ride for Republicans

  10. We simply cannot afford this man as president! The cost of security alone is beyond belief. I certainly hope that Jill Stein's recount changes the outcome of this election and throws this creature out on his butt!

  11. Anonymous7:57 AM

    From slave states to whose vote counts, the Electoral College has protected white power

    The Electoral College isn’t just undemocratic, as watching the second-place candidate in the popular vote become president-elect has reminded us. It’s also racially biased. Not just in the historical sense that it was founded on slavery, but concretely in the present day, as the graph above shows. Lara Merling and Dean Baker lay it out: The Electoral College, like the Senate, is biased toward small states. And guess what?

    The states that are overrepresented in the Electoral College also happen to be less diverse than the country as a whole. Wyoming is 84 percent white, North Dakota is 86 percent white, and Rhode Island is 74 percent white, while in California only 38 percent of the population is white, in Florida 55 percent, and in Texas 43 percent. [...]

    African American votes on average have a weight that is 95 percent as much as white votes, Hispanic votes are on average 91 percent, and Asian American votes, 93 percent as much of a white vote. In the Electoral College, white votes matter more.

  12. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Report: Russia used 200+ websites to push Fake News to 15 million Americans - many then shared it

    The flood of “fake news” this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump

  13. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I'm one of those seniors who has been retired and on Medicare since I turned 65. It's worked perfectly along w/my Blue Cross/Premira secondary. I'm in my mid 70's now - and have had MS for a number of years. I've been very lucky in that I've required little medical care due to the MS - just have walking/balance issues. Remain thankful. Worked for years and paid into Medicare and Social Security.

    I truly fear the Republicans in Congress and what they are going to do to Seniors like me who have always worked within the rules.

    I so wish Hillary Clinton had won the presidency. She got my vote!

    Donald Trump is not to be trusted!!!

  14. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The Trump Administration is gleefully racing toward occupying the most powerful office in our government and in the world, promising to immediately and irrevocably compromise our national security by enshrining their intentional graft, corruption, dereliction of duty and abdication of responsibility into the laws, rules, and regulations that guide our country, creating multiple rich targets of opportunity through intentional, willful criminal endangerment and abuse of the power, authority, and reputation of the Presidency.

    And the Republicans are fully on board with this, taking the crazy train all the way to the edge of the cliff and giving it a bit more fuel as it plunges over while they gleefully attempt to reap the whirlwind of stupid for their own gain.

  15. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Donald Trump's presidency, demonstrated in a single tweet

  16. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Trump's foreign policy can be summed up in a single word: extortion

    If Donald Trump were getting on the phone and promising foreign leaders US support in exchange for cutting him a check, it would clearly be illegal, but Trump believes he’s protected by funneling this demands through his business. That doesn’t make it one bit more moral or one inch less dangerous.

  17. Anonymous8:08 AM

    tweet tweet around the world..

  18. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Donald Trump and the Rise of Alt-Reality Media

    You think the truth took a hit last year? It's about to get worse. A lot worse.

    .... Trump’s victory means that the most extreme and recklessly irresponsible voices on the right now feel emboldened and empowered. And more worrisome than that, they have an ally in the White House. For years, Rush Limbaugh has gibed about what he calls the “state-controlled media”—the fawning liberal news outlets that Limbaugh has long decried for their lack of critical coverage of President Obama—but we may be about to see what one actually looks like—an alt-reality news outlet operating from within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The new media will not only provide propaganda cover for the administration, but also direct the fire of a loose confederation of conservative outlets against critics and dissenters. Already, Fox’s Sean Hannity has urged Trump to freeze out the mainstream media and talk directly to the nation.

    The “fake news” that we are now obsessing over is only the latest leading indicator of the perils of our new post-truth media/political world. Indeed, what we learned this year was that the walls are down, the gatekeepers dismissed, the norms and standards of journalism and fact-based discourse trashed....

  19. Remember that controlling the media is #6 on a Fascist's list of things to do.

    "So what is this brave new conservative media going to look like? Probably more like Alex Jones than National Review. The appointment of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as chief adviser to the president-elect was the new regime’s implicit imprimatur on the new conservative media. But perhaps the most revealing moment was Trump’s reported call, on the Monday after the election, to Infowar’s Alex Jones to thank him for his support in the campaign."

    "It’s possible that a Trump loss would have led to an exorcism of the worst elements of the conservative media. But they saw Trump’s victory as their victory too. The newly weaponized conservative media genuinely believe that they have changed the paradigm of media coverage. In the new alt-reality bubble, negative information simply no longer penetrates; gaffes and scandals can be snuffed out, ignored, or spun; counternarratives can be launched. Trump has proven that a candidate could be immune to the narratives, criticism and fact-checking of the mainstream media. This was, after all, a campaign in which a presidential candidate trafficked in “scoops” from the National Enquirer. And got away with it."

    "As we’ve learned, predictions are risky, but it seems unlikely that Trump will, in fact, disavow Jones anytime soon. Drudge will continue to link to his conspiracy theories; they will continue to be posted on hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages; talkers will provide defenses and rationalizations; and the lines between fake news and reality will get even thinner. And the social media attacks on conservative dissenters will only escalate in intensity.

    Welcome to the media in the Age of Trump."


    "I’ve written a lot of pretty rough things about Donald Trump over the last 18 months. I’ve called him an entertainer and an emotional extremist, a guy with a black hole at his center. I’ve likened him to P.T. Barnum and a dime-store psychic.

    Not once, though, have I suggested that Trump is, personally, a racist or an anti-Semite, which are labels people throw around too often these days. He’s always struck me as an opportunist more than anything else — an act in search of an audience, which he just happened to find in some of the darkest corners of the American psyche.

    I figured that if a loud chunk of conservative voters had been anxiously agitating for someone to champion, say, antipoverty programs instead of a wall, Trump would have jumped on that horse just as quickly. Whatever his flaws, I didn’t take him for a devoted bigot.

    It’s only now, after another staggering week in our fast unraveling society, that I find myself asking a question I really never imagined asking.

    Does the president-elect of the United States feel some genuine kinship with the white nationalists he’s managed to embolden? Or does he just think it’s not a big deal if a bunch of crazy guys go around saluting him like Nazis?"

    "So what is Trump’s response, now that he’s taken on the task of making America great again?

    Well, he certainly had no problem summoning outrage this week. On Twitter, he railed against the impertinent cast of “Hamilton,” which he called an overrated show, and against “Saturday Night Live,” which he thought one-sided and not funny. He found time to bitterly complain to the president of NBC News about a photo that made him appear to have a double chin. (Reality is rough, even for a reality TV star.)

    But when it came to leading white supremacists raising stiff arms to him as if he were Hitler reincarnate, Trump at first said nothing, and then, under pressure, allowed his spokeswoman to release a terse statement tepidly disavowing their support."

    "And yet if Trump really is more of an opportunist than an ideologue, then he ought to see the opportunity here, too. Some large segment of Americans voted to give him an audition in office, despite grave reservations about his temperament. The latest Pew Research poll found that a large majority of voters — including a sizable segment of those who voted for him — were disgusted by his campaign.

    Trump’s success will depend a lot on how well he channels that emotion. He could do himself a lot of good right now by going after neo-Nazis and the like with at least the same fervor he reserves for Broadway actors and photo editors.

    If Trump won’t assail hatred on moral grounds, then surely he can bring himself to capitalize on it."

  21. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Why would dRUMf's being a Nazi surprise people?

    It was reported early in the campaign that the creep kept a book of Hitler's speeches on his bedside table. To use for a paperweight? Hardly.

    dRUMPf's speeches have the same cadence and red meat subject matter that Hitler's did. He believes, like Hitler did, that only HE can fix what's wrong with the country.

    Be afraid, be very afraid. But then DO something to make him unable to fulfill his megalomania.

  22. Anonymous10:57 AM

    As soon as I read on this blog last year that he had a copy of Hitler's book by his bedside, I knew he was following the game plan. The Republicans know this, and they love it. They have always wanted the courage to go full Hitler. Now they have their leader. Now, they get to enact things we as Americans never dreamed possibly in the land of the free. Steven Bannon continues to be this dark shadow in Trump's presence that reminds me of Himmler. I think, they will try to turn this big machine on the Jews, eventually. It's a matter of time. Anyone that doesn't fit the image of Ivanka will go. It's the plan. It was Hitler's plan, why not Trump who has been avidly reading Mien Kampf for so long?


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